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January 12, 2019



The TE coach hire is being held like a classified information, disappearing threads and all.

Taking a guess.

Maybe we snatch Larry Scott back from the turds?


What if Manny trying to stick it to Saban one more ‘gin and take Jeff Banks?


What if Manny trying to stick it to Saban one more ‘gin and take Jeff Banks?

Posted by: TruCane81 | January 12, 2019 at 08:19 PM

That would be great! Also need a WR coach. Led the ACC in drops last season. Every WR had drops and poor route-running to boot. It was embarrassing.

Terrance Sullivan

I am just trying to figure out how we are going to beat the Kings of College Football the Clemson Tigers of the ACC. Y'all can obsess over Saban and Alabama all y'all want last I checked 5 days ago they got their arses kick in California by our Conference Mate Clemson in the National Title Game. So the Road to Charlotte to take on the Kings is underway they have only beat us in the last 2 Games by a collective score of 96-3 SMH. The Hell with Saban and Alabama we can worry about them in 2021. Oh I forgot Dolphins Fans still butt hurt over him leaving 12 years ago. Geezus So Freaking Pathetic! Get over it. Just Sad.



Terrance has blown a gasket!


Syracuse, T. Sully.

Gotta follow the Syracuse blueprint.

Clemson SHOWS UP in big games.

That is the hardest part of all.

But they had Syracuse marked for death and still had a nail biter.

They can be had, but it takes full faith and focus, starting at the top.

Terrance Sullivan

Lol 86. Just spitting Facts brotha.


Sully is right
Clemson would break our hearts if we played them next season.

Thinking we would "sneak"up on them by winning the Coastal and hoping they didn't show up for a championship game is not being realistic.

We are light years ahead of where We were just a minute ago.
We have the parts, now we have to do the work, just like they did.

You saw Lawrence out there still running the ball for first downs and trying to score when they had already throttled Alabama.
He is the heart and soul of that team and he is nothing but a winner.


Thanks for the props on the BDMPD,
I appreciate it

I'm stoked over the new staff I like the fire in their eyes.


Clemson is definitely king of college football right now, but the Clemson defense will have its biggest rebuilding task on defense in years.

Clemson defensive players, DLs Dexter Lawrence, Austin Bryant, Clellen Ferrell, Christian Wilkins and Albert Huggins, LBs Kendall Joseph and Tre Lamar and DBs Isaiah Simmons and Trayvon Mullen have declared (or will likely declare) for the 2019 NFL draft.

It will be interesting to see if Venerables will be able to produce another top-ranked defense with so many substantial losses.

On offense, Clemson looses Hunter Renfro, OL Facinello, and TE Milan, which is not as big of an impact. Offense should still be good


I got my new tumbler too. Filled it up with Captain and Coke just to rinse it out in honor of RaizeCane. The re-filled it and drank it up!

Posted by: 86Cane | January 12, 2019 at 06:58 PM


Honored indeed.......


I can’t overstate how important it was that Enos spurned Saban and Kirby Smart and chose Miami. That says a lot of very positive things about what CMD is building in Coral Gables. I am sure Enos studied the Canes, and made a decision based on the potential he saw in the Canes


Posted by: BigWindyCane | January 12, 2019 at 11:46 PM


Coach Manolo Diaz aint messin around.....

Terrance Sullivan

Lol people laughed at me when I said watch out for Clemson what 7 years ago. People said it was flukish in 2015 as well are we still saying it's flukish. At this point I don't know what to tell you. They aren't going anywhere. We just got to get it done and knock them off.


Oh Terrence they can be beat but for us to beat them we got relearn how to win the big games, something we haven't done much of in the last 16-17 years.


Terrance, I was saying the same thing about Princeton and Yale in the late 1800's.....but nobody would listen to me.

DallasTX Cane

Was too busy getting rich in Alaska back then raize


Princeton and Yale were damn lucky Butches mom and dad hadn't met yet


Give me any kind of offense that can move the ball and score an occasional touchdown or two and we'll kick Clemson's ARSE!! Clemson will be had next year. Losing that much fire power on the d-line will hurt ANY TEAM. Manny will stay in attack mode on defense and as long as the offense isn't going 3 and out, 3 and out, 1 first down punt, 3 and out, we will be all over Lawrence. In the words of Bernie Mack "I ain't scared of you (Clemson) muthuf***s"


Today it's all about the quarterback
Clemson turns out Boyd,Watson,Lawrence and and God knows what 8th grader is coming.

We turn out Rosier,kosi, Weldon
We fix that and we may beat Clemson in another two seasons.
Its a long way between 1 and 54 in the national rankings.


Sully is right
Clemson would break our hearts if we played them next season.
Posted by: solarcane | January 12, 2019 at 10:10 PM

Rule number one of upsetting perineal powers is NEVER concede defeat, especially before the first snap.

It only takes ONE HIT from Shaq, Carter, or Nesta to CHANGE LAWRENCE’S LIFE and Clemson’s fortunes.

Yeah it it ain’t likely or probable we win, Who gives a damn about the odds?

You better than us? Ok, prove it with us busting you in the mouth EVERY PLAY for 60 MINUTES!

I got mad respect for you Solar, but this is a loser’s mentality. I know from personal experience on BOTH sides.

This type of thinking is why the team has been so soft.

Richt walking round talking about he needed more players, the freshman to grow up etc etc etc.

It trickles down all the way threw and results in us hardly ever beating better teams and getting embarrassed by dumpster diving scrubs that we out recruit.


I love your passion and the blind faith for sure.

I think we will be beating some good teams real soon. I think we are a season away from where you think we are that's the only difference.

We put an ass whipping on Florida and Shaq and DJ have them playing out of their minds the rest of the way who knows.


We got our own problems and 12 games before we got to think about Clemson and one is finding one dam QB who can throw the ball accurately, then finding a couple of dependable oh tackles, a punter who can actually punt a ball farther than a middle school kid. Our defense will take a little step back next year, so oh will have to pull their weight for once and lastly we got to be a hell of a lot better in recruiting, besides being ranked in the 50's. Do these things and do them with consistency and then we can talk about mopping up Clemson. Oh and one more thing, stop losing to these scumbag teams that have no business being on the field with us.


we got a punter from Australia that looks promising, he is coming in in February
I don't know what will happen with him after his first weekend on South Beach though

Old Skool

I doubt much will happen to the Aussie. The guy's in his mid-20s. And Aussies are already a fun loving bunch with beautiful beaches and beautiful babes (David Sedaris' classic line: It's Canada in a thong). South Beach will be old hat.

Go Canes!!

Clemson would break our hearts if we played them next season.
Posted by: solarcane | January 12, 2019 at 10:10 PM

100% correct.


Najee Harris- RB- Bama in the transfer portal


Good show on Netflix featuring Tate Martell:


Martell IMO comes off a little like a knucklehead-

Season 2 just came out-features Justin Fields, and a QB from St John Bosco in Cali who ends up at Iowa State. He gets replaced midseason by a Samoan kid -sophomore who will be the next Tut-Already had 40+ offers




TruCane81...I like your never concede anything attitude but the facts are the facts. We are not beating Clemson anytime soon. That is all.


If Diaz beats UF and FSU thereby bringing home the state title, that’s good enough for year 1.

Terrance Sullivan

Lol 2019 State Champs if we go 5-7 that won't be good enough in Year 1. Stop that BS. Well maybe good enough for your bottom of the barrel expectations lol. Do better. Hell we beat FSU and VT last year but finished 7-6 and I know mostly no one was happy maybe you were lol.


Okay the logic is since Clemson won the 2018 national title that means they are unbeatable going forward? I'm not buying it, nor am I buying their hotshot freshman QB going undefeated the next two years.

I recall another freshman QB in the ACC winning a title his freshman year, however this particular freshman won the Heisman trophy as well. This freshman also played on a loaded team whose coach was easily out recruiting the rest of the league.

One year later with D'no and Golden (the worst coaching combination in Hurricane history) we were a 4th down interception from Kayaa away from beating said team.

I think this years team will be better and the QB play will be light years better than last year...Styles make fights and an aggressive attacking one will give Clemson problems


nor am I buying their hotshot freshman QB going undefeated the next two years.

Posted by: JaxCane | January 13, 2019 at 10:45 AM

True, Clemson sure is not any UCF or anything like that.


We lost four straight to UN-RANKED teams, got dominated by LSU in the season opener and got destroyed by un-ranked Wisconsin 35-3 in the bowl game but NOW we beat Clemson the National Champs who killed Alabama?

Yeah, makes sense to me.


Go Canes!!

Clemson is more than just the freshman quarterback.

They are a loaded team across the board with depth, talent, gerat coaching and an unselfish, winning culture.

Having the undisputed #1 pick of the 2020 draft under center just makes them that more difficult to beat.


Posted by: Go Canes!! | January 13, 2019 at 10:57 AM

You can replace "Clemson" with "FSU" and
"2020" with "2015" and all applies.

30-26 driving for the lead and interception from Brad ended it for us...

If you'll want to crown them then crown them

Terrance Sullivan

JaxCane stop the silliness please.


Well their offense will probably average at least in the mid 40's next year. All Wr's back except Renfro 2 of 3 top RB's back and 4 linemen back. Defensively there will be a drop off, as they may have only 4 or 5 back, with at least 3 already leaving early.
They have been reloading. Came down here and got 3 like emen and we couldn't get one, not Even one.


Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | January 13, 2019 at 11:13

So I've posted lies or you dont agree with my opinion, which is it? Just curious.


JaxCane...I'll answer that: Lies, lies and more LIES!


Barry spent the past four seasons as the assistant offensive line coach for the National Football League's Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He previously coached five seasons at Central Michigan under new Hurricanes offensive coordinator and quarterbacks Dan Enos.


Posted by: 86Cane | January 13, 2019 at 11:34 AM

Can you point out 1?


FSU 2010-2013 classes were loaded.

A freshman QB Winston won Heisman and national title

Miami (with Folden and D'no and a far worse roster than now) was driving to take the lead when Brad threw a interception.

I get it disagree with my opinion but calling them lies?? Where


Now we could use Najee Harris. Former 5 star sledgehammer for a RB.
I believe things are going to slipping a little bit for Bama. 2 many coaching changes are starting to catch up. Still recruiting at #1 level, how I don't know. U can't build to many relationships with a constant coaching carosel.


Posted by: Herbieibis | January 13, 2019 at 11:54 AM

That relationship stuff is BS. They recruit the way they do because they're Bama. Miami has had "relationships" with all the studs in Soflo from middle school time and time again and the kids still leave.

Terrance Sullivan

Trying to act like FSU and Clemson are the same is laughable. Let's see in this decade Clemson 2 National Titles 5 ACC Titles, 4 Playoff Appearances, 1 National Runner up, 7 New Year's 6 Bowls in 9 years 2010-2018 with a year to go. Now FSU 1 National Title, 1 Playoff Appearance, 3 ACC Titles, 5 New Year's 6 Appearances in 9 years 2010-2018) Yes it's the exact same thing JaxCane lmbao. As 86 says just lies.


FSU has recruited slightly better than Clemson the last 5 to 7 years. Somehow FSU always recruits at a high level. Even this year, with that shyt showing season they are way ahead of us in recruiting ranking.
If u listen it ain't bullshyt about building relationships. There might be 20% of the players it don't matter who is coaching or who they have been dealing with from a certain school, they are going to the school they grew up loving if offered.
On the flip side u also here guys say that's my school I grew up loving, get an offer and go somewhere else, which has happened to us way to often.


So the 2019 Canes will be competing against the Clemson 2010-2018 all decade team, I get it. No, Miami wouldn't stand a chance in that game.

FSU lead by freshman Heisman winner Jameis Winston and consecutive top 5 recruiting classes were supposed to win multiple championships.. The FSU that had EVERY starter from their title team in the NFL "at that time" is no different than the current Clemsom squad. The trash Hurricanes lead by the Terrible Temple temptations and a roster filled with mediocre recruiting classes, had the ball in FSU territory with a chance to win...


I think the strength and conditioning program will be better.

Simpson will develop the dts and Ford and Miller will be solid at the 1 tech.

3 tech will get after the passer.

Only concern is injuries at defensive end.

Back 7 will grow. Only concern here is the gap guessing we ask from our linebackers. I think Mccloud would improve if we made him the back up MLB and asked him to control one gap on run downs.

O line will be above average.

We get Hurtts and he uplifts THE ENTIRE OFFENSE.

I’m calling it now.

Miami wins the acc in 2019.

Don’t be surprised if Syracuse is the team we face for the title.

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