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November 09, 2018


His Majesty The Dude on High

Posted by: Go Canes!! | November 10, 2018 at 11:27 PM

Miami NEEDS 3 coaches: OC, ST & OL. So 3 coaches have to go. 1 QBs, 2 OL, so either Brown, Dugans or Hartley has to go, or maybe 1 of Banda or Rumph since they are redundant.

Go Canes!!

TD no way Dugans or Hartley go imo, they’re way too important for recruiting.

Searels should be out tomorrow, Jr right after. The rest I’ll leave to CMR since his job is riding on it.

His Majesty The Dude on High

Brown should probably be gone also, but then someone has to pick up the slack at RB, perhaps Hartley or Dugans could double up positions. Probably Hartley since that would put him at about 10 scholarships to manage.


Canes suck. We are a historical footnote. Nothing more. Get used to it. Doesn’t matter and don’t give a fuk who is the coach moving forward.

His Majesty The Dude on High

We havent won anything of note in HD. Our grainy 2000s highlights must look like Notre Dame's black and white glory days.


NDs glory days are a current factor. Us not so much


It’s sad but we will end this year on a 6 game losing streak and are going to get crushed by UF to open next year!
UNLESS huge changes are made and as long as loser richt is our HC I don’t think it matters what changes are made - they won’t be enough until he goes!


By the way Butch ain't walking thru Dem doors, so quit worrying about it. Give the Butch stuff a rest. Hell he's 67 or 68 yrs. Old. That was then, this is now. He couldn't save us no more than Richt has. We need to dump the pro style and let's get with the times before we are the last ones to the party.


You all are crazy if you think there are going to be changes in the staff. Nothing will happen in the off-season. Maybe in 2020 or 2021, butnot now.

The only changes we see in the offseason will be the 20-39 transfers that take place


the new words to the old song we sang at the ob we will rock you are we will we will su uck su uck..we will we will su uck su uck


Miami is a basketball score.


Miami is a basketball school


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