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April 08, 2019





UMike for the WIN!


NativeCane with the blog title.


First Id like to thank Meatloaf, then 86Cane, and finally Freddie Zamora who made this honor possible.

Go Canes!!!

Terrance Sullivan

Outstanding Work.


An offensive line that can't stop the rush, then this

“Overall, all three of them are still playing slow,’’ Diaz said on WQAM. “What I mean by playing slow, not to be unexpected. You get out there and all of a sudden you could just see us, the way we came to the line of scrimmage was slower than at practice. Why? Because we’re thinking about where to go with the ball instead of just naturally knowing. And then you drop back and what’s happening [is] your drops are slower. And when your drops are slower your mind is slower.”


and finally Freddie Zamora who made this honor possible.

Go Canes!!!

Posted by: Native | April 08, 2019 at 01:29 PM

This kid really makes things happen out there


I once saw paradise by the dashboard light.

Then all of a sudden SHE said...


S-O-U-L...we got SOUL, Cougars got soul!


CLASS Sophomore
HOMETOWN Miami, Fla.
HIGH SCHOOL Miami Killian

2018 FRESHMAN ALL-AMERICA (Collegiate Baseball Newspaper)

True Freshman (2018): Only Hurricane to start all 54 games delivered standout first season…Selected to ACC All-Freshman Team…Batted .303 with team-high totals in several offensive categories…Led Hurricanes or tied for team lead in at-bats (211), hits (64), doubles (12), triples (four), walks (24) and total bases (87)…Ranked second with 20 steals (20-for-24) and 32 runs scored…Batting average was second-highest…Impressed in ACC play, batting .302 with five doubles, two triples and team-best 15 RBI…Slugged .405 in conference competition…Posted team-high 20 multi-hit games and tied for team lead with six multi-RBI games…Scored first run of career on Opening Day against Rutgers (Feb. 16)…Connected on first hit of career (1-for-4) in finale vs. Scarlet Knights (Feb. 18)…Had first multi-hit performance of career (2-for-4) against Maine (March 2)…Totaled six hits in series with Black Bears (March 2-4)…Had two doubles in Game 2 vs. Maine…Went 3-for-4 with two runs scored and first triple of career in win at UCF (March 14)…Finished 2-for-5 with two RBI vs. FAU (March 21)…Totaled seven hits in series with North Carolina (April 6-8)…Had career-best four-hit game in Game 2 vs. Tar Heels (April 7) that included first home run…Tied career mark with four hits in come-from-behind win at Clemson (April 13) and set career mark with three RBI…Scored three runs vs FGCU (April 18)…Had two multi-hit games in series at Florida State (April 27-29)…Tied career mark with three hits and three runs scored in Game 2 at Virginia Tech (May 12)…Knocked in two runs in ACC Championship opener against Notre Dame (May 22) in Durham, N.C.

High School/Prep: Four-year varsity letterwinner at Killian...Ranked No. 53 by Perfect Game in its top 400 freshman rankings...Helped lead team to district championship and GMAC championship...Earned first-team All-Dade honors two times...Named Team MVP in final season...Batted .430 junior year and .400 senior year.


once saw paradise by the dashboard light......

Posted by: 86Cane | April 08, 2019 at 04:5

It Took me about 5 years to convince my friend the words were

Glowing like the metal on the edge of knife,
Not, glowing like a meadow on the edge of the night.

Same guy swore the Go Go's were singing Arlington Field, and not Our lips are sealed,
although that was the name of the song

Ear wax and stubbornness can make you miss a lot of stuff.


Here we go again with the decoms. Tennison just dropped his verbal to us. I guess the new U ain't new enough!



The New U is everything.

Diaz is wicked cool and awesome good.

How could ANYONE de-commit???


Money, money, money, money...MONEY!


I have a theory about decommitments. Losing definitely leads to decomits and that is not surprising. The Canes haven’t won a national championship or finished in the top ten in 15 years, although they improved dramatically under CMR’s first two years.

Florida (more so than any other state) and South Florida in particular, is just full of great high school recruits near campus. Some recruits are highly sought after, and others are under-the-radar prospects who will have great college careers and may even make it to the NFL .

What I am seeing is that Miami is offering local prospects early, before other major programs know who they are. But the decommitment problems for the Canes start once the other major programs (Such as Alabama and Clemson) start offering our Canes commitments. If the Canes are losing games, it will be impossible to keep the 5* and some 4* recruits from leaving south Florida. Even when the Canes are winning, it will be tough.

The best strategy is the one CMD is pursuing. The Canes should know who the best local players are, as they have the benefit of seeing them play more regularly, and can sort the wheat from the chaff. The Canes can use that advantage of geography to Stay on the local recruits early, but continue to recruit nationally as well. There is no loyalty in the recruiting game, and no recruit is signed until national signing day.

Winning and success on the field and sending players to the NFL will cure the decommitment problem


Winning and success on the field and sending players to the NFL will cure the decommitment problem

Posted by: BigWindyCane | April 08, 2019 at 11:21 PM

I will be napping until the these three things happen.



VA Cane

Very proud of UVA basketball team. UVA VT most VA schools have not been big winners no big wins or titles...JMU won a couple Div 2 titles... I have sent a lot of kids to UVA over 41 years. They are smart wise well coached kids; they never quit playing. I think it is really cool to say you go to Mr Jeffersons school what an American and Virginian!!!....very fine school. Washinton Jefferson Madison Monroe.......no state has those cats....not even close!!!!!...Really!!!!!!

TT was awesome what a great team. I would rather watch these kids than Lebron Kyrie KD Westbrook....they are so selfish so arrogant such POS...they suck AZZ!!!! They are not kings or chosen ones or incredible at all....social media slaves with narcisstic attitudes..I love the kids in HS and college just giving it there all!!!

I will say this: along with God Bless The USA...I despise One Shining Moment.....they are both so sappy and really lame!!!


Anyone know if tickets are needed for the spring game on 04/20 at Camping World Stadium?


Posted by: BigWindyCane | April 08, 2019 at 11:21 PM

I will be napping until the these three things happen.

Posted by: 86Cane | April 08, 2019 at 11:52 PM


The Canes need to play up to the talent levels that they recruit. The Canes will have to win with what they have, and the Canes are typically more talented than almost all of their opponents, except 1-2 every season.

This season, the Canes got Shaq and Pinckney to return on defense, and they kept JT on offense and picked up some transfers to build depth and experience at key positions. The Canes also have good coaches.

It is time of the Canes to play up to their potential and win 10-11 games. Now is the time. Otherwise, the Canes will lose even more recruits as UF, FSU and UCF start to improve and assert themselves. Ohio St., Alabama, UGA and Clemson are already cherry-picking top recruits from the area, and the Canes cannot build any kind of wall or fence without success on the field.


Raize I saw where you had to reserve tickets. Idk if they are required but I went to hurricanesports.com/tickets and got mine just in case lol. Its like ordering tickets but no charge.




If you look at how many players from each NSD class were committed as of the previous April, you might be surprised to know that the highest % was in 2018. Forty percent of that class was locked in by the first week of April 2017. Other years have been horrendous, with at least one Shannon class in the single digits.

Based on historic trends, over half of the 2020 class has yet to commit to Miami, and over half of the current class will end up signing elsewhere.

VA Cane

very good points. When we won on that huge basis, we had AAs waiting their turn. Now I do not feel that will continue to happen; kids do not want to wait now....2003 is 16 years ago and that changes alot.

However winning big never changes. I hate what we have been through but it is reality. Until you win like we did, or Bama Clemson OSU etc you are an also ran. We have had some decent players but quick name a real standout lately. I think that when the big boys swoop in most of the time its over. Last season looked really bad as CMR had a good 2017...until the end. That coupled with 2018 has me you 86 and all of us saying...unfortunately Same Old Canes...since 03 for me as we have no titles.
Another thing...Clap, Onion, AlPa...even CMR...and most of their staffs just did bot get it do recruiting. MD is changing the look...out of that 16 year rut of same old O...so maybe we win dynamically this year. I think it will have pains, but is the right direction to getting back on top! We need to go now...cannot wait pull out all the stops!!!

VA Cane

We have a really EZ schedule on paper...but you play on the field.
I think the FL game and FSU...traditional rivals will be good games and I call them even. Actually FSU is bad...but a challenge.

The rest we can beat....so 10-2 at worst and win division...but there is the problem....we gonna get smoked by Clemson...play in a decent bowl...50/50 we win....and there is the recruiting problem. Until we can put up a 12-0 and beat Clemson...we are not back and in the backseat re recruiting!


FSU spring game

"In the spring game, Blackman finished 23-of-37 for 415 yards and three touchdowns. Considering FSU’s quarterback troubles the past two seasons, those are eye popping numbers."

Pick a starting qb, concentrate on getting him ready and forget spending all spring into fall dividing reps between three guys, two of which will transfer or do some dopey shyt and get suspended.

VA Cane

nice idea solar....thats why I feel pornboy is a waste of time...aint gonna change cannot win with him...toast!!!!
I look at Williams and Martell...split the reps see who is going to be better make a call and go with it....until it does not work. Pornboy can carry the clipboard...wave signals in...naaaa he cannot do that for a TEAM!!!



If kosi cant figure out a defense he sees at practice every single day, what the hell is he going to do when the Gators move their d backs around?

Then you got JW. I like him and what I hear about his passing, but a real quiet guy that doesn't like contact behind our o line could be trouble.

Then you got TM. He could buy time with his legs. I'm not real sure he faced the same talent in Nevada that the other two faced in Florida and Georgia.

I would pick the best bad choice and put time into his play, count on the defense to keep the score down.

If the receivers start catching the ball and the running backs and tight ends are as good as we are led to believe,maybe a very average qb that doesn't turn the ball over will get us 10 wins.

VA Cane

Well pornboy aint gonna outrun anyone...get killed...besides he is too busy doing his LC Clappy imitation...clapping!!!!
I like Williams...but he is...er mellow
Perhaps TM is the answer....mobility counts...but not between yer legs Pornboy!!!!!

We need 10 to 11 to get on the path to being somewhat relevant!!!!!

Go Canes!!

I’m not giving up on Perry.

Diaz said clean slate going forward. I’m willing to see if he’s matured under proper guidance from a proven, respected offensive mind in Enos.


Lebron just got rid of Magic.


I'm more worried that he never read defenses than I am about his maturity.
His high school coach said he would have to be coached up on how to read defenses.

Guys like Johnny Football could hide that they didn't know what the defense was doing because he could ad lib till someone got open.
Kosi starts running around all bets are off.

I got a feeling it's gonna be Martel.
Remember back when Manny said he didn't know if the next Miami qb was on campus?


I’m not giving up on Perry.

Posted by: Go Canes!! | April 09, 2019 at 08:02 PM

The words that ONLY Go Canes could write.

Just curious, are you giving up on Gilligan's Island? I hear the tiny ship was tossed and if not for the courage of the fearless crew The Minnow would be lost? The Minnow would be lost?


Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from this tropic port
Aboard this tiny ship.

The mate was a mighty sailing man,
The skipper brave and sure.
Five passengers set sail that day
For a three hour tour, a three hour tour.

The weather started getting rough,
The tiny ship was tossed,
If not for the courage of the fearless crew
The Minnow would be lost, the Minnow would be lost.

The ship set ground on the shore of this uncharted desert isle
With Gilligan
The Skipper too,
A millionaire and his wife,
A movie star
The Professor and Mary Ann,*
Here on Gilligan's Isle.


Ugly game for UM pitchers vs. FGCU so far tonight. 11-9, U, top of 8th, 3 runs in on 2 HRs and two runners now on, need to get someone out. Hard to watch. Even Federman in relief has been an adventure all season.


Lights are out at the Light, so mine are going out, too. Wonder how this will play out.

Go Canes!!

You really can't be this big of a nitwit. Well actually you are so I will spell it out for you in a way you'll hopefully understand.

It's not just me not giving up on Perry yet dummy. Manny Diaz, the current head coach of the Miami Hurricanes says it every single day.

And not just with words, but with action. The fact Perry still on the team and getting equal first team reps in every single practice is proof of it.

I hope this clears the matter up for you but just in case, I'll add this final sentence:

If Coach Diaz had given up on Kosi he would have been gone a long, long time ago.

Try and keep up from here on out.


Go Canes...if for you THE MINNOW WOULD BE LOST!

You haven't the foggiest clue of who is on first.

You have no idea what is real and true.

All you see is a BIG U in your wet dreams.

God rest your soul...


Posted by: solarcane | April 09, 2019 at 07:10 PM

Tate played a national schedule and beat everybody. Talent level won’t be his issue. He is struggling because he is converting to more pro style than a pure spread. His skill set translates more to gameday improvisation than pure pocket passing.

He also has the misfortune of facing off against two studs that are better passers and good to decent athletes. The qb room is stacked. We have not had this much talent there since the 80’s. Enos is coaching them hard and by all accounts, these young guys have stepped up to the challenge. There have and will be growing pains, but their acceptance of the challenge is all you can ask for.

We will be in good hands regardless who starts. N’kosi and Tate have performed on gameday and shown promise. Jarren is talented, but an unknown.

Make no mistake. Average qb play gets us 10 wins EASY. Only X factor is the secondary. I think they will be solid by fall with a few plays here and there, but we will be very impressed by their playmaking ability over the year. The defensive line is going to be murder. Control the slot and te, and we are a top 10 unit. Top 5 if Ford takes his spring dominance into the season.

This front seven as a unit will be the best we have seen in a long, long time. Moving Mccloud to will and Mike will be a big deal. He will give us some surprisingly good play backing up Shaw and Pink.

Give us good or better qb play and we go 11-1 or 12-0 and shock Clemson for the acc. I think we get good qb play, which is why I pick us to win the ACC. If Diaz and Blake get creative with the 4-2-5 ( 3 cbs with 3 safeties, lbs and safeties at de on pass downs, quarters ) and press the interior receivers, I think we can confuse Lawrence. I think the front seven can control their run game (is Etienne back? Makes a difference).

I expect big things. O line is a concern but we will be ok. Injuries are the big issue right now. They won’t face a defense like ours til the acc title game, giving them plenty of time to gel.

VA Cane

"So join us here each week my friend, you're sure to get a smile, from GC, Pornboy, and NoDPa, here on AlPas Isle"

Got to laugh at this one...its ok guys....we will get it worked out somehow!!!


I’m not giving up on Perry.

Posted by: Go Canes!! | April 09, 2019 at 08:02 PM

The words that ONLY Go Canes could write.
Posted by: 86Cane | April 09, 2019 at 10:23 PM


I ‘m not giving up on him either.

Ain’t the Lil Richt show no more. He is blossoming under proper tutelage.

It’s early, he is leading. He has the tools to be a slower RG3.

The qbs are all in the mix. He isn’t throwing passes up for grabs a la uva game. He can look off safeties. With Enos ‘ playaction, he is second team all acc.

All the qbs are playing slow because of the brand new system. Whoever figures it out and plays fast over the summer will start, period. He is the only guy who has started a game and it shows in practice. Rate and Jarren could catch and surpass him, but just maybe he woke up and his mind will catch up with his arm.

If it does, he will win a lot of games and get drafted. As long as he stays out of trouble this summer, I think he wins the job.

Go Canes!!

Posted by: VA Cane | April 10, 2019 at 03:57 AM

I'm sure some of the parents from the six team pee wee Christian school league you dominated for so many years appreciated how quickly you cast aside kids who didn't give you immediate success.


Mary Ann or Ginger??. Me personally, I am team Mary Ann all the way.

Go Canes!!

Posted by: 86Cane | April 10, 2019 at 12:05 AM


Hi I'm Tom.

I don't follow the Canes that closely. And last night is just another example of how I have singledhandly destroyed a once great blog by personally insulting people who do.

I really had no idea Perry was getting equal first team reps and shredded our defense in our first scrimmage, going 5-7 for 126 yards with 2 TDs while the other two guys really struggled. I just know he sucks and can't or won't ever mature, just like me.

PS. I love a great scotch or six. which is evident every time I post after 6 pm.

Welcome to Canespace. Post here, post often. As long as it's what I agree with.


Good night.

Go Canes!!

Posted by: TruCane81 | April 10, 2019 at 04:50 AM

Excellent post sir.

Don;t know if Perry wins the spot or ends up transferring. Just think it would be foolish to give up on a sophomore who's shown flashes of being really good at times.

Glad to see Manny hasn't either. We'll see how he ends up.

VA Cane

Just like I am sure that some of the parents of your little boyfriend cheerleaders you cheered with all those years were not happy how the team mom ran them off for failure as well....Its all good brother just a little jab....good one on your part too!!!!

Carry on friend!!!!

VA Cane

I think Magic got frustrated with having to deal with a player who thought he was the coach, call all the shots, crappy free throw shooter, plays no D....No D Lebron Pa!!...making a remake of jordans movie that nobody wants to do with him,and in general thisks he is chosen...or a king....who actually is 3-6 in the finals a 33%er....and whose head generally resides in his AZZ.....Magic said F It!!!!


PS. I love a great scotch or six. which is evident every time I post after 6 pm.

Welcome to Canespace. Post here, post often. As long as it's what I agree with.


Good night.
Posted by: Go Canes!! | April 10, 2019 at 07:15 A


Whats the issue? LOL

Go Canes!!

Posted by: VA Cane | April 10, 2019 at 08:35 AM

Brother I'll put my actual athletic accomplishments against yours any day of the week.

And as far as your constant dress wearing, boyfriend, porn "boy" jokes go, I shudder to think you were ever in a position to influence young minds.

Grow up Uncle Rico.


Posted by: TruCane81 | April 10, 2019 at 02:51 AM

Waz up Tru?
Yea you are right, Bishop beat Saint Thomas by 1 point I believe and they beat a good John Bosco team but just about everybody else is a Nevada school no? How do Nevada schools stack up against Fl. TX. Ga.? I don't really know the skill level out there.

I like your enthusiasm, I think we are miles ahead of last year too.

I don't have confidence in any of our current qbs, I think if Enos stays he recruits the guy we need.

The new offense should put points up and our defense should keep scores down, so yea 10 wins is what I feel.
Good to see you around.


To all the Canespacers on here that always refuse to take the bait, weigh the consequences of what they feel like saying before they say it, acknowledge when they were wrong about something, THANKS!


Some Miami Herald

Things got steamy at Miami practice, with scrimmage nearing. And about that O-line...
APRIL 10, 2019 08:07 AM
Play Video
Duration 0:27“Right-left throw!” QB coach instructs Miami Hurricanes during drills

QB coach Dan Enos instructs Miami Hurricanes during drills on Thursday, April 4, 2019. BY SUSAN MILLER DEGNAN
Enough with that indoor luxury.

The 10th session of the Miami Hurricanes’ football practice got a bit heated within the Carol Soffer Indoor Practice Facility when coaches turned off the air conditioning and opened three massive hangar-type doors that sucked in the hot, humid air from Greentree Field.

“You mentioned the heat took a toll on players Saturday. In here, it feels a little different today,’’ a reporter told UM coach Manny Diaz on Tuesday. “Was that the calculated move and how did they respond today?”


inRead invented by Teads
“Yeah, we turned on the humidity machine today, but by design — and that’s OK. Because we want to get them to feel a little bit of the, you know, breathe a little less of the AC than what it’s been. They felt it, which is good. This is what we needed. We’ll do this again on Thursday, and that will get them ready for getting outside again on Saturday.’’

The Canes’ next scrimmage, free and open to the public, is at noon Saturday at Traz Power Stadium, 11380 NW 27th Ave, at Miami Dade College’s North Campus.

After the first scrimmage Saturday at Columbus High, Diaz reported that “execution” was “a long way from where we wanted it. You could see, being outside and dealing with the heat for the first time, it took its toll. It takes a toll mentally. All of a sudden you’re playing slower...it probably took us to the second half where it became more competitive.”

The Hurricanes have practiced indoors since the first of the 15 spring sessions began March 19, because Greentree Practice Field is being resodded.

▪ We spoke to offensive coordinator Dan Enos today about, among other topics, the offense line. He didn’t seem overly enthused.

Enos regarding the line, which had usual left guard Navaughn Donaldson at center Tuesday because Corey Gaynor is injured and according to Diaz is day-to-day:

“We’ve been very inconsistent [on] the offensive line. We’ve been shuffling guys in and out of there. We’ve had some injuries. We had to move guard Donaldson to center on Saturday. He hasn’t played center all spring, but he did a tremendous job moving to center for us to allow us to scrimmage.

“But really there’s been no continuity, because we’ve just been trying to figure out who’s who. Who’s the guard, who’s the tackle, who’s the starter, who’s the 2? You with me? It’s been hard that way, especially with the defense doing as much as they’re doing. It’s been very difficult to get continuity. But we’ll benefit from all these things as we move forward.

“We had a true freshman [Zion Nelson] playing left tackle in the scrimmage Saturday, and he’s battling and doing things in there. But as I told him, he should be getting ready for the senior prom right now and we got him out here blocking one of the best defenses in the country.”

Nonetheless, Enos indicated that he believes with new O-line coach Butch Barry’s tutelage, the lineup will eventually prosper:

“Coach Barry is doing a tremendous job with these guys,’’ Enos said. “He is a technician. He is a fundamental, detailed football coach. He’s very disciplined. He’s a great teacher and he’s very demanding. And these guys will all benefit from his tutelage. I think at the end of the day we’re going to have an offensive line that we’re going to be very excited about.’’

Nelson, an early enrollee who has thoroughly impressed Diaz and company, also played left tackle Tuesday morning. He is a 6-5, 240-pound former three-star prospect out of Sumter (South Carolina) High School. The Hurricanes’ bio on Nelson says he chose Miami over offers from Appalachian State, Coastal Carolina, Campbell, Georgia Southern and Western Kentucky. The Canes apparently got a steal.

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