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January 08, 2020



Ivan's said Manny wanted Zo but said if he had come it's not going to guarantee wins because he is Chief of staff or whatever title. As of right now Berry is still on staff but he really knows nothing about the spread. Probably will be replaced. JB Grimes from Auburn has been mention but according to Ivan's he is another dud recruiter.
Really only looking to add 2 to 3 high school kids for the last signing period so it looks like another Ho Hum signing day. Licking their chops for the transfer portal. If u don't have good recruiters, which we don't then the portal is like Christmas to Manny.


It's a shame that the administration at UM is too incompetent, spineless, and cheap to do the right thing which is to fire Manny and Blake NOW! This business of one more year hardly ever works out. If you are talking about one more chance in any walk of life most of the time that situation isn't going to work out. I don't blame Manny and Blake for refusing to give up power to Alonzo or anyone else. No one would do that. They are basically telling the administration that if you want to put someone else in charge then you are going to have to fire us and pay us. If I was the administration I would have called their bluff and canned both of them but as we all know this administration never does the right thing for the program so onto a 2020 season that is certain to be a failure and we will be looking for a new coach and AD at this time next year or so we hope.


solar put the curse on the vagina coaches

. . . meier's canes have looked putrid for a few games now
. . . and being beat by 43 last night makes coach L's team look like all-stars

lady canes score a total of 4 points in the 1st quarter by shooting 50% on free throws and going 0-16 on baskets

- nemo, aero, comments?

next to go down will be lady's tennis & swimming

no peace for the poor


ooops, beat by 46
. . . worst loss in 13 years


That’s terrible Al
I don’t follow women’s BB at all so no comment except most on here speak highly of her - so my question is: ‘has Meier lost her edge?
We know coach L has; similar to Morris - Morris should of retired 5 yrs earlier and given the reins to Dimare then
As for football and Manny - still a bad joke on the fans and players


similar to Morris - Morris should of retired 5 yrs earlier and given the reins to Dimare then
Posted by: AeroCane | January 10, 2020 at 06:15 AM

agree totally with this

no idea what's happening with meier

womens bb culture could barely make yogurt right now


Have no idea what that means but it sure sounds funny as s..t

VA Cane

thanks friends....I was proud to speak at my young mans interment; he was a good young man. As for my MIL, we just make sure she is comfortable. I get her out to see the countryside, to walk, and talk about life. It seems to make her happy; dementia is a progressive disease...it does not get better. Patience commitment and love make it better. I am fortunate to have them.

I keep rolling....remember my philosophies...fundamentals execution and attack the problem. Thats how i do my life. I am more content and satisfied at this point than i have ever been. glad to have this great home to rely on!


womens bb culture could barely make yogurt right now

Posted by: alpine | January 10, 2020 at 06:46 AM

Again, the reason I visit this place.


Careful what you say about Meier,soup has a mad crush on her.

Terrance M Sullivan

Coach Meier is Great, It was a Awful Flush The Toilet Game against a Great Team when you are missing your SuperStar Player due to injury and a key reserve also hurt do to injury. It Happens. Get Well Soon Beatrice and Moulayna!


Careful what you say about Meier,soup has a mad crush on her.

Posted by: solarcane | January 10, 2020 at 09:34 AM

FACT: I'm hot for teacher...


Interesting article on Lashlee:


I'm going to say it first: 12-0 in 2020!

Write it down, spin around and remember where U heard it first. The SOUP is on!

Terrance M Sullivan

Ha Another Fact. The Soupster and Yours Truly Both have a Crush on Coach Meier!

VA Cane

I do think Lashley will be an improvement. Fast Aggressive O we need...we have a fat slow dumb lazy apathetical OL....we do!!!! This was the worst line in CFB. My Div II team had a much better line that UM. They execute fundamentals UM line men think fun da mental are crazy people in a fun house!!!!!

I think we will see better O, but the D lost people and the ST do not look so hot to me!

I expect a better record....better than 6-6, but not by a lot. This will take a couple years to work. The 2019 class aint JC....no saviors!!! The line is so bad, I pity the QB if he counts on a quick tough alert strong aggressive OL....we have the worst line ever!!!

I will watch with interest...record games while I am out coaching REAL WINNING teams....I just have a hard time watching a program that was designed and sabotaged to fail miserably since 1 2003....ADs BOT President...all wanted failure....guess what? they got it!
They wanted to be the Harvard of The South instead of continuing a great legacy....when they could have had both!


Coach Meier is Great, It was a Awful Flush The Toilet Game against a Great Team when you are missing your SuperStar Player due to injury and a key reserve also hurt do to injury. It Happens. Get Well Soon Beatrice and Moulayna!

Posted by: Terrance M Sullivan | January 10, 2020 at 11:16 AM

terrance "hardass" sullivan gives meier a "totally absolved" pass for the worst loss in 13 years, after a couple other not-very-good games

. . . you two got the same mother??

Terrance M Sullivan

Alpine yeah it sucked getting our arses kicked but yeah when you have the resume of Meier and L you get the occasional pass. Manny needs to build his resume up quite a bit to get a occasional pass.


VACane...better get the 12% bus out of the shop. We gonna crank it up again in Fall of 2020!


The SOUP is on!

Posted by: SOUP | January 10, 2020 at 11:33 AM


Oh, your definitely on......something

Terrance M Sullivan

Until Further Notice and It pains me to say this but I got our Canes at 6-6 in 2020. Hope I am wrong though.

VA Cane

Soup, I will get on the horn with the mechanic and tell him we want a complete overhaul....do not just kick the tires and pump the brakes!

Tell him you and I will need Monogramed seats with VAC and and Soup on em...right up front where we can lead the charge!!

I am like you....wait and see...you will be listing and showing homes and I will be appraising homes...I am sure Mrs Soup and Mrs VAC will be happy to see us working, masking money, not bitching and throwing things and staying sober!!!!

Well 3 out of 4 aint bad!!! .....new Meatloaf song...LOL!!!!


Until Further Notice and It pains me to say this but I got our Canes at 6-6 in 2020. Hope I am wrong though.

Posted by: Terrance M Sullivan | January 10, 2020 at 12:53 PM


I am much more optimistic...i am going 7-6 which includes a bowl win over eastern Nevada marching band.

Terrance M Sullivan

Haha Raize Top Notch Top Notch!

VA Cane

It is well known I despise (well HATE) Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless. I want to play in a touch charity game or hoops..whatever....and deliver a real Tatumizer to each of them...Stingley did not deserve to be hurt that bad...these 2 assclowns do ...."Terminate with Extreme Prejudice!"

Bayless started the rumor Troy Aikman was gay....and goes out of his way to avoid TA now....he's afraid of him.....oh...the man just has 3 daughters!!

Hers the one that really urkes me to the point of Tatumizing Cowherd!

Cowherd was criticized for comments he made regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of Sean Taylor. On November 28, 2007, one day after Taylor's home invasion murder, Cowherd claimed that Taylor's past had brought this on him and that Redskins fans who mourned him were not "grown-ups". He stated about Taylor's turnaround: "Well yeah, just because you clean the rug doesn't mean you got everything out. Sometimes you've got stains, stuff so deep it never ever leaves." Taylor's death was later found to be the result of a botched robbery and the robbers hadn't known Taylor was home when they entered. He says he moved on from ESPN...he3 was FIRED!!!

ST26 was one of us..an all time great Cane...and an all time pro...had he not been cut down right up there with Ed Reed...or better!

I was fortunate to meet him once....had my 7 year old son with me at a game. He was kind, took time to speak to my son...it was impressive!!

My son will be3 25 2/15/20....here's his gift as a tribute to his Fav player ever...he already has the regular one!!

JMO of 2 jerks who need to be ...welll...Tatumized!!!


VA - you have friends here you know that :-) Sorry for the loss of that young man, more was going on than we know probably. He probably thought that was his only way out.

VA Cane

Actually he was fired in 2015 when he was talking about dominicans in baseball....said Dominican Republic was not known for academic excellence. His opinions, thoughts program is a joke. I watch it on and off...but no respect for him....I would like to see Joy Taylor deck him like big Bro Jason of Phins fame!!

Raize...I think you are way off on that....we will be 6-6, play in a bowl game VS Stanford Band....and we win on a last play funky lateral play like Duke or Cal Stanford.....and at the end Blake James gets ploughed by our guy in the end zone while he is blowing a.....uh....why a tromBONE!!!!!

LOL you guys are a hoot.....ya keep me laughing...even if we are 6-7!!!!

VA Cane

CGNC I really think thats what happened...was talking to Sota last Sat....he said while society is tough on DUIs....it can really ruin a career in the service...raises, advancement,....a lot. My wife could not go just could not see another young person passing this life.

As a person and as his coach....I had to....my little speech was not expected...but the family felt I knew him and and helped him as a coach....I think more as a mentor...thats my title I hope! It matters to me so much....my guys in middle school and college really are important to me!


I am much more optimistic...i am going 7-6 which includes a bowl win over eastern Nevada marching band.

Posted by: raizecane | January 10, 2020 at 01:04 PM

Their drum line would beat us like, well like a drum.


Miami Herald for Harry and Herb

Lashlee to simplify offense

Rhett Lashlee plans to simplify everything for Miami in new role as offensive coordinator | Miami Herald

Rhett Lashlee plans to simplify everything for Miami in new role as offensive coordinator

JANUARY 10, 2020 09:07 AM

UM head coach Manny Diaz comments on the recruits who have committed to the U

Miami Hurricanes head coach Manny Diaz speaks to the media after a close loss in a football game against Georgia Tech at The Hard Rock Stadium, in Miami Gardens, Florida on Saturday, October 19, 2019. BY DANIEL A. VARELA
When Rhett Lashlee was a star quarterback in high school playing for Gus Malzahn at Springdale in Arkansas, he twice threw the ball 71 times per game. His Bulldogs were among the most prolific offenses in the country in each of the three years he started. He parlayed it into a playing career for the Arkansas Razorbacks, and then a coaching career primarily spent as Malzahn’s right-hand man with the Arkansas State Red Wolves and Auburn Tigers.

He broke off from Malzahn for the past two years to serve as offensive coordinator the Connecticut Huskies and SMU Mustangs for a year each before taking over the same position for the Miami Hurricanes on Saturday. For the first time since arriving in Coral Gables, Lashlee spoke publicly Friday in an appearance on the Joe Rose Show with Zach Krantz on WQAM and a significant portion of the conversation was spent discussing his influences as a coach. Most everything he does in his spread offense, Lashlee said, traces back to his relationship with Malzahn, which he said means an easy-to-learn, hard-to-stop system is coming to Miami.

“I think that’s what’s exciting about it, even back when I played for Gus in high school and all through the years,” Lashlee said in the radio interview. “I think the thing that we really take pride in with our system is it is a player-friendly system, and it’s not complicated. We’re not trying to go out there and make it complicated because not only do we want to play fast with tempo, we want our players to play fast. And what I mean by that is be reacting, not thinking because when kids are reacting at any position, then their abilities are taking over and they’re playing at the best of their ability. When they’re thinking, they’re hesitant, they’re slow, they’re guessing and they’re not as good as they can be, so our system is designed to be very simple for our guys on our team, but to present itself as complex to the defense.”

Lashlee has a massive amount of questions to solve next season, though. This season, Miami finished outside the top 85 in each of those four critical offensive categories. Its quarterback position and offensive line are totally unsettled. The Hurricanes will have to replace three of their most talented skill-position players.

It all starts at quarterback, though, and Lashlee said Miami’s competition at the critical spot is wide open moving forward.

“You’ve got to have consistency at the quarterback position, especially with what we want to do — playing fast, spreading the field and trying to put our playmakers in space,” Lashlee said. “You’ve got to have a quarterback who’s almost like a point guard on a basketball team. You just kind of run the show and distribute things. The great thing about it is it’s not just at quarterback it’s at every position. I think I get to meet with the guys for the first time on Sunday. What I’ve told the ones I have talked to so far is it’s a clean slate. To be honest with you, I don’t really care what happened last year because that doesn’t do anything to help us moving forward. I’m really focused on what we can do moving forward, so everybody’s got a clean slate, but I don’t think there’s any question — there’s no reason to dodge it — for us to be good on offense and to make the improvements we want to make, we’ve got to have a lot more consistency at the quarterback position.”

If Lashlee’s system is as player-friendly as he touts, it could help ease some of the Hurricanes’ most glaring problems which plagued Dan Enos’ one season in Miami. Quarterback Jarren Williams, who started the majority of the season, never jelled with the former offensive coordinator, sources told the Miami Herald, and all three competing quarterbacks struggled to grasp Enos’ pro-style system.

Lashlee said his offense operates out of shotgun about 90 percent of the time — the heavy under-center work was a challenge for Williams, and fellow quarterbacks N’Kosi Perry and Tate Martell in 2019 — and fits with what most kids want to play.

“We believe in spreading the field, getting your playmakers in space and playing fast, and ultimately that’s what kids want to do. They love it and if they’re doing what they want to do, they’ll buy in,” Lashlee said. “I grew up when Nolan Richardson was winning national championships with ‘40 Minutes of Hell’ at Arkansas, and it was just a unique style and brand of basketball that everybody wasn’t really doing, so if we can do something that’s a little different, have something that’s a little unique to us, it gives us an advantage that is a way of life for us. At the end of the day, the more plays you get, the more chances your playmakers have to touch the ball, the more chances you have to score — it’s just that simple and hopefully we can wear down our opponents because it’s something we’re used to. At the end of the day, spread the field, get our guys in space and let them do what God’s given them the ability to do.”

It’s something Lashlee knows he will be able to tout on the recruiting trail when the current dead period ends Thursday.

Lashlee, who said he and coach Manny Diaz are still “finalizing” any other potential coaching changes on offense, used to recruit Florida when he was Auburn’s offensive coordinator from 2013-2016, so he knows the talent in the Miami metropolitan area well. It was part of the reason he decided to join the Hurricanes and he’s excited to start proving his offense will be able to get the most out of the region’s athletes.

“One of the things that makes this opportunity exciting is there’s a lot of young men down here that have a lot of ability and I think if they just see an offense that they know they can come in and thrive in and use their abilities, it’ll excite them to want to stay home and go to the U. When I was at Auburn, I recruited down here four or five years and we got a lot of good players out of here. Everybody comes down here to recruit because there’s players everywhere, but it’s a lot different when you’re coming down here to get a player versus when you’re able to say, This is home, and try to get players to stay here.”

Here’s everything else notable Lashlee said in a 13-minute interview with Rose and Krantz:

On the origins of his system: “Honestly for me, it’s what I know. As a player back in the late ‘90s in high school, I played for Gus Malzahn, who’s the head coach at Auburn. I threw it 71 times in a game twice and I think all three years I was in high school we led the offense in total offense or were right up there at the top. We didn’t have a guy who ran faster than a 4.6. We just spread the field, we played fast, we were tough, we were disciplined, we executed and it really gave us an advantage. And so that’s just kind of my background and then I’ve spent a lot of time with Gus, whether it be at Arkansas, Arkansas State, Auburn, when I broke off and kind of gone and done my own thing, but there’s still a lot of that philosophy that’s in me. You see what Clemson does — guys like that all come from kind of the same tree.”

On how he’ll fix Miami’s third-down issues: “I do think success breeds confidence and confidence allows you to be successful on third down, in clutch moments, in the red zone and to be successful you’ve got to get guys bought into having an identity, they’ve got to know who we are. And they’ve got to have done stuff over, and over and over again to create good habits, so they can execute when all the pressure is on.”

On the role of tight ends in his offense: “I think with what we do, those guys are kind of the glue guys. The better your tight ends are, the more versatile you can be and play fast because if you don’t have great tight ends, you can play fast, but you’re a little bit limited and the defense has a little better idea of what personnel you’re in, what sets you’re in. When you have tight ends that can put their hand down, be off the ball, flex out like a wide receiver like the couple guys that we have here, it really gives you a lot of versatility to not only go fast, but go fast and be multiple with the looks you give. One minute you’re in a heavy set, one minute you’re empty and you’ve gone fast.”

On how he responds to blitzing: “What we do allows our guys to do it over and over again that they can solve a lot of problems instead of doing a bunch of different stuff, and you know it all, but you’re not really good at anything. Look: A lot of people are going to blitz. I like when people blitz because that just gives you the opportunity for big plays. Our system — we’re in the shotgun probably 90 percent of the time, but we’re not trying to hold the ball forever. The longer you hold the ball, the more sacks you have, the more negative plays you have, the more bad things happen. We’ve got a lot of work to do to get to where we want to be, but in our passing game, we’re not trying to have the quarterback hold the ball forever. Let’s get it out of his hands, let’s get completions, let’s get it to playmakers. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to throw it vertically down the field because we are and that’s a big part of what we do, but I don’t think you have to hold it forever to do that.”


"I played for Gus Malzahn, who’s the head coach at Auburn. I threw it 71 times in a game twice and I think all three years I was in high school we led the nation in total offense or were right up there at the top. We didn’t have a guy who ran faster than a 4.6. We just spread the field, we played fast, we were tough, we were disciplined, we executed and it really gave us an advantage"


wow, i just heard in the rumor mill we'll be playing a nevada rum line
. . . something about drink 'til U drop

#NateCane will be all over this in 3,2,1,...


if you have a day where you don't need to get a life, here's an article for you:


written pretty good; some interesting info, too
. . . but i took plenty of time-outs before i got to the very decent finish line

Terrance M Sullivan

Strong Stuff VA Haha I love it!

VA Cane

Al nice post. Very interesting article.....I would like to see our attendance totals since say 2000? ...Tonycane alert...hes the best with the #s!!!

I think there are a lot of good reasons it is down....the author touches on all of them.

Wonder why ours is down? Its hard to watch this team play as bad as we have fallen! I think it went up when CMR came...seems I remember some comments here....but damn....its just hard to watch a team that looks and plays like some average HS team....Clemson OSU LSU Bama etc kill us....there may be a title team in FL HS football that could drill us!!! ya never know.....Soup lets get the CS checkbook out for the overhaul of the 12-0 BUS!!!!

Terrance M Sullivan

VA we went from 58,900 in 2016, 57,900 in 2017 62,200 in 2018 to 53,300 in 2019. That's last 4 years.

Terrance M Sullivan

So CMR 3 Years Here 2016-2018 we had our best Attendance Years Since 2002-2004 Years VA. In 2015 Al Golden Last Year and The First Year of Hard Rock Stadium Renovations the Reduction from 75,000 to 65,000 Seats The Attendance was 47,600. So To Recap The Last Five Years 2015-2019 Hard Rock Stadium New Capacity(65,000) 2015-47,600(AG), 2016-58,900(MR), 2017-57,900(MR), 2018-62,200(MR), 2019-53,300(MD). So What will 2020 Attendance Be?

VA Cane

TSully throwin down on the numbers....awesome my friend! CMR did have the 2 best seasons we have3 had in a long time. You know me TS....i say nothing since 1/2003....but thats not fair or accurate. CMR gave us something to see and go to!!!!
Boy it sure dropped off quick huh?...dropped of about 10K.....I always say winning cures all!

Had we looked for a coach each time we got one we might blow the roof off....by winning!!!!
Hard say 2020....lot of questions!!!


Sully bangin the keys

Terrance M Sullivan

Yes Sir VA! Appreciate it Solar!


My fav drummer of all time has passed...... RIP Neil Peart


Exit the warrior today's Tom Sawyer.

Harry Milller

Thanks Solor, After reading all about Leshlee and our new style offense I think I will sign up the Hearld sports news.

Sounds like we should polish & detail out that old buss while we are at it.

Now it sounds like we at least have something to look forward to now.


Welcome Harry,
Maybe us old timers will still get a chance to see a real Cane team.
I agree at least it is something to look forward too.


UM hasn’t announced if there will be any changes to its coaching staff. But if there is a change on the offensive line, an Auburn official said to keep an eye on JB Grimes, a 30-year coach who resigned as Auburn’s offensive line coach in recent days to pursue other opportunities. Grimes previously worked with Lashlee.


Get him this year let Van Dyke Red shirt and learn the system, give Williams and Perry bus tickets.

When King last spoke to reporters last season, he said he intended to return to the Cougars for his senior season.

But rumors have persisted that he might leave as a grad transfer, and several Canes fans noticed this week when he started following UM offensive Rhett Lashlee on Twitter.

King is one of only six quarterbacks in FBS history to account for 50 touchdowns in a season and one of three to throw for 35 and rush for 14 in a single season. He redshirted this past season after playing in four games.

An elite recruit who committed to his hometown Houston Cougars, King had a remarkable 2018 season, throwing for 36 touchdowns and six interceptions, completing 63.5 percent of his passes while passing for 2982 yards and running for 674 and 14 touchdowns.

He had six touchdowns, two interceptions, 663 yards passing and 312 yards rushing in four games this past season.

If he decides to transfer, he immediately jumps to the top of the list of available QBs.

Here’s UM’s challenge: Georgia (which is reportedly in line to get Newman), Oregon and LSU will be hard to beat for any of these top grad transfers because they’re ready to compete now for a national title and can sell themselves that way to one-year QB options.

Harry Miller

Yes, solor The artical also said he has worked with Lasklee before and he was going to retire or join up with Lashlee at the U. I believe that would be a great thing.

See what I am finding thanks to you.

Go Canes!!

Posted by: solarcane | January 10, 2020 at 06:37 PM

The greatest of all time.


Until Further Notice and It pains me to say this but I got our Canes at 6-6 in 2020. Hope I am wrong though.

Posted by: Terrance M Sullivan | January 10, 2020 at 12:53 PM

You Sir have been VAULTED!


Donor offers to pay Highsmith salary
Lo talked to James today offer is not dead some inside are saying.


12-0 in 2020.

Write it down, spin around and remember where U heard it first.

Get dat bus ready!

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