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December 09, 2019



I am ready to see the Tater-tot at QB in the spread. Why not? Talk about winning - his Bishop Gorman High School did plenty of that.

Solar - LOl Uncle Enos - he is a disaster. Manny's tenure at Miami hangs in the balance with his success.

Tsully - I agree - enough of QB #15 and #5.


OGV great comparison to the football season and the end of the holidays. Perfect.


I see some OL offers going out recently. Not sure what Coach Barry is doing, but we need some major OL talent to come in and help right away


Canes baseball #4 in preseason. Just maybe one team might truly be trending back?

DallasTX Cane

U all remember how cool it was to watch NFL games about a decade ago when every single roster included a bunch of Canes?? Barely can find a single Cane per game now. And The Suk continues...


Justin Flowe announces Weds at 1pm. Anything is possible, but I don't give us better than a 10% chance given choices like Oregon and Clemson. Clemson just picked up another 5 star LB over the last week. Good to be a Tiger these days. Saturdays? Yawn...


That now gives them 7 five star players, Flowe would make 8.
Flowe likes the big city and that is the only reason we have a flicker of hope.
Coaching changes that need to take place. Enos, Barry, & Rumph should be gone. Barry didn't have much to work with and definitely the scheme didn't help either but seeing that Duke game we stumbled backwards and that shouldn't happen that late in the season. Rumph good coach but the dude can't recruit and has been their 4 years and Christian William's is about it.
Still not out of the running for Greene, although he verbed to Neb.
However it shakes out the bowl game won't affect the first signing period, thank God!
The worry will really set in about OH Line recruiting and CB.
Talk of Height jumping to Auburn and if he does then LB is going to need some juice. The Herb is not excited about all 3 positions as it is anyway. The class is good but in my opinion u should come into a signing period with at least 2 players at every position, except TE, RB and Qb., that gives u 17 or 18, if u take a special teams player, but then u can then see where u really need help and fill those spots or u take the best players available regardless. Losing against these nobodies kills the mojo a team may of had. It's really no big deal when u beat a FIU or Duke or G. Tech but lose to them, especially in the same year and u are riding on flat tires.


Losing against these nobodies kills the mojo a team may of had. It's really no big deal when u beat a FIU or Duke or G. Tech but lose to them, especially in the same year and u are riding on flat tires.

Posted by: HerbieIbis | December 17, 2019 at 10:27 AM

Look at Herb telling it like it is.

There IT is right there.

VA Cane

That's just my opinion. But that's too much like using Common Sense and this Staff clearly lacks common sense SMH.

Spot on TS!!! I love your thoughts!
Blocking tackling catching pulling throwing good stances THINKING (think offside motion holding block in the back...the snap count) are fundamentals that if not executed 100% perfectly each play (in theory and thought, nobodys perfect but you strive for it!)) bad things happen....what is the worse bad? LOSING....so we have not been doing these things for 15 years!!!!

That is what is so frustrating....Stove is red hot in a dark kitchen...glowing...yet we continue to put our hand on it after the first searing burn....over and over again...when do you stop? when do you kill the old behavior? when do you stop being a caterpillar in a dark cocoon (in our case CF) and burst into the new world as a beautiful....dominating butterfly?

When you stop doing the stupid things that got you there!!!

Its time to change....it may take impeaching the leadership to get new forward thinking leadership that knows the new horizon reality....what qa concept!!!
Tell em T Sully!!!

VA Cane

CGNC.....I think Uncle Enos needs a few more letters....He is officially Uncle EnosPa.....same old crap as all the Manny predecessors!!!!

I woulds like to see Tate get a shot....kid has been patient....he cannot be any worse that the up down we have seen for 15 years!!!!



What I feel is a fair comparison

Ed Orgeron Common Sense no gimmicks, speaks in simple terms,listens to his coaches and makes positive changes, instills confidence,never makes excuses.

Manny Diaz Learned everything he knows from a book,uses every gimmick in the used car salesmens arsenal,speaks coach talk to the press,does things his way regardless of results,causes mistrust,blames everyone but himself and his staff.


Sorry about the poor spelling, I did not learn everything I know from a book.

VA Cane

I think he read Goldens books and essays.....same shit different color and smell!!!!

This is the lowest we have ever been since HS came here...in 79 when football was close to being dropped. It has snowballed since the final loss...well rip off of KD11 and co in 1/2003....a nightmare a tragic death of a program!!!


Posted by: VA Cane | December 17, 2019 at 11:58 AM

Uncle EnosPa. Has a nice ring to it.


Nah, Manny makes changes. He can't be that stupid. We all could, however, hear "this was the first year of a new system. We played a lot of first year guys and in doing so, we had growing pains. We have to stay the course. It would be unfair to judge these new coaches after one year". If that speech comes and no changes, then his job will be hanging by a spaghetti noodle.


Manny Diaz and real Miami Hurricane fans in a nutshell

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”
― Charles Bukowski

VA Cane

I see no difference in EnosPa and all the past coordinators in the past.....same old passive non inventive attack.

Orgeron went in there, saw the stagnate Les Miles attack, and cleaned house, changed it to a real Offense. Every time every game the O takes the field I shudder...its just bad football that gets hard to watch. Even worse, its difficult to wear U gear....why make yourself a fool for a program who has done it for you. For me...just like this country...somethings got to give got to change3 now. This team we field is not even good.....average.

I give T Sully a nod....Richts first 2 teams showed promise and improvement....then back to the same old UM year 3......there have been blips....but nothing I can that has really had great substance....we have been denied good football for a long time....and I need a change....this has got to end...I think we are at the bottom of the barrel!


He can't be that stupid.

Posted by: HerbieIbis | December 17, 2019 at 01:39 PM

Famous last words.


As my good friend Solarcane likes to say:

"You never know how far you can go until you've gone too far."


You know it soup, even a blind squirrel..


On the Canes gear.
I frequent a small country store about a mile from my house time to time.
The owner and I have said hello for over 10 years without knowing each others first name.

This season he said "You know I admire man that sticks by his roots through thick and thin, seeing you come in with that Canes hat on for all these years I just had to mention that to you."



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