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February 13, 2018



Hoops team is the dumbest, poorly coached squad coach L has had since he's been here. I don't know if he's losing his touch or if it's the assistants. Too much talent to play this bad...

Posted by: CoCane | February 13, 2018 at 10:32 PM

There IT is right there.


Hate to say it but...Coach L must go.

Never seen a worse basketball team than this one.

His Royal Dudeness

Hate to say it but... I cant stand basketball as a sport.

Now that I said it, I guess I dont really hate saying it.

1mg of Epi

Basketball sucks


In football terms, UVA's basically the basketball version of GT's O, & Bama's D.


I like Coach L, but the Basketball IQ on this team isn’t very high. The Canes don’t run the offense the way they should. I don’t know if it’s a lack of trust in the coaching or the players.

BRUCE Brown will help when he returns, but I expected a lot more from this very talented team. Newton and Lykes aren’t ideal true point guards. Ball movement and assists are low. Rebounding isn’t that good. This has to get fixed.


The N-I-T for U and ME?


Who will be the NEXT head coach of UM's men's basketball team?
It's never too early to pontificate about a potential candidate. (Besides there really isn't anything else very important to blog about before the Spring Game). So, I'll propose a NAME to start fans thinking about LIFE AFTER L.


Go Canes!!

This team doesn't have a single guard who makes life easier for the other guys on the floor.

Every posession is a series of perimiter passes follewed by one of of two things, a long three at the end of the shot clock or a guard with tunnel vision drive wildy to the hoop.

Newton is absolutely killing them. He can't shoot, drive or pass. And I'll never get Huell's minutes unless there is something off the court we don't know about.

They are painful to watch this year. A ton of talented that when put together aren't pretty.

Don't think one and done players are a good fit for Coach L.


I'm bypassing 2018........


I'm bypassing 2018........

Posted by: raizecane | February 14, 2018 at 08:16 AM

If you do it Raize, Golden and Shapiro win!

Go Canes!!

RCS Miami: Prospects say buzz surrounding 'The U' is very real

MIAMI – Michael Morris would probably rather not pile praise on the University of Miami.

Morris is, after all, Florida State legacy. The 6-foot-5 defensive end is verbally committed to Seminoles and is likely to follow his father’s footsteps straight to Tallahassee. But Morris also happens to be a realist. He sees the momentum that has built in Coral Gables.

And while it may have pained him to say it months ago, he’s noticed the drastic shift in perception around these parts. It has him, like most in the area, paying close attention.

That’s how tangible the recruiting buzz surrounding Mark Richt’s program has become in South Florida. It crossed rivalry lines and shatters bias with an orange-and-green sledgehammer. Morris won’t pretend it isn’t real because, well, how could he?

“They were struggling for a while and they were out of whack,” Morris said on Sunday. “Back then, I was like ‘I’ll never go to Miami.’ Then, they brought those dogs in.”

So went the theme of this year’s Rivals 3 Stripe Camp presented by adidas’s stop in South Florida. The Miami logo is always present in South Florida, sure. But this year’s RCS regional event felt different. The U was stitched into backpacks, emblazoned on gloves and screen printed on dozens of shirts. It is all on the heels of a 10-3 season and top-five finish in the 2018 recruiting rankings.

The recruiting cycle that was saw Miami land multiple five-star prospects for the first time since 2012, and that didn’t take place by happenstance.

“Miami is back on the map now,” said former Florida commit John Dunmore, a Rivals100 wide receiver. “… I think that if everything is equal and all the teams are good or whatever, a lot of kids here would rather go to either Miami or Florida State. Because, you know, there’s no place like home.”

What Dunmore noted on Sunday isn’t an isolated observation from a football camp. It’s yearlong trend that extends outside of the fence surrounding Milander Park, the setting for the weekend’s elite event. You can see the buzz in the city streets. It’s alive on South Beach. It’s unmistakable in Coral Gables. And here, in Hialeah, where nearly 200 FBS-bound prospects have gathered to showcase their talents, the discussion, like UM’s colors, is around every corner.

“There’s a lot more Miami stuff around – it’s on more houses and it’s on more cars,” said UM commit Marc Britt, an elite wide receiver. “I see more Canes flags. But, to be honest, I was going to go there no matter what. Even if they were still bad.”Britt’s viewpoint is the expectation.

As excited as everyone seems to be about the current state of the Miami program, few aside from Britt will pretend to have always felt this way. The allure of the hometown university was never dead, but saying there were some touch-and-go moments over the last handful of years is woefully understating the point.

“They’re amazing now, and that’s a lot different than I felt, like, two years ago,” said Miami Norland High School linebacker Darius Williams, who holds a scholarship offer from UM. “I think the difference is that they re-started their swag. The intensity is up from two years ago. There is passion and there is hype. We like that kind of thing here.”

Amid all the top-five lists that included Miami and all the chatter about the hometown program that permeated though Sunday’s event, it’s possible four-star defensive end Khris Bogle, one of the country’s top 200 prospects, that best captured the theme at work. The sought-after prospect cut to the heart of how momentum tends to compound in college football and why Miami’s 2018 class isn’t likely to be some forgettable anomaly.

“The last year felt like it was supposed to feel down here,” Bogle said. “The whole city came together as one for Miami.”

Go Canes!!

These kids are obviously a bunch of glass half full sunshine pumpers.

Go Canes!!

Wonder where the U would rank....

Top 15 loyal college football fan bases:
1. Georgia
2. Notre Dame
3. Nebraska
4. LSU
5. Ohio State
6. South Carolina
7. Texas A&M
8. Michigan
9. Alabama
10. Penn State
11. Clemson
12. Auburn
13. Iowa State
14. Florida
15. OU

His Royal Dudeness

Posted by: Go Canes!! | February 14, 2018 at 10:54 AM

Tennessee > Florida.

orange 'n green in the vein

Sid-tard GD going to GD the blog with his spew out the nozzle daily as usual.

TS Mike Bradley forgot to make sure his old blog name didn't post his new blog name's comment and got outed last year yet again.

But it could be worse around here, Butch Davis could be getting ready to start his fourth year at Miami and ninth overall, wait, that's better than TS/GD sid-tard slurping daily!


Basketball team needs to fire the useless coaches charged with taking care of the offense because wow, they are really really bad at sustaining offense for 40 minutes and go dry all the time thanks to poor player rotation choices.

Go Canes!!


His Royal Dudeness

Ar least 18 are dead in a Broward County HS shooting.

Go Canes!!

There are 18 transported not dead.

Either way, horrible.

His Royal Dudeness

Its another heartbreaking tragedy and unfortunately the number is 17 now.


I just cannot take it anymore. What are we. who love our school, to do!!!


Damn shame you can buy an AR-15 at 18 Y/O in Florida, before you can buy a 6 pack of Natty Light...damn, damn shame.

His Royal Dudeness

Posted by: CaneRock | February 14, 2018 at 08:12 PM

Even gun advocates like myself want more regulation.


Another. Sad. Day.


Another. Sad. Day.

Posted by: 86Cane | February 14, 2018 at 11:13 PM


I freaked out when I heard it was parkland as my sister lives there and I have 2 nephews that attended HS where the shooting took place.

I called her and she informs me that the shooter lived 3 doors down and grew up with her kids. Said he terrorized the neighborhood and she wasn't shocked one bit. I probably have run into this kid when I attended nephews birthdays and such....disturbing to say the least.


Hey President Trump, why not EXTREME VETTING for anyone who wants to buy a military style assault weapon?

Posted by: SADnemo2002 | February 15, 2018 at 09:39 AM


define extreme vetting? this kid purchased the gun legally with laws that have been in place for many years.....the failure was long before he purchased the weapon. My sister called the cops on him on 3 separate occasions a few years back and nothing was done.....



These 4mins of Just "Finally Someone Gets It" is Sooooooo Refreshing!!


RCCF - You have a valid point but there is a flaw. Mental Illness has to be diagnosed and documented and in a lot of cases, it doesn't r its too late. look at the Air Force dropping that ball on the shooter not long ago.

Someone who has severed time has been documented. Now, if you committed a blue collar crime and served your time, I don't see why you cant purchase a weapon. But if you committed a violent crime.... maybe allowing him/her to purchase a weapon isn't the smartest idea. JMO

Go Canes!!

There were multiple failures at multiple levels by multiple people here.

Screaming gun laws only addresses a fraction of the issue.

Go Canes!!

This thing looks like it will be yet another black eye for the FBI.

The reputation of the agency has had some major problems lately.

It needs a strong visionary to lead it going forward.

I hope Wray is the man to do it.


Richt is Standing by his Guy!!


Go Canes!!

Keeping tabs on a teenager? Sigh. Yeah that’s a great way to put it.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist or some Trump apologist. These things are a terrible look for the bureau. As was Comey’s handling of the Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting.

I believe the FBI to be fundamentally honest and a great institution. But human error and personal views have given it some warranted questioning.






Way2Go Greg Olsen



The Drama is Over... Sherieffs can go to 3 ACC Schools


Go Canes!!


You point to one story but ignore the unfathomable number of retractions or "clarifications" that have been made about Trump in the last 14 months.

I LOATHE Trump as a person. I agree with many, but not all of his economic policies. I found Hillary Clinton to be a morally bankrupt fraud who I could never vote for.

Sadly, those were our choices.

IMO you are turning a blind eye to a lot of things, especially about how human emotion can and does make a difference. But I respect your opinion.

That's it for me.

Go Canes!!

Even today. This is so terribly misleading. So many things are being tainted by humans emotion, right and left. Not about Trump, about so many things.

I worry about how Americans are going to get real, unbiased information.


1mg of Epi

humans emotion, right and left. Not about Trump, about so many things.

I worry about how Americans are going to get real, unbiased information.


Posted by: Go Canes!! | February 15, 2018 at 03:57 PM

Huh? Hows that misleading?

Go Canes!!

Good God Epi open your eyes man. I've read all those articles before and again today.

CNN ran an "EXCLUSIVE" stating Trump Jr received an email with access to all the Clinton Wilikleaks info the week BEFORE it was dumped, which creates the "Smoking Gun" everyone was looking for.

He didn't get it until the week AFTER and there is no indication he even opened it.

That's a pretty big detail don't you think?

ABC ran with a story claiming Trump ordered Flynn to contact the Russians during the campaign. Again, another Smiking Gun for collusion. The story was later "clarified" to state they contacted the Russian Ambassador DURING THE TRANSITION, which is completely routine.

The reporter was suspended.

A third link caused THREE CNN employees to resign or be terminated because they ran with a story later found to be false.

Those are gigantic errors at best and others complete fabrications.

Your simplistic "it's just a change of dates" is ridiculous. They are monstrous errors that completely and totally change the dynamic of what were billed as "Bombshells".


When does spring training start? Hopefully next week or there’s another signing period next week so we can get away from all this political bs.
Calgary- you are always bringing up politics here, keep that crap to yourself and your friends but not here!


Mister Marvin middle class is really in a stew
Wondering' what the younger generation's coming to
And the taste of his martini doesn't please his bitter tongue
Everybody now!
Blame it on the rolling stones.
Blame it on the stones; blame it on the stones
You'll feel so much better, knowing you don't stand alone
Join the accusation; save the bleeding nation
Get it off your shoulders; blame it on the stones

1mg of Epi

Posted by: NativeCane | February 15, 2018 at 06:41 PM

Never heard that song before.. I did now and it’s Fing great.

1mg of Epi

I try not to engage in whataboutisms. It’s just tactic to change the subject


This has nothing to do with this current blog, but when does spring practice start? Any idea if they are doing scrimmages in different places? I enjoyed when they played at Oxbridge Academy!

1mg of Epi

Good question I don’t think I’ve seen anything announced

Go Canes!!

March 20th.

You guys need to read what I post more often.

Go Canes!!

And btw, getting back to football, here are the 5 year recruitng rankings.

Look at some of the teams above us who have had multiple crappy seasons and currently have programs that are borderline dumpster fires. There are a lot more of those than consistent winners.

We are well coached, on the rise and ready to take it to consistent NC contender status while others with better recruiting have totally floundered:



How are other teams recruiting better than us without winning a championship... isn't that a requirement for recruiting???


Rosier will lead us to the promise Land!.............just kidding!


I'm actually looking forward to the QB battle this Spring. I think Perry will be #1 on the depth charge at the end.

I'm just hoping Perry has grasp the playbook. That was his #1 problem last year and that's why he didn't see the field.

At least Perry will have a Spring under his belt going into the season. He should be getting a lot of work which he needs.


Texas is above us because they brought in two “hope” classes. I call them that because virtually every new HC gets a bump in recruiting based off of the hope that the new regime inspires. Texas brought in two hot new HCs during the last five years - hence two hope bumps.


Mr. Solomon Wants to Know Where He is Going to Play (Role Wise)..


Dontae Lucas Up Close and Personal



This is great news! I think this might've hurt our recruiting a bit.



Posted by: His Royal Dudeness | February 16, 2018 at 12:03 PM

You Commie!!!!......Just kidding, just kidding!! 😂


Posted by: thirstybuzzardcane | February 16, 2018 at 09:13 AM

Based on what I'm hearing from CMR... Rosier will start

His Royal Dudeness

Posted by: WWIN | February 16, 2018 at 01:12 PM

Lets say he is the QB. What do you think he & we can do to make sure he has a) more success on 3rd down and b) more accuracy in general?

That question goes double for all the asshat bloggers that only chime in to tell us not to talk about politics.

His Royal Dudeness

2018 should feature a bunch of bread and butter man beaters from Harley and Thomas in the slot, Pope and Richards can try their hands there also. Those are relatively easy throws. Behind those routes, further down the field Miami should look for big bodies like Richards, Cager, Njoku, Hightower & Langham finding holes in the zone if the defense plays zone. Seems to me though that Richt likes to beat man coverage deep, but he doesnt have the QB to do it. Also zone route beaters on the flanks should be for show because Malik just cant make that throw.


Royal, that’s exactly what concerns me when it comes to the excessive polarization. The “other side” is considered not just wrong, but engaging in policies out of pure evil. That sort of dogma eventually leads to a mindset that allows for political persecution, “re-education” camps, and ultimately liquidation.

Go Canes!!


Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein: "There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. There is no allegation that the charge conduct altered the outcome of the election." #13Russians

Go Canes!!

This is so, so bad.

CNN: JUST IN: Last month, a person close to Florida school shooter contacted FBI to report concerns about him, including gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior and disturbing online posts, as well as potential of him conducting a school shooting cnn.it/2ELn41X



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