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December 26, 2019



"You may never have money, but after I raise you, you will always have manners, and you will learn manners will get you places money won't."

Posted by: solarcane | December 30, 2019 at 03:12 PM

Great quote! Our society needs more moms like that


Thank you Big Windy, that means a lot to me


The exception to this is when CGNC compares soup to Charlie Brown.

Posted by: solarcane | December 30, 2019 at 12:28 PM

LOL He used to post as Charlie Brown back in the day - maybe when you were absent?


Well, Mandy better get this straight soon. If not, I don't think he makes it through all of next season. The fan base is fired up and not in a good way.


Per @_JoshRWhite

“Blake James says that Miami is considering adding a "Chief of Staff" to its football program. James says it's something the Hurricanes will add at some point in the future.”

“James continues to stress how important it is for the Canes to pick the right offensive coordinator.“

"Manny has shared some names with me," Blake James said. "He is looking both professionally and collegiately."

James uses the word "spread" and how the Canes need to get the ball to their talented athletes.


Tyric Martin is gone finally. That's a ship that can be put into good use. Dude played 2 scrub games in 4 years. Now Dykstra, Hillary and Herbert, all redshirt sophs, should do us a favor and pack their bags and stop taking up space.


🤔 “Chief of Staff” sounds to me like James thinks CMD can’t manage the football program on his own

The Herb

Jarren William's instagram,
Don't what you have until it's gone, or something like it. I read it.
I hope that means, what I think it do. Don't let the punter punt the ball up your ass on the way out, you loser.

VA Cane

VA we are tight you know that bro.
No offence intended at all.

When I was real young, I mean real young. My mom sat me down and said "You may never have money, but after I raise you, you will always have manners, and you will learn manners will get you places money won't."

My mom was the smartest person I have ever known.

solar and al....non taken...I was venting a little....been a few years now...glad it wasn't when I was young..I was out there lol!!!

I love your mom quote....that brings a tear to me. As I sit typing, there is a painting over my desk 9 x 12...I say it watches over me. It is a water painting of my Mom...from a small picture of her in 1950....she was 20. A 5 year old S. Korean child who was my Dads houseboy in Korea painted it about a month later he was shot by a sniper in the legs...it was the one thing he asked they please retain of his possessions....my Dad had it over his dresser for 60 years....I got it last Feb from their home after my Mom passed at 89. My mom was 5' 100 lbs....like you I said she was the smartest person I ever knew....I swear I could not fool her...she taught me manners honesty respect...not that I am perfect.
She passed in Feb...I was the last person she spoke to...we watched the Daytona 500 together...i told her i loved her she said she loved me...and she never spoke again. We watched the race on 2/17...I was with her all day on 2/18....left her at 9:45 pm....she passed at 10 pm...I swear she waited until i left to go...so i would not die of a broken heart....still miss her so much ....she saw every sandlot HS and college game I ever played...and they came 200 miles to see my teams several times a year....after Dad passed she still came to see my teams..until she drove no more...then had people bring her to see my guys. I always say everybody should have parents like mine cause the world would be so much better....and I hope each of you feel that way about your parents...that they were/are the best and would do the same. Thanks solar...I feel the very same way about my Mom. Have your email....i will send you a pic of the painting...you are a kindred spirit...i think you would understand how I feel about my mom.

Again I was venting folks about my niece...I call her daughter....she is very special to me....i raised her from 12...even til now...she is a school teacher...a very good one....and I have to give her away this summer....I pity the guy...he dont know what he is marrying into....LOL


VA, Great story about your mom’s photo.

I loved Solar’s quote (I am a fan of old school American aphorisms and wise sayings), and didn’t catch the other part.


Marvin Wilson and Tamarrion Terry (both projected to be selected in rounds 1-2, and much higher picks than Bandy, JT4 and Deejay) announce they are returning to FSU.

Mike Norvell knows how to manage a program. Norvell is going to be a problem for us moving forward.


Don't let the punter punt the ball up your ass on the way out, you loser.

Posted by: The Herb | December 30, 2019 at 04:04 PM

What I like about The Herb, he gives the guys a little encouragement as they move on with their lives.


We are all Mama`s Boys, and proud of it.


this is a damn shame

Bryce Gowdy Deerfield Bch.

Georgia Tech signee Bryce Gowdy, a talented wide-receiver prospect from Deerfield Beach, Fla., died Monday. Gowdy’s death was confirmed Monday in a tweet from his high-school football team. He was 17.


Lingard enters portal
Manny is a disaster


More Diaz Pussification

Offensive lineman Cleveland Reed, who left the team in September, is set to return to the team a source confirmed with InsideTheU on Monday afternoon.

Reed appeared in one game this season as a reserve against Bethune-Cookman. He was working at both left and right guard in practice.

He will be a sophomore in 2020. The team is set to begin its offseason workouts in two weeks after finishing 6-7 in Manny Diaz's first season as head coach.

Money Versed
Real Estate Photos That Definitely Aren't Going To Help People Sell

Reed was a former four-star recruit from Fort Meade who played in the Under Armour All-America Game. He reportedly had offers from Clemson, LSU, Ohio State, Oregon, Florida, and Florida State among others.

Reed announced his departure from the team on Sept. 20, a day before Miami played Central Michigan. However, Reed remained enrolled in classes at UM. It was reported earlier this month he was likely to return to the team.

As it stands the Hurricanes will be returning all five of their starting linemen from this past season including left guard Navaughn Donaldson and right guard Jakai Clark who Reed will be looking to unseat upon his return.

The return of Reed is not the first of its kind under Diaz, who also welcomed back wide receiver Jeff Thomas from the team last offseason. The addition comes during a week in which running back Lorenzo Lingard and defensive tackle Tyreic Martin announced they are transferring and running back DeeJay Dallas and cornerback Trajan Bandy announcing they are foregoing their senior seasons to enter the NFL Draft.


Herald today
van Dyke and the spread

Will UM’s coordinator change and new scheme affect top QB recruit’s plans? Here’s answer.
DECEMBER 30, 2019 03:45 PM

Quarterback Tyler Van Dyke, the only quarterback in UM’s recruiting class, will not ask to be released from his letter of intent with the Hurricanes and remains enthusiastic about joining the program despite the expected change from a pro-style offense to a spread offense, his high school coach said Monday.

Suffield Academy coach Drew Gamere said even though Van Dyke has “respect for” dismissed offensive coordinator Dan Enos and had a strong relationship with him, Van Dyke is still excited about joining the Hurricanes and will enroll, as planned, in January.

“He’s full speed ahead,” Gamere said after speaking with Van Dyke. “He feels great about his decision to [attend UM]. He’s still excited about where things are headed.”

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Van Dyke signed with UM on Dec. 18. Enos — who previously told Van Dyke he would remain with UM next season — was fired on Friday, a day after Miami’s 14-0 loss to Louisiana Tech in the Independence Bowl.

Van Dyke was rated by Rivals as the No. 8 pro-style quarterback and 199th-best 2020 prospect, but Gamere said the 6-4 quarterback is capable of playing in a spread offense.

“If you watched us, we evolved into more of a spread look,” Gamere said of the Connecticut school. “We have four, five wide receivers. He certainly has flexibility with whatever system” is implemented.

Van Dyke led Suffield Academy to a 9-0 record and had 21 touchdowns through the air, four more on the ground, six interceptions and a 61.6 completion percentage.

Van Dyke made quite an impression at UM’s Paradise Camp last July, showing considerable zip and accuracy on his passes.

“For all the arm talent and attributes on the field, it’s what he is off the field that has us excited,” Diaz said recently of Van Dyke. “First guy in building, first guy to leave, which we feel is the culture our quarterback room has been needing.”

In an interview on WQAM’s Joe Rose Show on Monday, Diaz said the team would implement an up-tempo spread offense and said “we have to get the quarterback thing solved.”

Van Dyke will give UM five quarterbacks on scholarship, at least for now. Jarren Williams, N’Kosi Perry, Tate Martell and Peyton Matocha are the others.


Looks like Highsmith is coming on board.

mi $

Cleveland is reporting Highsmith to the U

VA Cane

We are all Mama`s Boys, and proud of it.

Great point...so true....I love my Mom more than anyone in my life ever!!!
I cannot understand someone who had a great mom and doesn't feel that way, and I feel for those who lost a mom early or who had a mom that didnt care!!

All my good traits are due to my mom...and the bad traits or screw ups happened if i did not listen!


All my good traits are due to my mom...and the bad traits or screw ups happened if i did not listen!

Posted by: VA Cane | December 30, 2019 at 05:36 PM

I will second that


Darth Vader`s brother singing Van Halen



Alonzo Highsmith is heading back to Miami!



I read on tweeter from a reliable source that some of the boosters were in touch with Cristobal. Just passing it on


Highsmith is exactly what the U needed he will be there after Diaz and during Meyers

VA Cane

Lingard was a given....who knows what happened...nobody knows and the staff cannot tell the truth regarding anything.Kid tried get on field and they still denied him...at least someone wanted to try!

5 QBs in...Martell is going per earlier posts...I think Porn Boy will leave as well....Williams had 1 good game vs Lville...nothing else really impressive...Matocha is an unknown...and a pro set QB recruited by big 10 also rans WI and MI who cannot win big games cause they use slow, slew foot QBs like us is not my idea of an answer to the problem. Hell, we could line the first team 5 up at OL...put second string directly behind them and the ball with the second center...10 OLs....and still not block 4 with 10...thats how bad we are... any QB is a sitting duck with our OL....Manny dont know what tempo is or the spread....Mannys idea of tempo is traffic at 5 on I-95!!!!

Cleveland Reed quit on the team...I do not tolerate quitters....Quitter=Loser!

VA Cane

High and Bratt were bad ass dudes at UM. Fond memories of real football players...guys who left it on the field....they had to win no such thing as accepting losing like Shaq "I want to be with my teammates and cry" Quarterman....

I was a guy who gave it all on the field...had to win...did not always...and I still hate losing...we have won 11 of last 14 SBs...the 3 we did not make it to hurt me more....I expect to win...and hate to lose.

Nothing like being out there, head hunting...Hit Hate Hurt...winning titles...
Hope it is true RE High....If so great...then maybe he will fire CMD....he can run for mayor like his pop....and Mario is a young guy...knows the spread...and knows winning...A REAL Cane!!

We will see!


Tony and Solar,

The Highsmith news is a great New Years gift for me! What a great hire!

VA Cane

KY maybe with the High info....and hopefully some sanity to the program...we can get close enough to the dumpster to flip the lids over and start getting the fire to dissipate!


Man if Lo Highsmith is in charge of football operations and attends football practices you will get to see what discipline is.

Highsmith should swing by the Buffalo Bills camp and grab Dorsey on his way

VA Cane

Highsmith should swing by the Buffalo Bills camp and grab Dorsey on his way

now that is a great idea.....we got to get old players and alum who are with the new ideas....this was the worst offense I have ever seen... The GT, Duke, FIU and LA Tech losses are just wrong...but when you have no coaching and quitters who do not care playing it happens....shame!


we can get close enough to the dumpster to flip the lids over and start getting the fire to dissipate!

Posted by: VA Cane | December 30, 2019 at 06:01 PM


absolutely not.....we are nowhere near putting this dumpster fire out.

VA Cane

Yes its still pretty hot....and H2O dont help....its what...a 50 bell fire? A Bad one!!!!!


VA check out the Van Halen link when you arent doing anything. lol

VA Cane

sorry already did solar....I love van Halen....I consider the TRUE VH the Original...Accept No Imitations...with Diamond Dave.....you always seem to come up with something to split my sides....each timee is more amazing.....dont know how you do it....the genius in you....bet I know where it comes from....MOM raised a bright wonderful child!!!!!...and you have retained that inner child....laughter....even as an adult!!!!
Awesome my friend!!!


Thanks VA,
When everything else goes south there is always rock and roll.
You get that, I can tell by the song titles from the inner tracks or little known gems you come up with.
I have listened to some cool stuff you turned me on to here.

Lets go Virginia


Winning coaches. Cristobal head coach Manny DC Brady OC. Get it done. We will be back.


Mom was a Newton as in Sir Isaac. She gave me the gospel at 7. She prayed for me all my life. She witnessed to anyone up till the day she died. Her piano skills where good enough to play in an orchestra. She encourage thee three boys to speak our mind. We were talking smack way before the canes perfected it on the field. Lol


Alonzo Highsmith is heading back to Miami!

To do what, exactly?
If he is not coming back to replace CMD, I really don't give a damn.


Canes in Prime time Sat night

ESPN is officially trying to give some competition to CBS and the NFL Playoffs as the Duke Blue Devils and Miami Hurricanes will tipoff at 8:00pm EST on Saturday night


Damn Turds entrance with smoke

The Herb

Read that also. Supposedly to see what it would take to get Cristobal. Diaz would drop back as the DC. All kind clutter being spewed. That could work for the Herb.
I don't know why you would wait to get rid of Stubby and Blueberry. Whomever the New OC is he ain't wanting them 2 anyway.


Hello Coach Cristobol what are you doing?

Uh huh, uh huh, going to the Rose Bowl,
I see. I was wondering if you would like to quit and come go Miami, we are 6 and 7 and we just got beat in Shreveport Louisiana....hello???


Interesting is all I will say.


Cristobal not gonna win a ship at Oregon. What history does O have compares to the U? Not even close. It's his alma mater. The athletes come from south Florida. It's a no brainer


The T.O. chain and rings have to go until these are busting ass every play and we start seeing consistent results.

Posted by: The Herb | December 30, 2019 at 02:01 PM

In full agreement with this. I think OnionPa even took the names off the unis one year, strip it down until the “I” is gone and we takes over.


I think the staff was trying to prevent further injury to Lingard over the last 3 games. He was wearing a brace for god sakes. That to me is an indication he was worried about reinjury. The worst thing would have been to bring him back before he was 100% and he reinjure himself. I hate to see him go, I wish he would wait to see who the OC hire is and spring to see if he can gain ground in competition. I'm sure other schools are promising him staring jobs like Tate Martell heard last year. Good luck to him wherever he ends up unless its against us.

VA Cane

Love that thought KY.....OnionPa....you guys are right tonight!!!....and that fire is still blazing KY!!! I always look for your avatar...love it!

I am getting my inheritance soon....my mom and Dad gave each other great lives...and they educated 3 of us and gave us wonderful lives. They did alot but invested wisely....I need nothing but am going to invest 10k in a killer system...centerpiece is a MaCintosh tube amp....about 350 a side!
Klipsch speakers....but am getting atape deck/CD player that will record....and I got some killer stuff. I loaded your tunes onto my computer, so i am working on some pictures of rare and color vinyl for you rto check out...get system in Feb....and i am going to make you some killer CD burns from my collection. Thanks for your great videos, stickers....but most of all being a friend. hope to set up a visit to see you this year...no game...for what? We will fish!!!

VA Cane

You never knowwhat might have been with Lingard....he may have been another Bryce Brown....BB never did much in college...had a couple great games as a Philly Eagle....then gone. Remember that fiasco of recruiting....
We do need a coach....
I was wondering if you would like to quit and come go Miami, we are 6 and 7 and we just got beat in Shreveport Louisiana....hello???

solar you are like my fav musicians Mike Nesmith....(I got some cool stuff by Nez...check him out...).....you are like one of his LPs...."and The Hits Just Keep On Coming!"


VA sounds great.
I am happy for you brother, you have an honest soul, you deserve good things to come your way.
I'm looking forward to the music for sure.

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