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November 07, 2018



BWC...we got this!

Go Canes!!

He idolizes David Njoku, so this tight end recruit feels good about Canes after visit

November 08, 2018 03:18 PM

Jalen Wydermyer’s official visit with the Miami Hurricanes was a weekend of firsts for the three-star tight end from Dickinson, Texas. It was Wydermyer’s first official visit and his first ever trip to South Florida. He ate gator and lobster for the first time. And, for the first time, Miami got to layout exactly the vision it has for the senior.

From afar — and with one trip to Texas — Todd Hartley has tried to illustrate what he envisions the 6-5, 240-pound receiver potentially doing at Miami.

“Probably the most impressive thing of the whole visit,” Wydermyer said earlier this week after returning home from his visit, “was he sat me down and showed me film. He didn’t tell me what he’d do with me. He showed me.”

Hartley has always alluded to Wydermyer potentially filling the void the Hurricanes have struggled to since tight end David Njoku left for the NFL following the 2016 season. This weekend, the tight ends coach showed Wydermyer exactly what he means.

Hartley began by showing Wydermyer film of when Njoku and fellow tight end Chris Herndon both played key roles in 2016. Herndon, a relatively undersized receiver, could play a variety of roles near the offensive line, which gave the Hurricanes the flexibility to use Njoku as either a traditional in-line tight end or as a super-sized wide receiver. Hartley then showed Wydermyer how he uses tight ends this year — Brevin Jordan plays the old Herndon role, but the Hurricanes still don’t have anyone they can use regularly in Njoku’s old role.

Miami already has one tight end committed in the Class of 2019 with Larry Hodges, a three-star prospect from Tampa Jesuit. Hodges comes in the Jordan or Herndon mold. Wydermyer would get a chance at becoming the next Njoku, which is meaningful to Wydermyer.

“I told Coach, ‘I want to do the exact same thing y’all did with David Njoku,’” Wydermyer said. “I looked up to David Njoku a lot, watching him at Miami. He was just an idol in college, so I keep up with him in the NFL and stuff like that. ‘I want y’all to do the exact same thing y’all did with him.’”

Wydermyer expected some pitch like this. He didn’t, however, expect the campus to be like it is.

Wydermyer has thought about the Hurricanes since he was young because his father grew up a Miami fan. Wydermyer even did a research paper about the university when he was young, but he still didn’t quite understand the distinction between Miami and Coral Gables until he spent the weekend in Florida. Appealingly, the school still feels like a traditional college.

“Me and my parents had a stereotype going into Miami. It’s a huge college, it’s right in the center of Miami, it’s a party city, blah, blah blah and when we got there, it wasn’t in Miami,” Wydermyer said. “It’s really a small community. It’s like a college town pretty much and then right next to Miami. It was awesome. It’s crazy how it’s so secluded from Miami.”

With his first official visit in the books, Wydermyer has a timeline in mind. His birthday is Dec. 20, which falls right in the middle of the early-signing period. He’d like to announce his commitment then, as long as he knocks out the rest of the official visits he wants to take.

Wydermyer, whom the 247Sports.com composite rankings peg as the No. 17 in his class, is now working on setting up officials with the Texas A&M Aggies and Alabama Crimson Tide. He’s also taken unofficial visits with the Mississippi Rebels and Georgia Bulldogs in the past, although he isn’t yet sure about official visits with those two.

“That would be awesome,” Wydermyer said of signing early, “but if I don’t get some officials down — the officials I want to get down — by then, I’ll just wait.”

News and nuggets:

▪ It was mostly a rough weekend for the Hurricanes on the recruiting front. On Sunday, three-star running back Marcus Crowley flipped his commitment from Miami to the Ohio State Buckeyes after spending the weekend in Columbus for an official visit. The Jacksonville Trinity Christian Academy senior had been committed to the Hurricanes since 2017.

▪ Cornelius Nunn’s defection from Miami’s 2019 class a day later was a bit less crushing, but still disheartening given the Hurricanes’ on-field struggles. The three-star safety from Palmetto had been committed to Miami for less than three weeks before he announced his decommitment Monday.

▪ There was still at least one piece of good news for the Hurricanes this week. Louis Hedley, a two-star punter from City College of San Francisco, committed to Miami on Sunday shortly after receiving an offer. The junior college prospect will have three years of eligibility remaining when he joins the Hurricanes next year.

▪ Wydermyer wasn’t the only key visitor for Miami on Saturday. Lloyd Summerall also made his first trip to Hard Rock Stadium this season. The four-star defensive end from Lakeland has been high on the Hurricanes since visiting for the first time in the spring. He plans to return for an official visit later in the year.

▪ Some other major Miami targets have begun to take late-season official visits with some of the Hurricanes’ biggest challengers. Mark-Antony Richards, a four-star athlete from Wellington, took his official visit with the Auburn Tigers this past weekend and Khris Bogle, a four-star defensive end from Cardinal Gibbons, is set to officially visit the Alabama Crimson Tide this weekend. Both still plan to take official visits with Miami later in the year.

Auburn has long been the Hurricanes’ biggest challenger for Richards, who is the younger brother of former Miami wide receiver Ahmmon Richards. The Crimson Tide, meanwhile, is probably trying to make up ground on the Hurricanes and the Tennessee Volunteers in Bogle’s recruitment, although the senior does have a relationship with Alabama defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski, who was previously in the same role at Miami.

Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/college/acc/university-of-miami/article221355255.html#storylink=cpy


Good Canes show up Saturday, Canes win 24-17.

Posted by: NativeCane | November 08, 2018 at 06:59 PM


Nope.........this team is in a spiral and there is no sense of urgency from the coaches to the players. N'Kosi will know in the back of his mind he is on a short leash which will make him press and play poorly. He will get yanked and CMR will take a few hits from the bong at halftime. By the time its over and he starts to realize there are no empanadas in the local area, he will have a Cheech and Chong moment during the post game presser....

Posted by: raizecane | November 08, 2018 at 07:42 PM

Fixed that for ya Raize!


I guess it's good for them that we got them, instead of them, who wanted them because now we are stuck. Now had anybody on America, aside from us got them, they would have been coached up and at the position they need to be playing but we forgot the coached up part.

Terrance Sullivan

Lol we. Rushed for 300 yards last week still scored only 12 points and lost and all this hot air for N'Kosi like he is Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson, or Cam Newton or Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, Doug Williams, he more like a cross between Trick or Treat Malik(OGV named) and Kenny Kelly lol both Trick or Treat Malik and N'KOSI Hive Overrated As Freak only units worse is Offensive Line and Special Teams those units are the Poo Poo Platter with The Offensive Coaching as the Sauces IJS. BTW UMike we are now Rocking the Blackout per the Canes Football Twitter Page.


Dam, Terrence, I'm glad somebody has a handle on No Kosi don't throw it.
All that sweet talk by
Wydamyer means squat. How many times have we heard Miami is my dream school. He's A & M bound and Summerall won't be here either.
Be lucky to have on to Bogle and if we had Neal, the only way we might real him back is a winning streak. Same goes for Stephens.
All I can say is after December. 19th Richt better hit the Juccos hard because flipping anyone to us is going to be hard


Most teams probably have at least, on their 3 deep rotation 6 tackles and we have one legit tackle out of 15 lineman.

VA Cane

Got to have them big boys....up front both sides....you cannot win without them.
Thats what I see as our biggest challenge getting those big fast tough mean ass kickin OL guys!!!!!
Al lthe big teams have them....and it makes their attack so much more physical than what we can do.
Herbie, its been a problem for a long time; I know how you, many others and myself have said it for a long time...but you are spot on!
Hell Brady would die back there and he's good!
With Trick or Treat Malik (LOL) back there....or even Perry....N $ Perry (LOL) its a horror show.....I need some of CMRs stash to see it...maybe one of you could cop some from CMR and send it to VA....it must be damn good!!!!!


Don't worry VA. Because he ain't. U look at his pressers and u can see and hear how concerned he is. Just another mil. In his pocket, no sweat somebody give me another shot gun, cough, cough!!


Wake forest beats NC State in Raleigh. Excluding Clemson, There are no dominant ACC teams

Go Canes!!

Posted by: BigWindyCane | November 08, 2018 at 11:15 PM

Everybody suck.


Barry is reaching to cut Richt some slack.

Mahoney, Jones and Gauthier weren't ranked high. Gauthier still developed until this season. Pre season all ACC and predicted to get drafted.

It's funny how he only referenced with Rivals.

Scaife ended up with a good amount of P5 offers. Donaldson, St. Louis, Herbert top shelf 4* prospects.

Harley 4*, Mallory 4*. Thomas and Cager were high school All Americans. Brevin Jordan too. And Pope. And Hightower...

You get the point.

Homer and Dallas 4*, Lingard 5*, Burns 4*(by espn and scout).

This staff has failed at development. Period.

At least 80% of P5 schools would trade rosters with us immediately.


Bottom line:

When Richt took the helm, the defense was considered garbage and bereft of talent. The offense was considered good enough to compete for the ACC immediately...

3 years later...

The defense is elite. The offense sucks harder then a mosquito on steroids.



Terrance Sullivan

CoCane Preach Brotha!

Old Skool

If Richt is toast, he's definitely white bread -- Something highly processed with no fiber (all the solidity and mass has been chopped to pieces or sifted out) that tastes bland and offers little nutritional value to promote growth and development.

Go Canes!!

Posted by: CoCane | November 09, 2018 at 12:41 A

This is what I meant by factually inaccurate, though I don’t agree with the 80%.

There are a lot of schools out there with rosters of deep, experienced offensive lines and skill position players. Won’t even talk about QB.

Nearly all the players named there are freshmen or sophomores. We have s ton of raw young talent, but other schools have had years to build depth and experience.

Of the three losses we just had I can live with the BC one because of just that. Duke and UVA were and will always be completely inexcusable.


Posted by: CoCane | November 09, 2018 at 12:41 AM

Barry Jackson is on that good dope!



Barry Jackson be snorting them coach Forester lines 😶 He can't feel his face

orange n' green in the vein

"Mark Richt has never lost a game at Bobby Dodd and he has only lost twice in 11 tries against Paul Johnsons triple option.

Good Canes show up Saturday, Canes win 24-17.

Posted by: NativeCane | November 08, 2018 at 06:59 PM"

That's the way you do it. This is traditionally known as a circle the wagon's game while the live dog is being prematurely counted out of sneaking in the still open division champ door, Wally. But unless UM plays up and GT plays down, the yellow bees are about three or four points better at home, which means Smart Mark has some work cut out for him in crafting the game plan this week...

"all this hot air for N'Kosi like he is Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson, or Cam Newton or Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, Doug Williams, he more like a cross between Trick or Treat Malik(OGV named) and Kenny Kelly lol

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | November 08, 2018 at 09:38 PM"

It's too early to say for sure, but I've got him penciled in as a potential evolutionary Jacory Harris, like the herb but more sympathetic in the evaluation since he's not even halfway done with his eligibility. Between the frame, natural athleticism and compact pass attempt release, you can win with him being able to read a defense pre-snap eventually and learning to hurry up on his coverage reads on where to throw the football.

"The defense is elite. The offense sucks harder then a mosquito on steroids.



Posted by: CoCane | November 09, 2018 at 12:53 AM"

Above average does not equal elite, go look at who they let score above their season averages on them. Disappointing does suck like a female mosquito though on the other hand, I give you that.

Barry Jackson has to slurp sid-tards for a paycheck, he's in the worst spot ever other than actually being GD and shitting up the blob with tl;dr copy/pastes of talking points daily like a liar and a moron. I hope Miami Herald Manny is still pulling no punches though, if 86 ever leaves the blog to him he'll have to around here after all so it's important for him to keep that keeping it 100% real edge.


The offense sucks harder then a mosquito on steroids.

Posted by: CoCane | November 09, 2018 at 12:53 AM

Only on Canespace!

Go Canes!!

Posted by: orange n' green in the vein | November 09, 2018 at 08:05 AM

You’re obviously upset about me posting articles about the Canes most people enjoy.

Maybe to appease you I’ll start posting information about obsessive compulsive disorders, closeted individuals who overcompensate through homophobia and Houdini’s cheat sheets on escaping a straight jacket.

Just let me know.


Go Canes back to his bi-polar excuse making self I see?

How completely embarrassing.

Blog on!


Posted by: CoCane | November 09, 2018 at 07:43 AM



Posted by: Go Canes!! | November 09, 2018 at 06:37 AM

How much do you charge UM to keep PMR in your protection program?


Go Canes back to his excuse making I see?

Blog on!

Posted by: 86Cane | November 09, 2018 at 08:32 AM

Go Canes: I'm not making excuses, only WWIN thinks that.

EVERYBODY ELSE on Canespace: Go Canes stop making excuses for PMR!

Go Canes!!

Posted by: 86Cane | November 09, 2018 at 08:32 AM

Boston college’s top seven offensive linemen have over 150 career starts combined.

Would use switch ours for theirs?

How about their QB for Rosier?

Homer or DJ for AJ Dillon?

Grow up.

Go Canes!!

WW your trolling is as old and tired as your ridiculous excuse making comments.

You’re incapable of conversation or analytical thinking.

Done with you.




Posted by: Go Canes!! | November 09, 2018 at 08:41 AM

BC would switch players with us right now plus they'll throw in 10K cash and they'll still feel like they raped us!

Go Canes!!

There are 65 Power 5 team in college football. Anyone who thinks this team, that's not even at 85 scholarship players yet has the 17th best roster or better in the country in talent, depth AND experience is delusional.

Some people think it's impossible say that AND also say Richt is calling horrible plays and we have NO business losing to Pitt, Duke and UVA.

Just like some people are incaable of saying play calling, lack of talent and experience on the o-line AND horrible QB play ALL contribute to our offensive shit show.


The diagnosis just got worse for Go Canes. Circular arguments again? Defending this mess in the third year. Afraid of big bad mighty national powerhouse Boston College? Get back on the lithium bruh.

Terrance Sullivan

LoL Y'all got me weaker than sugar water from laughter reading the comments. Great blogging Canespace Family.

Go Canes!!

Posted by: 86Cane | November 09, 2018 at 10:00 AM

I notice you didn’t answer the questions. Cause you can’t.

Your simpleton mindset is in full regurgitation mode.

Before the season half the the people on this blog said BC on the road would be one of the toughest games of the year for exactly why I said above.

There’s a huge difference between them and Duke, UVA and Pitt.

Old Skool

My favorite quote from Richt in BJ's column in the Herald:

“No matter how bad things seem to be, I think they’re doing a really wonderful job.”

If that's what he truly believes, ya gotta wonder whether Richt spends his spare time clapping to ensure Tinkerbell lives.


The Herb hopes Da Cane's left their panty hose behind. It's time to man up on the road, instead of playing like road kill!
Black unis.on the road now that is worth a FG. for us. Where are all the other points going to come from, oh I forgot by the defense setting us up.
Still sticking to 27- 20. Won't have the ball that much, maybe 22 to 25 minutes if the whole game, so we better make do with the limited times we get it. We definitely have to keep our punter off the field.


I notice you didn’t answer the questions. Cause you can’t.

Posted by: Go Canes!! | November 09, 2018 at 10:56 AM

No, wrong again. Not because I can't, because I have no time to waste on the same old runaround. You stick to your talking points. Nobody is buying your spin.



UM 34 - GT 13


If that's what he truly believes, ya gotta wonder whether Richt spends his spare time clapping to ensure Tinkerbell lives.

Posted by: Old Skool | November 09, 2018 at 11:10 AM


See you in the morning Old Skool. Melbourne Beach here we come!

orange n' green in the vein

GD wails to the owner of this fine private internet establishment about not getting to argue Fake Lame's talking points in bad faith but then cries he's being attacked when told his stupid sid-tard talking points don't carry water in reality when people disagree with him, like the whiny little bitch he is.

It's a sid-tard life for him, it's a sid-tard life for him, instead of sold season tickets he gets comps, instead of playoffs he gets toilet bowls, it's a sid-tard life . . .

VA Cane

Watching the Herd....I do despise Colin Cowherd as he is a moron....they were talking about how some people say Bama could beat the Bills...he said no way....they were great....but not even the greatest college team of all time....then he said something smart...he said 2001-03 Canes were the greatest....and our Miami girl Joy Taylor daid they had backups that were stars.....So true...
Boy....dont ya miss that? When we were really really good...and could play anybody?
How about this team VS 2001 canes....think it would be close? NOT!!!!!
Was nice to think about those cats...that was football!!!

VA Cane

I hate to live in the past....but boy its better much better than the last 3 weeks.....IJS!!!!

His Majesty The Dude on High

If we are going to get back on track, big if... Miami's awfense needs 3 TDs, 3 extra points (no longer a gimme) and a FG. Miami's D has to bail the O out and keep GT in check. The best way to beat GT is to score a bunch fast and stay in front of them, dont allow them to grind... no chance Miami can do that, we play right into their hands.

GT 31, Miami 19.

Go Canes!!

Posted by: His Majesty The Dude on High | November 09, 2018 at 02:29 PM

I don’t think CMR is creative enough to put Perry in the right position to succeed and we aren’t going to run it down anyone’s throat.

Only way I see us getting to 24-28 is maybe a sustained drive or two for the whole game with one explosive play and a TO for points.

That’s some serious grasping at straws.

Hopeful but not confident that’s for sure.

Old Skool

Tonight it's Canes versus the Mountain Hawks as BB season opens at 7:00 PM

Terrance Sullivan

Right on Old Skool hope the Men's Team handle Bizness tonight like our Women's Team did this morning.

Old Skool

Canes favored by 15.5 over Lehigh. At least one of our teams is a favorite this weekend.


Off for a while. Friends and elections. Just turned on Canespace and whoa!!. There I am in all my BLONDE glory with Canechic, (the hottest of them all.) Remember it like it was yesterday. Blondes and all beautiful. Better watch it Native Cane etc. I think you owe me and canechic a U apology.
Thanks Tom for bringing back the "greatest canes photo of all".
Blondes are beautiful and have more fun, so they say. But, all CANESPACERS, even Shalala are beautiful.


I do apologize Mary Lou, you, CGNC, and all the beautiful women of Canespace including my girl Rebecca have my utmost respect.
I plead insanity, I'm just crazy about Canespace!

His Majesty The Dude on High

Posted by: Go Canes!! | November 09, 2018 at 02:53 PM

We could luck into some throws and break away runs. Theres also the chance of a kick return that goes deep into GT territory with out a holding call, but its slim. Richt's awefense & ST are so terrible. This is going to be painful to watch. The last time I expected Miami to clearly lose was a few years ago, probably the AG Clemson game. GT should handle Miami's O fairly well, and Miami's D will be stressed to the max. At some point I expect them to break. I expect Miami fans to be on fire after this one. GT beats Miami soundly 31-19. Miami gets 2 TDs, 1 extra point and maybe 2 FGs now that Perry is starting, although, I wont be surprised if MR sacrifices a FG to go for it at some point, maybe when down 24-13 or 24-16.

We should do an over under for the amount of yards Miami gets on its first drive. Over under 9?


you play a qb who cannot make an accurate throw and then you make excuses for him then the rest of the team hears that its ok to play soft. So thats where we are at now..they really dont care about winning. ..its the cancer the program needs to cut out...we need a Frost to come in and get the guys to care again.

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