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April 13, 2017


Go Canes!

Burned corneas aint got nothing on my searing headaches the morning after.




Is a *itch!

VA Cane

I am VA Canes son.....Little VA Cane I guess...I am biased but I wish you all know how great he is...how many people love him....and how many lives he has changed in so many ways....it is amazing he is an amazing man!

I have a very sad emotional announcement; at least for me...Dad said it would be no big deal as many of you hated him with a passion..but he wanted me to advise his....well...he called you his family. His term not mine.

My father has had a massive heart attack....I do not know if he will live to see tomorrow...he deserves it but we do not know at this time. He is surrounded by his players...they refuse to leave....NFL, college, HS, current players and their families....hospital says they have never seen anything like this....we had to turn many away as there was simply no room and we were threatened with violations.

He is so loved and worshipped by so many; he has done so much for so many!...I cannot believe the crush of families, players, and people.....I know he was loved....but cannot fathom that so many love him so much....NFL guys, college guys, HS guys...kids and family will not go away....thats how DAD is...Please....even if you hate him...pray for him....He loves you

Little VA Cane.....Christoper

Old Skool

My prayers for your Dad. I may not have always agreed with his politics but I always enjoyed his posts.

I don't think anyone hates him on the blog. We may disagree but we keep coming back. In that regard, we are family.

All the best. I hope God and the doctors see him through to a full recovery.


Posted by: VA Cane | April 13, 2017 at 11:56 PM

Best wishes from Idaho.


Christopher...we ALL pray for your Dad's quick recovery. May God bless him and keep him in his mercy. We LOVE VA Cane, we always have and we always will!


Can someone grab an email for updates?


Chris...please send an email to:

[email protected]

VA Cane

Dear friends

He is holding his own...he can talk.....and says to tell his family he is Tatumizing....I know that term ....hope you may know what he means...Kam Chancellor, Mike Vick and brother, Anthony Harris, Morgan Moses, Jason Snelling are here .Bruce Smith is on the way....as well as Bruce Arians....he QB'd at VT when Dad played and guided Dad..Curtis Dickey and his fullback George Woodard are coming TAMU opponents and friends.They played against Dad and remember how tough he was..Dad likes to stay in touch... ....Dad was special with many players, people, and opponents Mom says he was always the last out of the locker room...he was not big...but he was tough...please pray for him to live.....so many people cannot live without him..... he is so loved...I NEED him so bad

Alex D

VA Cane you and your family have all of our blessings. Get well soon; we need you back on the blob.

VA Cane

Dad talked a lot.....because he love people, players, and his opponents so much. He taught kids for 38 years about life......he loved players on his team, but players on opposing teams. He loved athletes, people who gave their all. He was a great player......he was so good for a guy so ...small in stature...but so big in heart! I saw him play in an alumni game at 46...insane!!! he had 2 picks...and Tatumized people.....he said if you are on the field you will get hit!

WE cannot get people to leave; they want to call the cops...but head knocker said they NEED to be here. Know his rep and following...BUT people want to be here for him....he has given all he has for people...he made such a difference!

Old Skool

Hello 3:00 AM my old friend

1mg Of epi


1mg Of epi

Chris.... what hospital?

Go Canes!

Prayers for your father young man. Pleaee keep us updated.

Terrance Sullivan

Prayers for VA Cane. We all love him. I second everything everyone said above. Please keep us posted.


VA Cane JR - Thanks for the updates. I know this must be very hard for you. Like all spacers, my heart and prayers are with you and your family and wishing VA Cane a speedy recovery. God Bless.....


My prayers for VA Cane and family for a speedy recovery.


pray for him....He loves you

Little VA Cane.....Christoper
Posted by: VA Cane | April 13, 2017 at 11:56 PM

I have prayed for him and will continue to do so.....God Bless and Heal Virginia Cane....one of a kind...


My prayers are with VAC and Christopher and their entire family. God works miracles. VAC is a great blogger, coach and caring person. God bless


Posted by: Go Canes! | April 13, 2017 at 10:21 PM

Not even on me at the height of the AG era blog wars? lol.

Posted by: Dude | April 13, 2017 at 10:28 PM

Those were dark days and I was a major combatant in that conflict. Only time will heal those wounds! Lol

Mark from Atlanta

God's blessings to you and your father. ..who brings quality to this blog and no doubt to those around him. Canes brothers are praying for you!
God bless you and Go Canes!


There is NO ONE here that "hates" VA Cane. Maybe disagree on certain things, but not hate. All love.

My prayers and well wishes to VA, VA Jr, and family. Recover quick and come back to blog, VA!


I did get an email from VA Jr. to confirm the status of VA Cane. So far he is hanging in there and communicating. Told Jr. to call me SOUP so we know he is fighting the good fight!

Updates to follow...

Harry Miller

I will be praying for VC, you and your family. Praying for a Quick and complete come back.
We need him on this blog, he contributes so much and it comes from his heart, you can
just tell it means so much.

Praying for you VA, may God bless you.


Dear Lord, please be with this man that we know as VA and you know as one of your children. Help him to recover, and give strength to his family and friends.


My prayers are with u and your family little VA. I will say this no one on this blog told it like it was like your dad. I enjoy his insights and his thoughts on how the Canes should be playing the game. U can definitely see his passion thru his words on this blog. We are all die-hard Canes fans on here and we only hate some times when someone is telling us stuff we don't want to believe is true and that is only for a short moment. With all the lives he has touched and the love and support that it is around him how can he not rise again. We are all pulling for him. God bless u and your family.

Go Canes!

Think we all know despite the ups and downs here all of us would laugh it off in person while enjoying beers at a taligate. And if anyone got up in our faces we'd be there to defend each other.

No one here hates anyone. That I'm certain of.

Go Canes!

On a football note, this is a gigantic, earth shifting change:

NCAA‏Verified account

DI Council allows early football signing period and coaches to recruit at camps and clinics, but restricts when and where they can occur.


BAMA/LSU Bagmen won't like this


Prayers and thoughts VA Cane, VA Cane Jr and your family!

Go Canes!

Posted by: SinisterCane | April 14, 2017 at 11:25 AM


Think it will impact in various other ways too. Allows kids who know where they want to go just sign and not be hassled by coaches (and bagmen) as the February NSD approaches.

Will help coaches because they dont have to constantly be re-recruiting the same committed guys over and over.

Will help a lot of kids who commit early from worrying about being dropped late because a school gets a last second commit.

Will slow down the game playing by players. If we pick up 15 December commits and only have seven or eight spots left, we can hopefully eliminate the whole fiasco that kid in Maryland pulled a couple of months ago.

One thing I hope is this new signing period has a stipulation that if a coach leaves a program after the season, they have the right to void their commitment and be allowed to go somewhere else.

Go Canes!

Another big one: Also FBS schools will be prevented fm hiring ppl close to a recruit for a 2-YR period before & after the recruit enrolls. This is a big one.

Go Canes!

Also no more two a days. Don't think we've done that in a long time.

Old Skool

Another big one: Also FBS schools will be prevented fm hiring ppl close to a recruit for a 2-YR period before & after the recruit enrolls. This is a big one

Ahh the Patrick Peterson clause.


So sorry to hear about VA. Thoughts and prayers to his family and him. Hoping for a full recovery.

Go Canes!

Posted by: Old Skool | April 14, 2017 at 12:07 PM

And Devin Bush who just went from Flannigan to Michigan.


Little VA Cane.....Christoper
Posted by: VA Cane | April 13, 2017 at 11:56 PM

My thought s and prayers on this holy Easter weekend are with your family Christopher. Me and VA had a lot in common in our conservative Christian beliefs so we got along very well on here but like everyone has said, we're all United by our love for the canes on here and even though we fight like siblings on here from time to time we all have love for eachother. Tell your father I'm gonna say a pray to the lord above for him.


Damn man, prayers for VA Cane, keep us updated Lil' VA.


If the Dolphins sign Drew Brees in 05', does Saban still go to Bama'?

Go Canes!

Posted by: CaneRock | April 14, 2017 at 01:49 PM



Get well VA!



Yes.. Money talks.. but think about the way Alabama recruits.. By December they have like 6 recruits by Feb they have 21 recruits and the #1 class.. Doing that will be harder (especially if ES (early signing) become more of an option to recruit like being a EE) because you have to build your relationship early.. based on what Alabama does damn near every recruiting season.. they just wait for the season is over, site to update their ratings, then throw money and cars at every 'under the radar' top prospect late in the process and get them.. Early signing basically just made scouting so much more important because a lot of these recruit get boost into 4 and 5 stars by December and January (and after their senior years) as NSD get closer and closer... I pointed out FSU and Miami because both of us are usually ALWAYS after to season in the top 5 in recruiting because we have early access to FL's hotbed. what I'm basically saying is recruiting in a way became regional again with this rule because local teams will basically have first dibs at the under the radar top talents (a '3' stars - like a Garvin etc.. who should actually be 4 stars) just because they are just in their backyard and closer to our campus and can (basically push them to sign early - by December a recruit might not know if he can do offers better then Miami, Texas, or FSU etc)... Tyler Byrd is the easiest simple.. mid 3 star damn near the entire recruiting process then in the last month or 2 he becomes a 4 star and Tenn steals him extremely late - when in reality had this rule exist Tyler Byrd would of probably had already been signed to Miami because at that point there was not high interest in him) Schools like Miami, Florida State, USC, Texas, Penn State etc.. these schools will have first dibs on under the radar 3/4 stars in their state to fill most of their recruiting class with .. (instead of sure fire jag) now more then ever before other schools and sites can pursuit/hype them up to other big school who have elite bagman because by then that Kid might have either signed or made up his mind to sign.


So far ACC has 6 teams in the Top 25 recruiting rankings


Go Canes!

Posted by: SinisterCane | April 14, 2017 at 02:31 PM


Will also curtail the half dozen or more "All Star" games that put all these talented kids in one place.

Bagman heaven.

Go Canes!

he NCAA approved a massive package of legislation on Friday that will change college football recruiting as we know it.

The Division 1 Council voted in favor of adding an early signing period, the creation of a second official visit window and the addition of a 10th full-time assistant coach.

InsideTheU takes a look at what some of the changes mean for Miami moving forward.

The Early Signing Period
It's important to note here that the new signing period isn't exactly a done deal just yet. The Division 1 Council approved the necessary legislation on Friday to add one to the recruiting calendar the third Wednesday of every December, but if the 72-hour signing period is going to go into effect, the Collegiate Commissioners Association will need to create a new window for recruits to sign LOIs. By all accounts this is expected to happen when it goes to a vote in early June, which means that all 2018 prospects will have the opportunity to sign with a college almost month and a half before National Signing Day.

This should be viewed as nothing but positive news for Miami. In years past, the Hurricanes' recruiting classes have been raided down the stretch by out-of-state schools that are looking for late flips. Now, the coaches will have the opportunity to convince top commits like Josh Jobe and Gurvan Hall to put pen to paper well in advance of the recruiting silly season which starts in mid-January and runs right into early February. That could mean no more surprise official visits elsewhere and no more last-minute in-home visits with other schools.

The Spring Official Visits
It will be interesting to see how Miami handles these. Mark Richt & Co. only hosted eight prospects last recruiting cycle on gameday weekends for official visits as the coaching staff preferred to wait until mid-December or January to bring top targets on campus. Now, with the NCAA approving a small period in the spring where schools can pay for kids and parents to visit, the strategy might have to change.

InsideTheU reached out to Rome (Ga.) High four-star defensive end Jamarcus Chatman, a prospect that has been trying for months to visit Coral Gables on his own dime, to see if he would take an official visit to Miami now instead of later in the recruiting process and he said that he's all for doing it as early as possible. "I would definitely do that," he said in a message. "It's better to do it early."

Chatman's stance makes sense given his desire to just see what Miami has to offer, but it should be noted that if the Hurricanes bring out-of-state recruits in for official visits in April they then run the risk of never getting a kid back on campus. It's essentially unchartered waters that someone will eventually have to navigate.

The 10th Coach
This seems to be the rule change that has everyone buzzing. Richt hasn't been asked on record what he thinks about adding another assistant coach, so it's hard to make an educated guess on who the potential candidates might be to join Miami's staff next January when schools are allowed to bring another full-time coach on board.

While some online have already started to eliminate top high school coaches from their wish lists because of the new IAWP rule, which effectively prohibits programs from hiring high school coaches and other individuals associated with a recruit for a 2-year period before and after said recruit’s enrollment, it should be noted that the rule doesn't apply to full-time positions.

For example, when Richt hired Mike Rumph to be the Hurricanes cornerbacks coach back in January of 2016 that move was OK in the eyes of the NCAA because the former American Heritage head coach was going to be a full-time assistant. But when Richt hired David Cooney to be an offensive analyst this past January, that move would be subject to a penalty for the Hurricanes because the former Miami Southridge offensive coordinator isn't a full-time assistant.

We'll see what Richt elects to do, but there will be plenty of options on the table for him including notable high school coaches.

Andrew Ivins @InsideTheU


10th Assistant Coach Approved but I think it starts 1/8/18


So with this ESP, do non-committable offers, change to non-signable offers?

Old Skool

Aaron Hernandez was found not guilty of two counts of murder on Friday in the killing of two men in a drive-by shooting outside a Boston nightclub in July 2012. Meanwhile he's still got to do life and is apparently mentoring Louis Murphy from afar

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