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October 26, 2018


DallasTX Cane

It’s like U guys totally missed or forgot 2005-2015. And no, I’m not defending CMR. God forbid someone express an opinion that isn’t in lock step with the mob. Lol. IMO I agree about the offense and leadership on that side of the ball - like there isn’t any.

But... very bleak was celebrating a Nov bowl win over Nevada. Or pick any one of a hundred different humiliations since the Peach Bowl Beat Down - effectively the end of the “good old days”. We hired 2 “up and comers” already or do we forget what was thought of Randy and Al at the time of their hires. There is no sure fire cure or guarantee of success. Replacing the HC & staff basically guarantees another lost 3-4 years. It might be better to start early rather than late. Not saying I don’t get that point. Just saying that ditching a coach every 3 years is a lot easier than finding a “savior”. See Nebraska or USC or a bunch of “blue blood” programs. Is Texas back??... seems like it, but they just got stomped by OK St. and haven’t had a 7 game winning streak in a decade. It can get worse. Maybe. Maybe it’s about to...

point? - the bot not immediately firing MR does not mean they don’t know football or don’t care. It means they make measured thought out decisions and don’t panic. It also means there ought to be a plan before an action is taken.


There are other competent people out there other than Butch Davis and Pete Garcia...

Go Canes!!

Excellent post DTX.

Fair and balanced.


I like your post but IMO losing to pitt, getting whipped by Clemson, Wisconsin and LSU (physically), almost losing to a terrible FSU team, losing to Virginia (yes Virginia) and to Boston college (yes, bc) is Bleak.
Sorry, but this is my opinion and I’m sick about it




Sorry, it got difficult to follow.


I thought you and I already had the discussion years ago about posting logical thought out comments, versus spur of the moment emotion fueled opinions.

You are gonna have people stopping to think out their comments and just slow the blogging to a crawl.


Posted by: Dude on a Pale Horse | October 31, 2018 at 02:53 PM

You must have missed the part where Thomas Brown we run the same plays that other teams across the country are running?



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