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March 05, 2017



Posted by: Go Canes! | March 05, 2017 at 05:03 PM

Brad Kaaya. He had a great workout this morning.”

Posted by: Go Canes! | March 05, 2017 at 05:03 PM

I said all along that he was a first round pick.

Posted by: 86Cane | March 05, 2017 at 05:39 PM

That aint what his tape says, even though his good plays were spectacular.

I'm pulling for him and hope he can fix his deficiencies to have a solid career.

Terrance Sullivan

Yes the tape that shows 27 touchdowns 7 ints 3565 yards 65% completion yes he sucked so bad lol.


Good Morning National Pancake day!!!!

Go Canes!

Posted by: raizecane | March 07, 2017 at 07:31 AM

Best "day" ever!!

Love me some pancakes!


Yes the tape that shows 27 touchdowns 7 ints 3565 yards 65% completion yes he sucked so bad lol.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | March 07, 2017 at 07:11 AM

If that was all that was there, he would be in business.

But you will also see poor pocket awareness, freezing under pressure, and inconsistent footwork.

He doesnt suck. Just not a sure fire first rounder.

But Christian ponder was a first rounder, so I digress.

Go Canes!

Sarcasm meter needs readjustment.


"God" is there, "He" is just alot different than we think.

But I am praying with you.

It may not seem like much, but this is a big deal. Golden visiting the Cowboys is completely different from this.

Remember when Saban brought Kiffin in for "consulting"? Nothing really happened at first then all of a sudden it was announced Kiffin was Bama's oc. He almost helped them get a fbs title with a true freshman qb and called many brilliantly designed plays.

Saban brought Kiffin in to kick the tires.

Richt is doing the same thing with Helfrich. He is thinking about a move.

The only thing working against us is Saban is a defensive coach, so hirirng Kiffin had more to do with a philosophy change.

Richt hiring Helfrich goes directly at who Richt is as a coach ego wise. He wanted to be hc and oc with mixed results. Will his ego allow him to accept that it didnt work out and make the best decision for the program?

Grab your popcorn. This will be fun.


Sarcasm meter needs readjustment.

Posted by: Go Canes! | March 07, 2017 at 08:52 AM

I missed something.

Did Brad stink it up at the combine?

Terrance Sullivan

For the record I have Brad as a late 2ND round or early 3rd round pick. Basically a day 2 pick. So I expect him to be drafted between 52-65.


I'm Here and Yes.....We Shall Be UnDefeated!!

Go Canes!

Posted by: TruCane81 | March 07, 2017 at 09:12 AM

Nah he did very well from all accounts. Soup's first rounder comment was total sarcasm. He hasn't been very high on him.


Anyone from the blog near Clearwater that would be familiar with a treatment facility named Operation Par? Friend of mine went there and needs to find a councelor/doctor/psychologist that treated him a few years ago. It's a French name that he doesn't know how to spell. First name is Sanis or something of the sort.

Any help appreciated

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