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October 23, 2018




Get dat $$


Men in tights will prevail over the elements!

Posted by: NativeCane | October 24, 2018 at 08:52 AM

That can't be what she said, now can it?


The players should practice and prepare at least as hard as the fans prepare and tailgate. I am tired of some players thinking the U is some kind of club destination.

Posted by: CGNC | October 24, 2018 at 01:38 PM

Been saying this for YEARS now. When the fans appear to care more than the players then there is an issue. We are crushed in defeat. They laugh it off and say things like: "Well you know the other teams have players on scholarship too."

Made me want to puke!


If they don’t show up with some new wrinkles after that performance last Thursday I’m going to lose it.

Posted by: Go Canes!! | October 24, 2018 at 01:35 PM

Gonna hold you to that. Not expecting any.


Dude, from the video I saw it was impossible to tell how much money was there and what all the bills were.

Posted by: UMike | October 24, 2018 at 02:37 PM

The Dude gave him the money so he should know how much it was. Stop questioning him.



Can you smell what the Richt is cooking?

Posted by: Gin & Tonic | October 24, 2018 at 03:54 PM

Smells like burned brussel sprouts?


I saw nothing but Benjamins fanned out like a peacock tail....


I think people are going overboard on the Perry situation. Was it dumb? YES... but it's not like he broke the law. If he was at bama, Clemson, uga, Ohio state... etc what do you think would happen? Nothing... kid would still be starting!


Posted by: UMike | October 24, 2018 at 02:37 PM

The one you saw may have lower quality. The one I saw was the original and all those bills were $100s. All of em.

Posted by: Dude on a Pale Horse | October 24, 2018 at 03:31 PM

Was it American currency? Or was it bubble money?


Dude on a Pale Horse

My guess is he took out a student loan and the 2nd check came in?

orange n' green in the vein

Happy three year get rid of fatso anniversary Hurricane Football fans! All slurpers fit a noose around that stack of dimes you call a neck and slip off the nearest footstool, especially this GD whose responses never count unless they go blue;



Waited until half time to check in.

Some of the posts here are embarrassing.

Posted by: Go Canes | September 01, 2014 at 09:42 PM"

Look who's typing GD.


You reap what you sow sid-tard.


The Herb sees 2 passes and a run the first series, then it's back to the typical 2 runs off tackle and then a go route. That's the most I can see him change.
With the play calling and QB ineptitude this game will be won by a FG. The only way we don't struggle is if the Dee is passing the T.O.Chain like a joint!

DallasTX Cane

Posted by: mi@mic@ne | October 24, 2018 at 04:53 PM

IMHO U misunderstand or misremember how JJ dealt with his players & teams. I got to follow JJ up close during his time in Dallas also. JJ would let the players do what they wanted, IF and only IF they were putting in the work and having success on the field. The antics... the Swag.. follows the hard work & success, it doesn’t precede. JJ once cut the Cowboys backup running back the Monday after he fumbled while filling in for Emmit Smith at the end of a blowout win. Meaningless game, championship team winning in a blowout, meaningless fumble. JJ cuts the guy. Doesn’t bench him or fine him. Drops his ass from the team. JJ was merciless if you didn’t do your job. U think he’d be cool with Perry’s performance or tell the kid to get his ass out to the practice field & 86 the photo ops??


jj was a psych major ...your only telling part of the story..he was a master at organization and motivating the players...the pressure on his teams is much different from Richt laid back disposition...jj worked well with the players who were like Perry...and also Jj gave the talented players a lot more slack than the average players...


jj was merciless if you were an average player and you slacked


jj kept Testaverde in the PSU game even tho he has like 4 interceptions because he had a lot of talent..and we would have won if Testaverde had not thrown the pick in the red zone

DallasTX Cane

I don’t disagree with any of that. Jimmy’s hardest working players were also the most talented. No doubt he was a major reason why. But if you think he let guys who hadn’t accomplished jack & had questionable work ethics do whatever they wanted because of their “talent”, I’ll say BS. Didn’t happen that way.


You cant compare JJ with Richt...JJ won superbowls..also the best coaches that the canes ever had on the side line where JJs assistants...But Butch was also good at organization ...he had good assistants...totally different time...


butch won superbowls too...as well as his knowledge of good assistants...thats why i wanted him...

Dude on a Pale Horse

AR82 to try and make the basketball team? Why not, if Graham & Swoopes can switch...


we would have gotten out butts kicked against Butches UNC in his last year if half his defense had not been suspended...


AR82 to try and make the basketball team? Why not, if Graham & Swoopes can switch...

Posted by: Dude on a Pale Horse | October 24, 2018 at 10:52 PM

With a neck injury?

DallasTX Cane

mi@mic@ne - U are the one comparing Richt & JJ. And wanting Butch back wasnt exactly a lonely position to take at any time since Coker massively failed. Maybe if he builds a winner at FIU and CMR flames out, we’ll get him back...


I always thought one of JJ's biggest accomplishments was protecting Michael Irvin from Michael Irvin.

Irvin was just as immature Perry or any other Cane. Johnson was such a positive influence on Irvin. Irvin worked harded than anyone else, gave everything every play.

He loved Johnson so much he would do anything to please him, and nothing to
disapoint him.

The farther away JJ was to Irvins life, the more Irvin let his guard down and made one bad decision after another.

JJ was always one of the best coaches at handling every player as an individual, not a cog in a machine


What's everyone's opinion on what the offense will look like Friday? Think CMR comes out aggressive and tries to silence doubters or more of the same?




Lots of short safe passes,no field goals over 25 yds, going on 4th down

Till we get a lead, then fear to lose coaching will take over


What's everyone's opinion on what the offense will look like Friday? Think CMR comes out aggressive and tries to silence doubters or more of the same?

Posted by: UMike | October 25, 2018 at 10:00 AM

I don’t think the problem is aggression if you define aggression as down field passing.

It seems to me to be the offense is too “ aggressive “, relying on low percentage passes for any hope of yardage.

The problem is we are predictable and not creative.

Our best work is created by a commitment to the short passing game. After that it is creative running, and tempo.

We look like a COMPLETELY different offense when we stick with these tactics.

Problem is, we won’t stick with what works for our offense because it is NOT the PHILOSOPHY of the man running the show.

Because we occasionally break a run or luck into a deep completion with Richt’s philosophy, it allows him to delude himself into thinking his philosophy is what’s best for THIS TEAM. He can keep telling himself it will work if we just “execute”, no matter how many terrible series as evidence to the contrary.

I don’t know what to expect week to week. I just hope and have those hopes dashed by silly decisions. He may come out like 2016 pitt or 2017 Syracuse and Notre Dame. He may call the whole game the way he called our only touchdown against uva.

Who knows.

What I do know is if he doesn’t get it together and build on what has actually worked for us, he will make the remainder of his career in Miami VERY MISERABLE for himself, the team, and the fans.


What's everyone's opinion on what the offense will look like Friday? Think CMR comes out aggressive and tries to silence doubters or more of the same?

Posted by: UMike | October 25, 2018 at 10:00 AM


Vanilla swirl with nut toppings


I just want to get back to being relevant...Richt has yet to prove that he can get us there and it looks like we have taken a step back...if you have a weak oline and you recruited a qb who is more of an up tempo rpo qb then why are you trying to make him a pocket passer? So if he does not fit your mold then you go with a guy who cannot hit the broad side of a barn door...in college football you need to win in reloading the team...your never gonna have all seniors ...you got to win with playing freshman....


The division 11 schools have more dynamic offenses and produce more points than we do...are the able to get 5 star players? They just know who to spread the field and use their speed


Unfortunate prediction, hope that I am wrong:

BC 34. UM 17

8-4 regular season finish


football is a violent sport...the U has been a place where guys who come from broken families and physically violent neighborhoods feel at home on the field. They have been forced to become adults at a very young age because they have had to face they have had to fight for their respect. I think every child should be raised with adult supervision and protection but its not part of the culture in some of the areas in the 305. That is why JJ was such a positive influence with guys like Irvin..ie the Perrys of the world. JJ not only became a father figure but he got the team together and talked about life and gave those kinds of players positive enforcement so they felt good about themselves and being on a team that rewarded their success. Those teams under JJ got better as the game progressed and in some of the fourth qs overwhelmed their opponents on both sides of the ball. I could see the other team quit in the fourth quarter....we also got better as the season progressed and even if we put the freshman in the fourth quarter the young players always rose to the occasion....jj was able to get the players focused in a special way. I guess us old Canes where really spoiled....


question...Do you think Ed Ogeron will ever cough up the frog in his throat in one of those interviews on ESPN ? lol


Tru... Good points, and I meant not as conservative and plain.


Posted by: DallasTX Cane | October 24, 2018 at 09:58 PM

Preach it DallasTx.


Tony, I don't think BC puts up 34 against our D.

orange n' green in the vein

Posted by: UMike | October 25, 2018 at 10:00 AM

This shows you haven't watched any BC defensive series this year because if you had, you'd realize this question isn't the problem that needs to be answered. It's execution, not design. The Eagles will illustrate that very clearly I'm guessing right now as they're slightly above average as a defense from a yardage surrendered measure but they play better in bigger stakes and closer total possessions on the scoreboard games.

Gin & Tonic

2016 Miami went 9-4.

2017 10-3 needing comeback win VS. FSU and a fourth down miracle against G-tech.

2018 5-2 so far with three conference road games left on schedule, call it 8-4.

Other than the timing of the losses, almost identical seasons.

This is going to be how it goes until the quarterback position gets fixed.


I've had no reason to watch a second of BC football lol


The only way we win is if the defense blows up the BC offense and goes on a turnover chain spree....Richt is good for one scoring drive in the game...


Al Golden sues Miami for 3 to 5 million


Must be a paltry 3 mil

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Former Miami football coach Al Golden has filed a $3 million lawsuit against the university, seeking what he contends is unpaid settlement money.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court Wednesday -- three years to the day after Golden's final game at Miami, a 58-0 loss to Clemson in what is the worst margin of defeat in the school's football history. The Hurricanes fired Golden on Oct. 25, 2015, the day after that game.

"The unpaid portion of Plaintiff's separation pay as of October 2018 is approximately $3 million and continues to grow," read the lawsuit. "Plaintiff seeks judgment for this amount and for any additional sums that accrue and remain unpaid."

Golden made about $2.6 million in his final year at Miami, according to tax records.

"The University of Miami is disappointed to learn that former Coach Golden filed suit," the school said in a statement Wednesday. "The University has fulfilled all of its obligations to Coach Golden in connection with his separation from the University and will defend the claims."

Golden went 32-25 at Miami in parts of five seasons and was 17-18 in Atlantic Coast Conference games. His entire tenure at Miami was overshadowed by an NCAA investigation and subsequent fallout -- a mess caused largely by the actions of a rogue former booster, someone currently in federal prison for leading a $900 million Ponzi scheme.

Golden was not told of the potential for NCAA trouble when he took the job. The investigation started in earnest before his first game with the Hurricanes, and each of his seasons in Coral Gables was affected in some way by the scandal, whether it was bowl games that the school chose to sit out because of the probe, scholarship reductions, NCAA sanctions or simply the unwillingness of recruits to commit to a school in turmoil.

The lawsuit does not say what specific amount, if any, Golden received when he was fired.

"Defendant failed to pay, and refuses to pay, the Plaintiff the full amount of the separation payment required," the lawsuit said.

Golden was back in the Miami area this past weekend, in his role as a position coach with the Detroit Lions. They beat the Miami Dolphins 32-21.

Attempts to reach Golden for comment Wednesday were not successful. TMZ first reported details of the lawsuit.

orange n' green in the vein

They're on the schedule Mike, that's reason enough.

Chokie pregame hosts so salty about Miami 'lying' about their 60843 attendance figure for this game;


They act like they just found out their home stadium advantage got ventilated dead by Cho or something, freaking yokels.


Go Yellow Jackets

orange n' green in the vein

Did someone not let fatso know that he'd have to squeeze the Fake Lame AD for his back pay just like they made their own alumnus before him? It used to be so easy for him to get the GD's of the world to bend over and open up for the insertion with no lube, just look;


"With the exception of the two game fiasco at the end of last season, and even those cluster f**** were winnable, there hasn't been a single game since the beginning of last season where we weren't in a game in the fourth quarter. Several of those games we had the ball in our hands with a chance to get within a FG, take the lead or to win the game outright. We failed offensively in all those games.

That's why I think we can absolutely beat Clemson.

If this team can avoid it's three Achilles heels this weekend, poor third down conversion rate, stupid penalties that kill drives or take points off the board and an inability to score late, they can get a win.

Our third down conversion rate has been dramatically better lately, albeit a small sample size. Let's see if that continues and how we do with the other two.

In my opinion what I said against FSU will apply here as well. Play a solid game and If we score late we will win, if we don't we will lose.

If we don't improve in all three areas, there's no way we beat a team with the front seven Clemson has.

Posted by: Go Canes | October 21, 2015 at 09:37 AM"

With 'fans' like the GD sid-tard here, who needs negative recruiters for other schools?

The 1st Horseman

My log-in is not working

The 1st Horseman

The End is near Tomorrow night

31-10 BC

orange n' green in the vein

Typepad logins were the fourth heel of Achilles, no really he crawled on all fours just like UM football under fired for cause fatso.


This is the first time ive seen gt this year their defense looks lost

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