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December 14, 2018



Well Herbie, don’t be afraid to tell us what you really thinking.


Native coming in dropping the Alabama Jam Beautiful Bobby Eaton style while DTXCane does the Snake Sweet Stan Lane Style and SolarCane holding the Tennis Racket Jim Cornette Style Daddy!

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | December 16, 2018 at 07:53 PM

We dined with Kings and Queens and we been in a parking lot in Dallas eating pork and beans Daddy.....


Ever wonder who started that crazy ass high fiven end zone prancing white shoes Johnson style shyt?
Here it is


about five minutes of this and I pull out the pellet gun


There are some days where I would pay someone some serious cash just to end this blog.

Then there are some days when I would pay a serious admission price just to get into this place.

Today is one of those days.


The fact that some really good folks have stuck around here for over 11 years is just amazing. Some have come and gone, some left and came back and some have been here from the beginning to now. All along it has been a bit WHACK but fun.



Terrance Sullivan

Native Yes Sir.

Terrance Sullivan

Soup. Yes Sir. Best Canes Blog Ever Daddy. Thank U CEO!


I still remember a private email from you all those years ago saying any one of us could do a better job blogging about the Canes than ______ over at the Sun Sentinel.
Not too many are aware of all those discussions we had every night.
Then you proved you were right and we all did a mass exodus to Canespace
Much respect my friend


Much respect my friend

Posted by: solarcane | December 16, 2018 at 09:01 PM

Back at U.


Soup, The Herb loves this blog. I love the interaction with the guys and gals
. It's informative, being that I'm in, NC. I have some place to vent, which I do quit often! I'm thankful to U for the opportunity to voice my pleasures or displeasures. As I said on here before, I grew up a Bama fan. Once Bear Bryant died it just wasn't, the same and I hated ND and Day always played those cock suckers and I loved the colors so I switched and haven't looked back. I may bitch, alot but I was right about o e thing and that was the DT position, which I bitched about forever. Once we got some our Dee has been solid. Now I'm onto the OLine and specifically the tackle position. I ain't giving up hope but It's hard not too when u have idiots running the show and knowing how lousy the ACC is as a whole.

Go Canes!!

Posted by: SOUP | December 16, 2018 at 08:27 PM



Thanks for the love.

The feeling is all mutual!

Terrance Sullivan

The Herb U are correct we need to fix our Tackle Positions on our OL and get a good QB that will manage the game be accurate and not turnover prone and look out we will be back kicking arse and taking names Daddy.


Solomon to Michigan tonight

Terrance Sullivan

SolarCane actually I am happy Solomon is going to Michigan that's where he wants to be and rather him go there than him be unhappy here and transfer out in a year. Next Man Up.


Yeah, let him go and freeze his azz off. At 190 lbs for an lb that ain't enough lard to keep u from freezing. No loyality, all these legacy players going to lose somewhere else. Maybe we will end up with another flip from App St.. We now have limited depth at Lb. If those dogs leave early we may end up with 6 lbs on ship. This is a disgrace. 16 decoms. I would understand if we finished 3-9 but these croots must know something we don't.

Terrance Sullivan

Naw Herb. They wanted to go where they wanted to go. We will get our share. I would be worried if we lost a guy that committed early on and never wavered. That's when U get worried.


Have to say this. His dad was average and I'll go out on a limb and say he will be too. We need to be crooting dogs that have got some meat on their bones. At least go after some guys that weigh 210. I don't think Bama is crooting 190 lbs last I looked. Thanks for the favor
And your heavy heart.


This is a bit interesting.
Diaz is going to bring coach Francis Brown back to Temple from Baylor.

Brown is said to have interviewed for the HC job very well but wasn't quite ready. He is very popular at Temple and recruits the NE well.

Maybe Manny and Temple already have an inkling as to what may transpire in a couple seasons?


Getting our share of what, fighting off the likes of FIU, FAU and So. Flo. Oh and App. St. We will get our righfull position in the college higharchy real quick. We need talent. We don't need our share of share croppers.

Terrance Sullivan

Herb Relax.


Share Croppers?
I thought they were called the Mountaineers

Terrance Sullivan

Herb I get your frustration completely we just have to let it play out. I am frustrated as well.




Trucane81 killed it today!




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