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December 31, 2018



Me first!


Manny is a good enough defensive coordinator. Manny is a high risk high reward defensive coordinator. If you have an offense that can score that will definitely do. Who are the great defensive coordinators in college?? Show me that SHORT list and I'm sure there is a list of games he was lit up. After Venables who?


Me thinks that UM needs a new AD.


Thirsty... was taking about Shannon.

Posted by: Mia Chi ‘Cane ‘98 | December 31, 2018 at 12:21 AM

Now I see it.....LOL!

58 Straight

"Stupid is as stupid does."

Posted by: nemo2002 | December 30, 2018 at 11:42 PM

There IT is right there.


Temple fans pretty understanding about Manny situation

"Moves to the head of all time piece of shit coaches we've had or in his case almost had. Easily surpasses the Dazzler and Collins. If this is the kind of character this clown has, then good riddance."


1) Manny was given a shot at DC and he performed extremely well. Let's not forget where we were on that side under Golden.

2) Manny is extremely well connected. If there was ever a chance for his people to use their leverage this was absolutely the time to do it.

He loves and get's the program. We will see how he does


We have all the "yeah but" excuses for wherever we try and take our narrative. I didn't want Manny but I'm excited to know he's hear and we will have a new offensive mind on the other side of the ball. Before the bowl game all everyone posted was "imagine how good our defense would play with a functional offense" okay let's see how this works. OC and line coach will be the biggest hires. Hopefully he hires someone he will give full range on offense so he can put his attention squarely on defense and special teams....

Mia Chi ‘Cane ‘98

The university just keeps embarrassing itself. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

58 Straight



Manny was given a shot at DC and there is no question that he performed


I have no inside knowledge but I have to imagine all of the stops were used to advocate on his behalf

58 Straight

Everything about this hire wreaks of amateurism.

No National search.

No thinking and waiting.

No listening to coaches interested in the job.

No asking what or who they would bring with them.

No interviews to justify their choice.



Our main problem is substandard offensive production. What exactly is head coach Diaz going to do about THAT?

58 Straight

Not renewing season tickets until I see the coaching choices and changes. The dumpster fire is definitely not out just yet, and may never be at this rate.


I think this will work out. Just a feeling.

Early thoughts:
1) Diaz apparently has sizable support in the BOT. That helps. Shannon did not
2) Diaz has political connections that the other coaches lack
3) Diaz can leverage both for more spending and support, moreso than Shannon, Coker, or Golden

The hire does help continuity on defense, which wasn’t broken to begin with. The key of course is getting a strong, innovative OC.

As a friend just told me, high risk, high reward.

And as for Cristobal....I’d like him here. But he won’t have Alabama bagmen to aid him. So there is that.

Old Skool

For me, it feels like the contestants voted and Miss Congeniality won before the show was broadcast. The judges and the audience had no say.

Is few hours a genuine search and deliberation?
Carpe Diaz is right. The corollary should be "sic semper Athletic Directors"

58 Straight

1) Diaz apparently has sizable support in the BOT. That helps. Shannon did not

2) Diaz has political connections that the other coaches lack

3) Diaz can leverage both for more spending and support, moreso than Shannon, Coker, or Golden

Posted by: TonyCane | December 31, 2018 at 12:44 AM

1. You know this because???

2. Political connections help your football team get better?

3. The "leverage" you assume exists can come back to bite U in the azz says the NCAA!


Hello, is this Vista Print?

Good this is head coach Manny Diaz, I would like to change my business cards.

What do you mean they are already printed.

No I'm the head coach of The Miami Hurricanes.

No I don't want the 5000 Temple Head Coach cards.

Yes I did just order them Friday.

No I'm the not the Temple head coach
I'm the Miami Hurricanes head coach.
No I am not shitting you.

No, not Mark, I'm Manny Diaz head fugging coach of the Miami Hurricanes.



one of the first thing Manny did at Temple was hire St. Joseph's prep head coach Gabe Infante to his staff...he won 4 state titles and was named the high school All American game coach... He's going to step it up a lot more with his hiring at the U!!!

Old Skool

And there it is.

Ridiculous and so absurdly premature:

Posted by: Go Canes!! | December 30, 2018 at 10:40 PM



Great article Soup... I share the same concerns!



Posted by: TonyCane | December 31, 2018 at 12:44 AM

Defense was smoke and mirrors


U can't make this ish up!


I like the TWSS!

Old Skool

"Miami is home. The University of Miami is home. The U has truly been 'the job' for me since I first got into coaching," said Diaz in a school release.

Okay... For all his connections to the city and talk about home, when Diaz had the choice to stay or go. He chose FSU.


Corn Elder

@Coach_MannyDiaz about to have it rockin!!!


80's Cane

This is a horrible hire! The administration should be ashamed of themselves. This sounds like old school City of Miami political shenanigans. Manny Diaz was overrated as a defensive coordinator. He was run out of Texas and his defenses padded their stats against Savannah State, North Carolina, and other bottom.feeders. They were whipped even by substandard offenses like LSU and Wisconsin. Imagine if they had played Syracuse or God forbid Clemson. It would have been a blood bath. For those who support this hire what top offensive coordinator is going to work for a first time head coach? Barry Jackson is already floating the name of Frank Ponce. A guy who has been the offensive coordinator at Appalachian State and is now the QB coach at Louisville which is a program in ruins right now. So we are already dumpster diving for coaches. Mark my words this is going to be a disaster!!! The U is dead!!! To hell with Julio Frenk, Blake James, and every other member of the administration who made this nightmare a reality. Im done!!!


Posted by: 80's Cane | December 31, 2018 at 01:18 AM



I like the TWSS!

Posted by: SOUP | December 31, 2018 at 01:03 AM

Yes! My first time seeing that

Dude on a Pale Horse

I cant believe how lazy Miami is. Hopefully Diaz is not as he will now have 100% control going forward. 1 thing is totally clear though. Miami has no desire to win football games, maybe Diaz does.


We needed a HC that was going to bring in a OC and DC so we could get rid of Banda and Patke... now they're staying 🤧😭


This must be as I said earlier a wtf hire. Nothing against Manny but he would be better going to Temple, get his feet wet where their is not the pressure there is here. This to me is a out as bad as hiring Shannon.
Maybe it all works out depending on the Offensive Coordinator he hires. He he stays pro style, The Herb is done with this. He dam well better fire Searles and Richt Jr.
Dam this pisses me off
All my excitement is now gone, in one fleeting moment
A save the recruiting class hire, fo sho.

Dude on a Pale Horse

We needed a HC that was going to bring in a OC and DC so we could get rid of Banda and Patke... now they're staying 🤧😭

Posted by: WWIN | December 31, 2018 at 01:35 AM

😞 and there is 0 chance he does what MR should have done and hired a real DC. This f*ckin Cracker Jack bro. We done bro, we done, its over.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Posted by: Herbieibis | December 31, 2018 at 01:38 AM

Theres no class to save. Its just Manny & Blake are bros and no one gives a f*ck.

58 Straight

It's not like Manny was so admired and respected that he was going to Oklahoma or Texas, or USC or Notre Dame, or Michigan or Ohio State, or Auburn or Tennessee as head coach, he was going to friggin TEMPLE! That's the best we can do? Steal a HC from TEMPLE???

The joke is on us!

58 Straight

Not renewing season tickets. Thank you Blake James, U just saved me over $2000!


I’m going to go out on a limb that and say it’s different than Shannon because:

1) Diaz actually emotes. Shannon was stoic. Teams take on the personalities of their coaches, good or bad. That was the complaint about Richt

2) Diaz MAY be able to parlay support to further enhance the program. Emphasis on may. Shannon was given pennies to fill out his staff.

As for the BOT, there was an article posted this evening on Canesinsight shortly before the announcement that said a portion of the BOT had already aligned behind Diaz. It also said that Cristobal had reached out to Miami. He would have been a better choice in my opinion.

Now that Diaz is hired, Im just trying to ponder it and see if this really has a chance of working. It’s not a home run hire...such as getting Urban Meyer. It’s a risk. But I think that there are reasons to believe it can, hopefully. Again, just as if Richt had remained...its all contingent upon the offense. Many people here said that Diaz left for Temple out of frustration...clearly he knows what is broken.

Dude on a Pale Horse

I want everyone to pile sh*t high and heavy on Manny right now. Why? Because he needs to be hardened by this. Lazy b*tch hires aint gonna cut it chief. Not hitting numbers every year at every position aint gonna cut it. Losing to FSU or UF aint gonna cut it. He needs to feel this pressure and work relentlessly to weather the storm coming his way, all while building it back at everyone else. Hes got us against the world in the locker room right now. He needs to hardened that a weapon of destruction.This could toughen him, hes definitely smart enough to win. Seems to have the right attitute. Now he needs to pick some brains of the legends.


We definitely ain't hitting numbers this year again. 13 slots left to field and most all the horses have left the starting date. This is one effed ending to shyt year.


Make it 12. It appears we have Stevenson

Dude on a Pale Horse

Posted by: Herbieibis | December 31, 2018 at 02:00 AM

Lets talk defense.

4* DT Sorrells
4* DE Bogle
4* FS Sanguinetti
4* FS Stevenson
5* CB Dent

That fixes a lot wrong with the D. I want to see Manny close those guys, no bullsh*t


Posted by: TonyCane | December 31, 2018 at 01:48 AM

1) Shannon was a better DC than Diaz!


The joke is on us!

Posted by: 58 Straight | December 31, 2018 at 01:45 AM

There it is!


Posted by: Dude on a Pale Horse | December 31, 2018 at 01:38 AM


DallasTX Cane

So to make sure I understand corrrectly, in the time it took me to get a haircut, pack a bag, and drive to Houston (headed to New Orleans for NE Eve & Sugar Bowl) - about 6 hours total - The U lost a head coach, conducted a nationwide search, interviewed candidates, discussed their options, and hired a new head coach. That is some efficient as sh_t work right there. Wish my company could move 1/2 as fast.

I loved Manny as our DC. I was leery at first given his failure at UTX, but he came through. The D has been a consistent positive under his watch and was really good this season. Even so, I cannot fathom the how’s and why’s of us not even giving any other folks a chance. How’s it worked out the last few times we tried 1st time HC’s?!? Manny will have my full support and I hope like hell he breaks the “sh_t for brains” HC hire streak we’re on. But I am totally shocked that we didn’t even take a couple of days to gauge interest. Reading all the posts, I started to imagine an Urban Meyer or Leach the Pirate stalking the sideline at Hard Rock. Talk about getting the blood pumping! And enough of the “Leach is average” BS. That dude turns crap programs into winners, puts QBs no one else wants into The League, and has as extensive and impressive a coaching tree throughout college ball as anyone this side of Nick Saban. He’s too independent and unpredictable for the U, but would’ve been a great fit and throwback to the OLD DAYS when U foootball equally offended and kicked azz.

But, here we are... back to hoping a brand new HC can figure it out and build a winner. Good luck Manny...the “fans” will give you about a game before they form their rock-solid, I’m never wrong, I know so much because I was alive when JJ coached, I’m a bad azz that doesn’t tolerate losing, I was a bad azz in high school, and I still jazzercise to this day OPINIONS.


I agree with you soup and others - this is typical Blake James being effing lazy and lieing - did the same thing before he hired the GA reject. He’s definitely not the splash or exciting hire but I’ll say this: I’m more excited about him than I have been in a while - better than stubborn, stupid looking Shannon, the tie wearing terrible defense golden, and the worst of all of them Richt! This guy will bring passion and if he does actually do what he says (use the talents on the offense to the best of their advantages and be agressive) then we might be decent. He needs to hire an experienced, aggressive OC, fire a bunch of people and get ST back to the U standards. Jmo but I’ll wait to be totally pissed until I see how he rounds out the coaching staff and see if as HC he can close with any big dogs in recruiting (Bogle, Stevenson, hasslewood, etc)
PS soup, loved the article (especially part about Shula and the dolphins-lol)


I'm not terribly upset over this hire, but I can't help but wonder, did we even try? I wonder if they had Diaz pegged as the guy from the start but they were waiting on CMR. He has that old Miami mentality and I believe after watching the shit show on offense the last couple years he will want a system that better fits our athletes. That's what he did on D.


I totally get how people are pissed about the hire. Honestly Cristobal would have been my first pick if we were going with a Miami guy. The man was the first to win at FIU. Then probably Chud. However Manny has performed at Miami. It's a definitely a risk. However, most of the times our D was out performed had to do with the O putting them in terrible positions. I mean 5 turnovers against Wisconsin etc. That being said we didn't have many 9 to 6 or 12 to 3 score games. We will know soon enough


Was manny my first choice, No, Does everyone have to like the hire? No. But there's hyperbole and then there is dude you make absolutely no sense. To call his defense overrated after finishing consecutive years

1st passing yards allowed
1st 3rd down conversion
3rd fewest first downs allowed
1st in the country in tackles for loss
2nd team pass efficiency on defense
2nd in total defense
giving up only 18.ppg
having to play opposite of that garbage can offense is Amazing...This wasn't a defense that was allowed to play consistently with two score leads or could rely on the offense to put together back to back time consuming drives... This defense had to deal with an offense that finished with more turnovers (26) than all but 5 FBS teams..A offense that went three and out time after time. A defense who had to play and take chances knowing the offense would go halves without converting a third down...To some how say his defense is overrated really puts a damper on your credibility in terms of football understanding..

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