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July 24, 2016





Wee doggie!


MDCane rocking the blog!

Go Canes!

No sleep.

But good to have the space back.

Everyone keep it clean.

Go Canes!

Love me some CMR:


Go Canes!

ACC Media Coastal
1 NCarolina (121) 1,238
2 Miami (50) 1,108
3 Pitt (14) 859
4 VTech (3) 697
5 Duke (2) 597
6 GTech (1) 588
7 Virginia 261

Go Canes!

Porter: Treon Harris to transfer from Florida, per @RyanBartow. Between suspension and position change, not a fun time in Gainesville for him

Da U N Houston

Treon Harris will transfer from Florida after two years with the program.

Harris was in the middle of an indefinite suspension with the program (along with receiver Antonio Callaway) since January that was modified in June, where he could attend classes on campus while using Florida’s facilities as a resolution to his situation was reached.

However, three weeks ago ITG reported that Harris wasn't with the team for the first three workouts of Summer B and subsequently learned that he hadn’t been with the team during recent workouts.

He also wasn’t in attendance at this past weekend’s Friday Night Lights while his father, Booker T. Washington head coach Tim “Ice” Harris, was.

All of this came during talks that Harris would potentially be making a switch over to wide receiver with the Gators, as he essentially fell out of favor at quarterback with the Florida coaching staff. This comes after a sophomore season where Harris struggled taking over for a suspended Will Grier, as the Gators finished the year 4-4 under his leadership following a 6-0 start.

Harris finished his 2015 campaign with 1,676 yards, nine touchdowns and six interceptions on 50.6% passing.

He’s now the seventh scholarship quarterback to transfer from Florida since the start of 2013, joining Jacoby Brissett, Tyler Murphy, Max Staver, Jeff Driskel, Skyler Mornhinweg and Grier. Now, every quarterback to sign with Florida during the Will Muschamp era has since opted to transfer.

Harris is the seventh Gator to leave the program since the start of the offseason, joining linebacker Jeremi Powell, kicker Austin Hardin, offensive guard Travaris Dorsey, and receivers Raphael Andrades, Ryan Sousa and Alvin Bailey.

Florida moves on at the quarterback position heading into fall training camp with Luke Del Rio, Austin Appleby, Feleipe Franks and Kyle Trask.

VA Cane

CMR is really looking great; he is recruiting, changing the program, getting indoor facility in line, getting involved with the community......way stronger than the last 3 coaches....diving....getting the school involved with young kids....this man really has a vision. He is like HS; roping off SF like Howard!!!!

I don't expect a title this year, but I really am happy we chose him. I love BD......but CMR was the right choice and he will do fantastic!!!
Great job Coach, staff, players school!!!

VA Cane

Never was impressed with Harris; he was not a good QB......they have struggled since Tebow was QB!


Turds overall record last year was deceiving, even though their bowl blowout loss wasn't.

Really looking forward to watching that program implode under donkey teeth Mac.

Harry Miller

So glad to see Canespace Back. I truly believe we will be a very good football team this year.
If I could get a ticket to the FSU game I would fly in from CA. to see that game.
I am way over due to come to a game as Soup knows.


Yeah, VA Cane. I wanted Butch but Richt would have been my second choice. So far I'm loving everything he is doing. Looks to be the right move. I still need to see them ball on the field and I have a feeling they will.


"Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in!"

(Just can't stay away from this blog, LOL!)

CoCane, I was a HUGE Butch Davis proponent as well... and frankly, I'm also happier now with the choice of Mark Richt! (Remember, he didn't enter the picture until pretty late in teh games.)

Coach Richt is making ALL of the right moves so far, and I can't wait to see the product he puts out on the field. As I've said before, if we can avoid INJURIES, I think we're going to surprise a LOT of people.

BUT, and it's a big BUT, (no pun intended), with our current LACK OF DEPTH, a few key injuries could send our entire season into the crapper.

Let's Go CANES!


*late in the game.

Go Canes!


Go Canes!

Boom: 4-star Cali DE Deonte "DJ" Johnson commits to Miami! He was one of the silent commitments, for those wondering. #Canes


Yeah Roach. As physically taxing as football is, relying on staying injury free due to lack of depth is a slippery slope.

And the entire starting OL can't get hurt...

That equals a lot of crossed fingers among UM fans.

The Dude

I remember bringing up Richt very early on and many were against him.

Go Canes!

Agree Dude. But I think most were wondering about his motivation after what happened at UGA. A lot was being said about him wanting to take time off. Don't think anyone questioned his coaching ability.

He's answered any questions about how hungry he is.

VA Cane

Coke, Roach I feel you......I am very happy with him. He is a good man who needed a change...he came back to his roots. He is energized!!! I love the school and community being linked....thats what I have been doing for 37 years....my school and program involved in the community. This will be a big boost for us.....we may not win the NC this year...but it will be good and is about to take off. The Man is what GC said HR!!!!!!


When does Fall camp open? Aug 1?


Posted by: Go Canes! | July 25, 2016 at 08:09 PM

To steal this guy from cross country has got me hype.

We back?


Fall Camp starts on my birthday this year... August 4th!


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SVqhqa4m3Lc Its great to see positive momentum coming back. I love coach and what He is going back to. He definitely is one of our own.


Turds overall record last year was deceiving, even though their bowl blowout loss wasn't.

Really looking forward to watching that program implode under donkey teeth Mac.

Posted by: Lur-ker | July 25, 2016 at 04:22 PM

Indeed. Here's the Gators average points scored, points allowed, and margin of victory since 2000:

Year, PF, PA, Margin
2000: 37, 20, +17 (Spurrier)
2001: 45, 15, +30 (Spurrier)
2002: 26, 21, +05 (Zook)
2003: 30, 21, +09 (Zook)
2004: 32, 21, +11 (Zook)
2005: 29, 19, +10 (Meyer)
2006: 30, 14, +16 (Meyer)
2007: 42, 25, +17 (Meyer)
2008: 44, 13, +31 (Meyer)
2009: 36, 12, +24 (Meyer)
2010: 30, 21, +09 (Meyer)
2011: 25, 20, +05 (Muschamp)
2012: 26, 14, +12 (Muschamp)
2013: 19, 21, -02 (Muschamp)
2014: 30, 21, +09 (Muschamp)
2015: 27, 21, +06 (McElwain)

Their average margin of victory over the last three seasons in just 3 points. They're averaging 25 points a game over the last five years. During that same time, they're 1-4 against FSU with an average score of 14-27. In three of the last five games, Florida only scored a touchdown or less against FSU.

Compare that to the Canes, who while winless had an average score of 21-31 against FSU over the last five years.

Go Canes!

Gators could have had 2 or even 3 more losses.


I am glad to see that the BD fans are starting to understand that CMR was the right choice. If you recall, I was one of the few against BD and for CMR.

Only time will tell how this hire will play out but so far, It looks like the community and football team is buying into the system.

Go Canes!

Wasnt against BD, though some here insisted I was. I just wasn't convinced he was can't miss based on age, baggage, overall career results and time away from the game.

Every coaching hire brings question marks. CMR's was motivation imo.

But looking back now that his biggest unknown has been resoundingly answered, his hiring is the best thing the U's done in 15 years or more.

Mark from Atlanta

Canes brothers good morning!
CMR is doing all the right things to position the U as viable and legit...
Now, just WIN Baby. ..just Win...

Am I alone in my thoughts that this App State game could be trouble? Our 1st real test to compare this new regime?

God bless you and Go Canes! ! !


Not saying App St is FAMU but there is no way we should lose that game. If we do it will be a long season. As much as I love all of the moves Richt has made, if he can't win the coastal with this team it's a red flag. Unless there is serious injuries several unreplacable players. That's the only way he would get a pas from me for not winning the coastal this year.


Way to early Legends of the Fall post.

Chelsea Clinton and Greg McGarity are the Legends of the Fall for this year, and possibly the next decade.

According to the New York Times, Chelsea Clinton helped to persuade Donna Shalala to leave Miami and move to New York to head the Clinton foundation.

This opened the path for the U to hire a president who did not cripple the athletic department while pretending to support it.
The man hired was Julio Frenk.

Greg McGarity, Georgia's athletic director, pushed Richt out the door after they "mutually agreed" to part ways. This decision opened the door for Richt to return home to the U.

Julio Frenk opened the pocket books to support the athletic department and Richt became the first quality coach the U has hired since January 1995.

Just imagine the list of candidates that would have been bantered around if Shalala was still crippling the athletic department.

Go Canes!

Money is pouring in like never before.

From the moment the blimp broadcast that overhead shot of 500 people in the stands at the end of the Clemson think the BOT was finally going to spend whatever necessary to get a top flight coach

Either way, glad we ended up where we are now.


I was not a BD fan at all. BD just isn't prepared or motivated. CMR, however, attends all of his camps, he looks first hand at recruits and he talks to the recruits about football, academics and life. CMR and his staff seem genuinely interested in recruits and their development, and he has an eye for talent. CMR says what he means, and he is backing it up. This is the kind of head coach that will represent the U so that we all can be proud.

VA Cane

Well BD was a proven coach and recruiter.....but then again, times change and one never knows. I really liked him; met him once nice guy.

I am really impressed with CMR; he is a good person, has no baggage in the closet, he is genuine and true and is off to a great start. We still got to get it done on the field, but i think he will do that as well.

Nice info TC, sharp as usual!


Treon Harris is transferring out of Gainesville, but Florida will not let Calloway go that is for sure.

"Ice" Harris is back at Booker T. They won the state championship last season without him and with a freshman QB. It is only a matter of time before they are stacked again with D-1 prospects. And next season, there will be more transfers with the new FHSAA rules, so successful public school programs will likely stockpile even more talent through transfers.


CMR on ESPN Mark and Mark: "I’m not going to put any limits on what we can do. I believe we can win the Coastal and play for the championship and get to that game and anything can happen. Obviously if you win that one, hopefully we’re in the four-team playoff. I’m not going to put a lid on what can happen this year.’’


Many UM Football fans here were so far up Donna's you know what they couldn't see the glaring neglect of funding to the athletic department under her watch. Its "Golden" she went on to head the CORRUPT Clinton Foundation and will be picking up where she left off before she came to UM.
After cancelling my season tickets(2014) in protest to no staff & scheme changes its a breath of fresh air to see the new direction of the football program under MR and the athletic department in general since Mr. Frenk took over.


Wasnt against BD, though some here insisted I was.

Posted by: Go Canes! | July 26, 2016 at 08:42 AM

Strange how some people insist on things that just aren't true, especially when it comes to U? LOL


Its a breath of fresh air to see the new direction of the football program under MR and the athletic department in general since Mr. Frenk took over.

Posted by: slim32 | July 26, 2016 at 12:48 PM

Amen brother!



The marketplace determines your value. What's BD doing now?

imo, then and now, the risk with BD was motivation and the game having passed him by. What is it? Almost 8-9 years since he's actually coached an actual game?


CMR, however, attends all of his camps, he looks first hand at recruits and he talks to the recruits about football, academics and life. CMR and his staff seem genuinely interested in recruits and their development, and he has an eye for talent. CMR says what he means, and he is backing it up. This is the kind of head coach that will represent the U so that we all can be proud.
Posted by: BigWindyCane1 | July 26, 2016 at 11:25 AM

Agree 1000%!

Well said BigWindy!


I have nothing against Coach Davis. After all it was his ( And assistants. ) recruited players whom set up Cane dominance in the early phase of the 21st Century ( circa 2000-2003 ).

The bottom line: Miami and Davis were ROBBED " twice " of playing for and winning the NC. No ifs, buts or maybes.

Go Canes!

Posted by: SOUP | July 26, 2016 at 12:50 PM

It was what it was. Not particularly strange.

The Dude

Posted by: Go Canes! | July 26, 2016 at 08:42 AM

I was a staunch BD supporter but was concerned after I heard the details of his interview. Once Mark became available, and The U started talks, it seemed like it was becoming an inevitable hire. Richt had more than motivation concerns. We still dont know if he can win when it counts or sustain long stretches of winning. That said, I couldnt be happier with the freshness around the team and the attitude he brings. I fully expect big things next year and I think Mark is bringing a Miami/Hollywood feel to the team that will only grow with winning. If we only win 7 games though... I dont even want to think about the state of Miami in that situation.

The Dude

BD created a juggernaught at Miami and was well on his way to building one at UNC, he got his shot to be Miami's coach again but didnt do well in the interview. My guess is he saw the situation and said to himself he didnt have to earn it, that he'd just show up and say I'm Butch Davis and the job would be his. All that said, Butch still knows a ton about football and would be an asset to any team. Would love to have him here in another capacity.

Go Canes!



Although He wasn't my 1st choice, said I'd take Richt the moment I found out His job was in jeopardy at UGA.

Still not sold on Diaz though.


Per Barry from the Herald:

CMR quote: "How many great three star players come out of South Florida? A bunch. Ray Lewis was a three-star. There are a bunch of guys who were these three-star. If that kid was in another area of the country, he would be a 5 star. There are so many great players down there, in some ways they cancel each themselves out in front of standing out…. You take some of these guys and put them in
other spots around the country, they would be the best players in the league. Four and five star guys. There are a bunch of gems in there that may not have the ratings, which I’ve never been too concerned about anyway. Fans like it.”

I agree 100%


This quote from CMR speaks volumes:

“There’s a lot of great talent in that tri-county area. A lot of that talent is not as developed as some other places around the country. Some players aren’t used to eating the way we begin to feed them when they get to campus. They start eating and lifting a certain way, start learning how to take care of their bodies. All of a sudden, this skinny kid 175 pounds turns into 215-pound gazelle of a wide receiver. What happened to this guy?"

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