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October 14, 2018



Great article, Soup! Spot on! 💯


What happened to Six, angry, ocala and those cats?

Posted by: solarcane | October 14, 2018 at 08:02 PM

Ahhhhh...the stories I could tell!

Six went AWOL during the "The Great Blog War" and he followed the Jello Shot Queen into oblivion. But then who can blame him?

Angry and Canechic are fine and dandy thank you very much. We are friends on Facebook and he just had a birthday. He is a fine officer and a gentleman in the U.S. Army and she is as beautiful as always. A Charming couple if there ever was one. May God bless them both.

Ocala found religion (seriously) and gave up sports (I think?). He is married with children in Ocala and doing well I guess but we have not spoken in many years.

orange 'n green in the vein

Nepotism is always a dumb idea!


Smart Mark should have never been so dumb.


I am interested in smart, mature, thoughtful and insightful feedback on this article. Please commence!

Terrance Sullivan

Thomas Brown is the alledged OC in name correct so he should be ordered to call plays for remainder of season. If Coach Richt wants to coach something he should Coach Special Teams. Also Coach Richt step back from all the Fundraising things that's Athletic Director Blake James and His main Assistant Jenn Strawley jobs. Have Perry and Williams battle it out over who will be present and future QB. Rosier and Weldon should not play again unless it's blow out City.


You made a great comment on the last article


I am interested in smart, mature, thoughtful and insightful feedback on this article. Please commence!

Posted by: 86Cane | October 14, 2018 at 11:13 PM

Who reads the articles?

Dude on a Pale Horse

I dont think its the calls TS, but the system. Run heavy pass on 3rd down offenses win all the time, in fact weve seen Wisconsin, Stanford, Michigan and many teams in the SEC have coherent offenses through recent years. What good would Brown do calling plays if he's using the same playbook. This staff needs outside eyes, but so did the last one, and unfortunately, Richt has a history of being the smartest man in the room longer than AG.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Who reads the articles?

Posted by: thirstybuzzardcane | October 15, 2018 at 12:01 AM

Im here for the boobs!


Great article Soup.
As fans it seems we have a habit of believing everybody that wore a U on their uniform at one time or other would be a fantastic Miami coach.

We tend to turn a deaf ear to any opinion someone not wearing orange and green has.
The super Georgia fan Uncle Lou told us exactly what we were getting.
We said "f u Uncle Lou, we are Canes we know what the hell we are doing."

We gushed and fell all over each other when Shannon was hired.
When someone suggested Shannon was moody,introverted, or not head coaching material, We got our knickers in a wad.

We did the same thing with Richt. I mean the man can do a mean friggin back flip, what's not to like we said.

Georgia is the best imaginable measuring stick we could have to judge Richt's head coaching ability.
He isn't the coach I always thought he was.
I admit I was dead wrong to jump all in.

Underdog has a U on his uniform too btw


Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | October 14, 2018 at 11:24 PM

Mark Richt
Athletic Director/ Head Corch/ Awfensive Corchinator


And Chaplain

Dude on a Pale Horse

I liked the Richt hire, but he wasnt my number 1. I could understand the reasoning in picking him over Butch Davis, even if I didnt agree with it. All Richt has to do now is one thing, hire a f*cking OC and stop the nonsense and we'll be fine. Will he? It shouldnt be his choice, he just burned a whole lot of fan good will with his UVA stunt.

On a similar not, when was the last time a HC that also called plays and won big? Not even asking about a title.


I am interested in smart, mature, thoughtful and insightful feedback on this article. Please commence!

Posted by: 86Cane | October 14, 2018 at 11:13 PM

Spot on Soup!

I hate to say this and can't believe I'm actually about to type this but CMR is worse than Golden. Golden's problem was one of his coaches, which was his bff... CMR is the problem then his own son is his next problem then special teams. Golden didn't have a full roster nor the money to pay for a staff like CMR... so what's CMR's excuse???


Posted by: Dude on a Pale Horse | October 15, 2018 at 12:44 AM

To do that CMR has to demote or fire someone because he already has 10 coaches... what's his chances of doing either???


I loved when Spurrier would call the perfect play at the perfect time and his quarterback would muck it up.

The veins bulging out of the ol ball coach's head as he skipped his visor across the field was priceless.


Tecmo Bowl baby.

Bo Jackson off tackle for 99 yards!

Throw Marcus Allen a bone once in a while.

Rosters were almost always the same til free agency hit.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Posted by: WWIN | October 15, 2018 at 12:52 AM

Revisionist history.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Posted by: WWIN | October 15, 2018 at 12:54 AM

I don't know for certain, has he EVER fired someone?


Thomas Brown is the alledged OC in name correct so he should be ordered to call plays for remainder of season. If Coach Richt wants to coach something he should Coach Special Teams. Also Coach Richt step back from all the Fundraising things that's Athletic Director Blake James and His main Assistant Jenn Strawley jobs. Have Perry and Williams battle it out over who will be present and future QB. Rosier and Weldon should not play again unless it's blow out City.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | October 14, 2018 at 11:24 PM

I still wonder if Thomas Brown (or maybe even Dugans) is responsible for the empty jet sweep play that allowed Malik to walk in untouched. Homer would have scored untouched too.

It AMAZES me we have not expanded on this concept when it worked SO BEAUTIFULLY!

It is up Rosier alley and opens a plethora of unpredictable options. All our qbs are at least as athletic as Malik and emphasizing qb running fits all of them.

We don’t have to get 40 or 50 a game. Just be able to start strong and build momentum. Convert some first downs and control the clock. Give THE PILLAGE some hope and xcitement before they come back in.

We got the fbs version of Sanford and Son offense.

But I wonder are Brown and Dugans Fred Sanford Jr or are they Lamont begging their father to modernize the family business?


Dude, i was gonna say the system can work with tweaking. But as I typed it I got a bad vibe.

His insistence on giving his flawed qbs so much rope to hang themselves with throwing deep, low percentage passes so much just baffles me.

When we stick with the short game, it works.

When we throw easy passes on first down, they work.

Virginia baited Perry into deep throws, completely anticipating our tendencies.

Spread was created to give less talented teams a chance to compete. It uses space, pace , and multiple looks and options to get yards on more physically talented defenses. It makes them have to be disciplined and focused every snap or there will be trouble.

But we have better football in the playbook right now.

Why have three straight qbs been so inconsistent under Richt?

I think that the old way of reading defenses is too much for modern qbs. I think the guys can do it, but only the MOST ELITE players can go through a full 4-5 receiver progression with the. exotic looks, disguises, and monsters on slime with amazing technique.

Perry got sacked on a 3 step drop where St. Louis had no chance. Whether he read it would not matter. Those guys are COMING and very few teams can deal with it consistently.

Richt is expecting too much when the game is moving faster than ever. All parts of it. I think this is his biggest problem with finding ways to work around our deficiencies.

Outside the top elite teams, everybody has deficiencies. But p5 teams with less talent are playing better offense than us.We are over complicating things.

You see it in the confused looks and and poor mental performance.

Old Skool

Six is a news director for a TV station in Tampa.

Old Skool

Good write up Soup. Very thoughtful.

I would love to read or hear the post-mortem analysis (or autopsy) Richt performed after the game. Gotta wonder if the word "I" entered into it.

If there was an autopsy, what did he find? Arterial blockage? Cognitive impairment? Constipated play-calling?

Here's a idea for a fifth play for CMR to add to the team's playbook: the flying wedge.




Richt isn't who we thought we were getting and he is everything UGa/Nation has said he would be. Which is new team, same underachieving Richt.

When we hired Richt we thanked UGA for being idiots (lmao) for letting him come to us not knowing that we've inherited everything UGA use to be. A talented team who year after year watched SharkF*cker win the East in the SEC with Treon Harris at QB (LMAO).

What they said: They told us that Richt does not handle pressure situations well. Coaches scared and will always go with the safe pick that makes him average instead of the risky pick that could make him great.
What we thought: We thought he would learn from some of his panic moves in the past like benching UGA's starting QB in 2015 after like 2 drives and countless other fiasco.
What we've gotten: Conservative and safe will always be his choice. Safe, safe, safe personnel choice (especially at QB), play calling, doesn't matter. Some pressure situations that come to mind are the onside kicks vs GT and UVa. Benching Rosier against Pitt. Benching Perry against UVa etc.

What they said: They said expect to have talented teams only for disappointment year after year.
What we thought: We thought with Richt now being in a weak ACC conference that he would manage to win more games a year and possibly be a 10-11 win coach since playing VT, Pitt, and FSU was a HUGE step down from playing Tennessee, Auburn, and Florida every year.
What we've gotten: So far, it looks like UGA fans weren't speaking out of their ass. Every time we ran into a team with a pulse we lost. We got clobbered by Clemson, LSU, Wisconsin. We also got clobbered by VT in 2016 when they were really good. We're only beating FSU because they have been the worse FSU teams in 40 years. We did beat ND and VT but those are the only games that stand out and those games had atmospheres we haven't had since the Orange Bowl.

What they said: They said Richt isn't a good play caller compared to Mike Bobo and that he needed to stick to just being a CEO at HC.
What we thought: We thought since Richt produced those high octane offenses at FSU with Florida kids that he would be able to do it again.
What we've gotten: What have we gotten? The most predictable, uninspired, unimaginative failed infusion of a read option offense into a 1989 system one could ever think of. The system is broken and it does not get your best offensive players involved. We do nothing to exploit defenses and I mean NOTHING! If your weakness as a team is defending outside routes we don't run any of it. If your defense sucks at covering crossing routes we won't run 1 crossing route. We run the SAME EXACT THING over and over again with Richt calling plays. It like Richt and Co. don't even prep or game plan for defense.

What they said: They said Richt is a "QB guru."
What we thought: Yea, we thought Richt would be able to get production out of the QB position because of his time at FSU and some of those early years at UGA.
What we've gotten: He doesn't look like it. Rosier did not improve at all. Perry looked lost in the first half vs FSU and UVa. Also the way he is handling the QB situation is like a sh*tshow on amateur hour.

What they said: Richt never cared about special teams as the special team was always a problem while he was at UGA.
What we thought: We didn't think much of it because our special teams was never really bad.
What we've gotten: I've never seen special teams this impact-fully bad before. It losing us games or keeping games close.

What they said: Richt does not make the necessary adjustment as a HC to make the team better. Lacks self/team awareness and the ability to coach or scheme around the team's overall weakness while enhancing the strengths. If you have 9-3 talent Richt can't coach them up to be 10 or 11 win team. Your going 9-3.
What we thought: We overlooked this. We thought if we recruited like we're suppose to we would run through the ACC coastal.
What we've gotten: Again this is true. Richt can't get the most out of his team schematically or out coaching his opponents. He can only luck into a better result or out talent you like in 2017. You would have thought Richt would put in effort to clean up some of the fixable things that led to so many close games in 2017 like recruiting a punter, hiring a OC or a ST coach, etc. Nope! Completely oblivious to small details that could be corrected before we played LSU that would of course come back to bit us. No awareness of his team's weakness (or strength) as a whole especially on offense. Sure he knows we need to an O-line and some WR but did he even pay attention to special teams? Like at all? No? Okay. He needs to stop "hoping" and wishing that player X, Y, and Z will eventually get the job done. To much blind faith going on with Richt and his coaching staff. Either produce or get off the field. Stop this you have 5 games to prove you can play nonsense. Also stop the with seniority over talent no matter how bad the upperclassmen looks.

What they said: Richt made a lot of bad hires at asst. coach at UGa.
What we thought: We're getting SEC caliber asst. coaches! SEC caliber recruiting!
What we've gotten: A lot of green and journeymen coaches. 3 years in and we STILL don't have a average O-line. They still get their sh*t pushed in by teams that don't even recruit DL well. Brown, Dugans are coaches who undoubtedly can coach and recruit at an SEC level. You can add Manny only as a DC (not as a LB coach) and Kul coaches at Alabama. Simpsons and Banda also have potential. Rumph is meh at best and Searels should be fired. Richt Jr is not a Miami caliber QB coach. Nepotism at it finest. Our QB's haven't gotten better and he isn't recruiting a QBs every year which is dumb and could end up worse with the way we're currently handling the QB position now. It looks like amateur hour out here the way we handle some things.

What they said: Richt team's loses games they have no business losing.
What we thought: There is no way Richt would lose games with talented Miami teams to the likes of Pitt, UNC, or UVa.
What we've gotten: We lost to a 4-8 ND team in '16. We lost to UVa in '18. We lost to Pitt as the #2 team in the land in '17. Not to mention, there were plenty of teams we could of lost to like the 4-8 Cuse, 1-7 UNC, 2 horrible FSU teams, etc.

What they said: Richt team's seem to always come out flat, unmotivated, and takes the personality of Richt's nonchalant attitude.
What we thought: We thought Richt just needed a change of scenery. He'll be fired up to coach at his alum mater.
What we've gotten: Another bingo for UGa fans. How many times have we come out flat? ESPECIALLY the offense. The offense, more then any other unit, is like this. Nonchalant attitude from players getting nonchalant play calling from a nonchalant coach.

Posted by: Sinistercane1 | October 14, 2018 at 10:28 PM

Go Canes!!

All valid points. Said yesterday I hoped he had the ability to realize his legacy is now riding on his ability to see he’s wasting a defense that year in and out has national championship potential.

If he doesn’t accept help from a young, innovative, aggressive offensive mind he’ll retire or leave here anything but a hero.

It’s all up to him.


Corch is 5-5 in his last ten games



If you break it down...

The Relevant Years: 2001-2007 (7 Seasons)

Wins: 72 or 10.3 Wins Per Season
Conference Titles: 2
BCS Games: 3

The Recent Years: 2008-2015 (8 Seasons)

Wins: 73 or 9.1 Wins Per Season
Conference Titles: 0
BCS Games: 0


I think the difference in wins has to do with the quality of coaching in the SEC and when he coached against them. For example, Richt was 2-0 against Bama but then when Saban came in 2007, he went 1-3 against Bama.

[The records below represent Richt's record v. these teams]

Against UF:

2001: Spurrier 0-1
2002-04: Zook 1-2
2005-10: Meyer 1-5
2011-15: Muschump 3-1

Against LSU:

2001-04: Saban 1-1 (Doesn't play against LSU in 2001 and 2002)
2005-15: Miles 3-2 (Doesn't play against LSU in 2006, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2015)


2001-02: Franchione 1-0 (Doesn't play against Bama in 2001)
2003-06: Shula 1-0 (Doesn't play against Bama in 2004, 2005 and 2006)
2006-15: Saban 1-3 (Doesn't play against Bama in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014


Corch blames the players



Before closing let me say that I believe all Miami Hurricane fans want Mark Richt to succeed. He is a former Hurricane player and came back to his alma mater out of love for the school and a chance to rebuild the once proud program. But, then again, we all wanted Randy Shannon to succeed also and we all know how that turned out.

Richt is a genuinely good man. He has done many good things for the University of Miami and has been generous of his time and money, contributing a cool $1 million to the indoor practice facility. But his job is to win football games. When he does a good job he deserves all the credit in the world. And, when the team plays poorly and loses he deserves the blame too.

If he is willing to take a serious inventory of what needs to be done to fix things I believe he can be very successful at UM. The only questions that remain is will he and if so, how soon will he address the issues that everyone can see.


Disagree with one section

IMO Corch didn’t it come to UM for his love of the Canes. He simply came here due to UGA fires his ass. Corch wanted no parts Miami when we fired clappy and Shannon


Sin...I guess you may be right, I am just not that familiar with those two scenarios.


Why don't we hire Mike Leach?

Let him lock the whole offense in a dark room for a couple days.
Score about 30 or 40 points a game and let the defense catch their breath for awhile

Come out with the center 20 feet to the right of the qb, snap the ball to
Dallas pitch it to Thomas.

When was last play we ran that you said I did not see that coming.


Six is a news director for a TV station in Tampa.

Posted by: Old Skool | October 15, 2018 at 04:12 AM


That's cant be good..... lol


Was CMR on the Rose show today? Curious what he had to say.


I thought the same thing.
Six used to tell me stories about spending hours playing whiffle ball homerun derby while on the clock at HSN network.

Old Skool

I still agree Richt has laid the infrastructure for something special here. It just seems to be missing one detail - honest self-reflection or awareness


Miami had a HORRIFIC loss to Virginia on Saturday, and that sits squarely on Mark Richt.

Here’s what the Canes’ head coach had to say about that loss, the decision to bench N’Kosi Perry, and more, from Monday’s appearance on the Joe Rose Show:

Rose asks about QB switch first.

Richt "Perry was struggling. We were struggling offensively. I didn't like the way the game was going." Cites Rosier's experience in games as the reason for the switch

Rose asks if quick hook will affect Perry's confidence

CMR "I think he'll be fine. He knows we have high regard for him." Says Perry will have a good career here. Says some things, but implies Perry has to develop "mental toughness

Asked about the onside kick

CMR "If you get it, that's great. If you don't, that's a difference of about 15 yards. Unless what happened happens. That was worst case scenario for that"

"it certainly backfired on us. It's a decision I made and I have to own it"

Rose asks about OL struggles

CMR "there were more issues up from than you'd like during a game" but cites perimeter blocking and missed assignments (without clarification) as big issues, as well

Rose asks about play calling issues!!!

CMR "You've gotta soul search." Gotta be thorough in self-scouting (YO @romancane) and more.

Krantz asks what CMR thinks about people saying #Canes need a new playcaller.

CMR "make sure you're calling the right things. Offensive football is about 11 guys doing it right." Basically, if they did what they needed to do, the plays would work.

CMR hammering the "missed assignments" thing. Could be right. Is probably right. But it's also deflecting from the question.

Old Skool

Quote of the day from Raiders DE Bruce Irvin: "We lost, but I've got a beautiful wife I get to go home to, boy. I'm going to try to make some babies, man."

Old Skool

Here's the follow-up question, I would have liked to hear Joe Rose ask:

Were the Canes put in the best position to win through your play-calling and, if so, how?


Mike Leach quote

Our offensive line has to be tougher people ... That will be addressed tomorrow. It will be an experience they won’t forget. They’ll be talking about it when they’re my age.


I know that CMR blamed the players failure to execute their assignments (which coaching is partially to blame for that), but there are some fundamental issues with offensive concepts, game-planning and installation opponent-by-opponent. From watching the FSU and UVA games, I just felt that the Canes did not offensive game-plan for their opponent, while the opponent defenses game-planned for them.

In addition, the Canes never did go across the middle or go to check-downs often enough. Also, I was never a big fan of the Canes route designs and combinations, and I do think the receivers should be given "hot" routes, which allow them to adjust when there is a delayed blitz. It seems that teams are noticing that the Canes don't have those concepts, coupled with the fact that they struggle picking up blitzes. It seems that every top ten team in college football has this, and these teams are not more talented than the Canes.

IMHO, CMR needs a lot of help that he is not getting. I hope CMR is open to suggestions. I don't know what is going on in the offense's coaches room, but this is not cutting it. Missing Richards for the season does hurt. I have seen Richards erase a lot of QB mistakes, but he is not there this season, and Rosier is not the answer. I am not interested in watching Rosier, a very limited 5th year senior, quarterback this team. If the Canes are going to lose, they should lose with Perry or Williams, so at least I will have hope for the future.

CMR can also sit down with Diaz and ask him what could help his offense.


Thomas Brown is the alledged OC in name correct so he should be ordered to call plays for remainder of season.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | October 14, 2018 at 11:24 PM

You are correct, Brown is officially listed as the OC and Dugans as Co Offensive Coordinator. So what can or is being done to fix this? Surely, they can't be proud of their work to date? Who is being held accountable?


Quote of the day from Raiders DE Bruce Irvin: "We lost, but I've got a beautiful wife I get to go home to, boy. I'm going to try to make some babies, man."

Posted by: Old Skool | October 15, 2018 at 08:43 AM

Keeping it REAL Now that's putting things in perspective!


1. I am not interested in watching Rosier, a very limited 5th year senior, quarterback this team. If the Canes are going to lose, they should lose with Perry or Williams, so at least I will have hope for the future.

2. CMR can also sit down with Diaz and ask him what could help his offense.

Posted by: BigWindyCane1 | October 15, 2018 at 09:01 AM

1. BINGO! But not sure Richt cares what we think?

2. Whatever it takes.


Mike Leach quote

Up 57 to 6

There was 23 seconds on the clock. That's more than enough time. I think we all had a level of disappointment we didn't score one more touchdown.


Mike Leach attitude vs Mark Richt attitude

It’s like when we played Navy, when I was at Texas Tech. We played Navy. So we beat Navy, and it was right during the Gulf War, so we beat Navy, which was quite a deal, cause there was 300 million people that were ticked off and 250,000 that were happy. It’s like being the Oakland Raiders in the 70s. It was awesome.


If there are any doubts about the Canes defense through 7 games, the stats say that this is the most elite defense the Canes have had since Vilma and ST26. Here is where the Canes rank NATIONALLY:

Total defense #1
Third down conv. #1
Tackles for loss #1
Passing def. #2
Sacks #3
Turnovers gained #3
Ints. #7


The Canes have built a championship defense. A lot of names on this roster will play in the NFL someday. But this Canes offense is definitely the worst it has been in ten years. Hopefully, this is just a rough patch, but I think the Canes offense may continue to struggle until there is some continuity.

Going into the bye week, the Canes still have a very good chance to win the Coastal, but they need to win the remaining 5 games, or at least go 4-1 down the stretch. 5-0 is very doable and the defense can carry the Canes until the offense finds its groove, but the Canes cannot have another abysmal performance like they did in Charlottesville. This bye week is an opportunity for CMR to look within himself, and develop a credible plan for each of the remaining 5 coastal opponents.

Go Canes!!

That may be the saddest part of all of this. We’re wasting a Championship defense.

Just wasting it.



That may be the saddest part of all of this. We’re wasting a Championship defense.

Just wasting it.


Posted by: Go Canes!! | October 15, 2018 at 09:39 AM

I hear you.
I think the defense is playing for the defense now, and knows the team as a whole is doomed with Richt


Best line of the week

What is Feagles hangtime?
Depends on how tall the tree is


This bye week is an opportunity for CMR to look within himself, and develop a credible plan for each of the remaining 5 coastal opponents.

Posted by: BigWindyCane1 | October 15, 2018 at 09:31 AM

And/or for Brown and Dugans to do so along with Richt? Their names and signatures are apparently all over this offense according to their job titles.

I agree with you on game planning for specific opponents. Have we seen them attack a different defensive player (slow CB), area (LB, secondary) or aspect (blitzing team, 3-4 vs 4-3) of an opposing defense?




Even if he believes in his heart that execution is the issue, why not throw himself under the bus and take ALL the responsibility for the poor execution?

Just take it for the team. Look them in the eye and tell them “ We are ALL going to be better, starting with me.”

There is no question doubts are forming in the locker room and his half assed taking responsibility for HIS TEAM will not go unnoticed and could lead to a REAL UGLY locker room situation.

I have been reading the Army Ranger handbook. The first thing it starts with is leadership. What I am seeing out of Richt’s words and demeanor is more alarming than the head scratching decisions.

He is LITERALLY a guy you would NOT want to go to war with as commanding officer..


I'd rather take a halfback pass in the blizzard than this!



Posted by: 86Cane | October 15, 2018 at 09:53 AM

Yea you are right, time
to simma down

Go Canes!!

Posted by: WWIN | October 15, 2018 at 10:14 AM

This made me lol.

Dude on a Pale Horse

I know for a fact there was at least 1 crossing route to JT4 vs UVA, and he was wide open as the UVA defense was playing the AG era "everyone drop deep and give up the 1st down" defense. Problem is, it needed a quick throw and Rosier never even looked at him. Rosier just stared down his deepest WR and I think took a sack. Coverage dictated the throw to JT4 from pre snap even and Rosier screwed up. Not to mention there was that play he bombed to JT4 where Harley was wide open. Or tge other play to Wiggins? I think where JT4 was open again. Rosier maturely sucked, and nice guy Richt was just waiting for Perry to give him any reason to pull him, probably because he feels for the backup QB who lost time to the younger, more talented QB. Im sick from this loss.


BC is 88th in total defense.
Virginia was 22nd when we played them.


Posted by: 86Cane | October 15, 2018 at 09:52 AM

Aside from CMR, Brown and Dugans also need to step up bigtime, and assist with the game-planning and install. All are new to the OC role, and so far, Brown and Dugans have shown that they are good position coaches, but not game planners.

It is no coincidence when you see certain offenses in college football start the game with a drive for a TD. Good offenses do that. The Canes offense seem to always start with 3 and outs.

The Canes offensive coaches need to give an honest look at their personnel, look at what other teams are trying to exploit, and script a better way to approach each game.

There needs to be greater emphasis on looking at what the opponent is doing, just as Diaz and the defense usually adjust to what the opponent's offenses are doing.

This is not about ego. Just understand who the personnel on this team is, play to its strengths and avoid the weaknesses. If you cannot pass protect, have short routes and short drops. Get that ball out of the QB's hands and into the playmakers.

Against UVA, I saw some very basic QB issues in simply recognizing the deep safety and simple coverages - things that I see high school quarterbacks deal with more effectively than Perry and Rosier did. I must say that this current stretch is the worst QB play that I have seen out of Canes QBs since Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman.

The good news is that this can be fixed. The Canes have the playmakers at skilled positions, even with the sub-par performance of the less-than-average OL.

When your QB struggles in recognizing defenses, teach him with film study. During games, give him easy throws until his and your confidence builds in his awareness of the field. Don't turn a bad play into a disasterous play. Give the QB some simple throws on first down, mix in some crossing routes and rubs, screens, hitches and emphasize using his check-downs. Take what the defense gives you. If you have to punt, live for a new day.

In the running game, use misdirection, and ask Perry to keep every now and then on the RPO so that he becomes a credible threat to run the ball. And if a WR or TE don't execute blocks on the stretch plays, take them out of the game.

I have always believed in the Sun Tsu quote that the war is won long before the first battle is engaged. This offense can be fixed, but the coaches have to dedicate that time and effort.

Terrance Sullivan

Big Facts 86 and all posted above.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Searels has been so bad, its time to call Kehoe. For real. Kehoe's OLs were never this confused or bullied. He could recruit OTs. Players got better under him.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Posted by: BigWindyCane1 | October 15, 2018 at 10:47 AM

M. Richt: Okay guys, lets hear about what youre seeing in the BC tape.

Dugs: Im seeing that we can exploit their center with drag routes to JT, if the QB gets the base out right away.

Brown: Their left side is where we want to run at on 3rd and short.

Hartley: Jordan will eat these guys alive.

Jon: I got pics of the grandkids on a jet ski dad.

Mark: Ahh, let me see those.


Rosier can't throw crossing routes with Delinemen coming up the gut. Can't see over them.
We have no OT'S to protect good edge rushers. (That's Richt's fault for not addressing the problem thru recruiting).
No reason on Earth we can't get the ball to Thomas, Harley and Jordan a combined 12 to 15 plays a game in space.
With a line this poor run quicker patterns and get the ball out quick.
Utilize the FB more with play action.
Jett sweeps.
Toss sweeps.
Use motion.
We have numerous outlets to help the offense but u have to want to change.
Remember when we use to make average QB's look great, well now we are making average defenses look like top 10 units.
Special teams, I don't think there is anything u can do this year to help them. I think Baxa will be alright but has to have better kick offs, to many are returnable. Feagles is just plain terrible.
We are the only team in America that holds our talent back.
Fire sale on the offensive side is the only thing to help us. Richt's son GONE!
Searles GONE!
Richt fires himself as OC!
Hire a special teams coach.
Feagles GONE!

orange 'n green in the vein

Posted by: solarcane | October 15, 2018 at 10:46 AM

They've been in a lot of prevent during the majority of their wins in the first half of the year so this is misleading if you're only comparing yards surrendered as a result. From what I've seen in the six games of theirs I've watched this season, it's a big defense that makes you earn every yard on the ground thanks to a pretty stout front seven and isn't afraid to bring an extra blitz defender or two when the situation calls for it. UM has to use the bye week to figure out how they're going to get the line to finally put it together constantly on offense and then find a QB who will be able to handle the Friday night weather in late October in the cold and noise. Clemson plays in Alumni Stadium a month from this week so that's BC's biggest home game, UM just represents an appetizer for the Eagles' home crowd and hopefully the attendance total will slack off to reflect that for the QB starter's sake. BC's OL is probably the best UM will see all year so if they can give their bad QB time to work like UVA's did their bad QB Saturday, it could be another poor performance off a straight up loss for the current regime and that's not going to cut it anymore as the torches are lit and the pitchforks are being drawn out of the haystacks . . .

Dude on a Pale Horse

IN: Fisch, Kehoe

OUT: J. Richt, Searels


This made me lol.

Posted by: Go Canes!! | October 15, 2018 at 10:24 AM

Saturday night made me lol.

Which offense was better?


Posted by: Dude on a Pale Horse | October 15, 2018 at 10:25 AM

This is WAY DEEPER than Rosier!


Posted by: Dude on a Pale Horse | October 15, 2018 at 11:45 AM

We can do without Kehoe tho! 😂😂😂

But I'd take him over Searels



like yards per play. It's a simple, catch-all stat that isolates effectiveness on both sides of the ball. Several analytically inclined coaches (including Manny Diaz) really emphasize this metric.

Here are Al Golden's average yards-per-play rankings at Miami:

Offense- 21
Defense- 71

This made sense, as he often had explosive, big-play offenses (led by guys like Duke and Dorsett) and defenses that couldn't get off the field.

Manny Diaz changed the defense immediately. Our average defensive ranking jumped 62 spots, to 9th.

The offense is a different story. It slipped 23 spots, to 44th. This year, we are 62nd.

The bye comes at a bad time for fans but a good time for the coaches. I don't expect Richt to come back with the 2018 Rams offense. But I'm hoping he adjusts like he did after the four-game losing streak in 2016.

Richt asked to be accountable for the offense when he took the job. There is nothing wrong with the fans giving him what he asked for.


Posted by: Dude on a Pale Horse | October 15, 2018 at 11:28 AM



Richt has significantly more talent on this team....offensively and defensively...than Golden. Reflecting back:

1) This Team now has a number of Richt OL recruits. If they are regressing that is inexcusable.
2) I can kind of see Richt’s dilemma at QB. Rozier is maxed out and is gone after this year. Perry is more talented but didn’t know how to read game film(?) coming in. Williams is brand new and may not know the offense. You are theoretically in the running for the playoffs as of Saturday night - this sort of scenario can breed conservatism with the stakes so high
3) If coaching is insufficient, then Richt has to have the awareness to make the necessary changes AND be willing to take the short term recruiting hit. We will likely lose out on 2019 commitments on offense. That’s bad, but we have to think about the long game.

Mark from Atl

Easy to defend
All go routes = receivers backs are usually to the Wb
Delayed draw RPO Bullshit over and over again
Weak OL
Suspect QB
Poor ass preparation

Jesus help us
We’re really a top 40 team
And should not be
Richt has to man up and humble down
Make changes

God bless you and your family

Dude on a Pale Horse

Posted by: WWIN | October 15, 2018 at 11:47 AM

I agree its way deeper than Rosier.


Indiana beat vagina... The running back Scott rushed for 240 yds. Average 6 yds per carry. They attacked that goldilocks defense correctly.


Haven't posted on the blog in a while. But I have to say the Miami brass should've listened when the words "burn out" were being tossed around before CMR was hired. He looks like he needs a long vacation.

Mark from Atl

Richt would do himself and this team well by pulling a Tim Tebow and on the next presser for all to see and hear - basically admitting the blatant faults and issues and defiantly saying to all “this will never happen again “
And of course
Back it up


Great article! Although sad that it is true.

On a happier note, some really good blogging: OGV with "Trick or Treat Malik", Mary Lou equating this loss with rotting fish heads LOL. Where else do you get this? Such a great blog and people.

DG - CMR looks like he is on vacation and has moved to Miami for the epanadas they serve at Hard Rock.

OGV - great analysis about what the QB's see and don't see. I appreciate it because I don't know x's and o's but I do know when *ish doesn't work. Thanks for clarifying.

Sinister - good post about what we thought and what we got.

The Herb: you are exactly right that there is no creativity for special packages for these QB's. We started using those plays at the end when it was too late.

I think that banner plane will be flying sooner rather than later. IMHO.


Posted by: solarcane | October 15, 2018 at 12:36 AM

Well for me, I internally questioned Shannon's hire as a coach - he had no experience. But Shasha had already hired him, so what can you do? His use of timeouts still gives me PTSD. In fact, I never thought much would improve until Shahsha was gone. And once gone, the school started spending money. I did not want Richt. I mean, why run out and hire the first guy Georgia fires?

CMR is not THE guy. But I do believe he is the guy that gets us to THE guy.

Solar, so glad you are back on the blog.


Jesus help us
We’re really a top 40 team
And should not be
Richt has to man up and humble down
Make changes

Posted by: Mark from Atl | October 15, 2018 at 12:54 PM

I'm praying that Jesus tells Coach Richt to make some changes. We need all the help (e.g., divine intervention) we can get!


86 - I can give you thoughtful comment: Every week Joey and I watch our unspecial teams and shake our heads. How is it that Jeff Thomas gets clobbered most times at the 20? There is no preparation or planning for this. Plus, he deserves better. He and Deejay on offense bring it every play.


And Chaplain

Posted by: WWIN | October 15, 2018 at 12:41 AM



Just a thought: maybe this stubbornness and inability to adapt and see/think outside the box is the reason CMR was never a starter here. I really can't remember

Go Canes!!

Posted by: WWIN | October 15, 2018 at 11:45 AM

I wasn’t comparing, just thought it was funny.


Posted by: TonyCane | October 15, 2018 at 12:51 PM

2. LOL @ Williams might not know the awfense... everybody knows our awfense! All the fans know it and never been to one practice! If we have anybody on the roster that doesn't know it we have a bigger problem than I expected!


I wasn’t comparing, just thought it was funny.

Posted by: Go Canes!! | October 15, 2018 at 01:34 PM

The sad part is... watching Saturday night I was beyond being mad and angry... it was actually so RIDICULOUS that it was funny! Like watching a comedy show and knowing what's coming next. Then coming to the realization that CMR is the athletic director too...



Posted by: CGNC | October 15, 2018 at 01:26 PM

Now if he can stop getting his playbook mixed up with his bible we might have something! Lol

Terrance Sullivan

CGNC Paul Dee Hired Randy Shannon. Just Like Kirby Hocutt Hired Al Golden, and Blake James hired Mark Richt. That's The AD job to hire and fire coaches.


This Corching staph is doodoo


The bye comes at a bad time for fans but a good time for the coaches. I don't expect Richt to come back with the 2018 Rams offense. But I'm hoping he adjusts like he did after the four-game losing streak in 2016.

* * * *

Posted by: Sinistercane1 | October 15, 2018 at 11:51 AM

This is what we need. Its unfortunate, but I sort of posted something like this before the game, comparing the Canes current woes to the 2016 funk. I just wonder how much longer it will take before the offense finds its groove again.

The Canes just need to fix a few things on offense, and adjust the game-planning and play-calling to the personnel. With this championship defense, the Canes have the capacity to finish strong, make the ACC Championship and win a good bowl game. This will show some progress since last season.


I mean, why run out and hire the first guy Georgia fires?

Posted by: CGNC | October 15, 2018 at 01:23 PM


Blake James couldn't wait to go dumpster diving!

Go Canes!!

This is why we have to ride or die with Perry. Oof:


Dude on a Pale Horse

Posted by: Go Canes!! | October 15, 2018 at 02:48 PM

Thats one of the plays I was talking about, but it was Jordan, not Harley. Rosier needs to get his @ss off Fortnite & on to NCAA 14, because you should see the TE there. He has no instincts I swear. WTF was Richt doing? That decision was made 100% out of guilt for benching him before. 100% guilt, 1 no good back up QB to another.

DallasTX Cane

Posted by: CGNC | October 15, 2018 at 01:28 PM

Hey CGNC! Always nice to read your posts.

1982 was Richt’s senior season. QBs on roster: Jim Kelly, Mark Richt, Bernie Kosar, Vinny Testaverde, and another guy. Kelly is NFL HOF. Bernie & Vinny need no intro’s either. Not too many guys going to get playing time competing against those three.


I agree its way deeper than Rosier.

Posted by: Dude on a Pale Horse | October 15, 2018 at 12:59 PM

If Rosier leaves a 100 more plays on the field or throws 20 more picks it'll all be CMR's fault!

Cuz if I'm head coach Rosier only plays again if Perry or Williams is injured

DallasTX Cane

Dude - Honestly, I’m thinking the decision was more about panic than guilt. Perry couldn’t handle the situation, Richt saw the season slipping away in Q1, and made the change hoping Malik could lead a comeback. I’ll defend this decision because a) Malik has proven to be somewhat of a comeback leader in the past, and b) Malik is a better, stronger runner when the OL breaks down as was the case most of the game.

The bad?... by pulling Perry, Richt denied him the chance to settle down and play his way into handling the “bright lights”. He’s so young but has 100x the upside of Rosier who, even tho I personally like him, has 0 upside being in his final season and unable to deliver a decently thrown pass, much less a W or a conf championship.

So now, do we play all out for a “still possible” division champ and return to the conf champ game or play Perry 100% to get him as much experience as possible?

Go Canes!!

Been trying to decide for two days what irked me more, the play calling or the QB switch.

Think I decided it’s the switch. Sent a terrible message to the team, fans, recruits and most importantly Perry.

That was a calamitous decision. He should be embarrassed and criticized big time for doing that.


time to simma down

Posted by: solarcane | October 15, 2018 at 10:21 AM

Love me some Nadine


Posted by: DallasTX Cane | October 15, 2018 at 03:29 PM

Sorry but this was more guilt! He was down last week the whole 1st half and you stuck with him but this week you panic after 5mins???

How many times did he do that with Rosier last year?

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