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March 27, 2019



First! Let's Go CANES!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


Baseball is BACK!


Well at least we beat FAU?

Terrance Sullivan

Boom! Much needed win now we need to Go to Pittsburgh and get it Done this weekend.


Baseball has the same problem the football team has, showing up for big games.


Mike Irvin in hospital in Calif.
Being checked for throat cancer,his father died at 51 from throat cancer.
Good luck Playmaker

Terrance Sullivan

Prayers for the Playmaker.


Amen TSully and Solar,

Playmaker is one of the great ambassadors for the U football program, and football in general. His playing career (high school, college and NFL) was great, and so was his post-playing career. He has been a winner at every level. In addition, he has a son who is currently on the Canes roster.

Prayers and get well soon!


I saw this on the news here - they never report any Canes stuff here in Palm Beach County, but this they did.

Get well Playmaker!

Go Canes


86, check your DM's on twitter.

Oh, and hey everyone!


Ohio in da house! :)


Dam Ohio, where u been. Don't have to many people that talk recruiting like u did.

Terrance Sullivan

Ohio I knew U would come!


86, check your DM's on twitter.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | March 28, 2019 at 03:16 PM

What is Twitter?


VA Cane

Playmaker always loud....but always proud and backed it up with incredible games at UM and Dallas....got to love him...best example of talking the talk but really walking the walk!!!! Hope he will be ok....Prayeers from all of us to him and family....greatest Cane ambassador ever!!!

Ohio glad you dropped in...hope you and family are well....still doing some coaching?

VA Cane

CGNC has weed.....hmmmm....sounds like CMR with his bong and potboy with a doobie been hanging around over at her place.....sounds like somethings up over there......


Mike Irvin
Dan Morgan
Braxton Berrios

Three Canes that worked their asses off to be better than their God given talent.


Some Cane notes from BJ

Miami Herald Logo Here’s one of the main concerns for Canes that has materialized during spring practice | Miami Herald

Sports Buzz
Here’s one of the main concerns for Canes that has materialized during spring practice

MARCH 28, 2019 11:54 AM,


Play Video
Duration 0:48Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Dan Enos

Feedback we’re hearing more than a week into UM spring practice:

▪ For all the good things Manny Diaz has done for the program — from acing the transfer market to creating a buzz — any list of factors determining the success of this season will start with quarterback play and line play.

And one UM official who has watched practice — two without pads — has serious concerns about the offensive line.

The fact Tommy Kennedy isn’t what UM expected is one problem. “Not a good body at all,” that UM official said.

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But the other issue is whether John Campbell has good enough mobility and footwork to be an above-average right tackle in 2019, opposite D.J. Scaife. UM officials aren’t down on Campbell by any means; they love the upside there. But there are questions that need to be addressed.

Campbell missed Thursday’s practice with an injury and was replaced by former LSU transfer George Brown, who UM coaches said allowed a bunch of sacks last spring before an injury sidelined him for the season.

Because Hayden Mahoney decided to move on (to Boston College), the Canes must hope that either Zalon’tae Hillery (who’s getting the first team work) or Cleveland Reed or perhaps backup tackle Kai Leon Herbert is ready for starter snaps at right guard. That, too, is an unknown.

One dad has two UM title rings. Another paved the way for 2001. What about their sons?
MARCH 28, 2019 4:30 PM

Navaughn Donaldson should be fine at left guard, and I have faith that Scaife will develop into a decent left tackle, at the very least.

Corey Gaynor brings a feistiness and toughness to center, but as the UM official said, this offensive line is nowhere near the level of elite teams.

And it’s a line that projects to have three first-time starters, so growing pains are to be expected.

This is a pedigreed group of recruits, so the talent is there. If new offensive line coach Butch Barry can get this unit to play cohesively and effectively against the Gators, it will be a commendable job by the coach and his players.

Meanwhile, there are also questions about whether Pat Bethel and Jon Ford will be good enough at defensive tackle, though Chigozie Nnoruka’s addition from UCLA this summer (as well as the addition of three well-regarded freshmen) should help.

One UM official described Bethel as workmanlike. Former defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski has said Ford has first-round talent, but consistency has been the issue there. Ford has impressed this spring, defensive coordinator Blake Baker said Thursday.

And here’s something encouraging about defensive tackle: One UM official was impressed last week with defensive tackle Jordan Miller, who was a project but seems to be making progress.

In a display of strength, he knocked over multiple blockers on one play last week. Miller started spring drills on the second team, ahead of more ballyhooed Nesta Silvera, who was on the third team and has ground to make up.

▪ Here’s one big positive about the defensive line: Freshman defensive end Jahfari Harvey has impressed early, as has Gregory Rousseau in his return from last September’s ankle injury. UM needs to hold opponents to short gains on first down so it can unleash its pass rush with Rousseau, Jon Garvin, Virginia Tech transfer Trevon Hill and potentially Harvey.

“Jahfari, you have to remind yourself the guy should be sitting in English 4 class right now because he’s really done some nice things coming out here early on,” Diaz said. “He’s a guy that we couldn’t believe in recruiting that there weren’t more people busting down his door to try to get him. We’re really thankful he’s here and he’s shown us nothing in the first few days of practice to take us off that opinion.”

▪ Though Tate Martell’s accuracy has been an issue, especially on sideline throws, one UM person said not to overstate that concern and that Martell is better than Jarren Williams and N’Kosi Perry in terms of football knowledge and athleticism. And Martell was far more accurate this week than the first week.

Though Perry has improved, Williams is the most accurate of the three quarterbacks and appears the strongest challenger to Martell.

▪ In Dan Enos’ offense, look for bootlegs and lots of plays featuring quarterbacks on the run. That works to Martell’s advantage, because he’s best equipped to run those plays.

During closed practices, UM has been using some I-formation with two tight ends.

And a UM official said in particular, tight ends Brevin Jordan and Will Mallory and receiver K.J. Osborn are three players excelling in executing the presnap motion that Enos has added to the offense. Those players, in particular, have been running those plays with precision, suggesting they have been studying the playbook in their off time.

Jordan is now sidelined with a left knee sprain and is listed as “day to day.”

▪ Running back Cam’Ron Harris (formerly known as Cam’Ron Davis) has excelled at weak-side runs, we’re told.

▪ Asa Martin, who will sit out the 2019 season after transferring from Auburn, impressed early before being sidelined for the duration of the spring with a left leg injury. UM still needs to find out what it has in Robert Burns, who has good size and other strong attributes but has been a non-factor in two seasons.

▪ Al Blades Jr. has been the best of a few cornerbacks competing to start opposite Trajan Bandy. He’s a good tackler and very serious about his craft.

“He takes it all seriously,” departing senior Sheldrick Redwine said of Blades. “Hard worker. Energetic guy. It can be 6:30 in the morning and he comes in the morning screaming. I think he’s going to take a huge leap this year.”


All these fing injuries early is scary.

Lighten up Francis!


OL is the bad area of the team.

Once again.


Canes are Problems trying to figure out QB, OL and DT early in this spring camp. No surprises there, but good to see the coaches trying to fix the problems rather than just complaining about them.

Glad to hear that the young DTs are stepping up, but I am not sure if it’s because the DTs are that good or because the OL is that bad. The Canes really need Ford to play up to his dominant size and talent level, and the photos of MILLER show he has put in some very serious offseason work in the weight room. Silvera also has the competitive attitude that the Canes need at that position.


FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Greg Schiano is stepping down from his position on the New England Patriots' coaching staff, citing a "need to spend more time on my faith and family."

Long hard look in the mirror?


I think a bad swiss cheese o line opens the door for Tate.
He seems to be able to run for his life like a Johnny Football

I'd like Williams tobe get a real fair shot.


Tobe get, a seldom used term made popular by programs that like to jump

your keyboard


OL is the bad area of the team.

Once again.

Posted by: 86Cane | March 28, 2019 at 11:36 PM

Maybe the kicking guys can rally and take back their rightful place as team suckazz

VA Cane

We have really struggled with OL for a long time. Even when we had backs...like Homer or Duke have a good year....it was more on ability as opposed to a good OL. Our guys are heavy, non muscular, and have cinder blocks for feet. We do the 3/4 Quaalude shuffle rather than sprint on pulls, our reach blocks are lunges, our run blocking is not based on firing out and our pass block schemes are lookouts..you know block and yell at the QB to lookout. You cannot win like this on a regular basis...we will struggle on O if we cannot control the line of scrimmage.
A QB has to have some time. You will not win titles if your OL/DLs are weak....so lets step it up!!!


I say we all drink beer or Capt and Coke and pretend the OL is great? Otherwise actually going to games is gonna suck donkey ba##%.

VA Cane

We have a fairly easy schedule so an average OL gets you by...until ya gotta play clemson in the title game and get yer AZZ stomped!!!!
got to get better quick!!


Ducks in trick formation at Greentree



I feel you on the schedule.
What do we play like 9 games in the state of Florida? Should be plenty of fan support for sure

Go Canes!!

Even if this offensive line is nothing but average, there is still no excuse for losing a game in conference this year.

We are so much more talented at the skill positions and on our defense than anyone in the Coastal, dropping even one game with this schedule would be an embarrassment.


We are so much more talented at the skill positions and on our defense than anyone in the Coastal, dropping even one game with this schedule would be an embarrassment.

Posted by: Go Canes!! | March 29, 2019 at 10:25 AM

I will make a note of this for future reference.


I will make a note of this for future reference.

Posted by: 86Cane | March 29, 2019 at 10:32 AM

I feel one of those "If I was one of those I told you so types, now would be a time I told you so" comments coming in the future season.

Go Canes!!

Posted by: solarcane | March 29, 2019 at 12:31 PM

I’ll try to be gentle on him.


I’ll try to be gentle on him.

Posted by: Go Canes!! | March 29, 2019 at 01:02 PM

Greatly appreciated Sir!


Go Canes,
Nicely played


Reading Williams has lost 20 pounds.
Staying to study film 2 extra hours each day.

Enos says his mechanics are great.
Mike H says he throws NFL type passes,
Williams says the qbs wil be tasked with getting the players lined up for the motion plays.

Enos says he sees Jarren around the building a lot.
Williams says he is concentrating on the playbook and spending extra time throwing timing routes to his guys.


I think Kosi transfers


Say it ain't so, the oh line is once again going to be an albetros. Already cracking on Butler. Only was 2nd team all pioneer league, where ever that is. Bottom line, got to bring in better talent. We have 5 or 6 descent linemen but the rest are stiffs. Need way more depth of talent before we crack the top 10.


I agree - nkosi transfers
But I still think Tate will be the starter Jmo


if the o line is as porous as we are hearing, The Taters legs are going to have to carry us so to speak.
Maybe Williams is being tutored to get the ball out pronto.

The motion should slow or confuse some of the less talented teams, but Clemson and quality bowl teams have seen plenty of the stuff we think is cutting edge.


Good stuff from 5th practice



Down goes tarhell life is good

Terrance Sullivan

Yesssss Yesssss Yesssss SolarCane.


Our guys are heavy, non muscular, and have cinder blocks for feet. We do the 3/4 Quaalude shuffle rather than sprint on pulls, our reach blocks are lunges, our run blocking is not based on firing out and our pass block schemes are lookouts

Posted by: VA Cane | March 28, 2019 at 11:55 PM

Zion will be the guy! He's has the type of body you want your tackles to look like. Very strong kid with quick feet!



Solar...are U kidding me? That guy knows squat and needs to put down the Red Bull. I couldn't take 30 seconds of that nonsense!


Canes win at Pitt, 13-10. Bats continue to he better, pitching and D not so much. Have to keep beating the lessers most of the time, which they've done a better job of this season, but beating the top 20 teams at least half the time, something they haven't come close to doing, to be perceived as truly back on the rise again. A sweep at Pitt is almost a necessity at this point.


I couldn't take 30 seconds of that nonsense!

Posted by: 86Cane | March 30, 2019 at 12:

I might have to plead guilty on this one.
I think I was busy studying the dark haired ball girls mechanics and not paying attention to what he was saying my bad,


Canes football completed another week of spring practice, and this is what I heard:

DL looks very good. DTs are big and powerful, and the DEs are big and fast across the board. Ford has really improved, looks ready to contribute, and has the physical attributes to be a dominant DT, and he is starting to play up to it. Pat Bethel is solid. Jordan MILLER is surprisingly good, and really hasn’t been blocked by anyone he has faced. Silvera will also be a force. The DL looks good before the freshmen and transfers arrive. The DL will be very good, and along with the LBs, will be a force this season.

Everything I heard leads me to believe that the Canes will have another elite defense this season. If they continue to grow and improve as they have done since the end of the season, the Canes defense could actually be better than last season.

On offense, the Canes OL is a work in progress, but players are improving and getting coached up. Coach Enos offense is on a whole other level, and Enos is putting in major work. I am hearing that players are going live, even the QBs are being exposed to hits. I have heard some things about certain formations that are very positive. Enos’s offense should score a lot of points.

RBs look good. No surprises there.

WRs look good, and OSBORN has made his presence known. I also heard that Jerimiah Payton is Playing at a high level. I recall being very impressed with JP during Paradise Camp, and I hear that he has played well enough to actually start. Not sure if that is accurate, but I will try to catch some of the open scrimmages to see. I also hear that Jeff Thomas and Mike Harley will be used and should make some explosive plays out of Enos offense.

The news that some on hear may not want to hear is that Perry is the best QB so far in this spring camp. I was told Perry has improved a lot, and appeared to be the better thrower, especially the out routes, and Perry seems more comfortable running the offense. I hear that Williams looks good, but when the play is live, he doesn’t look as comfortable as Perry or Martell in running the offense and making throws. As a matter of fact, I heard that he looks very uncomfortable when the play was live. I was also disappointed to hear that Martell isn’t good enough at this point to supplant Perry. So, unless Martell and Williams continue to improve, it appears Perry will be the starter.


I was also disappointed to hear that Martell isn’t good enough at this point to supplant Perry.

Posted by: BigWindyCane | March 30, 2019 at 05:14 PM

Of course! Remember, he wasn't good enough to supplant anyone at Ohio State either. And if appears that Ohio State was more than willing to let him transfer and play elsewhere this year.

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