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February 05, 2018



I don't always post but when I do post its first....stay thirsty my friends



Go Canes!!

It's very quiet today. Come to the conclusion no one knows anytihng about anything.

Tomorrow will be interesting.


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It's very quiet today. Come to the conclusion no one knows anytihng about anything.

Posted by: Go Canes!! | February 06, 2018 at 06:50 AM


We are skipping 2018, remember??

Go Canes!!

Posted by: raizecane | February 06, 2018 at 07:30 AM

Soup is the guy who says he's going on a diet...tomorrow.

He doesnt have the will power to quit the Canes!

Go Canes!!

In my search for info this morning found this post from I guess Shaq's dad. Found it very interesting:

P.S. I was asking Shaq about the Quarterbacks... who would step up ... he don't want to come out and say it but I thinks he feels Cade. He tells me how Cade would torch them often as the Scout QB. He said its been times where they would have to throttle him down like they would do Willis on defense. Just said he needs to chill a bit off field.


“The visit was awesome,” Surtain Sr. said. “We got to get in front of the coaches, see the campus a little bit. And just being around coach (Mark) Richt and his family, it’s a family atmosphere there and they’re real genuine people. The way coach Richt goes about his business with football and the spiritual aspect was very impressive. Pat really enjoyed it.”
This from TOS. PS2 is looking for a family vibe right? Where he feels comfortable? Look no further bro! Welcome home!

From a Facebook Room w/Great Gems


Chatman “loved” visit, weighs in on Heritage kids & more

Matt Shodell • CaneSport.com

Rome (Ga.) High School DL Jamarcus Chatman is on his way back home, and the Hurricanes gave him a lot to think over after his official visit wrapped up this morning.

“I loved it, really loved it, can see myself being there,” Chatman said. “I got to see the academics, talk to coach Kool (Craig Kuligowski), saw stuff outside of football.”

The message from Kuligowski?

“He told me I can come in and play immediately,” Chatman said. “He said I could be a big impact, that he really wants to coach me.”

Chatman says head coach Mark Richt echoed that: “He’s great, told me how he feels about me being there, was telling me how I’d be a big impact there, that he really wants to coach me, that he likes the person I’ve become so far.”

Chatman, who said UM wants him to play mainly end but move to tackle in passing situations, took the visit with his mother and sister.

“They loved it too,” he said.

Now Chatman is gearing up for signing day. He says he’ll be picking from four hats - Miami, North Carolina, Virginia Tech and Florida State.

While he’s not tipping his hand - “I don’t really have a leader,” he says - certainly UM has put itself in good position.

Asked the message he has for Cane fans when it comes to the chances he winds up putting on a Miami hat Wednesday, Chatman said, “It’s a big chance. I just have to talk to my family.”

"It’s a big chance. I just have to talk to my family."
— Chatman, on UM's chances to land him Wednesday

Chatman wasn’t the only recruit on the fence during the visit, of course. High profile DB’s Patrick Surtain and Tyson Campbell were also on hand. While the pair have kept their thoughts relatively quiet, Surtain is picking between LSU, Alabama, Clemson and UM while Campbell’s down to Georgia, Alabama and Miami.

Chatman’s perception of the duo coming off the visit?

“They had fun,” Chatman said. “We hung out a bit and I feel like Miami’s in it with both of them.”

Chatman also said the recruit he spent the most time with was commitment Nesta Silvera.

“We bonded,” Chatman said. “He’s pretty cool. He was telling me stuff about Miami, was telling me `I want you to play here but it’s your decision at the end of the day.’”

Commitment Jordan Miller was another official visitor.

“I liked him - he was talking about if I went there it would be a big impact,” Chatman said.

A message from coaches when it came to trying to add Surtain, Campbell and Chatman to the Class of 2018?

“They were just like `Do you know how big it will be if we get all of you?’” Chatman said.

Stay tuned Wednesday.

* Chatman shared some of his highlights from the time on campus:

“I liked seeing the student ratio, the professors, being able to interact with the players,” he said. “They showed me their side of how they like Miami, stuff like that.”

Chatman flew in Thursday night and was met at his hotel room by a big cake with a `U’ in icing on it.

“That was awesome,” Chatman said. “I took some pictures, then took a bite out of it.”

Chatman said Friday was spent on the academic side “and we ate a lot” and that Saturday was about the football program and meeting with coaches and players.

“We also saw the turnover chain,” Chatman said. “That was pretty cool.”

He was hosted by fellow Georgia native Deejay Dallas.

“He was telling me there’s no place like the U, was saying it would be the best decision to come to Miami, that I won’t regret it,” Chatman said. “He said if you choose to be at the U it’s special. We were interacting like we’ve always known each other.”

* Chatman says the biggest factors in his announcement Wednesday will be “Being able to play early, me knowing if I go there I’ll excel in academics and how I interact with the players.”

CaneSport's take

Chatman had a great visit. We think the Canes are in great shape to land him on Wednesday, but he's going to finalize things with his family over the next day or two to make sure..


Well it looks like Chatfield is going to Miami and directly from Patrick Surtain Sr. " The family is sitting down tonight and a decision will be hammered out tonight"! Based on the Chatfield tweets it's starting to appear like Miami will land all of the AH FAB 4! I'm continuously hearing that the players were looking at how much of closeness & family connection they had with the current class of each school and that Miami Commits really, really get along with them,, even the out of state kids are all getting along. If anything change, I'll post it but as of 2/5/2018 Miami is in the driver's seat to land the AH FAB 4. Coburn is Miami/TX battle and OJOMO is expected to sign with TX.

-Troy Shack


Family sit down tonight could result in final Surtain decision

If the hype surrounding Patrick Surtain Jr.’s college decision is a hurricane, then he’s at the calm center of the eye.

And Patrick Surtain Sr., who doubles as Jr.’s high school coach, says the family will quietly hammer out a final decision as soon as this evening.

“It’s been a strenuous process, long,” Surtain Sr. told CaneSport on Monday morning. “We took four official visits. I think he’s narrowed it down to four schools and hopefully will make a decision by tonight.”

Those four lucky programs?

Miami, LSU, Alabama and Clemson.

The Canes, considered a longshot entering an official visit this past weekend, took some steps forward with the time on campus.

“The visit was awesome,” Surtain Sr. said. “We got to get in front of the coaches, see the campus a little bit. And just being around coach (Mark) Richt and his family, it’s a family atmosphere there and they’re real genuine people. The way coach Richt goes about his business with football and the spiritual aspect was very impressive. Pat really enjoyed it.”

While there are reports that Patrick Sr. would love to see his son play close to home - what parent wouldn’t? - the coach weighed in that “It’s 100 percent up to him. As a parent you want to do your due diligence and let him see the places. Wherever he goes we’ll support him.”

CaneSport’s take

It’s heartening for Cane fans to hear that Surtain Jr. hasn’t locked the decision in yet and that the family plans to really make sure of it … likely tonight. Do we still consider Pat a longshot? Yes. But hey, there’s a chance.

Just Wanna Say....I Told U All "Nesta the Bully Got This" dude is CROOTN and he is gonna bring his Boyz!





Anyone NOT see that Drake was on campus yesterday (and performed a short concert while throwing up ‘The U’ numerous times and rocking a ‘Canes hoodie) after filming a music video at Miami High? It was ALL over Twitter!

But, two notes from this...

1. THANK YOU DRAKE! Of all weeks to do this, you chose ‘Signing Day’ week. The student going crazy and a mix of Miami/hip-hop news is always positive for recruiting, especially when it’s one of tops out there!

2. Anthony Lawrence’s response was hysterical! He posted on Twitter, “They better all be at the game on Wednesday!” Hahaha... true!


With NO inside info RCCF Stated

- Watch for a Big Video - Watch for Big Things
I live in OKC,OK so no way I would know Drake was surprising the U with a Student Concert and Video in the MIA for the wknd.. Not a Drake fan but that is a DOPE concept to have happened..

- We Will Get the AH Crew -Minus Chatfield and that is because he is a 3-4 guy and we would have his hand in the dirt more than standing him up, so its scheme not Desire! BUT, and I do mean BUT, he may wanna be the new ToolBox!



NSD TV & Commitment Schedule - Feb 7
Our Targets
3-star WR Marquez Ezzard - 8:30 a.m. at Stockbridge
4-star DT Nesta Silvera - 10 a.m. at American Heritage
4-star DE Andrew Chatfield - 10 a.m. at American Heritage
5-star CB Pat Surtain Jr. - 10 a.m. at American Heritage (ESPNU)
5-star CB Tyson Campbell - 10 a.m. at American Heritage (ESPNU)
3-star DT Jamarcus Chatman - 11:30 a.m. at Sports & Social
4-star DT Moro Ojomo - TBD
4-star DT Keondre Coburn - TBD

TV Coverage

Feb 6
4pm-5pm National Signing Day PREVIEW Special - ESPNU (premiere I believe)
several reruns of this tonight and in the early morning of Feb 7

Feb 7
8am National Signing Day PREVIEW Special - ESPNU (I believe a rerun)
9am National Signing Day PREVIEW Special - ESPNU (I believe a rerun)
10am-12pm National Signing Day - ESPNU
12pm-3pm Continuing Coverage - ESPN2
3pm-4pm College Football Live - ESPN2

**all times are Eastern


Posted by: SinisterCane | February 06, 2018 at 09:39 AM


Go Canes!!

Nine Canes heading to the combine, including our two DTs:



What's up party people? Getting ready for NSD! Anyone know if the parking passes have gone on sale yet?


Tomorrow I'll either be sharpening my blade for Rumph's fuqin head or drinking my entire bottle of 18 year Single Malt scotch

Old Skool

Who knows maybe Drake will show up at American Heritage for an impromptu concert


I pray for the 18 year old Scotch!


Who knows maybe Drake will show up at American Heritage for an impromptu concert

Posted by: Old Skool | February 06, 2018 at 04:46 PM

No, Terrance is showing up with the Hooters Girls!

He got this.

That is all.

Terrance Sullivan

86 I am on it. I have the Women from the Pines, Beach Place, Bayside Coral Way Locations will be there.


Terrance my man!



DT Moro Ojomo stays home and picks Texas


So few comments lately. The calm before the storm?


NSD canes text updates:

Text: CanesNSD2018 to 84483


Funny but t so true

PTSD= Pre Traumatic Signing Day


Chatman announcing at 11:15 tomorrow



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