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October 09, 2016



Kaaya is a really bright kid with good vision and a strong arm who is exceptional when he has time in the pocket.
On the flip side, he is not very mobile, can't scramble when the pocket collapses and loses his rhythm when he's under constant pressure.

That's why I have serious doubts about a future in the NFL. On the other hand, if play calling works around his weaknesses and the OL can keep him clean most of the time, QB play is not our major problem at the moment.
Remember, at this point winning our division and playing for an ACC title is a major step forward. We're less than a year removed from losing by 50 points to ACC teams.
In order to win a NC, we'll need more depth and talent across the board, including a QB who can carry the team even on a bad day.


But to be fair we also have to acknowledge that the OL and the HC/OC did not do him any favors either.

Posted by: ANGRY SOUP | October 10, 2016 at 03:22 PM

No doubt.

While Richt was an excellent playcaller at FSU, those offenses never really produced ultra productive players at the next level. They out-recruited us what, 5-6 years from the mid-90s on? And yet, a 2 or 3* like Moss probably out-produced every WR that came outta FSU...COMBINED.

Ditto with James...with the exception of Dunn, James out career rushed every other RB that came outta FSU...COMBINED.

Hopefully He's evolved...hopefully the FSU game was an aberration...hopefully.


Bruce news is terrible.

orange 'n green in the vein

CR, he's still mentally broken after all that time in redneck land from the 2001 Orange Bowl 'shutout' of his offense. But he's not the reason the team didn't attempt what would have been the winning FG after gold-hen girl loser for life against the primary rival dude didn't run a back into the line or throw the ball out of bounds instead of into double coverage that was easily right there with the target.


After further review. Miami didn't lose because of QB play or bad play calling. Miami lost because of PENALTIES and suspect offensive line play. For example, three of Miami's penalties took Miami " out of very, very good field position. Case in point. Miami was in great field position prior to the end of the first-half, but a bonehead face mask penalty denied Miami the opportunity to score a touchdown and take away the wind from FSU's on coming momentum. That series was the one Michael kicked the 51 yard FG. Miami scores the touchdown, and it's an entirely different mood among Cane good ol' boys today. huh


We gotta get the tight ends opening up the middle.Quick slants, crosses, drags, and such will get the linebackers hesitant and help the ol in the run game.

We got to be commited to exploiting that mismatch. Doing this will get us bigger returns on those swings and screens CMR likes so much.

They wanna blitz the run game and slow-foot Brad? Drop a few quick ones In those vacant spots to Njoku and Herndon for big gains. They'll back of that ish real quick! We got everything we need to mitigate or defifiencies and compete for an ACC title.


Losing my main man Sunny for the season will hurt Miami's line more than Cane bUbba will admit to! That includes the good ol' boy who thrives on TRASHING anything to do with Miami. Perhaps the good ol' boy should stop LIVING in the past, because those great Miami teams are a relic of the past!!!!!!!!!! huh

The bottom line: Tragically one of my tangents effecting the final win-loss record for Miami has come to tragic fruition. Injuries to key players. OUCH

Oh, and one more thing. The Carolina Blue game arguably speaking will probably be Miami's TOUGHEST game of the season. In other words, Miami now has to deal with a lot variables and what not. So Cane bubba will now see how tough minded the team is and how good of a head coach Mark Richt. Au contraire to what the Richt BASHERS and distractors have to opine on the bloody matter. duh


Unfortunately Sunny got the worst way an OL can get hurt. He was doing his job while the pile behind him rolled into him from behind, taking him down and usually leading to something like an ACL tear. He made it his business to walk off under his own power as much of the way that he could. Tough kid.


Of course Richt could have called a running play on series which Kaaya threw an interception. But I prefer to think POSITIVELY and believe his was going for the KNOCKOUT punch. Miami scores a TD on that pass play and Miami puts all the pressure on FSU entering the second-half. But my opinion is all MOOT now. huh Kaaya also expected for Richards to run the route UNDER the safety, but the kid went over the top of the safety. The kid runs the route underneath the safety it's a TD!


Penalties were bad no doubt. Ours occurred in really critcal junctions of the game. The guys gotta be more disciplined in emotional rivalry games.

A punk ass nole fan came by my house talkin ish . Tried to convince me (more like himself) that Jamal's game changing hit was illegal. The replay clearly showed their was no helmet to helmet contact. He was talking about how ole boys head snapped back but thwt's what we do to punks with the wrong color own. It was so nasty looking they just had to throw Jamal out, even with the replay.

Goes to show we gotta win decisively. Give the refs any room to steal a cane win, they'll take


Miami's defense was STONE COLD nasty when dire straits was looking the team in the eyes. Especially Chad Thomas. After all, the kid made three crucial plays with a BROKEN HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!! That series was the series when Miami needed a stop to set up Kaaya's sweet TD pass to Coley. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Richt should have went for the onside kick. So what, Cane bUbba!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: TruCane81 | October 10, 2016 at 05:46 PM

Exactly. I just finished watching the replay of the game on youtube. And FSU's tackles were holding on several passing plays in the second-half. For example, three or four were BLATANTLY obvious. But it's all moot now.

In other words, Miami was getting a lot of pressure and hits on FSU's signal caller in the first-half, but not so many in the second-half. Go figure.




Posted by: JCane | October 10, 2016 at 05:41 PM

JCane, I read that He fractured His leg around His ankle?



Ariz: The replay official for Miami-FSU has had two kids graduate from FSU. - One is a former booster club president


The plays that decided the game...

1. Kaaya's INT in the endzone- Would have at least got 3 points.

2. Phantom holding call that brought Walton's TD back- The call was so bad, a FSU fan at my uncle's crib laughed and said "we pay the refs right". :-(

3. The NO holding call on Whitfield's TD. No one has mentioned it but the WR was holding Elder's arm while he was in position to make the tackle. RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REF. 3 points instead of 7 on that drive.

If these plays go our way, we win.

I still say Richt not exploiting the middle of the field with quick hitters to Berrios, Herndon and Njoku on 1st downs hurt most. This would have created more managable 2nd and 3rd downs. Also it neutralizes the pass rush because 1st down is the hardest down to predict run or pass.

Richt has run the same 5-7 f*cking 5-7 plays all season. Smh


Would've gone for the 2 and the win if I was CMR. #DaUEmpire


Per ESPN: our offense is ranked #79 in total offense (FIU is #78)

Our D is #7th

Va Tech D is #2
FSU D-#49
UNC D-#100


This blog amuses the herb. Great incite and perspectives of our problems. It's a fact that fsu has more depth of talent, it's a fact that jumbo is really good at making half time adjustments, it's a fact that he has a game changer in cook, and it's a fact that he puts the ball in his play makers hands, fsu has a talented defense, especially against a stagnet pro- style lead footed qb. If we had a spread qb, we win the game by 3 tds but alas we are one of the few relics left that run this offense. These ain't the old days, that was then, this is now. Don't need anyone to mention bama runs the pro-style. If we are to continue to run this offense, then we need better talent up front, we need bigger backs, we need to get the ball to the te's more, and we need a couple of play makers on the outside. The qb needs to be a game manager. We lack a lot of the above. We new they sucked against the pass and yet we tried running between the tackles. Where's the dump offs to the backs. Richt is a good coach, but I put this on him for not going for the juggler. He was to conservative.


I like CoCane's three plays that changed the game. I am a Kaaya fan, but I think he would love to have that INT back.

With Sunny out, St. Louis needs to step up. I think he is more than capable. The Canes have not clicked on offense yet. I hope we are ready for these next two ACC coastal games against UNC and VT. A win against rival ND would also be sweet.

A coastal division title and an appearance in the ACC title game against will be a great consolation prize and would be proof that the team has taken a big step forward.


CoCane...I'll take your word that there was a hold on that Whitfield TD, but still, look at the coverage on that play. The closest defender to Whitfield was a LB in the box...don't understand what Diaz was doing there.


Don't take my word for it. Review the play...

VA Cane

I am not one to blame officials or bad calls....but CoCanes take is pretty fair....ya never know but had things panned out maybe we win....not in the cards.....we must move on focus on UNC!!



I saw the same about Sunny's frx near the ankle. Just saying what it looked like, although easily it could have been him getting rolled on from behind and clobbering the ankle area, too. He had folks assisting him off, but about halfway to the sideline he made them move off and walked on his own, although clearly limping heavily and in pain. Hope he has a speedy recovery. For O linemen, there's little as risky as the pileups coming from behind you. No chance to prepare.



UNC throws down the upside down U


My take from the stands on the game:


Great crowd in a really loud refurbished stadium that reminded, from a noise level perspective, of the OB.

Loved having no FSU band there. It was truly more like a home game.

Defense was so much improved from the last few years. I didn't care for seeing them getting shoved all over the field for much of the second half, but FSU adjusted their O, and our lack of depth while being on the field a whole lot longer than our O for the whole game became problematic. Still, more hard hitting bigtime, more guys getting to the ball faster, better DL play, etc. Still, not ultimately good if most of the top tacklers on the team are from the secondary, but D didn't lose this game. They only gave up 20, and NEVER QUIT. Anyone here remember the D showing this attitude at any point in the Golden-D'No era?


Offense was our strength coming in to the season, while our D and D depth was suspect. This hasn't been my viewpoint so far. Even the huge early 28-7 lead over G Tech was by way of 2 D touchdowns with a struggling O. This was well before Kaaya took the FSU hit on the first play. If I want to be positive and give Richt credit (rather than bashing playcalling, which may be called for but I'll just assume otherwise), he obviously knows what his guys are capable of or not, and he either didn't trust Kaaya in this game to throw over the middle or deeper balls too often (or thought the shoulder injury early on would limit him). However, with O being the supposed strength coming in and Richt being the offensive coach, it gives something to think about. The running game was nowhere to be found, although this might be viewed slightly differently if the Walton run hadn't been reversed on the hold. The passing game appeared to be mostly dumpoffs to playmakers in some form, with a few slants later in the game that were effective. However, our O looked slow and inefficient. That being said, in the first half it looked like our O line was starting to wear down the FSU D line, a trend that didn't continue at all.

Overall thoughts: We were overrated going into the game, not really deserving #10 in spite of my hoping we would. We truly lack depth, and need at least 1-2 years of good recruiting to get to a truly functional place vs. good teams. As much as it would be easy to blame CMR's playcalling, I remember having some similar thoughts about Butch in the 90s, including during the loss to Washington in 2000 prior to starting the amazing win streak. Talent and depth seemed to make the coaches much smarter. Golden and crew really left us more like Temple than the U wanted to admit over the years. CMR should get us into a much better place over the next 2-3 years, but how much better is the question. The problem is that my patience got used up in the Coker, Shannon and than least and truly least Golden years.

Upset to see the news about Bruce. So much potential...


God I wanna beat them punks by 40. Its attainable too. C'mon CMR! Lets get that O rollin!


Hey question for the older guys who watched football in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Does it seem like players get hurt more often now compared to back then?

Also, wwhat is your perception of the prevalence of career ending injuries back then?


Posted by: JCane | October 10, 2016 at 09:11 PM

I feel you J. Butch had alot of coaching hiccups, but to be fair, he was learning on the job. Shannon did the same thing.

Big time assistants let their egos get the best of them. They get the genius label and jump at the chance to head up a big time program. Being the head man at an FBS school is no joke. Taking over a traditional power with zero head coaching experience can breed disaster, and has humbled many brilliant coordinators.

Ain't no shame in taking the job at Helen Keller U or Bumfuq State. Make your mistakes and learn when nobody gives a ish.

The Dude

Posted by: CoCane | October 10, 2016 at 06:55 PM

100 % correct.


I said this when he decommitted from UGA last week, but Pete Ariz confirmed that the Canes are "back in it" for 2017 DB Latavious Brini. We lead, IMO


Does it seem like players get hurt more often now compared to back then?

Also, what is your perception of the prevalence of career ending injuries back then?

Posted by: TruCane81 | October 10, 2016 at 09:24 PM

There are three reasons for more and more serious injuries today:

1. Speed of the game. The players are SO MUCH faster and harder hitting today. Johnny U, Dick Butkus or Carl Eller never ran a 4.3.

2. The strength and conditioning. The players are SO MUCH stronger than before. The old skool players spent their off time eating and drinking beer, not working out.

3. Because the players are so maxed out muscle wise you have many more hamstring and other tendon/ligament injuries because the key joints such as the knee, ankle and shoulder simply can't take it.

1mg of Epi

After a couple days, some thoughts:
- It's not fair to judge kaaya on 1 game. But it is fair to judge him on his career. He is a good pocket passer. Not mobile. Can't throw on the run. Can't get creative. Is tough. In other words he's average, maybe a little better with a better line. He does not live up to the hype, but he's a cane thru and thru and ya gotta love him for that.

- Richt is approaching 2 decades as a head coach and has a lot of talent to work with Now. It is perfectly acceptable to judge him on the last 5 games, and he has not delivered offensively. He has not come with a coherent strategy. He has ignored NFL tight ends. He has run the same play, for no gain, 6+ times in a row. He hasn't shown more than a couple running plays. He's ignored swaths of the field. He's moved away from what has worked. He uses the run to set up the run. Hasn't...... eh. I could go on and on. He is showing why he got run out of GA

Im not sure if we should expect a seasoned HC to do anything other than what he's always done.

- Finally, here is a comprehensive list of all my complaints about the D:



Trinidad Brad didn't do bad...after all!

He was also hit in the head by Matthew Thomas in the 1st qtr that should have been targeting!

He threw the inexcusable INT in the end zone, threw one out of bounds that was intended for Coley (which he had his man beat deep) which he was hit right after releasing the ball, and threw one a little behind Coley... two passes were thrown a little low but we're caught... EVERYTHING else was ON POINT!

Coley caught a pass and slipped (would have been a 1st down)
Richards dropped a pass, Berrios dropped two (one got a PI), Herndon, Yearby, and Dobard dropped one and Dobard one... That's SEVEN DROPS!

P.S. this is my perspective after watching the game over. Before this I thought Brad played shaky

1mg of Epi

Why is Lrkr banned? That's pretty F'd up to ban a guy who contributes. Besides, Talking to a bunch of dudes who hold my same opinions gets boring. We need to have the contrarian voice too.


O-line played a great game actually!

The run game was more on the RB's than the line. Cut back lanes were there but they ran right into tackles pretty much the whole game... they weren't patient enough after handoff. Those two sacks in the 4th qtr was on them tho... those other hits and sacks wasn't.


Players are dramatically bigger, stronger and faster than 40 years ago.


Posted by: CoCane | October 10, 2016 at 06:55 PM

My thoughts too but I would add the targeting call on Carter at #3 tho


Richards dropped a pass, Berrios dropped two (one got a PI), Herndon, Yearby, and Dobard dropped one and Dobard one... That's SEVEN DROPS!

The drops were murder. I felt Kaaya was good enough to win.

I think he is much better than average. I've seen alot of average bums. They are way less accurate, throw way more picks, and don't make those beautiful touchdown throws that make you skeet your pants like he has done for so long. Lol. The only thing btween him and a Peyton Manning like college career is his damn lead feet! It causes a slow release that is unacceptable for a three year starter.

I thought on of those Coley deep routes was bad recieving because I like to see my qb leave outside away from the defender on the fly and Coley was looking over his inside shoulder. He did have a good step on the defender but I don't wanna see him throw flys too far inside.


. Because the players are so maxed out muscle wise you have many more hamstring and other tendon/ligament injuries because the key joints such as the knee, ankle and shoulder simply can't take it.

Posted by: ANGRY SOUP | October 10, 2016 at 10:16 PM

Thanks, Soup. I asked this cause I think alot about the transition from the pro style to spread and not just its obvious advantages. There are cons to running that wide open offense, but everyone is sold on its efficacies.

The difficulties running the ball from pro set against todays massive dts and fast linebackers are noted, but to me it seems like the plays are not as sharp as it should be.

I have heard NFL coaches say that the main problem with the pro set running game is that the practice it takes to refine it gets guys hurt. All levels of football have altered the level of hitting in practice to stave of the injury bug.

Guess I'm starting to get old but I miss the old days of lining up under center and imposing your will on the defense. This style of play might not be around much longer


My thoughts too but I would add the targeting call on Carter at #3 tho

Posted by: WWIN | October 11, 2016 at 12:23 AM

Hell yeah, WWIN. Jamal peeled ole boy shyt back and they ways like " AWWWWW MAAAAAN, WE CAN'T HAVE THE CANES DOIN THIS AGAIN".

They had just enough leeway on the replay to let that sissified call stand. Now he gotta sit out next game. What a rip off!

They do the right thing and pick up the flag, I feel like the O marches in for the score after the punt and the D rides the momentum to stick the knife end and send them clowns home with footprints in they ass.

But coulda, woulda, shoulda don't pay the bills. Lets take out on UNC. They dissin the U? Gotta make em pay.


Tru... the ACC can overturn the Carter ejection if they think it was a legal hit I believe


Posted by: TruCane81 | October 11, 2016 at 12:23 AM

He does have lead feet lol! He also has to be stronger in the pocket and at least put up some fight when being sacked... don't let em just throw you around like a rag doll


Can't argue with that.


A few more thoughts on the FSU game. First, I would like to think the majority of us knew we weren't a legit top 10 team. We were all obviously happy with the ranking, but it wasnt legit IMO. There were 2 reasons we jumped. First, lots of teams losing in front of us. Second, App State almost beat "SEC power" TN. If App State had almost a non-sec school, they wouldnt of made such a big deal out of us blowing them out. App State was hyped up because TN was hyped up.

Kaaya is a good QB, but it seems to me we run the same 3-5 plays all game and the pass protection isnt always there. I believe we have the players to fix that and hopefully CMR will get it done. I believe he is smart enough to make changes. The defense is still looking good and will get better.

It sucks we lost to them again, but the season is far from over and even with the offensive woes we are MUCH better then we ever were under that other guy


Good post UMike.

Agree we aren't a Top 10 team right now, mostly for two reasons, O-line and overall depth.

Thats going to take some time to fix.

And while we aren't a powerhouse by any means, outside the Top 10 I really don't see a discernible difference between us and most of the teams out there.

FSU, Nebraska, Boise State, Tennessee, Houston, Ole Miss TAMU......meh.

Beatable on any given Saturday.


UMike can fish out my post and unblock my computer?



Go... I dont do the blocking/unblocking. But can try to get your post..when was it?


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