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March 04, 2017


Old Skool

Thanks guys. The fun time was last night. Didn't play any rock and roll. That's Native's specialty.

Went to an speakeasy themed restaurant and bar that specialized in hand-crafted cocktails. Yepp, you had to knock on the door and give them the password.

Had charred octopus, crab cakes with aioli, duck fat steak fries, pretzel/monkey bread with a gruyere/mustard dipping sauce all washed down with some aged rum concoctions. Twas excellent. I'm surprised I remember it.


Dam oldskool, wish I'd been their to celebrate with u because I would have to have drank a lot just to pronounce some of those dishes u ate.


Can't cut the baseball team no slack, they STINK! I don't care how young they may be, u don't get shut out twice by Dartmouth. No hitting sisters of the poor and strike out Queens to boot.

Old Skool

Herbie however you pronounce it was Damn good

As for Dartmouth, they don't offer sports scholarships. We lost twice to a team full of walk-ons.

The writing on the wall just got a lot bigger for Morris.


The writing on the wall just got a lot bigger for Morris.
Posted by: Old Skool | March 05, 2017 at 06:58 PM

The sooner he leaves, the better.
Perhaps, our "award winning" AD will do SOMETHING.


Momentum in Miami



Momentum in Miami


Posted by: 30CINCO | March 05, 2017 at 07:23 PM

Nice article. One thing is for sure, and that is that Miami has some really good players committed - the kind of players multiple championships are made of. Lingard and Davis are one of the best pair of running backs the Canes have recruited in one class. The 2016 OL was the best OL recruiting class the Canes have had in the last two decades. I hope they can keep the momentum in recruiting going. A ten-win season and the coastal division championship this season should deliver a top 5 recruiting class for the Canes in 2018

Florida continues to produce lots of talent, more than it did 15-20 years ago when Butch was at the U. South Florida talent pool is absolutely ridiculous. It seems CMR is doing a good job of figuring things out and has made an impact on the high-level recruits and coaches here.


Devon Reed made All ACC third team and ACC All Defensive team. Way to go!


3/8 noon vs. Syracuse in ACC tnmt opener.


Fascinating article. To paraphrase Rogue One, recruiting is built on hope. We have it now, moreso than I have seen in a decade. And coaching aside, it's why Golden could never build on his strength - he was a good salesperson - once Miami was faced with the possibility of serious sanctions. Hope had been ruined in 2011 before it could even be built, leaving Golden and co to make due on projects, a good but not overpowering roster, and their coaching prowess.

Go Canes!

Morris will leave on his own terms, which I believe has been predetermined to be after next season.

He's earned that right imo.

1mg Of epi

This article was written a year ago (before Richt was hired). Very prophetic.




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