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July 11, 2016



Thanks Go... been a minute. I still read all the time. We had a relatives newborn baby placed with us after the baby tested positive from drugs at birth. In order to keep the child in our custody we've had to jump through a few hopes. We are in the process of taking classes to become foster parents, doing home studies etc. so we can keep the child temporarily, at least until the mothers rights are terminated at which time we will adopt. My life as been kinda turned upside down, we weren't expecting this. But I wouldn't change it, we absolutely love her, but it has taken some time to adjust. Still hope to see some of you in Atlanta and maybe App State.


CanesInSight Podcast Vol. 3

Elite defensive end prospect D.J Johnson joins Peter Ariz and calls the Canes his leader. CanesInSight's D Money discusses the state of the program less than a month away from fall practice. Peter breaks down the upcoming "Paradise Camp".


Go Canes!

Immeasurable amount of respect for what you're doing Mike.

Many talk the the talk about what's needed to make this world a better place, you actually do it.



UMike sighting!


orange 'n green in the vein

"Building something amazing here now that we finally have the reigns taken off us.

Imagine a future of McDermott and Darling, coupled with these two commits opening holes and protecting for the QB and stable of running backs we have here and on the way.

Great days ahead.

Really proud of what our staff is doing.

Posted by: Giant D o u c h e | July 29, 2014 at 05:07 PM"

Retard. No, wait, sid-tard. Don't want to insult any genetic deficient who can't help their double helix faults based on one regurgitated sad talking point handed down from Fake Lames after another. Still not an excuse for sid-tards with an attempt at an attitude though. Slurp some more GD, it always ends up right here;


Sid-tard loser slurping a gold-hen girl loser dude. He can't help but keeping gagging year after year.



Go Canes!

I've never had an online stalker before. Especially one who's institutionalized.

Kinda cool.

Laces out Dan!!!!

Go Canes!

But again, with the limited free time they give you on the computer for taking all your medicine and playing nice with all the other patients, there are far more interesting things for your obsessive-compulsive disorder to focus on.

I suggest a series of YouTube videos centered on how not to wash your hands 70 times a day or how to write stop writing sentences that require all words to rhyme and be devoid of punctuation.


UUUUUUUMike! Good to see you back. Tough situation with that baby, hope it all works out well. How's that boy of yours?...both mines have made up their minds to enlist in the military. Took my youngest to the recruiting office today, He got a perfect score on the math part of His test.


What branch?

Congrats btw. Whether staying in for a long run, or getting out, they'll be able to take advantage of some nice perks down the road a bit.


Lurker...my youngest decided on the AF...and my oldest, pending His SAT score, is either going to the Army, or Howard University in DC. My youngest is intent on being a pilot LOL...we'll see!

The Dude

^^^ I owe a bunch to the Navy. Insanely low interest rate for my mortgage. My 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage is less than $500 per month. When I rented it out last year we rented it for $900. Post 911 GI Bill is pretty sweet too. They pay tuition and books and a $700 allowance monthly. I havent signed up for the VA yet, my 1st attempt was confusing as hell but Im gonna try again within the next month. I wish I could still be in a bunch. I miss certain things a lot. Good luck CR and nice to see you UMike.

The Dude

AF is the best choice for a job like experience. Its the least military of all the services. The Navy does a bunch of stupid shit because of tradition. My XO used to say all the time "200 years of tradition unimpeded by progress."


TD...yeah, my youngest wants to go to the Air Force Academy, but He needs a letter from a big wig.


CR.. my boy is doing great. His ACT score from his JR year is already high enough to get multiple scholarships and he hopes to raise it this year. Since he is in a position to get scholarship help, he has decided to not enlist and instead go straight to school and work while in school if needed. He is already qualified for the school he wants to attend, he now needs to submit a video/profile as part of his application. He is making a short film as we speak to submit. He is dead set on making movies and/or being in the film industry.


AF seems to have more technical career paths, but there are still plenty in the other branches.

That's the other thing about the armed services, you can learn skills that can be used in careers post service.

You've got them all pointed in the right direction. Not easy to do nowadays.

Go Canes!

If I were to have joined, I'd have done the AF as well.

OCD joined Star Command. They go to infinity and beyond!!


DeeJay Dallas

🚨🙌🏾Commit alert🙌🏾 🚨
Time frames⏰
🙌🏾This weekend & later this month 🙌🏾


Miami Paradise Camp Bringing Out Former Hurricane Greats

247Sports has learned that former Miami standouts Ray Lewis and Michael Irvin are also expected at the Hurricanes Paradise Camp this weekend.

It’s already been reported that Miami great Jeremy Shockey will be working the camp. Several other former standouts will also be in town for the event.

First-year coach Mark Richt and his staff will have quite the talent in town as they look to improve on what is currently the nation’s No. 12 recruiting class in 2017, good for No. 3 in the ACC.

Here’s a few recruiting storylines I’ll be paying close attention to this weekend.

•I like where Miami stands with Top247 running back Anthony McFarland Jr. coming into the visit. Richt and Thomas Brown have done an outstanding job with the Hyattsville (Md.) DeMatha standout dating back to when they were at Georgia. Alabama and Maryland are the competition but the opportunity and stage with the Hurricanes is something they’ll be pushing to the DMV standout this weekend. This will be McFarland’s second time on campus since Richt and Brown were hired.

•While Oregon may have the momentum with running back Darrian Felix, at the end of the day it might be tough for the Ducks to pull the outstanding athlete from Fort Myers (Fla.) High away from the Sunshine State. 247Sports ranks Felix as the nation’s No. 6 all-purpose back and this past week at The Opening he posted huge testing numbers including a 4.48 laser-time 40-yard dash and a 3.96 pro-agility. At The Opening, 166 athletes tested and Felix left town with the fifth-highest Nike Football Rating. A special athlete that can also catch the football.

•Big-time receivers Devonta Smith and Jerry Jeudy have been trending Alabama as of late but communication with the Miami staff has been great and the Hurricanes are looking to perhaps split the two with the Crimson Tide.

•One of the prospects Miami’s staff will be very excited to see is Palm Beach Gardens (Fla.) High safety Amari Carter. He is the top safety on the board and as an early enrollee if he were to choose the Hurricanes he’d walk right into the two-deep as the program’s No. 3 safety. Miami is battling 247Sports Crystal Ball favorite Notre Dame among others.

•Could Miami land a pair of talented defensive ends? I put in a 247Sports Crystal Ball forecast in favor of the Hurricanes for Sacramento (Calif.) Luther Burbank Top247 defensive end D.J. Johnson. Miami had done a sound job recruiting Johnson and his folks making the comfortable about leaving the West Coast. When you look at Miami (Fla.) Central defensive end Owen Carney and you look at his other top schools, those are programs that don’t typically beat the Hurricanes for homegrown talent. The real question would be, if Johnson jumps in the boat, how many spots are left for a guy like Carney, who is another edge rusher that Miami would like to sign.

•I added my 247Sports Crystal Ball forecast in favor of the Hurricanes for Cedar Grove (NJ) High receiver Evidence Njoku. It’s Miami or Penn State heading into this visit.

•Miami is looking to battle Florida for a pair of in-state cornerbacks planning to visit in Top247 recruit Marco Wilson and cornerback Shawn Davis. If I had to say the Hurricanes had a better chance with one I’d pick Wilson.

•Several prospects committed elsewhere will be on campus with Florida State linebacker commit Bradley Jennings from Jacksonville (Fla.) Sandalwood being one of the bigger priorities.

•I expect Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) American Heritage linebacker James Houston to get the priority treatment this weekend as the Hurricanes aim to move on Wisconsin


OCD joined Star Command. They go to infinity and beyond!!

Posted by: Go Canes! | July 13, 2016 at 01:17 PM

Ground control to Major Tom. Commencing countdown, engines on.


The Herb expects the offense to be fine this fall. The O-line will be better but depth of talent will be an issue if a couple get hurt, The RB situation is solid, with Walton, Bus and Yearby. Gray probably has everything you want in a back but hands. The wr's will be good but how good and how deep will depend on the freshmen. We're strong at TE and of course we have Kaaya, so scoring shouldn't be an issue.
Defensively we should be solid up front and how long has it been since we could say that! The issue with the LB's is how well those 3 freshmen play because that is where our depth of talent lies at that position. The CB position is scary thin. We got to hope for some great fortune, that Elder doesn't get hurt. We need some serious talent at that position in the future. The safties will be good. As far as wins go we could win as many as 10 or as few as 8. I don't see us beating The Irish, the other iffy games will be FSU, Va. Tech and UNC. Fsu has practically everyone back but their QB and depth of talent are good bit ahead of us. A better coaching staff keeps us from falling under 8 or 9 wins

Go Canes!

Posted by: herbieibis | July 13, 2016 at 01:49 PM



Davido - All Canes

@CIS_Geo @CanesInSight @Deejaydallas5 And the list continues to get bigger R Lewis, Ed Reed, Clinton Portis, Jeremy Schockey, Irving, Beason


He is dead set on making movies and/or being in the film industry.

Posted by: UMike | July 13, 2016 at 01:11 PM

Nice gig IF U can get it.



Old Skool

In other news ...

Tom Brady and the NFL Players Association's petition for a rehearing has been denied by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.


Good afternoon Canes Family.

I have started my own mobile detailing and pressure washing business. I would love the opportunity to have my canespace family shining as you drive around South Florida. If you are interested in my service or helping a young single father and fellow canes fan elevate his quality of life email me: diianonymous@yahoo.com or call (954) 300-8993

Your business will be greatly appreciated!




Come Get Some!

Mr. Moneymaker

Ever down in South Dade Co, Co?


Rarely. I live in Fort Lauderdale. I can come there if it's worth it.

Go Canes!

Congrats Co, Entrepreneurship is an awesome risk to take. It will pay off for you.

Make sure you announce here any time you're making a run down to Dade.


Go Canes

Just call and I'll come


The updated list of former Miami Hurricanes Football players coaching/speaking at this weekend's Paradise Camp:

Michael Irvin
Ray Lewis
Antrel Rolle
Phillilp Buchanon
Jeremy Shockey
Brett Romberg

With more to come. WOOOOO!!!!!! I can't wait!!!! #Canes #TheU


Add Bennie Blades to the group of Fantasy

12% and Nothing Else



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