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January 05, 2019






Posted by: SOUP | January 06, 2019 at 07:35 AM

Keel the other boxer man.....

Go Canes!!

Posted by: SOUP | January 06, 2019 at 07:35 AM

If history is an indicator he'd win either 8 or 9 games.


Larry Fedora's response to be there OC here:

Manny asked what about it Larry, we need an OC.
Yeah, about that Manny, why I want to come down their and be an OC of an offense that's just as bad or worse than the one I had at UNC?
Manny: because we have better over all athletes to work with.
Larry: that may be true but the fact remains u sucked on offense.
Manny: that's why we need u.

Larry: u also don't have much of an offensive line either. From what I saw from your re ruiting haul u didn't get any help there.
Manny: it will get better.
Larry: when is that going to g to be?
Manny: we keep saying next year but even that keeps getting stretched out, so answer, hopefully sum day.
Larry: u trying to get me fired in back to back years?
Manny: no, nothing like that. I know u are very good as an OC.
Larry: I'm good but I'm not that good. U bring in bring in more help by Feb. Signing date and I'll think about it but at the looks of things u can't get anybody from your own Hood to come play.
Manny: yeah it sucks.
Larry: it sux is an understatement. U can't get a qb, rb, only one Wr and 3 projects for the offensive line and u want me to fix that?
Manny: we got 10 to 12 ships left, I just don't know who to offer them too. Not much left.
Larry: Mack Brown flipped a QB in one week and hadn't been coaching in 5 years.
Manny: well I fired all the offensive coaches, that probably has alot to do with it.
Larry: thanks but at this time, I would rather wait on Temple and maybe not get the job than to take the job their and u fire me in one year. Your QB's alone would get me fired or if they didn't the offensive line would. Good luck, I'm out.


Manny NAVARRO tweet:

“So, to recap: Clemson lands No. 1 player in Dade (Frank Ladson). Alabama lands No. 1 and No. 2 players in Broward (Khris Bogle, Jordan Battle). And No. 2 player in Dade, Tyrique Stevenson, expected to pick Georgia.”

Kids want to rep the 305, but they are going elsewhere. The Canes need more wins or bags


What happened to just signing ball players?

Posted by: TruCane81 | January 05, 2019 at 10:05 PM

Dang right some kids didn't start out as peewee phenomens

Kenny Dorsey never played on a football team til he was 14

Santana Moss was running track

Rohan Marley was playing crickit

Once these guys heard about football we didn't measure and analyze them, we coached them and they balled out.


Major Applewhites response to being offered the OC job:

Manny: what about it Major, you interested?
Major: sounds like a match made In heaven. U know defense and I know offense but wait, u guys don't have anyone that can throw a football, how am I going to help.
Manny: we've got 3 but we haven't seen 2 of them play much at all. There supposed to be good.
Major: supposed to be, u mean after a year that's all u know is there supposed to be??
Manny: I didn't mess with the offense.
Major from the looks of things this past year, u shod have.
Manny: well maybe u should of looked at your defense and we would 't be having this conversation.
Major: u got me on that one but at least we fired your Reject DeNo that's more than I can say for Al Golden, what an idiot.
Manny: can u fix our problem. Can u help us.
Major: I saw your recruiting haul but I saw no QB.
Manny: well we spent all our money chasing this Johnson kid. We had him and that douche goes to Penn St.
Major: dam that sux. Well what happened with the rest of the class?
Manny same thing, we had 6 silent verbs but they all went elsewhere.
Major: so it's true what I heard u guys were oh for 20.
Manny: yes.
Major: I hate to have that batting average. I thought u guys had some kind of a fence up around those 3 counties, uh Palm, Broward and Dade? How did those teams get it in?
Manny: Palm trees don't keep no one out.
Major: dam, I thought u had a fence up. They're trying to get one put up here In Texas but the dam Democrats won't vote for it.
Manny: do u want the job or not?
Major: from the looks of things u are in the Titanic right now and I just got fired and with the lack of interest u guys have on offense and what I saw that u have brought in so far, especially on offense, I don't want to get fired 2 years in a row. I'd have to say, Hell To The No!! U ain't getting me on that sinking ship.
Manny: I have oars!
Major: I said he'll no. I'm high stepping! Good luck.
Manny: now we're Oh for 22.


Herb brilliant lmao!


So part of the lazy hire was also because to coach the U Manny would work cheap to pay Temple back.

Going from paying the 22nd highest paid coach to the 41st had to be right down the typically short sited BOTs alley.
The 41st ranked recruiting class with the 41st highest paid HC, Miami is an
OC dream destination for sure.


These kids leaving the 305 are like junkies, there going where they can get a quick fix!


The joy here is overwhelming.

Lighten up Francis!

Posted by: 86Cane | January 05, 2019 at 11:18 PM

That's what I was thinking Soup, what's not to be happy about.

From 5 time National Champion to one of the 3 best teams in the Coastal Division of the ACC.


I guess our supposed DC is a silent commit. How's that worked out so far?


This whole last 5 months rmi D's me if that Freddy Fendor song from the 70's, " Wasted days and wasted nights"!

That's what Francis said last night!


Looks like Herbeibis is able to read a Miami Herald article. Thanks for bringing all of your informed opinions and not just regurgitating someone else’s work.

If you’re going to be negative as #”€¥, at least be original!


^^^ easy answer though. He wanted to hire his buddy.

Posted by: Dude on a Pale Horse | January 06, 2019 at 01:41 AM


orange 'n green in the vein

"and until at least after the first game of the 2019 season in August against the Florida Gators, I will stand behind Manny "The Man" Diaz as head coach at the University of Miami."


I know that you know, that, ah f[]_[]ck it.

"Posted by: NativeCane | January 06, 2019 at 08:24 AM"

Epic reply! Off to a hot blobbing start to the New Year, Wally, I like it.


Posted by: solarcane | January 06, 2019 at 10:40 AM

Bingo! It was all about the MONEY instead of ALL ABOUT THE U!

Go Canes!!

The notion they hired Manny to save a million dollars a year in salary is ludicrous.


Canesince1982, I don't get the Herald, here in NC and can only read 3 articles a month on the house but it don't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's gone wrong, just watching the games. If their was something good happening, I believe The Herb would comment on it.
Okay, I will. I like the Manny hire. Now u tell The Herb what other good news, there is to talk about!


Herbie bro every decent Cane knows you can read the Herald blogs for free which is where the article was posted that had all of CMDs pay rankings, recruiting rankings, talk d about Major and every other thing you mentioned in your last 6 post.

BUT that is not what I’m trying to get at. Trying to say quit being so damn negative.

1. (For everyone, not directed at Herbie) where were you 3 years ago calling for Butch when you all were clamoring over CMR? I wanted Butch then not now. Manny is a better higher now.

2. Everyone bashing Mannys D this year for its drop off. The D performed the same as the year prior. It just couldn’t stay off the field with the offense that was atrocious.

3. Complaint about Miami being thrifty with its coaching positions is like complaint the sky is blue. We have never had the money of big programs and never will. We have to find the gym for cheap to compete. That’s a fact. Accept it or move on. So support that we may have our gym and it’s in a home grown guy that this is his dream job.

4. CMD’s outlook for the offense and plan for the mindset of the team is what we have been missing for 17 years. He knows the attitude, mindset, and culture it takes to build a small market private school team into a power house that can win and recruit with the big schools with out dropping “bags.”

Just quit complaining and give the guy two weeks before you crucify him.

Alright that’s my two post for the year. I’m going back to the shadows of just reading.

Terrance Sullivan

BTW when we hired Al Golden 8 years ago his first year he was making 1.6 million and he had head coaching experience and had no buyout so the fact that Manny with no Head Coaching experience gets basically double what AG got and Manny had a buyout I don't see how Miami is being Cheap Here lol. It's not like they offered Manny 2.1 million. But hey what do I know lol. Anyways I am waiting for the rest of the hires.


Great point TSully.

The CMD hire is expensive. If CMD is successful, his pay will likely increase. If CMD is not successful, the Canes can cut ties with little financial ties or baggage. I think CMD can make this work

Terrance Sullivan

Yes Sir BWC1 also the fact Coach Richt left the 16 million dollars on the table and left with no buyout was cool.


Go Canes!!
The notion they hired Manny to save a million dollars a year in salary is ludicrous.

Posted by: Go Canes!! | January 06, 2

019 at 12:48 P

At Miami it has been and will always be about the money

If Miami wasn't about the money, you would be sitting in a dedicated 60,000 seat stadium located in the same county the school is located in.

Don't ever kid yourself that University of Miami thinks football is more important than state of the art medical and science technology.


At $109,382,222 for the current year, Ohio State’s athletic budget is the largest in the nation and the biggest in the history of college sports. It allows the school to field 36 varsity teams in everything from baseball and soccer to riflery and synchronized swimming. The school spends about $110,000 on each of its 980 athletes, which is triple the amount the university spends per undergraduate on education.

ColaCa e

Badgely SLAYING it for the Bolts with 4 fg's!! We MISS you Badge!!


Maybe Jimbo was a lot smarter than he appeared to be

"And indeed, from 2014 through the 2016-17 season, the Texas A&M athletic department earned $260 million in contributions, nearly double what any other school made in that time. For reference, in those years, Texas had total athletic contributions of $123 million; Florida, which ranks second in the category, totaled contributions of $138 million. Texas A&M, meanwhile, allocated $119 million of its total contributions just to the football team."


But where? Where would you build that stadium. Howard has a plan in 1981 to build that stadium - I saw it years later in a yearbook - but the only land available was the intramural fields coupled with where the IPF is now. You can’t build a stadium at UM without either:

1) Buying up a lot of homes near the campus AND convincing a resistant Coral Gables to allow you to build the stadium

2) Fill in Lake Osceola and construct the stadium there. Not certain if the student body would go for that. Plus you’d have to pay for relocation fees for the barracudas, manatees, and occasional saurians that inhabit it.

Terrance Sullivan

Umm Solar the Stadium is in the County the School is located in lmbao.

Terrance Sullivan

Come On Solar Love U Man but that on campus stadium idea is a no go and we all know that. It wasn't like Orange Bowl was on campus either. And this notion that Hard Rock Stadium is not in Miami Dade County is laughable because it is. Last I checked Coral Gables is in Miami Dade County so another miss. Come on Brotha!


Solar...one advantage is that as far as I know, Miami is not taking on the debt that other schools are incurring right now trying to update dated facilities (see California).



If this bubble ever bursts, we might be reasonably well positioned


We could have bulldozed half of coral gables between 1987 and 2001 as popular as we were, and built a stadium....but you know that would cost so many millions of 1987 dollars compared to renting a stadium twice the size the fan base could fill for twenty or fifty more years.
Throwing that potential stadium money away made tremendous sense.

I know, I know there was no available land.
I'd like to see a Texas team want to expand their stadium and hear there is no available land.

And why build a stadium and rent it as a concert venue and everything else when you can just lease someone else's building without putting in any effort?
Ever heard the term lazy and Miami BOT used in the same sentance?

Put this in a little jar and take it out every time you wonder WTF the bot is doing.

Terrance Sullivan

Now Yes if they should have started building the stadium in Coral Gables in the Spring of 1984 had it done by 1986 and that would have been Cool. But unfortunately that didn't happen but considering the circumstances we have the best deal possible now.


Texas actually is looking to partially enclose their other end zone. I think it would bring up stadium capacity to 116K. A full enclosure would make the stadium something like 130k.

The challenge for a Texas is long term stadium maintenance. Parts of the stadium are quite new...others are really old. Like a navy ship, as time goes by the costs of maintenance go up and up to the point where it becomes uneconomical. And if UT ever has to tear down the stadium, they do not have other land to build a new one on near or on campus. Their facility would have to be many miles away...just like Miami.

UT is finding a somewhat similar problem with their 15K seat basketball stadium, The Irwin Center. It was built in the early 70s and now is a money drain to maintain. They will be building a new, smaller arena off campus...and the UT medical program will be absorbing the Irwin center land to expand their facilities. At least Miami has an on campus facility for the next few decades.


Terrance Sullivan
Umm Solar the Stadium is in the County the School is located in lmbao.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | January 06, 2019 at 03:01 PM

Yea that was for sarcastic effect, I should have said something like a stadium you could walk over to in a couple hours, but nobody walks.

I get you defending the no on campus stadium, it would cost tremendous money and at time seem like a bad deal,

Probably a good idea no Miami fans or bot were on the Louisiana Purchase, or Manhattan, committees

Go Canes!!

There never has been or will be enough land or community support for a stadium by campus.

Regardless, there is an ocean sized difference between spending $100,000,000 for a new stadium and another million or so a year for a HC they feel helps us win.

Sorry but Manny wasn’t a financially motivated hire.


Tony, Sully, great comments and I understand your opinions.
I guess I'm just a dreamer.

I was all in to contributing to a stadium real close to the campus when we won our second NC
I thought we would be on our 10th or 11th championship run by now back in 1987

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.


Sorry but Manny wasn’t a financially motivated hire.

Posted by: Go Canes!! | January 06, 2019 at 03:56 PM

Respect Go.
But Miami counts every single penny.

You notice we couldn't spend 500 dollars to pressure wash those cruddy looking buildings on game day?

Note all the fresh paint and sealer on the other once every ten year game day sites...pride over pennies, we never had that here.

It's the little shyty tightwad thinking like that that steers the boat here.

Terrance Sullivan

Solar If we were going to build in CG that time was after winning the 1st Title. And when the Dolphins and Hurricanes had a meeting with the City of Miami officials when the City was BSing around when the Dolphins knew they needed to build what is now the Rock we should have then built a Stadium in Coral Gables. That meeting happened in January 1984.


Sully I was right here I remember that.
We didn't know if we were for real in 1984 to bea very truthful.
By 1987 we were The real U.

I've been in commercial construction as a mason since 1967. I have seen dozens of can't be done projects shoved right up the naysayers asses.

An amusement park in the middle of no where in the orange groves? That can't work scrap it!!

What, a giant outlet mall in the middle of the everglades? No one will ever come!

A tunnel UNDER new river are you crazy?

I could name dozens more but you get the point.

Henry Flagler, " I have this idea where we run a train down to Key West".

"GTFO! you know how much that would cost, that would be as stupid as building a stadium on a college campus"

Dude on a Pale Horse

I kind of like that we play at Hard Rock, though we do need to have more of a Hurricanes feel there. Need some palm trees down near the endzones, statues of Ed Reed & Sean Taylor, and butts in seats.


Going back to Hasselwood....he joined an Oklahoma squad that also had two other FIVE star recruits in its 2019 class.

The previous two classes had six FOUR star recruits. Even in that offense, there's not enough balls to go around to keep everyone happy. Someone is going to transfer.


Canesince1982, that's good stay in the shadows. Keep thinking that I read the Herald. I keep up with recruiting more than anything else. The Herald don't tell me nothing and if u can't take the truth, the shadows are for u.
Like I said I like the Manny hire. I didn't say I loved it and I too am looking forward at who he gets as offensive coaches. Those hires are crucial and will make or break us.
Now if u are one of those guys that enjoys an 8-4 or 9-3 season losing to teams that have no business being on the field us, that's on u.
Myself, it's about playing for ships. Them days may be long gone but there ain't ,nothing wrong with wishing and hoping.
Being negative is part of being a hard core fan, same as being positive.
What could I possibly say positive about that season. We beat a putrid FSU. There offensive line was worst than ours.
We got 6 four star players, that's good.
Loved our defense. Played like the old Cane's.
Now we didn't, actually play any games against an all-star offense but they bust up most of those teams we did play.
That's about it. Sorry!

Dude on a Pale Horse

Posted by: TonyCane | January 06, 2019 at 05:09 PM

Your probably right, but talent will show out where it is if its used right.


Hurricanes feel there. Need some palm trees down near the endzones, statues of Ed Reed & Sean Taylor, and butts in seats.

Posted by: Dude on a Pale Horse | January 06, 2019 at 04:59 PM

Great idea on the statues!
maybe a Cane walk of fame deal they could break out on game day..cool

Terrance Sullivan

Solar in 1981 our Canes finished with our Highest Ranking ever #8. Coming off a Top 20 season in 1980. We only had a set back in 1982 because Jim Kelly got injured mid season and won title in 1983. What the hell would people wonder if we were for real lol. Of by the time we won our 2nd Title in January of 1988. The Dolphins had already start playing at now Hard Rock Stadium they played their first season their in 1987 also the Orange Bowl Committee was already plotting to leave the Orange Bowl Stadium. U talking about being a visionary but would be late leaving and building stadium in Coral Gables lol. So by your calculations we would have moved into our own Stadium by the Start of 1 1991 season. If we would have did it by my projections it would have opened by the 1987 season. I would have went with a 60,000 seat Stadium similar to the current design of the Rock had a 10,000 Seat Basketball Arena built next to it. And Parking lots around it.



Sometimes it's hard to be a Canes fan
Giving all your love to the head coach, man!
You'll have bad times
And he'll have good times,
Doin' things that you don't understand.
But if you love UM, you will forgive him
Even though he's hard to understand.
And if you love UM, oh be proud of him,
'Cause after all he's our head coach, man.
Stand by your coach, man!
Stand . . . by your man!


I know its hard to answer without an offensive coaching staff, but looking at recruiting lists and the younger Njoku (4 star WR) is still out there. Any thoughts on focusing on him?


Because we sucked forever,and we were a tiny tiny independent I was in the stands when Kelly was there,

there were still plenty of places to sit, we were on our way but after Selmer it was plenty hard to beleice

I'm sure lots of old
timers on here remember that.


1. Just quit complaining and give the guy two weeks before you crucify him.

2. Alright that’s my two post for the year. I’m going back to the shadows of just reading.

Posted by: CaneSince1982 | January 06, 2019 at 01:02 PM

1. COMPLAINING IS WHAT WE DO BEST! Over the years I have found that it is BEST to just let them all get it out of their system first and then we can all move on. Well most of us anyway? I know I did.

2. DO NOT HIDE, HANG AROUND! Even a post a week or a month helps balance the conversation and move it along.

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