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April 25, 2017



Have yo ever considered the fact that the players around him made him look good?

Dorsett, Walford, Hurns, Coley, Njoku???


Posted by: WWIN | April 30, 2017 at 06:01 PM

Sometimes. Sometimes its throwing into very tight windows under pressure which he did on many many occasions. His biggest problems are pocket pressence and he locks on to his target. Some of that can be corrected by changing his prep habits.



Uhhhh. Yearby listed under the QBs. LOL!


As I have stated on MANY occasions, Kaaya is a Hurricane for life and we appreciate that BUT he is just an above average QB. He has a good arm, below average physical assets, decent accuracy and a good command of the game AND what he lacks is the intangibles.

1. He is not a LEADER of men.
2. He has no will to enforce on his opponent.
3. He does not HATE losing.
4. He does not make those around him better.
5. He is just a guy in practice and on the field.

I am thankful for his service to The U but he is not winning any Medal of Honor for his actions while in Coral Gables. Maybe a Purple Heart for some of the hits he took, but that's about it.


Well said Soup!

Go Canes!




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