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July 18, 2019



The chicken and waffle breakfast is officially over

The Feeley Effect
Outside of the US Women’s soccer dominating competition, the biggest story this summer has been new strength and conditioning coach David Feeley’s impact on the roster. Players have shown off significant physical change and have sung the praises of the new boss of the weight room. The new S&C coordinator was featured ESPN
. Here are some of the more significant measurable from Miami’s updated roster.

RB Cam’ron Harris gained 15 pounds and now weighs in at 205 pounds.
WR Jeff Thomas gained 10 pounds this summer and is up to 180 pounds.
OL Zion Nelson has gained 45 pounds since arriving to Coral Gables this spring.
OL Tommy Kennedy gained 9 pounds and is listed at 294 pounds.
DE Gregory Rousseau gained 10 pounds and is listed at 6’6”, 260 pounds.
DE Jon Garvin added six pounds and is up to 256 lbs.
LB Mike Pinckney gained five pounds and is 230 pounds
LB Shaq Quarterman up 10 lbs, upping his weight to 230 pounds.


The canes are now officially back at Greentree and now the Soffer IPF. Fall camp has officially begun


Tonight's roster given to media



Qbs tonight



First two o-line reps tonight, from L-R: Zion Nelson, Navaughn Donaldson, Corey Gaynor, DJ Scaife and Kai-Leon Herbert.

At QB? Tate Martell.


Manny Navarro

Usually the first day or practice the way guys line up for stretching, you can see who did well in summer drills. Among QBs, Tate Martell taking first snaps and lining up at the head of the QB line. He’s followed by walk-on Carson Proctor, Jarren Williams and then N’Kosi Perry

Terrance Sullivan

Thank God for Coach Richt spearheading the IPF Fundraising and The Soffer Family for the Big Contribution and the Canes Family for making it a reality. This Facility is paying off in spades. Go Canes!


McKinnie calls out shyty coaching ...certified badass

“They (Miami) reached out to me…I was able to assess a lot of things that were wrong, communication. A lot of confidence was taken away from them by the prior coach [Stacy Searels]. We watched film. I think they’ll be able to fix it. Sometimes coaches can tell you things that aren’t really realistic.


You know you just went through a tough season when the new rookie punter gets the biggest ovation of the first fall practice


Martell just threw a pick to Smith,

J Williams tells Greyhound Bus driver to hang on for a second


Today's practice video



Be sure you go over to the facebook link when you are at the above video, lot of indoor closeup plays there


Manny after practice


That's all I got good nite Cane family

VA Cane

did you see the gymrats feature on ESPN?
It was about UM lifting and Feeley...pretty good!


Hey VA,
No I missed that. Feeley is my LOF for coach.... Unless Perry wins the Heisman then I will have to admit Enos is related to Jesus.


Tate on a roll out to Jordan - YD
Tate on a rollout - holdsbit and jukes 2 defenders and runs 75 for a TD
Gators punt - Jett Thomas takes it and goes 65 for a TD
Tate pitches to cam Davis - 78 yds - YD
Tate with a quick screen to Dallas - 84 yds - TD!
Tate back to pass - eludes 2 defenders and passes deep to Osborne - TD
Hedley punts 62 yards - gators fumble - canes recover in endzone for a TD
First 7 times we have the ball vs the gators! Jmo!


I’ll keep going
Quarterman on a blitz - hits frank who throws a wobbler to Pinckney who scores a defensive TD
Tate to pope on a long hitch - TD
Ok - 9 touchdowns and we hold the turds to a field goal
63-3 final the canes win!


Beating the gator the way we did the golden domers would be sweet


University of Florida program following the game:




john vermillion

who is going to the north carolina game from the orlando area.....


OL Zion Nelson has gained 45 pounds since arriving to Coral Gables this spring.

Posted by: solarcane | July 26, 2019 at 05:46 PM

PFFFFTT...That ain't shyte, I put on 47 lbs and I didn't even work out ONCE.


2021 CB Burns to Da "U", all 145 LBS of him.
I don't know what's going on but this seems to be a new trend with our DB's weighing in under 160 LBs.


Posted by: TonyCane | July 27, 2019 at 01:04 PM

Ha ha ha sweet!


Coach Feeley picks his "Iron Canes"
The players that gave the most to improve over summer.

Here are Feeley’s “Iron Canes,’’ awarded for overall performance in strength and conditioning:

Linebacker Shaq Quarterman, safety Amari Carter, cornerback Al Blades, striker Romeo Finley, kicker Camden Price, offensive tackle Zion Nelson, tight end Brevin Jordan, running back DeeJay Dallas, quarterback Martell and receiver K.J. Osborn.

And the overall winner: defensive end Jonathan Garvin.

VA Cane

Solar its on tomorrow at 930 AM ESPNU I am recording it.
Anybody interested in it check it out...pretty neat show!


And the overall winner: defensive end Jonathan Garvin.

Posted by: solarcane | July 27, 2019 at 08:13 PM



VA thanks for the heads up brudda


Things worth sharing department.

Standing in line buying a Coke at Race Trac today.
The lady behind the register was pulling the short cord on the scanner trying to reach the barcode on the Coke bottle.

Cashier lady:
"Man I'm getting tired of this little wand."

Old guy behind me:
" That's what my wife said "

I bought his Hershey Bar for him.


No worries, Herb. The Canes picked up a commitment from 2020 recruit, Marcus Clarke, a 5’11” CB out of winter Park, FL.

Clarke is a three star, but probably underrated. I like the way this staff recruits. The staff ignores star rankings and identify their recruits based on their own observations (even if it’s late in the recruiting process), and they go after them like Butch used to.


Garvin could be the best DE the Canes have had in a decade. Garvin is a natural pass rusher. Garvin’s bend around the edge is a beautiful thing to watch when he is on top of his game. With his work in the weight room, I detect a work ethic and determination that should propel Garvin to a very special season. He is preparing like it’s his “contract year.”

I hope the Canes can keep Garvin for all four years, but I get the feeling Garvin is on a mission to have an all-world performance this season. If that happens, the Canes defense should have a great season, but the NFL will come calling.


The only thing that worries The Herb, is our LB depth or lack there of. An injury or 2 and we could be in some serious trouble.
Shouldn't have but 3 to 5 ships left to hand out. Got to bust Florida up real proper to start with.


and they go after them like Butch used to.

Posted by: BigWindyCane | July 27, 2019 at 10:11 PM



Garvin’s bend around the edge is a beautiful thing to watch when he is on top of his game.

Posted by: BigWindyCane | July 27, 2019 at 10:29 PM



That's all I got.

Sarasota 'cane

Thanks for the great updates!

That's all I got for now...

Go 'canes!

VA Cane

"Man I'm getting tired of this little wand."

Thats what Nevin said in Federal Prison in Butner NC!!!!!

Saw the American Greed show about him last night...couldn't resist!!!! Hope he is having fun!!!!LOL....grimy little S**T!!!



Terrance Sullivan

Man I am crying laughing lol.


VA Cane, I saw that ESPN Gymrats piece on the U, this morning... AWESOME!

I always liked Swasey, but he did seem a bit "burned out" at the end of his tenure.

Coach Feeley is a BEAST... Between HIM, and the nutrition overhaul, our team is going to be in the best shape of their lives!



Phil Steele has several pieces of high praise for Manny Diaz’s Hurricanes for the 2019 season

As usual, Miami has high expectations for the 2019 season. Can the Canes live up to them for the first time in a long time?

By Cameron J. Underwood@UnderwoodSports Jul 28, 2019, 10:00am EDT
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This pair is a big reason why the Canes enter 2019 with high expectations Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images
In the world of CFB prognostication, Phil Steele is the name that many look to. With an annual CFB preview magazine — a thick tome of information, analysis, and commentary that I think every fan should have — Steele has made a name for himself as a go-to analyst.

With his annual preview magazine already on shelves, Steele has finally released his preseason top 25 heading into the 2019 season.

Phil Steele's long-anticipated preseason Top 25 is finally out and, in that top 25, Steele has the Miami Hurricanes ranked 15th. High praise, to be sure.

Years ago, I (and many others) derided former CFB analyst Joe Schad for ranking Miami in the top 10 ahead of Mark Richt’s first season sight unseen. So, it stands to reason that we look at the narrative that Steele is using to rank Miami so highly and dissect that too, right? Right.

Here’s what Steele has to say about the Canes:

The Hurricanes are my pick to win the ACC Coastal as their Top 10 defense won’t go through the growing pains of a new head coach since Manny Diaz has been there for four years. Dan Enos will get the offense turned around.

Steele has the Canes ranked ahead of teams like Washington, Texas A&M, Auburn, and Penn State, among others, in his preseason top 40.

Furthermore, Steele exhibits his faith in the Canes this season by naming Miami his #2 surprise team for the 2019 season. Steele’s surprise teams are those who had a less-than-stellar season a year ago that he expects to turn things around in a big way this year.

You’ve already seen what Steele had to say about putting Miami at 15th in his preseason rankings. Here’s what Steele said to rank the Canes as his #2 surprise team in 2019:

My #2 surprise team is the Miami Hurricanes, who did well as my #2 surprise team just two years ago. They opened the year AP #18 but got to 10-0 and #2 in the country before they were hit with injuries and dropped their last three games. Normally there is a learning curve for a first-year head coach but Manny Diaz has been here for four years and knows the players well. Despite their 7-6 record and 35-3 bowl loss, Miami had a solid defense that held foes to 123 yards per game below their season average (#5 in the country). Most of that defense is back, led by their veteran LB corps. OC Dan Enos has talent to work with on an offense that underachieved last year. They do open with Florida but only have four true road games this year and none versus any of my Top 25 teams. They are in the Going Up box for a softer schedule and had five Net Upsets last year. Miami will likely not be ranked in the preseason (in the USA Today/Coaches or Associated Press polls).

I like that Steele doubled down on his projection that Miami will bounce back in 2019. It would have been easy in one part of his magazine or another to hedge his bet and play devil’s advocate that Miami would reprise yet another underachieving season. Steele, however, did not do that, and is at least one national analyst who is very bullish on Manny Diaz’s Hurricanes in the 2019 season.

It’s not good to have to bounce back after a mediocre season, but I’d rather Miami prove Steele correct and actually bounce back rather then slide back into the muck of an 8-4 or 7-5 regular season.

Go Canes!!

This is so awesome:



It’s not good to have to bounce back after a mediocre season, but I’d rather Miami prove Steele correct and actually bounce back rather then slide back into the muck of an 8-4 or 7-5 regular season.

Posted by: solarcane | July 28, 2019 at 09:15 PM



I think we hit 10 wins at least with our talent and this schedule.

I think we beat Florida 21 14 with decent quarterback play.

Posted by: Go Canes!! | July 28, 2019 at 09:37 PM
Fortunate not to have a capital M for a logo

orange 'n green in the vein

Posted by: solarcane | July 28, 2019 at 09:15 PM

Completely whitewashes the fact Steele has the Virginia teams and even Pitt with new OC Mark Whipple as solid contenders in the Coastal in 2019, got to feed the homers slop to keep them nodding in agreement while ignoring the fact that Clemson will house whoever gets out of one of the most mediocre divisions in all of the five main conferences in the game. So it's more of the same old, same old, be sure to pay no attention to the man at FIU who deserves the head coaching job based off of qualifications instead of political favors off-shooting from old grudges by BOT morons.


o'ng - strong take!

Terrance Sullivan

Soupster, KY, CGNC, Canesteeler, etc. I plan on Doing a Fall Canes Weekend. I plan on staying at the Gables Inn the From Friday November 8-10. I plan on going to see our Men's Basketball Team Host FAU at the Wasco Center on Friday November 8th, We Host UL in Football at The Rock on Saturday November 9th(Senior Day) and the on Sunday November 10th our Women's Volleyball team host ND at the Knight Center at 1pm. Would love other Canespacers to join me. It's Going Down!


Anoma, the 6’5, 252 lb LB from Alabama (formerly 5 star) has entered the transfer portal
I’d love manny to work his magic - he could be a starter next year (when Pinckney graduates)


Receiver TD inbound drill

Osborn and Thomas look like NFL receivers, everybody else like pretty good high school receivers



I feel Pope will eventually be a star - just taking a little longer than we all want (including himself I presume)


Aero, I think you a are right. When the light comes on he will be money.



Sports Buzz
News and notes on every UM position following fourth practice of camp
Play Video
Duration 0:51
UM’s DeeJay Dallas says three touchdowns not good enough.

Miami Hurricanes running back DeeJay Dallas (13) says he needs to do better even after scoring three touchdowns during Miami Hurricanes Spring scrimmage at Traz Powell Stadium on Saturday, April 13, 2019. BY AL DIAZ
Monday notes on every position from UM’s second open practice of training camp, and fourth practice overall:

▪ Quarterbacks: For the first time since April, N’Kosi Perry, Jarren Williams and Tate Martell spoke to reporters today, and colleague Susan Miller Degnan will have a report on that. All got work with the starters on Monday.

Perry was the best of the three QB contenders for much of Monday’s practice before struggling late with a couple errant throws in the face of a heavy pass rush, including one nearly picked by Nigel Bethel. In drills with receivers against defensive backs, Perry lofted beautiful deep balls for completions to Mark Pope (beat Bethel), K.J. Osborn (beat Keontra Smith) and Jeremiah Payton (beat Christian Williams).


School and church services announced for FIU football player Emmanuel Lubin

Perry opened one extended 11 on 11 period with the starters and led a drive for a field goal, highlighted by a 15-yard pass to Jeff Thomas and 15-yarder to Will Mallory. Perry has particularly good chemistry with Mike Harley Jr.; they hooked up for multiple catches

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Martell, in 11-on-11 team drills, was often forced to scramble. When he’s on the run, he generally throws well on short patterns. He overthrew Dee Wiggins but made a terrific throw on the sideline to Mark Pope for 15 and led UM to a field goal (a 55-yarder by Bubba Baxa) on his initial drive. Martell’s accuracy throwing outside the numbers has improved from the spring.

But Martell’s deep ball accuracy was off on a few throws on Monday.

In 1-on-1 drills, Williams threw a terrific deep ball to Brian Hightower and another nice pass to Dee Wiggins. Williams can scramble more effectively than you might think, and when he’s at his best, he throws a really nice spiral. But Williams had two passes batted down and another nearly picked by Derrick Smith.

▪ Running back: DeeJay Dallas opened with the starters but was immediately replaced by Cam’Ron Harris after fumbling his first carry. Harris continues to run the ball authoritatively.

And Robert Burns, whose high school and college careers have been plagued by injuries, looks very good and has emerged as a viable short-yard option.

“Robert Burns showed up in the spring and made some really good runs in the spring that made us think he’s a guy we really haven’t felt like we’ve seen all that he can do,” coach Manny Diaz said Monday. “He gives us a power back, a different dimension than the other guys we have. I’m kind of excited to watch him run. I know our guys on defense notice when 22 has the ball.”

Lorenzo Lingard, back from last season’s knee surgery, “is really progressing,” Diaz said. “He’s been able to do everything other than the team periods. A lot of it is mental, getting confidence in the cuts. You’ll keep seeing guys grow and maybe roles change.”

▪ Tight end: Mallory opened with the starters — with Michael Irvin Jr. in two tight end sets — and continues to impress, making multiple catches.

Brevin Jordan, sidelined by a knee injury, did some work on the side but did some on-field work, too. There was even a Brian Polendey citing; he caught a short pass from Martell.

▪ Receiver: UM will spend the next month trying to decide, among other things, who’s most deserving of the third through fifth spots in the rotation behind Osborn and Jeff Thomas (who left during practice to have his lower leg massaged; it wasn’t anything that appeared serious).

Read Next
This former Hurricane, a son of a Miami legend, signed with the Tampa Bay Bucs
JULY 29, 2019 1:52 PM
Dee Wiggins opened with the starters in three-receiver sets and dropped a throw from Perry. Among the others competing for a rotation spot, Brian Hightower made a long catch on 1 on 1s and another good catch in team drills but also dropped a Martell pass over the middle.

Pope hauled in the exceptional deep ball from Perry but failed to extend his arms for what should have been a catch on another nice throw from Williams. Harley was reliable Monday, catching several short to intermediate throws, and Payton had the nice catch on the deep ball from Perry.

Evidence Njoku is on the fringes of this race. Receivers coach Taylor Stubblefield coaches these guys hard; when walk-on receiver Jarius Howard failed to make a catch, he told him: “You have more than one arm.”

▪ Offensive line: For the fourth consecutive day, Zion Nelson opened at left tackle and Kai-Leon Herbert at right tackle. Nelson was beaten by Jon Garvin on a couple of would-be sacks, but UM has been encouraged enough by Nelson’s play to leave him with the starters.

D.J. Scaife has remained at guard, not tackle, opposite the other guard, Navaughn Donaldson, with Corey Gaynor at center. Those three assuredly will start.

“Zion, his upside is limitless,” Diaz said. “[But] we don’t know anything yet” about whether this will be UM’s starting line.

The second-team offensive line: John Campbell, Cleveland Reed, Jakai Clark, Tommy Kennedy and Zalon’tae Hillery.

▪ Front seven: The first group remained the same — Garvin and Scott Patchan at end and Jon Ford and Pat Bethel at tackle. Striker Romeo Finley joins Shaquille Quarterman and Mike Pinckney in some formations, with Zach McCloud cycling in and freshman Samuel Brooks flashing. UM is hopeful but still has no clarity on the status of linebacker commitment Avery Huff.

Meanwhile, freshman end Jahfari Harvey continues to impress.

“Jahfari Harvey is a very athletic kid, great get off, great burst, has good instincts,” Diaz said. “He can bend. We’ve got some defensive ends that are a problem and he’s one of them.”

▪ Defensive backs: Though DJ Ivey was UM’s best cornerback this spring aside from Trajan Bandy, Al Blades Jr. has worked ahead of Ivey early in camp as a reward for his exceptional work in the offseason, including the weight room.

When UM goes to nickel packages, Bandy shifts inside and Ivey and Blades play on the boundary. As valuable as he is as a cover guy, Bandy on Monday again showed his value on blitzes.

Gurvan Hall and Amari Carter remained the starting safeties, with Robert Knowles and Smith backing them up. UM is hopeful that USC transfer Bubba Bolden, who’s finishing a class in junior college, will arrive on campus in the next week.

▪ Special teams: Baxa nailed two long field goals, but punter Louis Hedley left early with a leg injury and didn’t return…. Thomas assuredly will be the punt returners.. Harley, Osborn and Dallas are options on kickoff returns.

Tate Martell, N’Kosi Perry, Jarren Williams face Miami media. Their take on QB race
JULY 29, 2019 01:39 PM
Miami Hurricanes sophomore running back Robert Burns (22) gets a hand off from redshirt sophomore quarterback Tate Martell (18) during Sunday’s practice. Burns has been an early standout in camp.

Dolphins position coaches answer lingering questions at quarterback, running back, o-line
Dolphins notes on quarterback, running back and rookie offensive lineman Michael Deiter and notable practice developments from Day 4 of training camp

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Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/barry-jackson/article232388562.html#storylink=cpy


DJ fumbles first carry,immediately replaced by Harris. Man I am loving this coaching staff.


Enos 9 minutes ago



DJ fumbles first carry,immediately replaced by Harris. Man I am loving this coaching staff.

Posted by: solarcane | July 29, 2019 at 04:25 PM

I agree 100%! Hopefully, DeeJay's fumbles issues don't carry over from last season.


IMHO, the Canes' DL will be the best in the ACC, and one of the best in the country. Even with the loss of Willis and Jackson to the NFL, the DL will actually improve in quality and depth. I saw Ford in the Spring, and there is no doubt that he is ready to take that next step. Ford is bigger than Willis and Ford is also athletic. When Ford is on top of his game, IMO, he can be blocked without a double-team. I think he could be a surprise All ACC player.

Younger players like Silvera, Harvey, Rosseau and Miller will also take that next step and growing up, and the transfers like Trevon Hill with elite ability stepping in. There is a lot of future NFL talent on the DL, and because of it, I am confident in predicting that this defense will be an elite defense this season.

This is the Canes' best DL in a long time. Our DEs and the DTs will present a lot of problems for opponents.


Good to read. I hope you're right. Thanks!


Are you serious?!?! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed Vincent Testaverde, former Hurricane and son of Hurricane Heisman winner Vinny Testaverde. He transferred from Texas Tech to Miami and then eventually left for Albany College... and now he's in the NFL? Practice squad if he doesn't get cut...I assume. WTF

Go Canes!!

Meanwhile, Clemson is turning away 5 Stars...




I haven’t seen any live practices, just videos. It’s too early to predict starters, but I hate reading about the dropped balls, fumbles and interceptions in practice. Execution on offense is key. Hopefully, Enos will get all of that cleaned up by the end of Fall camp. This Enos offense can put up some big scores if the players can execute


Keeping Enos for 2020 will be the toughest and most important task for Manny. This team will win at least 10 games this season. The defense will be top 5 again this year. The key to this season will be the offensive line. The thought that we could potentially bring back the same group the following year is really encouraging.


Keeping Enos for 2020 will be the toughest and most important task for Manny.
Posted by: JaxCane | July 29, 2019 at 10:43 PM

IF, we have the successful season that we SHOULD have this year... I agree... Enos will be courted by many other teams and probably offered some HC positions.

Kind of a Catch 22... we want success, for Enos AND our Offense, but we also want him to fly under the radar and be left alone...

While Phil Steele still loves the Canes... NCAA.com doesn't even have us in the top 25. VaTech, Nebraska... ? SMH


While Phil Steele still loves the Canes... NCAA.com doesn't even have us in the top 25. VaTech, Nebraska... ? SMH


Posted by: roachcane77 | July 30, 2019 at 08:49 AM

Well, I am the biggest culprit in offering unsolicited, optimistic opinions, but the players and coaches have to go out there and show us that they can win, and it all starts on 8/24.

IMHO, the Canes have the talent to win 10+ games this season and really make a statement, but I could have said the same thing about last season. For some reason, I get the feeling that Enos will be different from CMR but we will see.

IMO, Coach Barry will also be different. First, George Brown has left the team. Second, I noticed that Coach Barry has selected his first and second team OL though the first four practices, and he hasn't deviated from that two-deep lineup yet. I find that interesting, given that Searles seemed to shuffle his two-deep OL lineup throughout Fall Camp and well into the 8th game of the season. Barry announced Zion Nelson, Navaughn Donaldson, Corey Gaynor, DJ Scaife, and Kai Leon-Herbert as his starters, and he seems committed to making OGs, like Scaife and Donaldson, play their natural positions, and letting OTs like Leon_Herbert and Nelson play get settled into and theirs. So far, it appears Barry is not preaching that "best five" and "OL shuffle" philosophy of Searles.

It could show that either Barry is a good evaluator of OL talent OR he is stubborn and not open to change. I think it is the latter. IMO, that is a good sign. I will try to sneak in a catch a couple of practice before 8/24. We will know for sure on 8/24.

Go Canes!!

If we lose Enos it will mean we had a huge season offensively.

I can live with that.

With the depth of offensive young talent we have, there will be quality OCs lining up to replace him.


George Brown has vamoosed!


Big Windy good thoughts there.


Who would you guess Brevin Jordan would like to start



When you watch this think how many yards and TDs JT would have had if he didn't have to wait on the ball or make a circus catch

Jeff Thomas (@theregoes4) Tweeted:
All of this x2 this year. Trust me!! https://t.co/EPjLxT3u2C https://twitter.com/theregoes4/status/1103026823724756993?s=17


The Richts could learn a lit from this guy

..And Dan Enos isn't allowing the complexity of this new offense to slow them down. He was on top of his offense and his coaches hard today. Freshman TE Larry Hodges was a bit out of position and you heard Enos yell, “Is anybody going to coach this guy


Some ACC running back stuff to whine about


Old Skool

Knighton is a Knole

Old Skool

Nick Buoniconti RIP


Seems like there is good competition throughout the team. IMO, Pleasantly surprised to here that junior Derrick Smith has stepped up, and seems to deflect or intercept a pass every practice. I had penciled in Hall and Carter as the starting safeties, with Bolden being the first off the bench, but perhaps I was too hasty in my assessment. Derrick Smith is balling early in camp. Also, freshman Keontra Smith is bigger and more athletic than I thought.

The Canes have some talent at Safety. I am feeling better and better about the Canes defense being elite this season. This might be the best defense that CMD has had since arriving at Miami, and that says a lot.


Big windy
Other than depth at LB, I agree, this will be the fastest most athletic defense we’ve had in a long time. Very exciting to think about.
As for the offense, I think the same - whether it’s perry or Tate, Davis and lingard, Jett Thomas, Jordan, Mallory, our interior OL - gonna be a good offense with potential to be special IF the OT’s hold their own

Harry Miller

I made up my mind. Bought my airline ticket and going to Orlando to watch the Canes beat the Gators.
I would hate to not go and have them win. Will arrive in Orlando Thursday evening. ESPN's cortical not ranking the Canes in the top 25 pissed me off.

If they happen to lose and play a close game it will be worth it. Cant be any worse then thee LSU game.
Hope to see a lot of you guys at the game.


This might be the best defense that CMD has had since arriving at Miami, and that says a lot.

Posted by: BigWindyCane1 | July 31, 2019 at 04:51 PM

I am all for an ALL world defense once again but what I would pay for an OFFENSE that could score every time the defense got a big turnover. Scoring MORE than the other team is a really cool concept and would be really nice.

Then throw in some special teams that were actually SPECIAL once again. Blocked punts for TDs, Blocked FGs. Then some timely punt returns and KO returns PLEASE. No Richard Gordon types need apply.

Then some better strength and conditioning so that we OWN the fourth quarter once again. Holding up FOUR fingers should not stand for four more losses, but for our dominance when the game is on the line and matters most.

Yeah, give me that for a year or two or three and I may actually be happy once again for another brief segment of my life and moment in time.


Harry Miller

Sorry for the misspelled words got in a hurry with my office phone ringing.
I have a long time friend of mine lives near Haines
City that's been a die hard Canes fan as long as I have and that's a long time, like 70 years. Like most of us he hates the Gators. He is 81 yrs old.
We decided we wanted to see the U beat the gators so He is going to pick me up at the airport, we are going to party with some of you we hope.
looking forward to seeing some of the Canes family.

Harry Miller

Tom, can you call me? The phone number I have is no longer good. I want to talk with you about the land I have for sale in North Fl. and see about hooking up when I get to Orlando.

Go Canes!!

Nesta out.



Shame about Nestas foot,maybe he is a quick healer
At least we gota backups there,
if it was Shaq that would be big trouble.


Odd Shark Vegas, Miami vs Florida odds and facts



Solar and Go,
Bad news about Silvera. 😥 I still think the DL is one of the best in the ACC, but the DTs are now a lot thinner without Silvera. Can’t afford any more injuries at DT


Tom, can you call me? The phone number I have is no longer good. I want to talk with you about the land I have for sale in North Fl. and see about hooking up when I get to Orlando.

Posted by: Harry Miller | July 31, 2019 at 08:01 PM

I will call you tomorrow.

We will work it out.


It do suck that Silverado is out. If it ain't the neck it's the ankle and feet.
This is a blow to the Dee. The DE's will be special but not completely sold on the DT's. Make no mistake we will be good but I think we give up some yds. vs the rush.
Don't have a guy like Willis up front. Ford Is really unproven and Bethel is steady at best. LB's and Strikers are going to have to produce. Got to get a push up front or our young pups in the secondary could be toast against a good passer. The talent is there.
We get a consistent QB we will be in business. Oh line is the big question mark.
That's all from another episode from The Word From The Herb! Still sticking to 24-23, Da U 🤐

Terrance Sullivan

Soupster Preach.






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