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February 07, 2019


VA Cane

Hey yo TonyCane....!1ST...............Tony is The Man!!!!


I agree.


I wish i knew who some of the people they named in the dynamics graphs were.....they arent really musicians are they?
Posers I would say....never heard of them!!!!!!
The old bands are far superior to this new ....well...stuff.....not much of it is real music that will be around forever!!!!!

Posted by: VA Cane | February 07, 2019 at 05:11 PM

There are only seven basic tones.

When they reward Marvin Gaye’s family millions of dollars in a lawsuit for a song “feeling” like one of his classics or allow bands to copyright THREE NOTES, it is easy to see why music can’t sound the way it used to..


Optimism run amok?

Excuse me a minute.

TonyCane...how many PPG did Miami average last season?

Posted by: 86Cane | February 07, 2019 at 08:27 PM

D’no fielded HISTORICALLY bad defenses.

Few predicted we would rise like we did in 2016 after witnessing the catastrophic run of the Miami 3-4 experiment.

Especially with the way Manny got ran at Texas.

We had the offensive version of NoD.

Enos has shown more as a coordinator than Manny did before Miami. He will fix the qb position.

We have a guy that scored 30 on Bama while his offense was COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED physically. Qb running for his life every snap and olinemen getting rag dolled. ZERO run game.

Enos is gonna make us the toast of Cfb in 2019 and might get Manny Coach of the Year.


I agree, Tony.

I am excited about JW and Martell working with Enos.

Still, I am not ready to write off Kosi just yet.

I thought he would get dismissed, but he is hanging in there (no pun intended lol).

If kid keep his clothes on and his camera off, we might be surprised at the announced starter for game 1 in Orlando.


idn't feel like this with Randy or Golden, or Richt.

"This is The New Miami."

Posted by: solarcane | February 07, 2019 at 06:15 PM

Excuse me Sir but I am calling TOTAL BS!

We ALL thought Randy was gonna be that dog

Posted by: 86Cane | February 07, 2019 at 08:21 PM

Hard to believe but you missed the point completely.

When Randy gave one of his delightful confidence inspiring interviews you walked away smiling believing he was on fire for Miami?

When Randy told you guys were flying around at practice, it felt just like the personal bond you see he has with Shaq Bandy and others?

I did believe Randy was going to be a much better head coach than he turned out to be, but I never thought he was inspiring,congenial,organized, or as enthusiastic as Manny.
That is all


Tony you bring it man always some good posting.



Heading out to the Hootch for some fishing this AM water is finally lower and slower.
Man sometimes I do miss going out on 27 and just slaughtering Bass without worrying about being washed 10 miles downstream.

Old Skool

Good luck, Solar. I'd be fishing as well this morning, but the tide is too low. I'd wind up having to drag a boat across a 100 yards of mudflat.

Old Skool

Good points Tony

Old Skool

FSU's super secret QB plan ...

After failing to sign a quarterback for the second year in a row, Florida State coach Willie Taggart has a plan to solve his lack of depth at the game’s most important position.

It’s a pretty good plan, too, Taggart insisted Wednesday. Just don’t press him for any details.

Hmmmm ... lots of wildcat formations and strategic quick kicks.


FSU's super secret QB plan ...

The New Fumblerooski


the Canes privately have conveyed they aren’t going to waste time with kids they believe are playing them. So if there’s a top local player that appears disinterested in staying home for college, UM is going to move on quickly

Lets keep this in mind when we ask why Miami isn't pursuing certain players in our back yard.


Good morning
Any news on Phillips and Braun?


Any news on Phillips and Braun?

Posted by: AeroCane | February 08, 2019 at 07:56 AM

Amazon having a big sale on these shavers now.....:-).



Sorry UMike, couldnt help myself....


Good morning
Any news on Phillips and Braun?

Posted by: AeroCane | February 08, 2019 at 07:56 AM

It would be nice to pick up both of these players. but IMO, Braun is more important because he would be an All-ACC calibre OL in a position of need. Jaelan Phillips would add depth at DE, but he may decide to stay out West.


If I had to pick which QB seems to be ahead of the rest, I would pick Tate Martell, based on Enos's comments, Martell's remarkable stats (although in mop-up duty) at OSU and his SPAQ numbers at combines in high school.

That said, I am not sure if the NCAA will grant Martell's waiver request so that he will be immediately eligible to play in 2019. That is the big question.

Still, I like the fact that Enos has Martell, Perry, Weldon, Williams and Matocha in his QB room. That tells me that he will have someone ready to perform in September at Camping World Stadium against the Gators. Enos knows how to develop QBs, and the fact that he came here means that he sees potential in this roster.

To say that the Canes offense will be better doesn't really say much, given the way the CMR/JR offense finished the season. But IMHO, the QBs and the entire Canes offense will make a TREMENDOUS jump this season. I don't know if the offense will start the season strong out of the gates, but IMO, they should definitely finish strong as they learn the offense.

Go Canes!!



Enos is gonna make us the toast of Cfb in 2019 and might get Manny Coach of the Year.

Posted by: TruCane81 | February 08, 2019 at 01:04 AM

WHOA! Puff, puff, pass?


Hard to believe but you missed the point completely.

Posted by: solarcane | February 08, 2019 at 03:30 AM

Why are you surprised? It happens all the time!

When he was hired and before his first press conference, practice or game we ALL thought Shannon was going to be that dog. I can show you The Vault and the blog from back when and there is simply no denying that fact. Did he turn out to be a great interview or motivational speaker or coach? Well not so much. But hindsight is always 20-20.

If you are so very impressed with an eloquent speaker then look no further than the silver tounged Al Golden. The man had purpose, pillars, punch lines and profound thoughts. Couldn't coach a lick and his defense ruined his chances but the man could speak and inspire and sound smart even while being the stubbornest, if not the smartest, man in the room.

Speeches are for locker rooms and fancy quotes are for bulletin boards. Show me the MONEY, uh, I mean victories!


Why are you surprised? It happens all the time

Nice one soup!

Man old man river not giving up the bounty all that easy.
About five miles of coasting downstream,the paddle back upstream felt like I paddled from about Jacksonville.


I think what Manny has is more of an energy vibe that has me feeling pretty good.

I know Golden deserved victory and
I would have probably bought a like new Pinto from him but cut me some slack, I have been in through a lot of traumatic episodes over the last decade.


Brantley TE commits


Manny picking them off

Barry J

SOURCE: #Miami is hiring Jesse Stone as Quality Control coach working with OC Dan Enos & the QBs. Stone was a grad assistant at #UGA for last three years and helped in development of Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm. Nice add for #Canes.


I hear you Solar. You and me both buddy, you and me both.

Now for the rest of you out there...don't get it twisted, I like Manny Diaz and what he is doing so far. I like the Enos hire and his working the recruiting transfer system to his advantage. He walks and talks a good game. I support him and want him to succeed.

I am just saying let's keep things in persepctive before he has even coached a full game or season. Before we crown him "The Next Great One" who can't fail let's see some proof. Remember he was a DC and not a head coach. We have already had a good OC (Coker) and a great DC (Shannon) fail in recent years at UM.

And please he was going to Rutgers as Head Coach, not replacing Urban Meyer at OSU. Keep things straight OK?


I would have probably bought a like new Pinto from him but cut me some slack, I have been in through a lot of traumatic episodes over the last decade.

Posted by: solarcane | February 08, 2019 at 11:29 AM

I am most certain that nobody will admit it now but several of us probably have Pintos sitting in our driveways courtesy of Al Golden, me included.


And please he was going to Rutgers as Head Coach, not replacing Urban Meyer at OSU. Keep things straight OK?

Posted by: 86Cane | February 08, 2019 at 12:09 PM



I hear Manny is playing chess while the rest of the ACC is playing checkers...
Wait a second, that was the last DC to HC wasn't it?


Like Trucane says there are only so many note combinations you can use to make melodies.

LaBamba, Twist and Shout, and Hang on Sloppy may all be the same song but you will forever like Hang on Sloopy
(fug you Ohio State) better after you watch this video,

Nativecane for the love of God please count to 10 before you comment




Posted by: solarcane | February 08, 2019 at 12:40 PM


how bout a heads up before I opened this at work....LOL


Raize be careful where you open this


WHOA! Puff, puff, pass?

Posted by: 86Cane | February 08, 2019 at 10:35 AM

All we got to do is get through Florida with crapping the bed and the schedule sets up well to build confidence by the time we play our next decent opponent, v tech. They are a complete mess and might be our most lopsided victory of the season outside of unc and bcu.

I am expecting a 17-14 or 21-17 style game to start the season in Orlando with first game jitters and two offenses transitioning with lots of youth.

Enos will get the ball to the playmakers and we will get yards. He will ease the qbs in and get them comfortable with easy passes and open the door to big plays for JT4 in the second half when the young bucks start settling down.

Brevin, Mallory, and DJ in the passing game will get our qbs in the zone QUICK. Won’t be surprised to see an offensive explosion like the second half of the last game with FSU. After that, we f*ckin.

We win easy as long as we don’t have a 3 or 4 turnover meltdown.

By the end of the season we will put up big numbers, 31+ per game in conference.


*without crapping the bed


without crapping the bed

Posted by: TruCane81 | February 08, 2019 at 01:00 PM


I'll be crapping the bed after spring practice when we have heard for last 15 years how good we are only to pinch a loaf that season.


only to pinch a loaf that season.

Posted by: raizecane | February 08, 2019 at 01:06

This is why I read every single comment lmao!


Got to learn to win on the road, something we have forgotten how to do on any level of consistency. In layman's terms, we have stunk.

Sarasota 'cane

For anyone who wants to get into the weeds regarding why old songs sound better. Here's an article detailing the high compression, low dynamic range (relatively loud sound of current hits) versus the no or low compression and high dynamic range of the oldies


Posted by: Old Skool | February 07, 2019 at 03:55 PM

Love this! I'm collecting my old classic rock, jazz, and blues favorites on vinyl again, and my #1 criteria when choosing an album is the source media. If it's not analog then I'm out. I can use my iPod or streaming service if I want to listen to music on the fly, but if I want to hear the music as it was recorded then vinyl is tops.


Wait it's Sloppy? Damn I thought they were saying Snoopy. But in my defense I was probably watching Snoopy when my mom would play this song so....


Sloopy be causing my monitor to shake with those moves


Or Temple, not Rutgers...LOL.


Rejoice, Hurricane fans!

UM athletes have defeated Notre Dame in their last meetings in
... football
... baseball
... men's basketball
... women's basketball
... women's tennis

DallasTX Cane

Hang on Sloopy, Sloopy hang on
Come on Sloopy, come on Sloopy
Shake it, shake it, shake it Sloopy
Hang on Sloopy, Sloopy hang on

Sorry old-timers, catchy groove but arguably dumbest song ever put to vinyl

And yeah.... I also thought they were saying Snoopy!


Posted by: DallasTX Cane | February 08, 2019 at 02:34 PM

In all fairness, that's the chorus which is lacking in complexity in most songs (even some of the better ones).

The verse of "Sloopy" isn't that bad.


Sorry old-timers, catchy groove but arguably dumbest song ever put to viny

Posted by: DallasTX Cane | February 08, 2019 at 02:

I always have vote for The Surfin Bird by The Trashmen as the worst song of all time even though Peter Griffin gets off on it...
Anything by Nickleback could challenge though.

DallasTX Cane

2nd that assessment of Nickleback

DallasTX Cane


Ok solar, just watched. U r right! I do like this song a lot better now. Actually U could’ve played any song as I didn’t really notice the music. Scary thought... that young lady is like 70 now


Her name is Liz Brewer she is still very attractive and aged well, she was the lead guitarist/singer's girlfriend.

I thought you might like the song a little better after watching that.


Thinking of how this spread coast offense is going to pan out

We were 90th in the nation in scoring at 24 pts a game.
If we had scored 31 per game we would have been like 11-2 counting the Badger fiasco.


Posted by: solarcane | February 08, 2019 at 03:29 PM

I remember watching the LSU game and the guys in the booth talking about how their DC was crapping on our Offense before the game because of how easy it would be to defend due to it's simplicity.

Coaches rarely admit that about teams before a game. At least not in a way that makes it on TV. No way we are worse this year. Our athletes are good enough. A kid who plays video games could have been better than Richt.

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