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February 02, 2019



cant believe he was only a 2 star.......


Best 2 star recruit ever



Now I know it’s cause Native out here snatching up EVERYTHING.

Posted by: TruCane81 | February 02, 2019 at 09:21 PM

It is TRUE. He out-fished me 5:1.


The average STAR for each player on each of the teams participating in the SuperBowl this year was below a 3*. This is a fact .....just saying.

Posted by: raizecane | February 02, 2019 at 12:21 PM

Great point! The Canes need to recruit ballers, not star ratings! CMD and his defensive staff have done a great job with the defense. Pinkney, Shaq, Jaquan, Redwine, MJack, Jackson, Garvin, Rousseau, Harvey and other three star ballers will eventually be NFL starters. Jess Simpson can flat-out Coach. Now it’s time for Enos and the offense to step it up

Terrance Sullivan

Lol TruCane81


Damn Native. It would be appreciated if you left some wildlife out here for the rest of us.

Didn’t catch nothing last time I went fishing.

Now I know it’s cause Native out here snatching up EVERYTHING.

VA Cane

This SB Pro Football stuff is trying....give me CFB all day!
Those stupid NO fans suing to replay the game.....idiots. Missed call bad no call bad...but life and football. They still had chances and failed....no need to add more replay for those calls....pretty soon games will take days to play as every play will need 20 minute review....no!
This SB music stuff....don't have a clue what these people sing....I just don't follow them...but at least the guy for Maroon 5 said he was not a politician and not there to be political.... to me. Second I am tired of this Kap kneeling stuff....Kap was pretty good when he played....but the owners don't want the hassle of his baggage.....he can go political all he wants when away from the game....but if you work for me you leave that at the door...you are here to play not preach politics.....last politics I heard was the 535 jerkoffs in DC and the Azzclown named Rump (cause he is an ass....so is a rump) in the WH....paid themselves, just gave themselves a 10k raise and let REAL Americans suffer in a shutdown over issues that can be solved....
I have no empathy for Kap he made his bed...good player but brought the issues on himself....play ball on the field fool, go all out away from the game that's cool.....


It's me (again).

Terrance Sullivan

Great Picture and Great Blog.

VA Cane

Boom bam bam....
Damn shame we did not jump on KD....great college QB...great leader was surrounded by greats but I love the guy as a player and leader.....I really think he would be a great influence.
NFL pays more...but Buffalo? Cold cold cold....and they suck bad.....nice town JK12 loves it....but they have been so bad for so long...like my Raiders...Oakland is a terrible place....and we suck bad too......

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