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December 02, 2019



tick tick tick

VA Cane

hickory dickory dock.....the times run off the clock...fire dem azzes!!!!

Something to smile about.....Travis Homer playing for Seattle....up back on punt team....takes direct snap 29 yards on 4th....then recovers fumble on kickoff at end of game to deny vikings a chance....

young man made big plays...helped his team win....dude got some big guns too...bigger than when he was here!!!!


That is all she wrote.


ipad earning it's keep . .. got to watch mens bb while cooking & eating lunch
. . . heart-stopping game; excellent win!
. . . so fun to watch the canes be hotter than fire the first half

soup/86/58 . . . blog is ready, if you're still interested ... though obviously

am i understanding this right, though: canespace is in "time-out"??!!
like, no more?

VA - thanks for the homer update!


ooops - two thoughts running in my head at the same time in above post = a deadend; should be:

"though obviously there is already a new post"

Terrance M Sullivan

Great Blog and Total Agreement Soupster.


Alpine ......speaking of ipad, was able to snag one yesterday (cyber monday) for good price. It's a Christmas present so shssssssss.......


Good article

Miami Has Searched for a Way Back for Twenty Years, but the Path Forward Still Isn’t Clear
The Hurricanes football program remains caught in a seemingly unbreakable cycle.

By JohnReynolds@NextCaneUp

When will Miami be back? That question has surrounded the University of Miami’s football program since December 30, 2005, the night the Hurricanes took a 40-3 loss to LSU in the Peach Bowl. In the ensuing years, Miami’s pursuit of being “back” has turned from a bright goal to look towards to a dark cloud that surrounds the program. The pressure of fulfilling that hope has consumed Larry Coker, Randy Shannon, Al Golden, and Mark Richt, and now the maelstrom has surrounded Manny Diaz, 14 years after that night and 18 after the Hurricanes last national title.

Ultimately, Miami’s losses and missed opportunities have come due to a multitude of reasons, yet all of those reasons boil down to one point; Miami has built a culture that believes that they’ll win purely because of the logo on the side of the helmet.

No one from outside the program should claim to know what is going on inside the locker room this season, nor should anyone claim to know what the attitude present was in any of the prior 17 seasons. Despite that, one thing has become abundantly clear, Miami’s attention to detail, leadership, preparation, and consistency have not been to the standard of a college football program with five national titles and a laundry list of legends.

The effort that Miami’s great teams of 1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, 2001, and 2002 put in has been lost in the last 15 years, and no coach has managed to find the formula for creating the leadership and culture that those teams built. Much has been said about how the attitude of high school recruits has “changed”, yet Clemson, Alabama, and others have built programs with leadership and effort reminiscent of the glory days of Miami football, and have done it in the modern world.

Peter Schneider, the man who “rebuilt” Walt Disney Animation Studios, said that when he began his job he knew he had, “120 days to change the culture, before the culture changed me.” Manny Diaz, in similar fashion, has been trying desperately to change the culture within Miami’s football program. However, after back-to-back losses to FIU and Duke, plus losses to UNC (6-6) and Georgia Tech (3-9), it’s time to seriously question whether there’s been any progress towards a culture change.

The fact that Miami wears the same uniform as the legends that took the field before them should not mean that the team should think that guarantees a win. Quite simply, in modern collegiate athletics, no game is a guarantee, in any sport, most especially football. The Hurricanes have not managed to put together a complete season since 2002. In reality, the ‘Canes haven’t put together a strong run of longer than 6 games since 2005, minus what now seems like an outlier of a season in 2017.

The modern version of the University of Miami’s football program has now confused their own invention, swagger, with what they now play with in reality, unfounded cockiness and a lack of preparation. The Hurricanes never expected to be handed a win in their “glory days,” they preferred working for them during the week at Greentree Practice Fields.

Other factors have certainly played a role in Miami’s lack of success, namely the program’s facilities falling behind the rest of the country’s and the Nevin Shapiro scandal, yet Miami’s main issue has always been resting on its’ laurels. Week in and week out the Hurricanes beat themselves, playing down to the level of their opponent and exposing themselves to shocking losses.

At some point, accountability has to be instilled in every level of the football program if Miami hopes to ever return to what it once was. The fundamental culture issue we’ve seen plague the Hurricanes this season is not exclusive to Manny Diaz’s young tenure, but it is one that he now has his chance to fix.

That path forward will be met with tough decisions, ones that coaches prior to Coach Diaz struggled to make. Al Golden’s tenure was doomed by his refusal to make changes on the defensive side of the ball, which ultimately culminated in a 58-0 loss to Clemson. Similarly, Coach Richt’s offense struggled, and rather than make changes he chose to resign and pass the mantle to Coach Diaz.

If Miami is to improve and return to prominence under Manny Diaz, he must learn to make the changes necessary to make the Hurricanes’ program modern and relevant again. No one but Diaz and those inside the program can say what those changes are, but accountability, and a change in culture, are the only ways back to success for Miami.


Why should you run a spread offense?

The most exciting part about the spread offense is how everyone has an opportunity to touch the football at any given time. The goal is to get athletes the ball in space and let them use their athletic abilities to make plays. This is not only fun to watch as a coach or spectator in the stands, it’s fun for the athletes who play in this offense. The overall attitude and effort improves when everyone contributes and has an impact on each play.

Having a one dimensional offense where everyone in the stadium knows whose getting the ball is not a formula for success. This is why the spread offense presents a big challenge for defenses. The football could touch the hands of six different players on any given play. With this many options on the field, it keeps the defense honest and makes them defend against all eleven players.


I never got to comment “first” FML


Alpine ......speaking of ipad, was able to snag one yesterday (cyber monday) for good price. It's a Christmas present so shssssssss.......

Posted by: raizecane | December 03, 2019 at 07:25 AM

the good news, raize: you bought someone a GREAT gift

the bad news: i can't keep a secret


Tweeter has a copy of an order for a moving company for Enos in Pinecrest Jan 4. Lol


Just passing on what I find.


Manny u want to keep the job U have? Been trying to tell U for 2 Months. I know you check the Space out. Don't be last too the party,well we probably are but it's better late than never.


three Canes make first team All ACC thats a positive note for a change

As frustrating as the 2019 season was for the Miami Hurricanes, they still placed three players on the All-Atlantic Coast Conference first team Tuesday — tied for second most in the conference.

Tight end Brevin Jordan, defensive lineman Gregory Rousseau and linebacker Shaquille Quarterman all got first-team nods from the panel, made up of 46 media members and all 14 coaches. Only the Clemson Tigers had more players selected as first-team all-conference with eight. The Wake Forest Demon Deacons and Pittsburgh Panthers both had three players earn first-team honors.

Jordan and Rousseau were both relative no-brainers as first-team selections. Jordan is a finalist for the John Mackey Award, handed out to the nation’s top tight end, and his 495 receiving yards are 15th among tight ends despite playing just a handful of snaps in Miami’s final three games. The sophomore still leads the Hurricanes in receiving yards, and his 35 catches are third on the team. He also caught two touchdowns.

DallasTX Cane

Posted by: solarcane | December 03, 2019 at 08:36 AM

For years we’ve had players and coaches that though “swagger” equaled success equaled wins equaled NFL paychecks.

The reality has always been that “swagger” is the REWARD... the pay-off for unequaled hard work, dedication, self-sacrifice which are the precursors to success to wins to NFL paychecks. Playmaker had swagger in excess. He also was first to arrive and last to leave, at PRACTICE! He wore out the practice squad QBs having them throw to him after / extra practices so he could run routes and make himself better. And Michael did this not only at The U but also during his career with the Cowboys.

This is why I HATE hearing bloggers say things like “who cares how a guy practices, its all about being a gamer”. BS. It’s about the Program’s culture and a me-first, not going to work during practice culture has NEVER won a damn thing.

Work hard then win then U get swagger.


I've never seen the Canes slowly fade as the season progresses before 2003. I think the players get a little banged up and quit. I think Doodie figured if they sped up their offense the d would quit when they got winded. The old guys would play like gansgtas until they made the opponent quit. I mean they played like warriors. If your not dead why are you loafing? I know Butch had that edge. He attracted those Miami guys. We gonna see if Manny is for real.


It's really not difficult. I mean if your bigger and faster than your opponent then you got no pride in your team if they are whipping you. Grown men who liked to be spanked. Football is about imposing you will so make them think they are gonna lose. Why make the game hard and then let them thank they can beat you?


Canes scheduled a home and home with SC in 26 and 27
At this rate we
1) wont have a team
2) will have moved down a division or 2
3) we decided to play at the high school level
So great move by the AD - he can schedule but has no freaking clue how to hire or as important, Fire


Work hard then win then U get swagger.

Posted by: DallasTX Cane | December 03, 2019 at 01:00 PM

Agreed. But the coaches need to identify the players that are loafing and send them on their way and open up room for someone else. It shouldn't be that hard to see.

Mia - you are right, Duke went tempo and our D was not used to that because they practice against our non-tempo offense



Great article 86! Just don't take down the blog :-)


I heard stories back in the day about Snells coaching style. He tried to kill his players in punishing the for bad play. Most of these today players would have quit. You Would be surprised how much the body can take. Vagotis used to instill fear in his players. They were afraid of him. But look the product on the field who beat a bigger Nebraska team in 83. Snells passing game makes these coaches look high school. Truth


Type pad is terrible sorry. Windows update killed my computer.


HateSpace? Yeah, I'm feeling it too!
P.S. I don't care a rat's ass about a bowl game this year. My stomach can't tolerate another disgusting loss!


My stomach can't tolerate another disgusting loss!
Posted by: nemo2002 | December 03, 2019 at 02:43 PM


I am with ya...that is why when we play a bowl game on December 12th, I will be outside mowing a lawn that doesn't need to be mowed.


Sage Surratt plays one year at LB and is first team all ACC. Dude was a QB last year. We got dudes been starting for 4 years and finally got an All ACC nod.
I guess this should tell Garvin and Bandy that no way they entertain the NFL but I will say this our players usually are better pro's than college players.


Posted by: DallasTX Cane | December 03, 2019 at 01:00

DTX I agree with everything you said.
As a person I can barely take 5 minutes of Irvin.

As a player I have nothing but respect for him. Nobody ever worked harder to better themselves at their position.
When he said he was terrified to let Eddie Brown down, I believe him.

Does Jeff Thomas look like he is ashamed to let the guy that played right before him down?
No because except for Berrios and Osborne we haven't had anybody kill themselves to be the best they can be.

The only old skool Cane on the entire team is Jimmy Murphy in my opinion.


Great article 86! Just don't take down the blog :-)

Posted by: CGNC | December 03, 2019 at 02:17 PM

Your wish is my command.

Alpine...send me your article and I will post it.



Vagotis used to instill fear in his players. They were afraid of him.

Posted by: mi@ | December 03, 2019 at 02:25 PM

Christ Vagotis, a legendary football coach at Miami Killian High, the University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University, was killed in car accident on May 7 near his home in Reidsville, North Carolina, He was 75.

Vagotis, who played lineman under Bear Bryant and Howard Schnellenberger at the University of Alabama in the mid-1960s, was one of Schnellenberger’s first hires when he took over the UM job in 1979. At the time, Vagotis was a successful head coach at Killian, known for his intensity and sense of humor.

After beating the rival Palmetto Panthers, nicknamed the “Palmetto bugs” by Killian players and fans, Vagotis gathered his players into a circle at the center of the field, flopped onto his back and flailed like a dying cockroach.

Another time, on the way to a road game against the Lakeland Kathleen Red Devils, Vagotis had the bus stop at a hardware store in Bartow and he bought a red pitchfork. When they got to the field, he threw it at the 50-yard-line, recalled Don Soldinger, who coached with Vagotis and Killian and UM.

“He was super intense about everything he did,” Soldinger said. “He was unconventional, and would do all kinds of things to get the kids jacked up. He was also a great recruiter. He is a big reason Bernie Kosar ended up at UM.”

Schnellenberger was shocked to hear the news of Vagotis’ death. “Christ was a good upstanding man who loved his players and pushed them hard,” Schnellenberger said. “Everywhere I went, he went. He was a great coach and we won a lot of games together.”

Vagotis coached with Schnellenberger at UM, Louisville, Oklahoma and FAU, where he worked from 1999-2005.


Even IF accountability is no where to be found in the UM Athletic Department, it can be found here at Canespace. Enos must go. The OL coach must go. The Sepcial teams coach must go. If these things do not happen then there is no reason for us to care.


What is the last year that we had a good o-line? Not an average but a good one?

Mark from Atl

Is it me or does Manny seem to be treating our beloved Canes like his thesis for college degree?

I understand data and analytics are the go to for all business but - this is not his “project “!!
This is the team I have loved for 40+ years.
And it’s not just him as we all know- but there’s nothing, zero disgust from anyone associated?!?!

I hate the Gators —/ but I recall Tebow after some loss saying “never again ‘

I just see nobody for the last 25+yrs who gives 2 shits about mediocrity

F’ing Canes....

God’s blessings on you and your family!

Mark from Atl

15 yrs...


you got mail, 86


That is good news about the three first team, All ACC Canes, Jordan, Shaq and Rousseau. No surprises there. Well deserved. Frankly, Rousseau might get some DPOY votes as well, and so should Shaq.


Solarcane and 86, you brought tears to my eyes. Please keep the blog. Being an alumnus, and 71 years old, it is the only thing that brightens my spirits, up here in the cold. Maybe I will love the U again, when I come to FL on Dec. 18th for the winter.
The BOTs must be greedy assholes, and pieces of crap, to continue like this.They never cared about the great sports teams at the U. Even Donna Shalala didn't give a crap, but they all made money off of the school. I am so PISSED.


TNM = Les Miserables

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a song of angry men?
It is the music of a people
Who will not be suckers again

When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes

Posted by: Old Skool | December 02, 2019 at 01:54 PM

““There are no weeds, and no worthless men. There are only bad farmers.”
* * * *
“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”
― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables


I just realized that Canes DE Rousseau, led the ACC in votes for a defensive players with 152.

He may actually have a chance to win DPOY

Sarasota 'cane

Army has 5 historic National Titles.

Georgia Tech has 5 historic National Titles.

Miami has 5 historic National Titles.

Any questions?


sota with the slam dunk!



Posted by: solarcane | December 03, 2019 at 08:36 AM

It took that writer all those words to say what I said in 1/3 the words and time? Thank God I do not have too much time on my hands like some do.


Cleveland apparently is not transfering and will be back. Another quitter and another one back on the team. It's stupid to jump in the portal mid season anyway unless it's after game 4 and you are maybe a freshman. I wouldn't leave anything up to the NCAA as far as eligibility goes.


Can't see Manny axing any coach until after the bowl, especially Enos. Nobody on the staff to my knowledge has a sniff of coordinating an offense.


Enos must go. The OL coach must go. The Special teams coach must go. If these things do not happen then there is no reason for us to care.
Posted by: 86Cane | December 03, 2019 at 05:08 PM


I can't think of ANY TRUE Cane fans and alumni who would NOT agree with this statement!💯


f you have not listened to the OBB podcast #61, take a listen. a few former players were on their and listening to them makes you wonder how this coaching staff will not change.

Gino T was great but listening to Kenny Kelly was fantastic ....


So let’s take a quick informal poll

ESPN has the Canes projected in the Independence Bowl against either UCF or Louisiana Tech

One American Conference and the other C-USA
Both 9-3

Who will complete the trifecta and embarrass “dem Canes”?

Raize, I know your vote 😃


UCF would eat our lunch.

We beat La Tech.

I will take La Tech for $600 Alex.


I was hoping we would play Northwest High in Hughesville, Missouri

"Hapless but Hopeful Missouri HS Football Team Presses On After 102-0 Loss"

Im feeling confident we hang with them till halftime.


I dont know how you guys spend your New Years Eve but here is a little something you might make the trip for.

as Danny Joe Brown of
Molly Hatchet used to say... "its not for everybody"

This is The Tallapoosa Ga. Possom Drop.



Mary Lou,
Tom is not shutting the blog down, he was giving an example of how every one of us, you included feel about the program. We are united in not spending money on tickets, clothes, stickers, or anything else that helps the football team, until the football program does something positive for us fans.

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