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January 05, 2019



Why would you come to UM when you can play for these teams....this is us in the day...we are way behind....our 2 ranking was a joke...Ha Ha.........

Posted by: VA Cane | January 07, 2019 at 11:08 PM

They will come.

Just have to find coaches capable of keeping their craniums and rectums separate.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Clemson is Miami if we embraced the spread in 2008.

VA Cane

My boy Cleland with a play....very proud of him...fine young man......taught him set that edge...he did.......

Sarasota 'cane

Roll Tears!

VA Cane

solar we are not...but musically I am in the same solar system as you!!!!!!! LOL!!!


VA very true my friend

Go Canes!!

Interesting tweet:

Nobody has said it out loud because of how dominant Alabama was in the regular season, but a few smart coaches whispered all year long that the Tide’s staff was the weakest it had ever been under Saban. You’re getting a taste of that tonight. Brutal stuff from Locksley/Lupoi.


Somebody needs to call C.P.S. on Clemson

( child protective services)

There's definitely some abuse going on


Alabama in a daze a little like that Rhonda Rousey pic a couple years ago


Both QBs are good, but only one QB's facing a defensive line that has 4 players that could've gone in the 1st Rd. last year.


Sure would be nice to see that 20 personnel option more on green tree.


Damn right CR.

Wilkins looking like Doomsday and shyt.


Don’t care how many ships Clemson wins, they ain’t shit to me. Maybe it’s their wannabe retarded looking coach.


Good one Afri. The just pushed in Bama’s shit hard. Clemson was clearly the best team in football this year, by a wiiiiiiide margin and frankly, you gotta ask yourself where they place among the all time great teams.


That maybe so, AfriCane, but you can look like the elephant man and that big bling on your fingers look so pretty.

Sarasota 'cane

If Saban retired would Dabo take the Bama job?


Sunshine pumpers been crying about the negativity on our boards all year everywhere I look.

I can’t imagine what’s going down on Bama’s board.

I bet they talking bout firing Saban and paying Davi $15 million a year.





Hope so.

Would make our playoff quest easier.


I hear parents are getting evicted and automobile leases are being cancelled in Alabama today


Sunshine played well tonight


I hear parents are getting evicted and automobile leases are being cancelled in Alabama today

Posted by: HillviewCane | January 07, 2019 at 11:50 PM

As they should. You enter into a business contract and don’t deliver, GTFOH!


Clemson, ‘all time greats?’ Woa! Take it slow. R we talking usc, Notre dame, FSU, miami, Texas, ok, here? Just don’t know how u fit CLUMSY tigers into that conversation yet. Baka will be back pushing their shit in next year, that’s if we don’t do it first in the ACCCG first. I bet they even loose to FSU. Baka lost because their DBs were garbage. Glad we didn’t get Jobe. He sucks anyway.


BREAKING: Sources confirm that Jim Chaney has informed Kirby Smart of his intention to resign as OC and accept the same job at Tennessee. Negotiations are ongoing with Sam Pittman and James Coley but an agreement could be reached as early as Tuesday.

DallasTX Cane

Last 4 years:

55 wins
4 ACC Championships
4 NCAA Playoffs
2 National Championships (2 of last 3)

ONLY game at Bama that Saban has lost by more than 14 points... ONLY game... think on that for a minute, on what it says about Bama quality since Saban took over.

What the “Clumsy” tigers hay U talking bout Afri?!?


Damn, there are some haters on this blog. Hate on everything and everyone, including our canes. I don't see many positive responses about much. Maybe YOU are apart of the problems that is wrong with our team. Turrible turrible turrible!


Miami has offered 4-star DE Ja’Darien Boykin from Gray, GA. The 6’2” 235 pounder also has offers from Washington State, Louisville, GT, Arizona State, and UVA


Jacory and Hank put it to Clemson,

while Soup,old skool,ocalacane, and myself enjoy the crying tigers sitting around us


dem were da days


He might not be the only one to leave Georgia. Tampa Bay is going after Kirby Smart:


I know you’re supposed to commit to the school, not the coach, but I wonder what Stevenson feels if Smart and the OC Both leave within a week of his commitment

Old Skool

The indications for Tampa Bay point toward Bruce Arians. Announcement expected Tuesday.


Does anbody else remember how Espn gave Clemson a D hiring Dabo? People that it wasn't just a lazy but a bad hire.




He had never been a HC or even a coordinator... We will just have to see how are situation plays out.


Apparently, Lawrence is a film watching junkie. Maybe we need a QB that watches film instead of shooting film.

Terrance Sullivan

Lol Raize. Touche these Perry lovers are pissed at you now.


Ahmmon Richards - "Motions confuse defenses. just saying".

Sounds like a shot to me.....

58 Straight

Great ball placement under pressure.

Posted by: TruCane81 | January 07, 2019 at 10:55 PM


58 Straight

dem were da days

Posted by: solarcane | January 08, 2019 at 01:08 AM


Old Skool

Boy I'd love to hear in depth interviews with N'Kosi and Jarren regarding the QB play last night. I bet you'd learn a hell of a lot about who's the better quarterback by how insightful, detailed or generic their comments are.


Posted by: Old Skool | January 08, 2019 at 09:26 AM

N'Kosi: I'd love to analyze the video footage of their cheerleaders. There were some formations that looked intersting.

Jarren: It's amazing how the Clemson QB randomnly puts the ball in the air just like we do and his receivers manage to arrive at the very second and at the exact spot when and where the ball chooses to fall out of the sky.

Cade: I was trained to hand off the ball for a run up the middle on five out of six snaps. I have no explanation for this weird stuff they do. Reminded me of the good ole days stories my Dad can't stop talking about.

Go Canes!!

Bowl records by conference:

Conference USA: 4-2
Independents: 2-1
Mountain West: 3-2
Sun Belt: 3-2
Big 12: 4-3
Big Ten: 5-4
ACC: 6-5
SEC 6-6
Pac-12: 3-4
AAC: 2-5
MAC: 1-5

Go Canes!!


Everybody suck?


AP press WTF?

Georgia and Florida tie for for 7th but there is no 8th,

but there is a 9th

But 9th isn't moved up to 8th
Because then there would be 26 top 25 teams.

Makes perfect sense not to put either one 8th ?
who cares once you are out of the top 5

Then again we started at number 8

Go Canes!!

So you’re saying there’s a chance:

Clemson favorite to win 2019 title. Odds to win via @SuperBookUSA:

Clemson 9/5
Bama 5/2
UGA, OhioSt 12/1
Michigan 14/1
OU 15/1
Texas 20/1
UF, NotreDame, Nebraska, Wash 25/1
Oregon 30/1
Auburn, LSU, MissSt, Wisconsin 50/1
A&M, Miami, Utah, USC 80/1
FSU, Iowa, PennSt, VaTech 100/1


Great Cane better man

ATLANTA, Jan. 8, 2018—Results are in from the NFL players vote to identify the league player who best exemplifies outstanding character and leadership in the home, on the field and in the community. Calais Campbell of the Jacksonville Jaguars is the winner of the 2019 Athletes in Action/Bart Starr Award

orange 'n green in the vein

Posted by: HillviewCane | January 08, 2019 at 07:20 AM

The meant the "D wing" of the CFHOF . . .


Jalen Hurts will be transferring, Major Applewhite was the very first person to ever recruit him


Aside from talent on both teams, the common denominator on both teams is line play. We have to get some similar talent across both fronts, especially offensive line.
Yeah we got QB issues but this is the area we need to get fixed fast.
Our defensive front was good with Willis playing but we have no one his caliber behind him. Garvin can be great but he is one guy.
Manny will get it figured out. At least, publically he said he knows the problems and addressed the first part by getting rid of all the Oh coaches.
The second problem to resolve is recruiting and we need some dogs that can recruit.
Third we need a legitimate QB coach.
Fourth a fire Oh line coach.
Fifth a punter, which I believe we have.
All fixable but the right hired have to be made.
Winning cures a lot of I'll and when this happens, recruiting will pick back up.
Winning for sum is 7 to 9 games and they are satisfied, to others, it's about staying in contention to play for the ship year after year, or at least be in the conversation.
Like I said, I like the Manny hire, not loving it yet but how many times, do u love something on first sight and The Herb ain't talking about any broads.


Our punter for 2019 be here in Feb



They have lost all composure and control of their bowels

Posted by: solarcane | January 07, 2019 at 10:41 PM

One of the many reasons I love this place... Comedic value....

Dem Canes!!!

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