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August 25, 2018



Other teams can play true freshmen in a national championship game and we can't even get ONE redshirt freshman ready???

Posted by: WWIN |

Totally agree and it makes me doubt both Richts capabilities.

GA got to the CG with a freshman; saben put a true freshman in during the CG and our pussy coach can’t get Williams or Weldon ready to play in a non conference game; rosier sucks and we were sold a bill of goods over the past 6 mos! Not even talking about how bad feagles was last year and hasn’t improved at all;
Our coaching is way overrated! They need to prove that they aren’t.




What are we having these dudes for. They got to get their feet wet sooner or later. In my opinion they couldn't be any worse than Rosier has been. Whether it is against LSU or Savahnna St. They got to learn sooner or later. So.Cal started true FR. If u are telling me that 2 Red shirt freshmen are not ready, we are in trouble.

DallasTX Cane

I would have liked to have seen another QB run out for a quarter Sun night. Nothing to lose. In hindsight. U all forgetting one thing... how many comebacks happened last season? How many did Malik QB? He was terrible no doubt. But, we were in position to score with about 5 min left. That happens and we get the 2pt conversion, all of a sudden it’s a 1 possession game with 4+ minutes to play. We all saw it happen several times last season - get outplayed then miracle comeback. I bet U all a paycheck that Coach takes Malik out at 1/2 time and the replacement also sucks, fans will be screaming about giving up on the comeback king. He rolled the dice on Malik getting hot, like he did many times last season. He bet wrong.

Now, if the other QBs don’t get decent time the next few games I’ll be dumbfounded.


And they need to find a more efficient way to use Thomas...sure He had 132 yds. receiving, but He probably ran 500 yds. to get it.

Posted by: CaneRock | September 04, 2018 at 11:33 PM

Short game.

It was there. It worked. Thomas is perfect for it.

And no, letting Malik throw to a lonely receiver into the teeth of the cover one ain’t what I’m talking about.

It’s ok though, because what we have been doing is all we can do.

There is no way to get the ball into the hands of playmakers with a bad thrower.

When a guy can’t read the defense, you keep letting him try to do it.

What we have seen is ALL we can do.

Let’s just call it quits on 2018 cause our qb can’t throw.

Art Briles won a game with a wr as 4th string emergency qb...... coming from behind! No passes needed.

But it’s ok. What we are doing, is all we can do.





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