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February 04, 2016





Big day for me! This was my first time being first on this blog. I feel good, I feel like a champion! Lol


NICK...U are a CHAMPION!!!


Go Canez!

Go Canes!

Top 5.

Kind of a letdown.



Interesting, that the Canes have the highest BPI in college basketball. I am not surprised


Like Vitale kept saying over & over last night, that game was basically a layup drill for UM.



I am sorry, the current RPI and BPI put them at the#15. Still, pretty good

Go Canes!

How th offense will work:




Here's the deal: Miami IS number vs teams ranked 1-50 in the BPI. Just play around with the drop down box.

I actually think that's VERY encouraging - it tells me they get up for the better teams, and maybe okay down to poorer teams. Which their record bears out.

The question is: will it translate at the dance.



Here's the deal: Miami IS number 1 vs teams ranked 1-50 in the BPI. Just play around with the drop down box.

I actually think that's VERY encouraging - it tells me they get up for the better teams, and maybe okay down to poorer teams. Which their record bears out.

The question is: will it translate at the dance.

orange 'n green in the vein

CR, I muted the dumbass during the open but that's interesting he harped on that, it was a layup line due to the hot three point shooting in major part I thought. Once the lucky charm spokespeople had to close everything as aggressively as possible because of Lawrence going unconscious it was going to be tough to defend the shot fake and drive from the better guards on the hurricanes once the kickout pass found somebody out there.


Canopy has started!!! Can't wait!!!!



4* QB N'Kosi Perry decommited from Miami today. He is in the class of 2017....


Uncommitted players from the 2016 class:

Demetris Robertson - Athlete/Wide Receiver

Auston Robertson - Defensive End
Maxs Tupai - Defensive End
Grant Holloway - Wide Receiver

Kentrail Moran - Running Back
Denzell Mitchell - Running Back
Steffon McKnight - Wide Receiver
Jovanny Garcia - Defensive Tackle
Malik Walker - Defensive Tackle
Benjie Franklin - Cornerback
Max Wariboko - Cornerback
Bailey Phillips - Cornerback

The Wizard

Maurice White, lead singer of Earth, Wind and Fire dead at 74. R.I.P. my friend. You and your band brought a lot of great music to my ears as a young man.


Man, RIP Dave Mira.


Ohio and UMike...does The U want anybody on Tony's list above???


So far this season, the basketball team has wins over Nebraska, Florida, Florida State and Notre Dame.

If that happened in football, we'd all be very happy, I suppose.

Old Skool

Time to start making plans if it's a go

we need to plan an outdoors thing closer to our way. Like in GA or something lol

Posted by: UMike | November 04, 2015 at 12:41 PM

I am ALL in for a white water adventure and Terrance is good for any bear wrestling you can find! The question is the time of year. Can't do it now so maybe in the Spring, like late April after Spring break or early May before school gets out?

Posted by: 86Cane | November 04, 2015 at 01:02 PM

Oh, and if any trees get in the way we have Native and his chain saw so we are covered there too. Old skool likes to cook and Raize likes to drink so we solid there too!

Posted by: 86Cane | November 04, 2015 at 01:03 PM

UMike, 86, KYCane NativeCane, OldSkool, RaizeCane may I suggest Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, Alabama a southern Suburb of Birmingham, Alabama.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | November 04, 2015 at 01:14 PM

Terrance Sullivan
Oak Mountain State Park 200 Terrace Drive Pelham, Alabama 35124 Telephone number is 1-205-620-2520.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | November 04, 2015 at 01:17 PM

Paddling & Rafting

Depending on the season, Alabama's 1,600 miles of rivers can be peaceful and picturesque or wild and woolly. There are numerous kayaking/canoeing/rafting locations in our state, ranging from Class I to Class IV.

The Alabama Scenic River Trail is the longest water trail in any single state in the country. Beginning at the Georgia state line, paddlers can wind their way through 631 miles of gorgeous scenery.

For river adventurers who want fast-paced excitement, Alabama’s rapids are ready to take care of that. Whitewater Express opened in 2013 with guided and guide-assisted trips beginning in Phenix City on the Chattahoochee River. Containing several Class IV rapids and 10 smaller rapids, this river is the longest urban white-water rafting course in the world.

The Coosa Outdoor Center, located in Wetumpka, rents canoes, kayaks and sit-on-tops. Traveling down this river can be managed by beginning and experienced paddlers. A smooth start to the river allows you to take in the surrounding scenery before shaking things up with rapids that go up to Class III in Moccasin Gap.

Posted by: 86Cane | November 04, 2015 at 01:44 PM

Wetumpka is 10 miles from me LOL. Phenix City is across the Chattahoochee River from Columbus Georgia and and is only a small slither part of the stats that is in the Eastern Time Zone. It's about 80 miles east of me same equal distance as Oak Mountain State Park which is 80 miles north of me.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | November 04, 2015 at 01:57 PM

Terrance Sullivan
LOL 86. Wetumpka is 10 miles from me and can show U guys around the Montgomery Area. Take U all Golfing Too.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | November 04, 2015 at 02:01 PM

tSully.... we need to plan an outdoors thing closer to our way. Like in GA or something lolPosted by: UMike | November 04, 2015 at 12:41 PM

UMike, I have 1300 acres under lock and key 2 hrs. east of TSully in Ga. And an out of control wild boar population that needs to be reigned in by a bunch of wild Cane fans!

Dem Canes!!!

Posted by: NativeCane | November 04, 2015 at 05:51 P

That said I will be there for Alabama in the Spring in a big way. Whitewater rafting, hunting hawgs, juggling chainsaws, cracking beers and fishing for stumpknockers with some red wigglers. I'm good. Hell if we're gonna be near Birmingham that's my unofficial neck of the woods, but staying there is out of the question. Bibb County is dry. No way I'm drinking chai instead of Corona.

OldSkool Oak Mountain State Park is in Shelby County. So that would be a blast. Totally understandable on Canesspace Trip. Good luck My Canes Brotha.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | November 04, 2015 at 08:59 PM


WR Robertson and some defense

Old Skool

Here's the weekends at the end of April and early May: April 23,24; 30,31; May 7,8; May 14,15

Boars, bears or beers. I'm good.


Skool...I am all in! Good work my man, good work.



2017 In-State 'Must Gets'

These are the elite guys in Florida. No we won't get all (or most), but we have to get some. I'm only listing guys we have a realistic shot at....not guys destined to troll us like Grimes, James Robinson, Kaindoh, etc:

RB - Colin Wilson (Clay HS)
RB - Kyshaun Bryan (Heritage)
WR - Kevaughn Dingle (Carol City)
WR - One of Jeudy (Deerfield) Green (IMG) or Scott (Southridge)
OL - Tederral Slaton (Heritage) /no 1 target imo
OL - Jerry Drake (Palm Beach Gardens)
OL - Cesar Ruiz (IMG)
OL - Kai-Leon Herbert (Heritage)
OL - Kadeem Telfort (Norland) /unacceptable to let a Norland kid go to UF
OL - Jean Marcellus (Jefferson)
OL - Robert Holmes (Oxbridge) /teammate of our RB commit
DE - Guy Thomas (Columbus)
DE - Jarez Parks (Sebastian)
DE - Jordan Wright (Dillard)
DE - Zach Carter (Hillsborough)
DT - Kevon Bennett (STA)
LB - Will Ignont (IMG)
LB - Deandre Wilder (Carol City)
LB - NaDarius *****an (Southridge)
CB - Stanford Samuels (Flanagan)
CB - Marco Wilson (Heritage)
CB - Trajan Bandy (Columbus) /still no offer!
CB - Shawn Davis (Southridge)
CB - Brian Edwards (Miramar)
S - Daniel Wright (Cardinal Gibbons) /cant let monsters like this continue to go to FSU
S - Billy Gibson (Southridge)
S - Naytron Culpepper (American)

Our coaches better be parked outside Southridge HS and Heritage all year long. they be STACKED.

Old Skool

If's its camping, I got a sleeping bag.

If it's drinking we can play tejo, the perfect combination of gunpowder and beer: http://tinyurl.com/zv4e5wd

If it's eating, there may be bacon wrapped venison or if there's an stove, I may be able to make fresh mozzarella.

If you've never had mozzarella that's minutes old and still warm, you missing out, big time. I'm talking a slice of heaven.


Interesting report on Byrd's Father getting job in Knoxville

A report by a reputable poster on other site said his father basically lost his job 3 weeks ago and now has found employment in Knoxville. I don't know if true but would definitely shed some light on situation.


Jaquan Johnson (Switch to CB?)

Will Jaquan Johnson switch to CB?

-The biggest thing that stops FR from playing rotational minutes is that upperclassman usually have an advantage in knowing the system. We are learning a new system, meaning that the best safety will play regardless on if they are FR (Wright, Finley, Jeff James) or SR (Carter, Jenkins).
-We obviously need CB's badly.
-Playing with 4 quality CB's and 4 quality Safties, (assuming Jeff James RS's) makes more sense than 3 quality CB's and 5 quality Safeties.


Rashad Colson 2017 DT as a Potential Miami Recruit

Rashad Colson 2017 DT as a Potential Miami Recruit, is long athletic dlinemen from Carol City HS in Miami, FL that plays with good leverage who locates the ball carrier quickly then arrives with bad intentions.

The 6'5" 290lbs linemen plays booth ways for CCHS but his future is on the dline, despite being a raw underdeveloped player. Attending some summer college camps will benefit him greatly. He reminds me of former Booker T Washington DT Elkino Watson. Colson looks like a classic under the radar athletic dlinemen that coach Kul has turned into a QB eating beast during his time at Mizzou.



Ohio and UMike...does The U want anybody on Tony's list above???

Posted by: SOUP | February 05, 2016 at 08:28 AM

Not to my knowledge. If they do, it's very close to the vest.


Camaron Spence 2017 NG / DT as a Miami Prospect

Camaron Spence 2017 NG / DT currently holds offers from OSU, UK, UMD, NCST, PSU, and USF. Spence transferred to IMG Academy this year, he is from the Baltimore area and previously attended Gilman HS in Maryland. The 6'5" 305lbs young man can play OT or DT but I think his future is as a budding two gap war-daddy type DT/NT who Miami needs to offer now an possibly lock up for the 2017 class, especially with Spence playing at IMG Academy I expect he will visit Coral Gables a few times. But before we get to ahead of things lets see how Spence performs against the major step up in competition level he will face at IMG Academy.

Spence plays with very good first step explosion for someone so big and young, he has also has impressive strength to hold the point of attack in double situations. A lot of the recruiting sites are projecting him at Off Tackle, but he really likes playing defense which is why I am thinking he could be a great get for Miami's two gap style of interior defensive line play but can also switch to a 1 gap an go for 3rd and long plays.



Talented 2017 DT to watch for: Fred Hansard

Standing 6'4 290 already only as a sophomore, Fred Hansard of Hun School in Princeton, New Jersey is making a name for himself. This is a guy who has a good first step off the line of scrimmage and is really agile for his size. The thing I like most about him is he is versatile and can fit in any defensive scheme. In a 3-4 he can play the NG or SDE. In a 4-3, he can dominant at the DT position. As of now, Hansard only has two offers, Rutgers and the school who offers everyone, Temple. This is a kid I hope Golden can use his New Jersey connections to get



4* QB N'Kosi Perry decommited from Miami today. He is in the class of 2017....

Posted by: raizecane | February 04, 2016 at 10:58 PM

Not really surprised. Wants to play in a spread offense, and was recruited by Coley. If this staff wants him, they'll make him a priority.


Jordan Scott 2017 NT/DT as a Potential Miami Recruit

2017 NT/DT Jordan Scott from Pinellas Park,FL is a best described as a wrecking ball with arms.

Scott is a 6'1" 340lbs sophomore that plays with natural leverage at the point of attack and has a very quick first step. Hopefully over the next 2 years he will grow another 2 to 3 inches while dropping about 30lbs of bad weight. Scott is definitely an under the radar prospect from the Tampa Bay area that with hitting the camp circuits to develop better technique will end up as a 4* prospect in two years.

Miami needs to start talking to this kid from now. There is no reason in 2 years Miami should not be in his Top 3 schools, if not already have him as a strong lean to join the 2017 class. I could see Jordan Scott transferring to IMG Academy in the next few years to get the added coaching he will need to take his game to the next level. Also the additional Strength & Conditioning he will need to help improve his explosiveness.



Sinister putting in work.



The secret of change is to focus your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. - Socrates


Mat drills that the players have been talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jtav2LU-tYI&feature=youtu.be


This is funny if you have a couple of minutes to kill.

The special guest that comes in about halfway through needs to slowdown at the all you can eat buffet or he won't be playing next year



Posted by: SOUP | February 05, 2016 at 09:34 AM

Thanks for that. A lot of change going on.


Manny Diaz: “The biggest crime I can have as a coach is to recruit speed and slow it down, because when you think of Miami, we should always be able to run. We should always be fast. When you’re fast on defense, things that are open [for offenses] don’t stay open for very long."



Clemson mat drills, they ain't messin round:



Nine games to go for our Basketball team in the regular season.

Here's alook at the opponents (sorted by record ACC / overall):
UNC 8-1 / 19-3
UL 7-2 / 18-4
UVA 7-3 / 18-4
Pitt 6-3 / 17-4
ND 6-4 / 15-7
FSU 5-5 / 15-7
VT 4-6 / 12-11 (twice)
GT 2-7 / 12-10

Pretty tough, as winning @FSU and @ND won't be easy.
These two plus the four games against North Carolina, Louisville, Virginia and Pitt are going to tell us how far this team can go.


2017 RB Colin Wilson Update Per 247

"Well all of their coaches just followed me on Twitter out of nowhere today so I followed back," Wilson said. "I don't know when they might start messaging but I'm guessing pretty soon. The old staff offered the scholarship a long time ago but that was about it. I would like to hear more and I think that's about to start."

Even in North Florida, Wilson has connections to Hurricanes, both present and future, who won't be shy about putting in their two cents.

"I like their history of winning, how they work, and their style of play," Wilson said. "I know Shaquille Quarterman, we've been competing against each other since middle school. We talk sometimes and Nick Roberts from Oakleaf is in my class. I asked him when he's visiting again and I might go with him sometime in February. Both of them have been into Miami a long time."

Wilson is in for a long process though and hasn't really attempted to get much figured out. It won't be easy sifting through offers from Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Stanford, Tennessee, USC, and many more.

"It's very early right now, I'll worry about that more as a senior," Wilson said. "I probably won't decide until signing day anyway. I've been to a few schools but I'll go wherever my coaches take me this spring. I'll try and get out some places but I can't guarantee anywhere."

Wilson racked up offers so quickly that even with 23 in total, his last one arrived almost nine months ago. He's had plenty of opportunity to get over the initial rush of attention.

"I don't want to seem ****y so I don't usually bring it up around most people," Wilson said. "It means a lot though, I thank my family and my coaches for pushing me. I didn't think the offers would come so fast but I expected to get some eventually."

The other reason recruiting may have slowed is since he only ran for 490 yards and 12 touchdowns on 93 carries as a junior. 2014 was clearly his best campaign with 218 attempts for 1555 yards and 27 scores.

"I'm a balanced running back, I can get by you or run you over," Wilson said. "After my injury, I lost some speed and wasn't up to my usual self. I had a torn ACL the end of my sophomore season and I came back a little too early for this season. I'll be full go again for senior year."

Wilson is a four star prospect according to the 247Sports Composite, ranking him 71st overall in the nation, 5th at his position, and 11th overall in the state of Florida.


Carol City LB De'Andre Wilder lists Canes atop his list

Carol City junior outside linebacker De'Andre Wilder will be one of the most highly sought-after recruits in the class of 2017.

The talented pass rusher, who was ranked as the Miami Herald's No. 3 junior prospect in Dade heading into the season, already possesses an impressive offer sheet of several top programs nationally.

Wilder (6-3, 211 pounds) says UM, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee are the schools that currently top his list.

"But No. 1 is UM," Wilder added.

Why is Wilder so high on the hometown Hurricanes?

"The coaches. I get along with the coaches," Wilder says.

Wilder visited all of the above in the summer and will work on more visits after his football season is over.

The Chiefs came off an impressive 8-7 win against Miami Central. Wilder made a tremendous impact on the collective effort of holding the Rockets offense out of the end zone. He was able to record a sack, combined with Jerrod Clearsaint for another tackle for loss and had several other tackles and quarterback hurries.

Wilder said his fake inside then pass rush outside was working well to get around blockers in one-on-one situations.

orange 'n green in the vein

A "like the coaches" quote would have told me the high school adolescent knew nothing about winning football or sniffing out a streaming steaming line of lies being blown up their ass just four months ago.

Now it connotes the adolescent in high school does both exactly the opposite, goldhen girls need no longer apply thankfully.

Go Canes!


Go Canes!

Kid is going to be a good one!

Sheldrick Redwine Freshman Highlights || The Beginning || youtu.be/NVcpJWr7foA via @YouTube

Go Canes!


Terrance Sullivan

Exactly Soup. Clemson is no joke. Some of Us Get that they have a elite program just like FSU. Our Canes need to join Clemson and FSU again starting this Season. The SEC, Big Ten, Big XII, and PAC-12 have at least 3 Elite Teams, the ACC is waiting on US to be their 3rd elite team for representation. It's time to start playing up to our recruiting, our reputation, and our standards. We have been mediocre for far too long. Their is no reason why we shouldn't be playing either Clemson or FSU in Charlotte on December 3rd.


LOL @ ESPN babying Johnny Manziel. Phuck Him, they should demonize Him the same way they demonized Ray Rice & Greg Hardy.

Go Canes!

Terrance Sullivan | February 05, 2016 at 12:37 PM

Richt called us a sleeping giant.

To that I say, there it is right there.

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