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October 05, 2018


Go Canes!!

Constantine Popa???

Constantine Popa!!!

Old Skool

Hmm Popa ... Popadak Popadak ... Popa. Could it be an alias? Has Tom been holding out all these years.




Old Skool...I still got game! LOL


Scott Nicholas and Stephen McGuire in the HOF?

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm...


OK, well maybe?

Stephen McGuire Football 1989-1992

McGuire left UM as the school's second leading all-time rusher (now #14) with 1,953 yards, trailing only the great Ottis Anderson (3,331) in the category. He still holds the school record with 35 career rushing touchdowns and is tied with Edgerrin James for total touchdowns (35) in the school's record book. A member of both the 1989 and 1991 National Championship teams, Stephen averaged 4.9 yards per carry for his career. Now serves as a New York City police officer.

Scott Nicolas Football 1978-1981

Still Miami's third leading tackler of all-time, Nicolas left UM as the school's leader, having dethroned the legendary Ted Hendricks in the category. He led the team in tackles three consecutive years (1979-1981) and set a school record with 26 total tackles in Miami's upset road victory over Penn State in 1979. Drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the 1982 NFL Draft, Scott played 6 seasons in the league with the Browns and Miami Dolphins.


Nicolas played on the last of the teams I told you I would get the free Burger King game tickets for. I hardly remember him, he probably led the team in tackles becuse nobody else was
gonna get their uniform dirty.

Go Canes!!

From CIS:

Due to the NCAA's new rule, a player can play in up to 4 games and still receive a redshirt designation.

8 of Miami’s 23 true freshman have played in 5 games and have burned their redshirt. They are: Hightower, Wiggins, Jordan, Mallory, Scaife, Ivey, Blades, and Baxa.

3 others have played in 4 games and seem likely to burn their redshirt at some point. They are: Lingard, Silvera, and Hall.

That means Miami still has decisions to make on 12 guys. They are: Williams, Davis, George, Pope, Ezzard, Campbell, Reed, Rousseau, Joyner, Miller, Frierson, and Bethel.

Here's a chart to keep track of how many games a player has participated in so far in 2018 (data is from UM's own official participation charts).

Freshman Redshirt Chart


Jarren Williams – 1 (SSU)


Lorenzo Lingard – 4 (LSU, SSU, TOL, FIU)
Cam Davis – 2 (SSU, FIU)


Realus George – 2 (SSU, FIU)


Brian Hightower – 5 (LSU, SSU, TOL, FIU, UNC)
Dee Wiggins – 5 (LSU, SSU, TOL, FIU, UNC)
Mark Pope – 3 (SSU, TOL, FIU)
Marquez Ezzard – 2 (SSU, FIU)


Brevin Jordan – 5 (LSU, SSU, TOL, FIU, UNC)
Will Mallory – 5 (LSU, SSU, TOL, FIU, UNC)


Delone Scaife – 5 (LSU, SSU, TOL, FIU, UNC)
John Campbell – 3 (SSU, TOL, FIU)
Cleveland Reed – 2 (SSU, FIU)


Gregory Rousseau – 2 (LSU, SSU)
Patrick Joyner – 2 (SSU, FIU)


Nesta Silvera – 4 (SSU, TOL, FIU, UNC)
Jordan Miller – 1 (SSU)


DJ Ivey – 5 (LSU, SSU, TOL, FIU, UNC)
Al Blades – 5 (LSU, SSU, TOL, FIU, UNC)
Gilbert Frierson – 2 (SSU, FIU)
Nigel Bethel – 1 (SSU)


Gurvan Hall – 4 (SSU, TOL, FIU, UNC)


Bubba Baxa – 5 (LSU, SSU, TOL, FIU, UNC)

The rule does not only apply to true freshmen, though. Here are the non-freshman UM players that have yet to redshirt in their career and have played in 4 or less games this season, making them technically still eligible to redshirt this year.

Non-Freshman Redshirt Chart


Ahmmon Richards (Jr.) – 1 (LSU)


Brian Polendey (So.) – 2 (LSU, SSU)
Michael Irvin II (Jr.) – 0


Corey Gaynor (So.) – 2 (SSU, TOL)
Kai-Leon Herbert (So.) – 0


Bradley Jennings (So.) – 4 (LSU, SSU, TOL, UNC)
Charles Perry (Sr.) - 3 (SSU, FIU, UNC)
De’Andre Wilder (So.) – 0


Amari Carter (So.) - 4 (LSU, SSU, FIU, UNC)
Jaquan Johnson (Sr.) - 3 (LSU, SSU, FIU)


Zach Feagles (So.) – 4 (LSU, SSU, TOL, FIU)


It's the calm before the storm right about now......FSU currently waiting in line at Home Depot to pick up some wood for boarding.

Posted by: raizecane | October 05, 2018 at 07:04 AM


To be played in the locker room before kickoff -



"Nicolas played on the last of the teams I told you I would get the free Burger King game tickets for."

Whoppers are 2 for $6 right now.

Think I'm gonna get me some!

Dude on a Pale Horse

Willis named Outland player of the month. Seriously big deal fam.


Wat you talkin bout Willis


"Bennie Blades, one of the dominant voices in The U documentary

explains how UM had a deal with Burger King to give away free game

tickets with the purchase of a Whopper. But because his family didn't have enough money to buy Whoppers, Blades never got any free tickets"

We just asked for them and would get 4 if we would just leave.


Wat you talkin bout Willis

Posted by: solarcane | October 05, 2018 at 02:38 PM



Geez Oct 5th around 5 pm in the mountains, and its a brisk 93 degrees.
I can just imagine how comfortable it must be in South Florida right now

Old Skool

If the heat keeps up, kids will be wearing Tarzan costumes for Halloween.

Sarasota 'cane

I need a win tomorrow!!! All my FSU friends are playing possum and I'm talking mad shiz!! lol

Go 'canes!!


Get em, Sota.

Fswho fans some punk ass bytches.

They round here hidin, too.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Louisville is terrible and they beat... err... lost to FSU.

VA Cane

look forward to Perry doing a good job....I like Malik a lot...but he is just not a good QB. A GREAT kid....but just not a good QB at all. He has more luck than talent...last year FSU game is example. I just want to punish FSU...they have the stupidest players in the country.....the really ought to bulldoze FSU and UF......academic jokes.
My niece is getting her masters from UM....aint cheap folks....I pay it from my farm profits....thank god for relatives who got land in the late 1650s...pays for her!
She now wants a PhD....from UM....but why not...best college in FL!
Go Canes crush FSU!!!


It’s time for the Seminoles....to end.

Go Canes!

Yamma Yamma!

Terrance Sullivan

For some reason I think this game is another Sunshine Sizzler I say 28-24 Miami! Go Canes! Beat FSU!


That Louisville team that FSU best last week doesn’t look too good tonight. I think that betting line could move a little more in the Canes favor


Who tailgating tomorrow? I’d love to meet up. Let me know where and I’ll try to stop by!


Only richt keeps this game close! If he opens the offense up, we should destroy them. But just like last game, great play call, great route, great pass, and a nice 20 us or so gain. Then run, run and 3rd and long! If we keep throwing and are successful on the 10 to 20 yd pass plays, it will open the running game. One of FSU’s many weaknesses is their LB’s - should play well for JT as well as Jordan. I do look for Hightower to have a few key receptions as well.


Well said AERO, U are right, Richt will keep the game close. Trying to jam it between the tackles and getting stonewalled. Will be tough sledding trying to run but in the end THE Herb sees a ,27-17 win.


Miami is now a -14 point favorite in most betting lines.

LSU line has narrowed to about -2 or -1.5 at Gainesville. Coach O will be tested this weekend. I thinks a Canes win will open the door for the Canes to make a move up the polls. If the Canes continue to win and beat the teams they should beat,the Canes will steadily move up and find themselves in the top 5-10 by the end of the season


I’d be very happy with 27-17
Like to see more of the ND slaughter - maybe 52 - 17!


The defensive line
The curse is over


There needs to be more posting - it’s fsu eve and no one should sleep!


Canes win 34-13.

Write it down.

I got this.


I'm not sleeping Canespacers.
So excited for tomorrow. Got my den all decorated in Orange, Green and White. Nice and cozy, but ready to rumble with any FSUers. I hope we blister their butts. About time we win big at Hard Rock Stadium, in the blistering sun.
Go get them Canes.

Sarasota 'cane

Game Day!!

Go 'canes!!

Dude on a Pale Horse

I still got 31-20 Miami. But if we cover, that would be awesome.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Juventus @10:00
Miami @1:30
UFC @8:00

Gonna be a great day.

Go Canes!!

I’m gonna be so hungover for the game later.

Old Skool

Woohoo It's gameday

Old Skool

11 hours and counting


9.5 and counting!
Go Canes!

Go Canes!!

Man am I hungover.

But it’s game day so it’s time to suck it up and get ready for the big game!!

Go Canes!!!


Lol and yep!


Richt - unleash the beasts - both offensively and defensively! And I’ll be happy!
Play it close and not to lose and I’ll be very unhappy!

Gin & Tonic

FSU’s offensive line is just awful.

Mami should be in the backfield making plays all game.

Offense gets 21 points.
Defense gets 7.
Special teams gets 7.

Miami 35-13


I like!


Deondre - please meet joe Jackson!
Deondre- please meet G Willis
Deondre - please meet Jonathan Garvin
Oh, btw, Deondre - please meet Shaq!


Canes better be cautious of fsu...

It's a rivalry game, they have NOTHING to lose, they'll play us harder than anybody else on their schedule, and we know the saying about cornering a wounded animal...


Beat dat a^%$##


This is the game where Perry makes history. Just like Kelly,Kosar, number 7, 11, 13 etc...its Cane time


FSU will no doubt come to bring it but after a series or 2 of our D stopping them with sacks and TFL, and Perry throwing some darts for completions, they will come down to earth and begin doubting taggert and the schemes! IF richt takes it to them The first couple of series, and it works how I described, we crush them!

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