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January 20, 2019


Go Canes!!

People bailing on Coach L?

Guy is operating with this best player suspended and only seven guys on scholarship overall because of the bogus NCAA investigation we should have been completely cleared by now.

He's brought in Brown, Huell and Walker the last three years and after one bad season he all of a sudden can't recruit or coach.



One "bad" season? No, one HORRIBLE season.
"One" bad season? No, lately FSU (among others) has almost ALWAYS had better seasons.


An Odd Couple of Grumpy Old Canespacers

Jack Lemmon (Go Canes) and Walter Matthau (OGV) Burgess Meredith (Harry Miller) and Ann Margaret (Candy Cane) star in this light hearted American romantic comedy.
The two men fight, insult one another in every imaginable way, argue, and pull pranks on one another in a game of one upmanship.
Candy Cane moves into their lives and their vitriol moves to a new level as both jockey for her affection.
Go Canes locks OGV on the 12 percent bus and tells Candy he has a bad goiter and bad breath and takes her on a date. Meanwhile the 12 percent bus is highjacked by Chattahoochee insane asylum escapee Dirk Cruickshank (Old Skool) who is bent on ramming the 12 percent bus into the local bar owned by Soup. OGV unties himself from the back seat and attacks Old Skool causing the bus to veer into the lake beneath 30 feet of water.
Seeing his old opponent risk his life to the thwart the demented Old Skools scheme Go Canes dives multiple times to free his nemesis.
Go Canes and Candy Cane take turns giving OGV mouth to mouth resusitation till he finally spits up water and gasps for air.
OGV and Go Canes agree to share Candy Cane and ask the local pastor (TSully) to preside over three Ring nuptials on the spot.
Go Canes steps in the restroom to freshen up and OGV hauls ass in a golf cart with Candy Cane. In the last scene the sun sets as Go Canes chases the star crossed lovers on a moped.


People bailing on Coach L?

Posted by: Go Canes!! | January 25, 2019 at 01:34 PM

it's a Canes thing, its what we do,
Wait til the pasting Clemson puts on us and hijacks the bus.

Go Canes!!

Posted by: nemo2002 | January 25, 2019 at 02:19 PM

Last six seasons:

LarraƱaga-four NCAA tournaments and two sweet sixteens.

Hamilton-two NCAA tournaments and one elite eight.


True, GC. But lately FSU is clearly doing better than UM. Look at the Noles team now compared to us. They're a lot better. Why? And a lot of the other ACC teams are a lot better too. Hell, this year we even lost to TWO Ivy League teams. Not good!
Remember, Coach L's early success at UM was due, largely, to the fact that he inherited a veteran team.
Yes, he had some good years here. He definitely helped to revitalize the men's basketball program at UM. But the current prognosis for the basketball team is marginal, at best. And there is nothing on the horizon to suggest that UM will be very competitive again in the ACC at any time in the foreseeable future.
Meanwhile, most other teams in the ACC somehow manage to attract quality players that, for whatever reason, are not now coming to the U.
That's the head coach's fault, isn't it?


P.S. We play FSU tomorrow evening at home. I hope we win. If we do win, naturally as an unabashed hypocrite, I will proffer profusive praise for Coach L (the "best coach" in the ACC). Okay?

Sarasota 'cane

The choice is yours...

12% Bus

The Ditch Bus

At this point it's 50/50. The House wins with the "juice"!

Go 'canes!


LMAO NativeCane!!!!!!


NativeCane with an EPIC post!


GC is the typical Canes fan - lives in the past.


Rumors swirling that maybe Emerson is a flip and DT from NY could be ours. Hope it works out.


While u guys are riding around on the Partridge family bus The Herb has been working the lines.



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