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August 07, 2019



Amen Soup! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Terrance Sullivan

Amen Soupster!

Go Canes!!

Beautiful story, beautiful couple.


Nicely said Soup...
Canes for life... and beyond.
We ALL are with you Fran.


Well said.......and God Bless.

DallasTX Cane

Very well said.

May God bless U both Fran


Very nice! Thank you soup!

Old Skool

Lovely article. It's a testament that Canespace has become a family. We have a history together and members we care about.




Great article, Soup! Touching! God Bless! Sounds like Jeanne is now among the angels. Thanks for sharing!


I saw the Rumph interview from yesterday, and it appears he indicated that there were 6 INTs?


I was planning to have as my freshman LOF Jerimiah Payton on offense, but Zion Nelson's progress is making me reconsider. I saw Payton play during the camps, and he is very competitive and a leader. I also like his ability to adjust to the ball and make his QB look good, which I think a lot of our WRs lack. Payton gives the QB a wide target, then he adjusts to make the catch.

Nelson, however, could be the freshman OL story of the decade if he ends up starting at LT and playing well this season. Nelson has put in the work, and I cannot say enough about Feeley and our S&C/Nutrition coaches. Nelson deserves credit for his hard work, but I am a big fan so far in the approach Barry has taken in devloping Nelson. Kudos to Searles for recruiting Nelson (after missing out on other targets), and Kudos to Barry for seeing his potential and developing him.


What a great article and tribute to great people. I lived in Debary temporarily back in 1997 and think of that time often when Fran posts "Fran in Debary".


DeBary is a great little town.


Couldn't agree more with so many others! This 'Cane thing is a brotherhood/(sisterhood) like no other and when one goes through an emotional time then we all do! Nothing but well wishes to Fran!

Just remember... it's a 'Cane thing and they wouldn't understand!
We got U!


I may live in Toledo now, but grew up in DeLand and went to Stetson. Always smile when Fran posts from my neck of the woods :)


"Fran in Debary".

Posted by: CGNC | August 08, 2019 at 01:53 PM

There IT is right there.

Harry Miller

A special story about a special couple.


Did this couple happen to also live in Coral Springs at one point?

Francis G Worst Jr

UMike we lived in Cooper City for 10 years I lost my job with Eastern Airlines in !989
Jean went back to school at Miami Dade CC and got her RN and then we moved to Central FL alL the while UM fans
Go Canes
Fran in Debary


Thanks Fran.

Tears in my eyes.

Not afraid to say it.

If for nothing else but that last comment by Fran, it has made these last 13 years all worthwhile.


He'll yah!

David Feeley said something to his “line leaders” that can be summarized as, “if you aren’t fit to lead, get out of the front of the line.”

The players leading lines this Friday were: P Jack Spicer, S Amari Carter, QB Tate Martell, CB Trajan Bandy, WR KJ Osborn, RB Deejay Dallas, LB Shaq Quarterman, TE Will Mallory, DT Pat Bethel, C Corey Gaynor, T John Campbell, and DE Scott Patchan.


We love you Fran




Jerry Palm put out his college football predictions and he predicts the Canes playing Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl



I feel pretty good about 8/24 so far. I think CMD, Baker and Enos will have this team ready to compete at a high level!


Great article Soup!
Prayers and Blessings to Fran and Jeanne.


I watch College Football LIVE on ESPN pretty much everyday, and The U is almost NEVER even mentioned. (They're too busy kissing Alabama's and Clemon's butts every show.)

However, they finally mentioned us when Golic picked us to win the Coastal this year. He referred to our "QB" competition and Coach Enos, and our "D" as his reasons.

Wait till we smash the Gators in 2 weeks... THEN we'll get some love!


Harry Miller

Roach, I will be their to see it.


ESPN has NEVER shown love to the Miami Hurricanes even though we are one of the MOST watched teams (audience draw) on their biased, stupid little four letter network.

Harry Miller I will call you later today buddy.


Unless you are Alabama,Clemson, Georgia, or Ohio State you say ESPN never shows us any love.

ESPN has always had their favorite teams, but Miami is far from the only team ESPN craps on...but ESPN sucks even if we were on 24/7.

Once we get to 5- 0, Or 7- 1 we will be getting some love.


ESPN loves Miami, the Hurricanes not so much

2001 to 2010
ESPN top 25 College Game day Location

2. Miami FL
24 OF 25
Coming in at second, the city of Miami has put the boys from the bus up an impressive 11 times over the years; five were bowl games and six were regular season home games for the Hurricanes.

October 8, 1994 No. 3 Florida State at No. 13 Miami (Miami won 34-20)

January 2, 1998 No. 2 Nebraska vs. No. 3 Tennessee, the Orange Bowl (Nebraska won 41-21)

December 5, 1998 No. 3 UCLA at Miami (Miami won 49-45)

October 7, 2000 No. 2 Florida State at No. 8 Miami (Miami won 27-24)

November 4, 2000 No. 2 Virginia Tech at No. 3 Miami (Miami won 41-21)

January 3, 2001 No. 1 Oklahoma vs. No. 2 Florida State, the Orange Bowl (Oklahoma won 13-2)

November 17, 2001 No. 13 Syracuse at No. 2 Miami (Miami won 59-0)

January 4, 2005 No. 1 USC vs. No. 2 Oklahoma, the Orange Bowl (USC won 55-19)

September 4, 2006 No. 11 Florida State at No. 12 Miami (FSU won 13-10)

January 8, 2009 No. 1 Florida vs. No. 2 Oklahoma, BCS national title game (Florida won)

January 3, 2011 No. 4 Stanford vs. No. 13 Virginia Tech, the Orange Bowl (Stanford won 40-12)

1. Ohio State
25 OF 25
Earning the distinct honor of having the ESPN Game Day program on their campus the most times in history is Ohio State with a sizzling 13 visits since 1993.

October 5, 1996 No. 4 Penn State at No. 3 Ohio State (OSU won 38-7)

October 4, 1997 No. 8 Iowa at No. 7 Ohio State (OSU won 23-7)

October 3, 1998 No. 7 Penn State at No. 1 Ohio State (OSU won 28-9)

September 14, 2002 No. 12 Washington State at No. 10 Ohio State (OSU won 25-7)

November 23, 2002 No. 12 Michigan at No. 2 Ohio State (OSU won 14-9)

August 30, 2003 No. 17 Washington at No. 2 Ohio State (OSU won 28-9)

November 15, 2003 No. 11 Purdue at No. 4 Ohio State (OSU won 16-13)

September 10, 2005 No. 2 Texas at No. 4 Ohio State (Texas won 25-22)

September 23, 2006 No. 24 Penn State at No. 1 Ohio State (OSU won 28-6)

November 18, 2006 No. 2 Michigan at No. 1 Ohio State (OSU won 42-29)

October 25, 2008 No. 3 Penn State at No. 9 Ohio State (PSU won 13-6)

September 12, 2009 No. 3 USC at No. 8 Ohio State (USC won 18-15)

November 13, 2010 Penn State at No. 9 Ohio State (OSU won 38-14)

VA Cane

What a wonderful story and tribute to a wonderful couple perfect for each other. Very moving story. May the peace of The Almighty be with you Fran now and always; know Jeanne is with The Almighty and Christ.

This is what Canespace is all about; we all have imperfections but despite them we are family who care about and love each other.

Thank you Soup, and even more Mrs. Soup!!


Another One Bites The Dust

Florida Gators sophomore defensive back John Huggins has been dismissed from the football program, a UF spokesman confirmed to the Orlando Sentinel Saturday.

No further details were available about what specifically triggered Huggins' dismissal.


VA, New Fenders



Does anyone have any info on today’s scrimmage?

Not seeing any mention on Bleacher Report, ESPN, The Herald, or The Sentinel.


Offense got obliterated in the first half, Williams threw a TD in 2nd half
Osborn caught a TD from someone else Manny not happy with far away look in offensive line eyes.


On the growth in the second scrimmage…

“It was uneven to be honest. In the first half, it was a massive but whipping. The defense just got after the offense. It was very disappointing. The way that we started to see the old far away look on some of the guys that we are trying to eradicate from our program. We had a feeling that the disease wasn’t fully cured. That being said, the second half, the offense rallied. In the past, when things have not gone well, there would sort of be a tanking for the game. I saw a couple of productive touchdown drives in the second half and guys showing some competitive fight and spirit, which is what this camp and this offseason has all been about. That was encouraging, but the self inflicted wounds in the first half, were disappointing. It was a good reality check. Conversely, on defense to have played as well as they did in the first half and then lose it in the second half was disappointing. We have not solved all of our issues. We are solving them, but to think that we just snap our fingers and have it all fixed would be fooling ourselves.”


Georgia cops arrest Georgia Southern Qb for having cocaine on his car hood.
Turns out to be Bird shyt.
Bulldog fans are brutal here.

DallasTX Cane

GA cops more experienced at identifying Meth than “high society” aspirin...



If the kid was wearing a Georgia Tech hoodie they would have probably tased him and crushed his car before they tested the bird droppings.

DallasTX Cane

That they’re testing bird crap in the 1st place is the joke


So who is the starting QB? I'm going to go with Tate Martell.


Reading between the lines from CMD post scrimmage comments... our O-Line SUCKS!

Got TOTALLY dominated in the first half of the scrimmage. QBs and RBs had NO TIME...

Been a recurring problem in these low ebb years... POOR O-Line.

WHY can't we recruit those huge Wisconsin earth movers?

I'm tired of "HOPING" that our O-Line is NOT THAT BAD, and that our D is JUST THAT GOOD...

It looks like our O-Line is JUST THAT BAD... NOT happy...


It looks like our O-Line is JUST THAT BAD... NOT happy...

Posted by: roachcane77 | August 11, 2019 at 09:45 AM

If it was that bad, and if we see no offensive improvement:

(L) 03-34 Florida
(L) 14-21 @ North Carolina
(W) 28-21 Boston College
(W) 21-10 Central Michigan
(W) 13-10 @ Virginia Tech
(L) 10-24 Virginia
(W) 28-03 Georgia Tech
(L) 17-34 @ Pittsburgh
(L) 13-28 @ Florida State
(W) 35-10 Louisville
(L) 23-24 FIU
(W) 17-10 @ Duke

If our OL is like a sieve, and if our quarterbacks are throwing interceptions like Santa throws out gifts, it will be ugly.

Hopefully this is a nightmare scenario, and nothing more. And honestly, I'm kind of hoping that Manny's report is complete subterfuge and the offense actually did okay last night.


what I hate is the patented missfiring Miami first half.
Never come out and just dominate.
It sounded like DJ Dallas had a good game.

I hope some of Manny's comments were smoke for the Gators, we can't practice against the same defense everyday with Enos being pleased and then collapse in a glorified practice under the lights.


Barry Jackson
Initial feedback tonight was this wasn't Martell at his best ...Williams did some good things after not moving team on first drive. What a tough call this is going to be for Diaz and Enos


So who is the starting QB? I'm going to go with Tate Martell.

Posted by: IraqiCane | August 11, 2019 at 09:16 AM

He's overrated


Solar, anything about Perry?


I hope not WWIN!

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