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December 18, 2016


Mark from Atlanta

So we run a little spread with perry if he's ready. ..we continue the pro set with Walton Herndon Richards etc...he can adjust. ..and we maul people on Def.. .with our new hungry youngsters! ...I'm ok with that formula.

God bless you and Go Canes!


VA - Famous Jameis Crablegs made many good throws last night in the second half. His receivers were clutch also.


Jameis threw 3 picks and couldn't lead his team in its final possession with a shot to win. I wouldn't call anything that team did good or clutch,


Understood, but the sample size for Allison is pretty limited. Let's see how he does in the spring game. Out here in Texas Vince Young could not beat Chance Mock for second string in his freshman year, and he ultimately worked out adequately for the Longhorns.


I want to ask about Kaaya, Many of our fans tend to bash him. I am not one of those. He is not Tom Brady back there but he is a good QB, he could lead us to a title if he had the right team around him. I do believe he has improved since he has been here althought his stats are consistant. I believe one more year shaping his body and working on his footwork and other small things he will make more improvement.

I think Kaaya's best attribute is he does not turn over the ball. Analyze his INT's and over his career they are low and close to half of those were not on him. I think with the QB position you start and end with protecting the ball. Next I would say is his accuracy, his accuracy is very good. Then his Arm Strength I would say it is very good on the college level and avg on the NFL level. I think he has room to improve that a bit as well, he is only 215 and should be able to add size and strength and get more velocity on his throws with improved footwork. The worst past of his game is locking onto one receiver and pocket presence. He needs to let that clock tick faster in the pocket. He takes too many sacks holding the ball. To his credit he does not throw picks, i rather take a sack then throw a pick but still...

He is no perfect QB but he is def one of the best in his class and in the country. I think if he does come back it will be great for him and the team. He needs to add 10-15 lbs of muscle and another year in the system he should become a master of the offense and show improvement in it next year. I also think one more year would really give ALlison, Perry and Cade a year needed to develop their bodies and get used to the speed of the college game.


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Mark from Atlanta

Hassan. ..I cannot disagree. I'm thinking some squats...a lot of them. ..would help BK...boy is too young not to be quicker on them wheels. ..

Go Canes!

Posted by: Hassan | December 19, 2016 at 01:39 PM

I really hope Hassan dropped a mic and left the room immediately after pressing post.

Very well said.


Side not another thing to keep and eye on is the 7 coaches in the state of Fla. I think the 3 lessor schools USF, FIU, FAU are ones to watch.

On the plus side I think you focus on what Miami is doing themselves, Miami has the amazing stadium now, they really have a home field advantage they have not had since they left the Orage Bowl. As we start winning and get into bigger games this will continue to improve. The crowds this year disrupted other teams. I also think with the IPF and other improvements Richt has instilled we are going to compete much better with big schools like UF and FSU. Finally adding more staff like the offensive coaches from local HS will bring value as well.

I think USF has the biggest abilty to improve, they have a big name coach with big ties in Fla and the school itself is big and plays in a good stadium etc. My prediction is they will battle and win some battles for some 3 and 4 star kids espectially CFLA kids.

FOr FIU I think Butch will struggle a year or two like he did here and fans might think he is too old and the game passed him by, i think though he will upgrade that roster will 2 and 3 star kids that will win him a couple conference titles. A few of those 3 star kids would really help roster depth for us but i do not see FIU winning any big battles with us for a kid we REALLY want.

Largely I believe the same with FAU, i think it is possible Kiffin fails there, but it is also possible he turns them into a powerful small school mid major type like Boise St. really hard to say but that school is way behind and it will take 2 years just to really take an early look on where he has it heading.

1mg of Epi

Posted by: Hassan | December 19, 2016 at 01:39 PM

What hurt BK the most this season was his coach. If it takes the coach 75% of next season to put together an offense that leans into the QBs strengths, we will see another year of average QB play, regardless of who the QB is.

Mark from Atlanta

Let's start by winning a damn bowl game. ...then we can pontificate on the rest. ..
God bless you and Go Canes! ! !



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