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May 15, 2019





No one stays on top forever. All it takes is for one superlative athlete to emerge to push a program over the top.

Posted by: TonyCane | May 20, 2019 at 08:57 PM

Unfortunately RaizeCane's and UMike's eligibility have expired. We still got OGV with one year left but the pee test may be an issue? Gonna have to recruit a new guy.


We ain't catching Clemson no time soon, if recruiting is any indication. 3 of the top six DT's and 2 of top 12 DE"S and just 5 five star players, so far for the 2020 class.
We're scratching and clawing for any OT's and LB's.
Clemson will end up being in the ACC, what Bama is In SEC.

Posted by: herbieibis | May 19, 2019 at 07:20 PM

No one stays on top forever. All it takes is for one superlative athlete to emerge to push a program over the top.


Kellen Winslow back on tv... CourtTV.


Just my two cents

Maybe the coaches played college football for "free" and their experience led them into a lucrative career coaching kids that are playing for free for two years until the kids become millionaires playing in the NFL?

I feel college is a showcase to give 18 to 23 year old football kids a chance to become millionaires a lot quicker than the kids over in the marine science building


And honestly their not getting paid wouldn't bother me so much if they didn't get punished. It's that they actually get punished if they get paid. With the billions generated by the "amateur" leagues. If these scholarships are so damned valuable try paying coaches in scholarhships. Give a coach a scholarship, room and board and the opportunity to further their education as payment for coaching


Posted by: 86Cane | May 19, 2019 at 10:52 AM

It is my argument. When I know some admin at the NCAA who does nothing but makes phone calls and plays golf is taking home 6 figures or some hypocrite like Dabo has the audicty to say the players shouldn't get paid while he takes home more than 10 mil per year in salary and endorsements; it's BS. You are gonna say you can't pay players because you are not profitable but state schools like FAU and UCF can pay coaches millions? It's BS.

I have asked you specifically, why do you feel so strongly that they shouldn't get paid? Now I don't read the blog every day so maybe you answered me and I missed it. But why argue so strongly against the players getting a bigger slice of the pie when they are the reasons why we watch?

Watching the payers play brings me joy. Not seeing the coaches, not watching the commercials etc. I rather my money go to them than the Al Golden's or D'Nos of the system


We ain't catching Clemson no time soon, if recruiting is any indication. 3 of the top six DT's and 2 of top 12 DE"S and just 5 five star players, so far for the 2020 class.
We're scratching and clawing for any OT's and LB's.
Clemson will end up being in the ACC, what Bama is In SEC.

Terrance Sullivan

86 haha. I didn't even worry about Hillview point of view. It's like taking Candy from a Baby. Easy Money.


HillView...that's your arguement, seriously?

Are you sure that you have thought this point all the ways through including the opposite side of the debate? The best debaters always try to see the opposing sides view to counter it. You appear to have made no effort to do so but I could be wrong?


Couple of things. You guys who say the Athletic programs don't make a profit..that may be true but there is a difference between athletic programs and football programs! The football programs make enough profits to supplement the olympic sports. There is difference between athletic programs and football programs.

2) If you can pay regular kids to be in commercials then athletes of all ages should be allowed to make money of their likeness. A kid can make money if they are in a gatorade commercial but not if they are also an athlete? Makes no sense.

Athletes get ruled ineligible for selling water bottles online and making their own youtube videos...BS


Agreed, BWC. If it's close, odds are the Light will get the nod.

Meanwhile, with NCSt. destroying UNC today, the 5 seed will be UNC and Miami's opponent for game 1. Guessing that winning at least this game would boost the odds of hosting a bit.

Mostly it's nice to not wonder whether the U will even make the postseason...


What’s up with the Big Ten and pedophiles? An attorney from Dayton plans to sue Ohio State on behalf of more than 50 former athletes who allege they were sexually abused by a team physician. The attorney says most of his clients were football players, including some who went on to play in the NFL.

Even Penn State and Michigan State are astonished


Canes do have a great facility for baseball. One of the best in college baseball


I am not as sure as you, Terrance. Will be 4th best in ACC, could be #3 in division if UNC beats NC State tonight due to tiebreaker. NC State wins, the U would be 2nd in division but still 4th overall in ACC due to tiebreaker with NC State. Not sweeping either of the last two weekends has added risk. If they'd won one more game, finished above NC schools, tied GT but won the division due to the tiebreaker and finished #2 overall in conference, I'd have felt pretty secure. Without any clearcut dominant team, they could lose out as a hosting site without a solid ACC tournament showing, although the NCAA has always liked the U as an excellent host site.

For now, to me it's a coin toss.

Terrance Sullivan

Much needed Win. Locks up the Regional Host for sure. Go Canes!


Game over. Canes win, 5-1!

Key stat: pitching only gave up 4 hits. D had 5 errors. How often does the E > H??


5-1, 9th, Duke with leadoff runner on after a Gil error. 5th error of the game by the U. 3 have been by Zamora, back at SS. The fielding issues have to be addressed...guessing it's too late for this year. Will be curious to see what new players will be coming in next year. Need a better defensive SS, another good hitting OF, definitely more pitching depth...


5-O, In the 7th. McMahon looked good from the mound today.

Terrance Sullivan

We need this Win today Badly. Go Canes. Let's win this Series!


3rd inning, 3-0, Canes. Some Duke errors in the 1st helped, but the Canes left the bases juiced in the 2nd.


3 game set vs. Duke concludes today, each winning one so far. Game 1 the U eked out, 4-3, with 3 solo shots, but game 2 the Dukies couldn't stop crossing the plate. Injured pitchers are trying to come back, with MacKendry on the mound yesterday. Hope all are ready by the time the post season starts. Offense is still feast or famine by way of the longball.


Dewan Hernandez seems to be having a great pre-draft camp in Chicago. I hope he does well and works his way into the draft and on a roster. The NCAA dealt him a cruel blow this past season.


Say what?

Sarasota 'cane

Brake check!

orange 'n green in the vein

To be perfectly honest and transparent and "self aware" as you like to put it there was I time when I cared like maybe 5-7 years ago. Since then and especially now, not in the slightest.


Posted by: 86Cane | May 16, 2019 at 05:26 PM


Fatso tried his best with his shitty college roommate from their days listening to Sandusky ordering defenders to cower in a continual soft zone in between acts of child rape to kill the football program and came so close to succeeding.

Too bad GD didn't self eject back then with that loser too when GD was crying about how evil and mean actual, in real life, Hurricane fans were, all for daring to tell fatso he sucked at anything but Paterno pederast protection shilling after the Hurricane football team record setting loss margin, plus an extra side of shut the f[_]ck out at home, after his latest stolen paycheck for dereliction of duty outside his publicly listed address in property records that are for everyone to read and have access to because its in the public's interest to know these things despite GD's wish that shitty football coaches were given special treatment because he wants to slurp deeper than everyone else on them, but that's life for you.


Guitar Center revealed it sold more guitars to females than males for the first time last year.
That is pretty cool to me.


That’s why you’re down to 500 to about five regular posters on here.

Posted by: Go Canes!! | May 16, 2019 at 03:27 PM

As if I care. I am not running a popularity contest and I am certainly NOT in it for the money, so to act as if I give a damn is ridiculous. It matters not.

To be perfectly honest and transparent and "self aware" as you like to put it there was I time when I cared like maybe 5-7 years ago. Since then and especially now, not in the slightest.


Sarasota 'cane

I wonder what's the # of profitable football and men's BB programs there are if you factor the money before it's distributed across the entire school's athletic budget.

It seems to me a lot of the red ink is the result of counting the costs of the entire athletic budget as a single entity as opposed to counting just the revenue generating sports, which are probably generating a profit at most playoff eligible schools.

Go Canes!!

Posted by: 86Cane | May 16, 2019 at 01:27 P

Of course you do.

That’s why you’re down to 500 to about five regular posters on here.

Nothing invites interesting dialogue and a good back and forth more than an unhinged rant from an obviously under medicated sociopath.



orange 'n green in the vein

FHI (Tied for 30th)
Miami (FL)82
REV 73

Gee solar, I think this shows that first of all, Twitter positivism correlates to a shit football team, and it also explains why sid-tard GD, the worst poster in the history of this blog, even worse than TS Mike Bradley still, is so intent on embarrassing himself by whining about scholarship numbers in between spouting off his usual bullshit about the poor football players getting a raw shake while signing their own name on the dotted line by their own volition.


Pretty interesting ESPN article about every teams fan happiness index




I still believe if college football players start receiving an uncapped salary the state of Texas would eventually dominate college football.

Maybe some SEC schools like Tennessee could match deep pocket Texas fans but I doubt there is enough money in South Carolina to load Clemson's payroll.


Will Little League kick out players if companies decided to pay them for marketing products and services?

I could care less if the NCAA and conferences payed players. It is actually the last thing I would expect them to do without serious arm twisting.

The fact that the NCAA prohibits players from making their own private business decisions and deals is what gets me.

Not even the Olympics does that crap anymore.

Restricting player economic activity is contrary to all the values America was supposedly built on. No, wait. America was built on the most brutal exploitative and profitable unpaid labor system the world has ever seen.

I was wrong. This is completely in line with American values.



Your point was amateurs put paying people in the stands, and the people that sponsor them should pay them.

So that would mean every amateur that plays in front of a crowd that makes money,not necessarily a profit but money for their sponsor should get a cut.

How big a check does Duke owe Zion?
How upset is he that he didn't get a cut for putting all those people in the seats?
Will he manage to scrape by on his NBA paycheck and endorsements?


With the fbi sniffing around, don’t be surprised to see the money magically turn up to pay players.

Last thing the fat cats want is the feds digging through all the fraud and tax evasion.

People start going to jail over basketball and now the whole conversation of “amateur athletics” is turning at the top. Lmfao.

What a bunch of hypocrites. But hey, hypocrisy is as American as apple pie and Ford trucks.

The NCAA drug out their investigation for years looking for a way to kill the program. All the found was some boat rides, abortions, hookers, and hamburgers. Pretty safe to say Miami is relatively clean. The fan base is scared shitless to buy players.

People think in the open bags will change the game, but I don’t necessarily agree.Sure the big boys will outplay us, but I think we underestimate the willingness of the big money support to pony up for ACTUAL big time players. With some creativity we may find a way to help our players generate six figure incomes that make us attractive even if it is not as much as Bama, Clemson, etc.

We get some pretty good guys when we can’t even do the hookers and hamburgers anymore, while the big boys are dropping six figure bags with impunity and the enforcers have ZERO desire to intervene.

Actually being able to but together some kind of sales campaign that pays our players to market businesses to the Cane fan base and State of Miami could be the answer.

The bozo coaching brigade and inept administration made us forget how lucrative the U brand is. They fleeced the golden goose like a plantation slave instead of treating it with care and reverence, and can’t figure out why the only eggs it lays are in blowout losses to schools that care about winning.

This is a sleeping giant, athletically and financially if managed properly.

Go Canes!!

Posted by: solarcane | May 16, 2019 at 12:13 AM

Come on Solar.

You know as well as I do the only group there that works anywhere NEAR as hard as a college athlete is an Olympic athlete.

And of course, Olympic athletes get paid for winning medals while retaining their shamateur status?

Why? Because it makes more money for the schools and NCAA to allow that while shaming an NCAA basketball player that will make $10-15 million for a school and his coach as a one and done for taking $10 grand to pick a school.


Go Canes!!

If you guys want to continue this discussion you need to understand what's happened to the numbers in the last few years. When you take 2005-2009 or even 2017 numbers you are using an abacus in the era of super computers.

Only then should you take a position.

Take a look at revenues per conference in the Power 5 since the new TV deals and the creation of the SEC, Big 10 and soon the ACC Networks

Here are a few articles for you to read:



Note the SEC disbursements DO NOT include $23 MILLION each school retains for travel and bowl expenses.

Nor does it include the BILLIONS being spent by schools on facilities and stadium upgrades that will long benefit them after the players are gone. Remember, those take away from the "profits" schools have.

But heaven forbid AJ Green sell his game jersey for $300, Huell take $500 from some street agent or Olivier Vernon take a free boat trip and meal from Nevin Shapiro. Then they're dirty and greedy.

Give me a break.

The money in college athletics has exploded to an obscene level. How you can't see it's gone from inequatible to downright exploitation is beyond me.



Maybe this will help Go Canes

Between 2005 to 2009
8 college athletic programs broke even or had a net profit.

Myth: College Sports Are a Cash Cow

Outside my office door, there it looms. Sanford Stadium, complete with its fabled privet hedges and 93,000 screaming fans on fall Saturdays, lies in the very center of the University of Georgia (UGA) campus, with the humanities and social sciences buildings on the hill to the north and Ag Hill to the south. It’s quiet this time of year, but the video advertising boards that flicker on periodically are an LED reminder of the South’s year-round love affair with college football.

This is the most visible symbol of the UGA Athletic Association, a not-for-profit organization that in fiscal 2011 recorded operating revenues just shy of $90 million. That money enables the association to send its golf teams to Puerto Rico, track teams to Washington State, and Gym Dogs to Utah. Here and there, the Athletic Association also endows professorships and funds a few campus-wide projects.

As munificent as this is, this kind of spending is typical of big-time college athletics programs at universities across the country. The Chronicle of Higher Education recently estimated that college athletics is a $10-billion marketplace. What sets UGA athletics apart is that it can pay for its expenses without turning to the university for help.

Only seven other athletics programs at public universities broke even or had net operating income on athletics each year from 2005-2009, according to data provided by USA Today to the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics (for which I consult). The others were Louisiana State University, The Pennsylvania State University, and the universities of Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas at Austin.

Like these peers, Georgia’s athletics department is flush because it can depend on donations, ticket sales, royalties from rights fees and sponsorships, and distributions from lucrative television contracts. It is no surprise that the other members of this elite fraternity belong to the Southeastern Conference, the Big Ten, and (at the time these data were collected) the Big 12.

For almost every other university, sports is a money-losing proposition. Only big-time college football has a chance of generating enough net revenue to cover not only its own costs but those of “Olympic” sports like field hockey, gymnastics, and swimming. Not even men’s basketball at places like Duke University or the University of Kansas can generate enough revenue to make programs profitable.

As a result, most colleges and universities rely on what the NCAA calls “allocated revenue.” This includes direct and indirect support from general funds, student fees, and government appropriations. In other words, most colleges subsidize their athletics programs, sometimes to startling degrees.

The six elite leagues in Division I are those that participate in the Bowl Championship Series: the Atlantic Coast, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pacific-10, and Southeastern conferences. Even with bowl-game revenues and television contracts, however, public institutions in those conferences provided an average of $5.9 million to athletics in fiscal 2009, including $2.4 million in direct general-fund support and another $2.4 million in student fees.

In other Division I conferences, public institutions subsidized athletics programs with $9.6 million on average in 2009. In the Mid-American Conference, for example, average institutional subsidies rose from $12 million to $16 million between 2005 and 2009. Direct institutional support nearly doubled, from an average of $4 million to $7 million annually, while student fees contributed an average of approximately $7 million.

Why? Cornell economist Robert H. Frank applied his concept of the “winner-take-all” market to college sports in a 2004 white paper for the Knight Commission. “Suppose 1,000 universities must decide whether to launch an athletic program, the initial cost of which would be $1 million a year,” Frank wrote. “Those who launch a program then compete in an annual tournament in which finishers among the top 10 earn a prize of $10 million each… How many schools will decide to compete?”

In other words, 10 programs will have a net income of $9 million, and the remaining 990 will lose $1 million. Despite the almost certainty of substantial loss, in the past decade only two institutions have left this marketplace—Birmingham-Southern College and Centenary College of Louisiana. In fact, Division I has added 21 member institutions since 2000, bringing its total membership to 337.

Of course, athletics programs foster other, less-clearly defined but important benefits for their institutions. At liberal arts colleges like the one I attended, varsity sports drive enrollment. Should that count as profit? Any number of UGA students will tell you they came here because of the football team. What about goodwill generated among legislators and donors?

These are important considerations. Significant athletics investments may indeed be a good value proposition for building community, spirit, and support. However, no good measures exist for assessing these less-tangible achievements. Most studies find no link between winning teams and measures of institutional success like number and quality of applications, fundraising dollars, or state appropriations.

Justifying institutional spending on athletics is becoming a much more pressing issue for most programs, especially in Division I. Institutions with Football Bowl Subdivision programs have seen subsidies of athletics rise by 53 percent at the median from 2005-2009, according to the Knight Commission. Meanwhile, spending on education and related functions rose only 22 percent. There are similar gaps at other Division I institutions.

If such trends continue, athletics subsidies will continue to grow, both in real terms and as a percentage of institutional budgets. For college presidents and academic leaders, it will be necessary to assess such investments in athletics in terms of opportunity cost. How else could general funds and student fees be spent?

College sports can be a marvelous value experience and a focal point for community-building. But only a few colleges have programs that can provide such benefits without imposing significant costs on their institutions.
David Welch Suggs, Jr., Ph.D., is an associate professor of journalism at the University of Georgia


And in return the product everyone is paying all that money to see gets nothing but a college scholarship, health insurance and free meals

Posted by: Go Canes

Geez I hope the kids playing in the Little League World Series, The US Olympic Team, and a couple million kids playing soccer in leagues around the world don't get wind that kids playing football in the United States ONLY get room and board, insurance,and a four year college education to play 12
to 15 Saturday's a year.





A little help for you uneducated or misinformed.


Uhhhh, boy, I am so sad for you.

Go Canes!!

Posted by: 86Cane | May 15, 2019 at 10:03 PM

Dude, what are you talking about.

If you think any of the 65 Power Five teams are losing money, you are insane.


Go Canes...There U go again!

FYI...There are LESS that 15 schools of 125 that MAKE money, but hey, don't let that stop your roll bruh. Party on Wayne!

Go Canes!!

The 5 Power 5 Conferences just generated almost $3,000,000,000 in revenues in 2018.

That's 65 schools generating THREE BILLION dollars.

The Big 10's revenues increased $250 million in ONE YEAR. The ACC Network will probably bring in an additional $150 million more for our conference beginning this year.

Do I really need to break it down team by team to make the point of just how insane that is?

And in return the product everyone is paying all that money to see gets nothing but a college scholarship, health insurance and free meals.

This system is so unbelievably out of whack it's embarrassing.

There are literally a thousand ways to make this more fair for everyone, including the players.


I hear there are still a few spots open if you are interested in perfecting your game

"While his father begins his television career, former UM QB coach Jon Richt this week announced his new job:

“Coaching QB’s is my passion and the ability to do so enables me to help develop young men on and off the field,” Jon Richt tweeted. “I will be starting a familiar but new career in Private QB Training through Catalyst. Hit me up if you are in Northeast [Georgia] and want to get some work in.”


Go Canes thanks for posting that.

Now, how many NCAA athletic programs MAKE money?

Please post as soon as U do your research.

Out of the 120+ programs how many make money?

Thank U for being fair and BALANCED!

I love U bruh...


The Old Bull and some choice heifers.

Posted by: NativeCane | May 15, 2019 at 01:38 PM

I'm just sayin.


Love me an UNO!

Posted by: toledocane | May 15, 2019 at 09:46 AM


Go Canes!!

Nothing to see here, just be happy we got you out of the hood:


Terrance Sullivan

Yes Sir UMike! Cant Wait!


TSully looks like it will be a long day of fun in chapel Hill

Terrance Sullivan

Miami vs UNC on Saturday September 7th in Chapel Hill will be Primetime at 8PM on ACCN and BCU vs Miami on Saturday September 14thth in Miami Gardens will be at 4PM also on ACCN. ACCN means the Brand New ACC Network CaneSpace Fam. See U Maniacs there in Chapel Hill and Miami! Go Canes!


The Old Bull and some choice heifers.

orange 'n green in the vein

A two for one series with a team that didn't play football until four out of the five titles were won is a useless series, for Miami.

It certainly didn't help them get any better in 2013 when it came time to play ranked teams either.

Terrance Sullivan

Great Blog and Great Picture! Go Canes!


Love me an UNO!

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