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February 05, 2018



Wow - Aerocane with a first

Let's have a great Wednesday!


Just messing with you!

His Royal Dudeness

Praying for "Miami" in alphabet soup, clouds shaped like turnover chains, and dreams tonight of Sean Taylor. Big day tomorrow.

His Royal Dudeness

Me: Dear God...

God: Seriously is it National Signing Day already?

His Royal Dudeness

Ivins says Chatfield will not be given a Miami L.O.I. tomorrow. He must be UF all they way. I have no idea what this means for the rest of the AH players.


Crickets chirping...

1mg of Epi

Guess everybody’s resting for tomorrow?

1mg of Epi

Ain’t even crickets here


National Signing Day, Part Deux!

IMO, there may be some surprises among us and the media, but I think this staff has worked their butts off, and they are knowledgeable, prepared confident, satisfied and will not be surprised tomorrow. IMO, I think the early signing period favors coaches and programs. Players who don’t sign early can get left out, unless they are program-changers or five stars.

JMHO, but I think the coaches only sent a few LOIs out to a select group of recruits who have told them they will sign. With so many high-level recruits already signed, only select players are being targeted with laser accuracy. The coaches don’t want too many commitments, so if recruits are playing games, they will be left out at this point.

1mg of Epi

Today we will get AH3:

1mg of Epi


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