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March 16, 2018



UMBC makes history and beats the #1 overall seed Virginia in the first round. Wow! Other ACC teams like Syracuse, UNC, FSU and Clemson are handling their business


2 new 4 U


Sad to say but baseball is horrible; basketball and coach L - a huge disappointment; lets hope CR and football step it up! And I do think football will!! Looking forward to spring ball!

Terrance Sullivan

Lady Canes go down in Flames to Quinnipiac. Brutal 3 day stretch for our Miami Hurricanes athletic program. That's life. Our Canes will get pass this tough patch.


The Canes will be back next season. The Canes need to figure out how to get better ball movement and player movement next season. I think Huell will return, and I hope Brown and Walker return too, but I don’t know if they both will. Brown and Walker are projected as first round picks, but I think Walker really needs to return. Brown can also benefit from returning, but he will have to bypass first round money and that will make his decision difficult


Canes did win today, gender reveal verified a Baby Cane in the oven for my oldest son and daughter in law....Im stoked!

Soup check out the biceps on this kids sonogram per Mrs. Natives FB.

Cane On!!!

Terrance Sullivan

Outstanding Native Cane great to hear Brotha.


Big windy - both will most likely go pro. Our recruiting is nonexistent so far (due to the Fbi bullshit) - so no, they won't be back next year. IMO
And baseball is making a huge mistake with DiMare - they needed a Jim Morris type hire - NOT a freakin assistant (no different when Fraser retired and we had Brad Scott for a yr or so before Jim Morris) - you think we'd learn from the past, but no, not us


Native- congrats!


There is sports entertainment to be had today Terrance, that FGCU Coach in that little bitty white dress sitting on that tiny folding chair courtside wasn't covering up nuthin'.
Like a train wreck I couldn't look away!

Fgcu Beavers 80
Missouri 70

VA Cane

Hello friends,
was recently in FL for Daytona 500 enjoyed it very much. Nice and warm.
Sorry for bridge victims sad.
Sorry for UM loss...even worse for UVA loss. Great upsets though love to see underdogs win.I read blog everyday, but no more comments involving FB as will not argue or comment with those who suggest foolish concepts or ideas for the sake of arguing.. will enjoy from afar and keep coaching kids up. I have taken a job with a state school coaching football for $ for the first time in over 40 years hope will be good should be will still be doing my young guys.
New concepts new ideas new approaches and insights into this great game.


The Canes need to figure out how to get better ball movement and player movement next season.

Posted by: BigWindyCane1 | March 17, 2018 at 04:57 PM

So if we as stupid FANS can easily see this, if their competition can see this, then why can't the coaches???



Hey VA Cane... nice to hear from you... Congrats on the "paying" coaching gig!

Was wondering what your opinion is on the new DL Coach Simpson hire?

Know anything about this guy? With his remarkable record as a HS Head coach, it seems like he MUST be fundamentally sound, and a good teacher...


UMBC makes history and beats the #1 overall seed Virginia in the first round. Wow!

Posted by: BigWindyCane1 | March 17, 2018 at 12:00 AM

Can we now finally and officially end the argument that talent always wins out? Or that talent on the field/court always beats coaching or effort or desire?



Don't forget UMBC also plays pretty regularly with a 5'8" guy. Just wish the FBI thing didn't overhang the hoops program's recruiting, regardless of this year's team probably playing less well than they were capable, especially given the overall talent on the team. They played like a low basketball IQ team frequently this season.

Anyone here not have a bunch of busted brackets?

VA Cane

I was glad to see UVA lose..I always pull for the underdog.....think thats what make the 3 weeks tourney fantastic...love the upsets...I was an underdog all my life..playing and coaching..
I am disappointed in Coach Kool go ahead bro jump to Satan..EZ to win like that....but heck who would not? Bandwagon but nderstandable!!!!!!!
...Satan is not the GOAT...actually he is an ass....players HATE him as he is a jerk..they go 2 get 2 NFL.....he is a prick...and look at how he dresses......he must be a mute or retard.
Saban is an ASS F him! Coach Kool went to get paid...has no loyalty...can see it.....he has never won any accolades at all...well the gay guy who was never a real difference maker that the media gave an award....sad the guy was good...but really Defensive P of the Year...embarrassing..no skills at all he sucked literally!!!!
Kool is a traitor...but a great coach..Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!

Go Canes!!

Posted by: VA Cane | March 18, 2018 at 01:34 AM

Everyone knows the "conflicts" on here are 99% made up fun.

But being 100% truthful, the fact you spew this hatred and are allowed around young minds is truly frightening.

Get help man, you desperately need it.

Go Canes!!

Spring Preview: Defensive Line Working With A New Position Coach

Miami's defensive line features some top end talent that will be working with a new coach this spring.

David Lake - 3 hours ago 5
Miami’s defensive line was one of the better units in the country in 2017.

UM’s 2018 defensive line returns plenty of talent, but it is a group that has to replace a lot of production.

Defensive ends Chad Thomas and Trent Harris departed due to graduation while defensive tackles RJ McIntosh and Kendrick Norton declared early for the NFL Draft following their junior seasons.

Miami also had to replace defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski, who departed to take the same job at Alabama, with Jess SImpson, who comes from the Atlanta Falcons organization.

Read on as we break down Miami’s defensive line position group going into the month of spring football.

*** How will Jess Simpson develop the players?

There is no way to sugar coat what the loss of Craig Kuligowski means: the UM program lost one of the best defensive line coaches in college football Kuligowski has a proven track record of developing defensive linemen at a high level. Jess Simpson was hired to replace Kuligowski and will get an opportunity to develop a talented group of players. It will be interesting to see how he jells with the group this spring.

***Is Gerald Willis ready to live up to his potential?

You could make the argument that outside of the quarterback position, there is no player who is more important in terms of development and impact this spring than Willis. Reports from people around the team is that Willis is focused and dialed in during the offseason workouts. Miami needs him to maintain that focus through the 2018 season.

***How ready is Jon Ford?

At 6-feet-5 and 300 pounds with long arms, Ford is a big presence at defensive tackle. Just like Miami needs Willis to be ready to play at a high level this year, the Hurricanes need Ford to be a dependable space eater on the interior of the line of scrimmage. Ford was one of the more underrated signees that Miami landed in the 2017 class and this spring will be a big opportunity for him to prove that he’s ready.

***Can Jonathan Garvin become stronger against the run?

You could make the argument that Garvin is the most natural pass rusher on UM’s roster. He flashed the ability to bend around the edge for strip-sacks against both Virginia Tech and Notre Dame. The area that Garvin must improve, however, is with setting the edge against the run. That will come with another year in Miami’s strength and conditioning program. If Garvin can make strong gains with his weight and strength, then he has the ability to become one of the better defensive ends in the ACC.


Defensive End: Jonathan Garvin, Scott Patchan

Defensive Tackle: Jon Ford, Tyreic Martin

Defensive Tackle: Gerald Willis, Pat Bethel

Defensive End: Joe Jackson, Demetrius Jackson


Miami’s defensive line will be as good as their defensive tackle play in 2018. Gerald Willis and Jon Ford have plenty of talent, but they are still players that haven’t put that talent on full display yet. Willis has had an up and down career and he has yet to live up to his five-star billing coming out of high school. Willis is talented and can make a difference when he applies himself. Ford used the 2017 season to adjust to the college game by improving his strength and conditioning. If Miami’s defensive tackle play is solid this spring, then this Miami defense has a chance to be the best one since Mark Richt and Manny Diaz arrived in 2016.

David Lake @InsideTheU


Canes did win today, gender reveal verified a Baby Cane in the oven for my oldest son and daughter in law....Im stoked!

Posted by: NativeCane | March 17, 2018 at 05:32 PM

That's what's up right there, Congrats!


Va Cane congrats. The Canes baseball program has Ron Fraser looking down shaking his head. At the end of the season Kirby needs to make major changes which don’t include giving the keys to Dimarie.


Thanks Canerock, AeroCane and TSully.

VAC, good to see you around here!

True story Canesteeler, Canes need a Coach that gets the most out of the South Florida hotbed of talent!

Cane On!!!

Old Skool

Congrats Gramps.
Hope you're fully recovered. Native.



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