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January 10, 2020



Posted by: nemo2020 | January 11, 2020 at 05:54 PM

I call him Mandy, saw it somewhere and liked it

Kirk Cousins looked like JW 15 at the end. Yowza

Haha Tevin Coleman of the 49ers doing interviews with a huge gold chain




His first season was an epic failure but I have to give Manny some serious props for the two fires and subsequent hires he's made so far this off season.

Posted by: Go Canes!! | January 11, 2020 at 06:30 PM

I agree 100%.

Posted by: 86Cane | January 11, 2020 at 07:13 PM

I like the gonads to fire people he himself hired.
As far as the new hires,
I'm with my man sully here, I'll wait till Thanksgiving to heap praise on the new coaches,
I've seen this scene a couple times before.

Terrance M Sullivan

My Ravens are looking like My Canes after a bye week SMH 😂!

58 Straight

I've seen this scene a couple times before.

Posted by: solarcane | January 11, 2020 at 08:51 PM

You either have PTSD or are are just having fun being negative as a sport or are not being intellectually honest in this comment.

Golden couldn't fire D'No ever.

Richt couldn't fire his son ever.

Manny fired two big dogs after ONE year.

Nobody is promising more wins. What we are seeing is CHANGE, which is what we asked for. Give the man some well deserved credit and HOPE that it pays dividends in more wins.

Otherwise just hope we never make any changes and lose forever so you cynical old self can finally be happy or miserable whatever it is that you choose.

Give credit where credit is due.

Complaining all day is way overrated.

Harry Miller

We wanted Manny to fire somebody and he has fired two of the worthless suckers. He did it right away
then hired some real coaches that gives us some hope, so lets give him the credit he deserves.I just hope he doesn't stop the firing and hiring to soon he still has some work to do.

Terrance M Sullivan

I like the adjustments so far. Their needs to be more adjustments after this 5 🌟 Bleep Show of a Season but that some adjustments were made is steps in the right direction. I am beyond befuddled that Johnathan Patke still has a Job though. Because that seems like protecting Buddy or Family but if he is let go then that would be the most impressive thing to me. Special Teams cost us against Florida, North Carolina, Georgia Tech. I am holding to my 6-6 projection but hope to be wrong. I have bigger fish to be worried about My Job that I have had for 19 years is ending very soon and I am frantically looking for another job. 2020 has sucked eggs so far.

Terrance M Sullivan

Bingo Harry Miller.


Posted by: 58 Straight | January 11, 2020 at 11:24 Pm

Take it easy scooter,
and go back and read your dozen or so articles on how you how you KNOW Manny isn't the guy, kinda makes your on the bandwagon off the bandwagon routine you constantly partake seem even more misguided and lost.

I said the same thing sully and others have said, we will know a lot more around Thanksgiving then we know now

You have no idea if the new hires are good or bad.
We all hope they are better, they can't be any worse.

Take a minute and read some of the negative stuff you have posted about Manny for Months then come on back and spin it around we will all be here waiting.


Man I hate hearing that.
I have no doubt with your personality you will land what ever job you are looking for.Hang tough brother, and all the best to you.

Terrance M Sullivan

I appreciate it SolarCane. Thanks bro.


the best stuff happens here while i'm studying my pillow
. . . but sometimes it's fun to wake up to this blog


initials M A D...umhum
Posted by: solarcane | January 11, 2020 at 06:37 PM

yeah, that struck me as soon as i saw nemo's post (good find, by the way, nemo)

proves we canes fans live in a MAD MAD world


Like i said a few months back....i am gonna hold off getting a woody until the 7th or 8th game. I gotta see the goods before i get all excited.

Posted by: raizecane | January 10, 2020 at 11:36 PM

you are a very smart man raize


wad up Big Al?
I`m running off a bunch of stickers/decals and trying catch up on everything on the interweb that pertains to those crazy Miami Hurricanes.
We had a sweet tornado watch here for a few hours and got me behind on getting this stuff ready to send out.


one thing, though: how the heck did enos turn out to be SOOOOOO bad??!
. . . like "bottom-of-the-barrel" bad? just makes zero sense to me

i seriously thought that we had no place to go but up on offense; that we'd easily put up an average of 10 points more per game (though i was thinking closer along the lines of 15-20) . . . and i thought most of our games would be a walk in the park

richt's notre dame-blasting team shocked me, when they blew out their tires at the end of the season
. . . and their regression the following season really disgusted me

. . . but this thing that happened this last year was so deeply shocking, it just numbed the system; left the jaw slack; mouth open; eyes glazed; head making slow hypnotic motions right to left to right to ...

everytime i'm thinking it's sun we're seeing, turns out to be a big neon light; we ride thru the light and directly into another valley of darkness


hey solar! my wife's hollerin' for me to get breakfast ready (the small print in our contract), so i'm gonna leave you to your printing!

hope you're having middle-of-the-night peace ;)

Gin & Tonic

Posted by: VA Cane | January 11, 2020 at 05:47 PM

Someone get grandpa, he’s typing racist stuff again.

Go Canes!!

Posted by: 58 Straight | January 11, 2020 at 11:24 PM

Well said sir.

And to my friend Solar, it's not on or off the bandwagon, it's acknowledging something good with the same fervor we rip something bad.

P.S. No one should ever delay the opportunity to get a good woody.



I’ll say good to the 2 firings and I like the hirings
However, I agree with herb
Rumph and Patke at a minimum should be gone as well
So yes, I’ll hold judgement until after at least 4 to 5 games


TSully... I feel your pain my friend. Due to some new hidden legislation, group homes like the one I work at will be closing all over the country. It will be a huge mistake, but lobbyist with money made it happen. I worry more for those boys then me, I will find something, their future is uncertain :(


Take a minute and read some of the negative stuff you have posted about Manny for Months then come on back and spin it around we will all be here waiting.

Posted by: solarcane | January 12, 2020 at 12:50 AM

Fact: It is true that I have been one of Manny's harshest critics.

Fact: When he does something that appears to be good or favorable or that we directly asked for (Change) then I have to be fair and balanced and give him credit.

Both are compatible and not mutually exlusive.

Now, about Patke and Rumph...


UMike and TSully...I am sorry for your job situations. I hope you find something even better than you had or expected.

Terrance M Sullivan

Thank you Soupster. Appreciate it Brotha.

Terrance M Sullivan

UMike I feel your pain Brotha and I hope you find work soon as well. And my Heart Goes out to the Kids in this situation 💔.


TSully, I did not realize about your job, that stinks. Good things will come your way, you may find something even better. The Ravens did not look good yesterday and had their "blah" game on the wrong day. Titans have a good defense and also Derrick Henry is a force of nature, had no answer for him.

I love that Tanny may get to come back to Miami and play in the Superbowl. Glad his years with the Fins did not mess with his mind!


Shout out to UMike, sorry about your job too. You and TSully should start something together

Terrance M Sullivan

Thank U So Much CGNC. Appreciate you My Friend. Perfect Summation of Tennessee Titans and My Baltimore Ravens.


Terrance and Mike
Both of you keep the faith that when one door closes another will open. It worked out okay for the soupster and TS you remember when I was taking that leap in 2017 after the nearly 2 decades spent with my previous employer.
Can’t help but know how bad it sucks for the at risk kids that get caught in the crossfire of the political/funding BS.


UMIKE & Sully, I know some of your pain. 2019 was a suck azz year, too many things that went wrong to even mention and still dealing with a few but u 2 guys hang in there because it ain't always going to be this way. That light at the end of the tunnel is there!


Can’t help but know how bad it sucks for the at risk kids that get caught in the crossfire of the political/funding BS.
Posted by: KYcane | January 12, 2020 at 09:27 AM



TSully and UMike
Sorry to hear and I second Soup - hope you both find something way better

Terrance M Sullivan

Thank U KY My Brotha. Appreciate you very much. Thank U Herb and Aero.


sucks brother! you know I been a fan of yours for years good luck with everything.


believe me I feel just like you in every way.
I want this staff and team to be the ones as bad as the most optimistic fan out there.

I still give Manny this year and next to have the ship turned around.
I think the players themselves have to really step up now, the coaching staff seems to be less and less the problem and more of the cure.

Go 2020 Canes


Miami football program can remake entire offensive line via transfer portal

by Alan Rubenstein2 hours ago Follow @UARuby

With one of the worst offensive lines in college football in 2019, the Miami football program can and probably should go to the transfer portal to remake all or a significant portion of the offensive line for 2020.
The Miami football program currently has 76 players on scholarship including the high school players that signed National Letters of Intent in December. That leaves nine scholarships open as the Hurricanes approach National Signing Day in February. Miami is expected to add one or two offensive linemen. Could they sign more?

Any offensive linemen that the Miami football program adds before August are expected to come through the transfer portal. There are currently 67 offensive linemen in the transfer portal. One of those players is former Hurricanes offensive lineman George Brown who left Miami before the 2019 season started.

Miami likely was waiting to hire Garin Justice as the new offensive line coach who they announced on Saturday to replace Butch Barry. Now the Hurricanes can go forward in the transfer portal pursuing offensive lineman. There have been several offensive linemen that Miami has contacted according to multiple reports.

RELATED STORY: Miami can enhance 2020 roster with grad transfers
Andrew Ivins of Inside the U reported that Miami has spoken with offensive linemen T.J. Storment of Colorado State and Henry Hattis of Stanford. Per Ivins, Storment entered his name into the transfer portal because “didn’t align with the ‘current vision'” of what former Boston College coach Steve Adazzio has for the Rams.

Storment started 12 games for Colorado State this season. Miami has an in with Hattis. As Canes Warning reported last week Hattis’ father Bill played baseball at Miami in the 1970s under two-time national championship coach Ron Fraser. The 6’6 297 pound Hattis started the first six games at right guard for the Cardinal in 2019.


i agree with everyone today

. . . throwin' down 100's right & left

. . . blog on


Solar...Much RESPECT my friend.

We all felt the same pain when hope, faith and love left the building. Now we have to hold on to thinnest threads of hope and change and try not to slip into total despair which is basically all that is left. Riding the blog is like a roller coaster more often than not. Gotta call it like we see it on the way down and still try to coax that car to climb that next big hill to get a glimpse of what's over the horizon.

Since Mandy apparently ain't going anywhere for at least another year or two might as well hope he makes the right changes to fix what is broken before it gets broken beyond all repair.

The 12% bus only has a few more rebuilds and few miles to go before she gets scrapped for good. Hoping to push that date as far into the future as possible but were just one more blown gasket before she is retired for good. Gonna be a sad day all around when and if that happens.


BREAKING: FIU kicker Jose Borregales announces that he’s transferring to Miami. The former Lou Gorza finalist has connected on 50 of his career 66 field goal attempts. https://247sports.com/college/miami/Article/FIU-kicker-Jose-Borregales-transferring-to-Miami-Hurricanes-141842352/


I appreciate all the love spacers... And TSully, I don't know anyone who has met you that hasn't loved you bro.. no doubt you get on somewhere better.

I might move in a different direction since the only facilities left will be higher level lock up facilities and I don't feel I can make an impact there. Once my daughter moves to college in a year or so however, I will start to foster youth since there will be a huge need for that now.


The Herb always has hope until I see flop after flop. Most of us had excitement last year when Enos was hired but that first game against Flo. Was god awful for both teams. Just an ugly exhibition of football.
Now comes Da SPREAD, thank Jesus. Almost was last to the party but now we have a seat at the table. Hopefully our OH line and qb's can pick it up quick and our WR'S can finally figure out how to get separation, not sold on that yet!
We still got more talent than most in the conference, so there is no excuse, just have to execute.
Still need some pieces from the portal to make this work but like these coaches keep saying the slate is clean, it was last year too. Hope they got enough erasers.


Raize check your mailbox.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | January 11, 2020 at 12:49 AM


'Sota, I was able to finally open it yesterday. I truly appreciate the gesture. Can't wait to break it in.....most likely this afternoon. The good thing about it is when the wife asks me how many drinks I had, i can honesty say "just 1" when using your gift.

Again, much appreciated.


UM football program working to fix behind-the-scenes issues
JANUARY 12, 2020 01:19 PM

UM coach Manny Diaz hopes he has solved the program’s biggest problem with the hiring of offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee and the move to an up-tempo spread offense.

But conversations with multiple people around the program, including a veteran player, say there’s another issue, particularly in the quarterback room, that must be fixed. And UM is working to achieve that.

That player - and other sources around the team - say a few players seem more concerned with partying than focusing on football and that a handful (including a prominent one on offense) broke curfew the night before the FIU loss to go out.

It didn’t help that players are aware that UM’s drug policy does not call for a suspension for a first failed drug test; that policy was taken advantage of, according to numerous sources.

All of that had one regular on the team hoping Diaz becomes more of a disciplinarian next season. Diaz apparently realizes this.

We’re told Diaz reminded players before the Independence Bowl that breaking curfew, drinking and smoking weed would not be permitted.

A source said Diaz has discussed implementing a three-strike system in which the first failed test is a one-game suspension, a second failed test is a multi-game suspension and a drug education course; and a third failed test results in dismissal. It’s unclear if that system will be implemented.

Under UM’s current drug policy, the penalty for a first offense on a failed drug test is 10 hours of community service. The punishment for a second offense is players are withheld from 10 percent of their season’s competition (one game for football) and a third suspension requires missing 30 percent of the season’s games (three or four for football).

“The University of Miami has one of the strongest institutional drug testing policies in all of college athletics,” the UM athletic department told The Miami Herald in response to an inquiry last week. “Testing is outsourced to, and conducted entirely by, an independent entity that has no other affiliation with Miami Athletics.

“Any football student-athletes who violated the institutional drug policy this past season were penalized in accordance with the institutional policy. Any University of Miami coach has the authority to strengthen the drug testing policy for his or her respective sport.”

Only two players were suspended last season, for reasons not specified: cornerback DJ Ivey for one game for the opener and receiver Jeff Thomas for two games.

Now let’s be clear: 1) The majority of these UM players comport themselves well and take their student athlete role seriously. 2) Marijuana use is common all over college campuses; this column is no moral condemnation of that and there is no suggestion - or any indication - of any serious drug problem inside the UM program.

The problem, as UM sources said, is that the immaturity infiltrated the quarterback room - the position where you need your most mature players.

And the other issue is that a few players felt players could get away with some things without being punished, such as Jarren Williams not showing up for a practice and then playing (off the bench) the following Saturday. One player said there were multiple missteps with Williams regarding maturity.

That’s one reason - combined with the quarterbacks’ erratic play - why UM is pursuing a grad transfer quarterback to be the potential starter in 2020.

The other problem, as one player explained, is there were some players on the team (not a lot but some) that have a “do what they want” mentality, don’t possess the level of work ethic needed to succeed and don’t seem to care as passionately as they should.

You know what the Canes need, besides better players? More mature, grounded players like Shaq Quarterman, who consistently does the right thing. There are a lot of UM players like Quarterman in that regard. But the Canes need all of them to be that way, especially in the quarterback room.

▪ That UM source said the Canes need more students of the game, too, noting how ridiculous it was - as one example - that Williams took off running on what was supposed to be an end-of-the-half Hail Mary in the Independence Bowl.

▪ A UM source identified two other problems with Williams: 1) He missed a lot of open receivers this season. 2) He can’t recover quickly enough, or at all, from a mental standpoint after throwing interceptions. He spiraled downward after early-game interceptions against Virginia Tech and FIU, before rallying late in the FIU game.

But UM is prepared to move ahead with Williams, N’Kosi Perry, Tate Martell and newcomer Tyler Van Dyke if it cannot find an upgrade on the grad transfer market. That search continues, with Wake Forest’s Jamie Newman off the board after committing to Georgia but Jett Duffey back on the board after withdrawing his commitment to Tulane.


Looks like Duffy took a long 24 hour look at his commitment to Tulane and backed out.
I got a hunch its that spermatozoa logo on their helmets that helped clinch his ticket out of there.





Here we go again with the chatter. I’m totally convinced that Zo is not going to make a difference. And we’ll be running him out of here. The OL’s failure wasn’t coaching. It was a lack of talent. Barry did the best he could do with the toddlers he had. I’m not sold on the new OL Coach. I’m in a SHOW ME STATE OF MIND. Honestly, until shit start clicking, we should just talk about the weather on here.

Sarasota 'cane

Again, much appreciated.

Posted by: raizecane | January 12, 2020 at 12:50 PM

Glad you like it. I was afraid a "porch pirate" was gonna get it before you did!

Go 'canes!

VA Cane

Something will work out TS and Umike, you guys are both smart detailed loyal and focused people....people need those traits when they hire. I am certain something good will happen.

Instead of MannyPa, I think Manhole works nicely....

Patke not gone yet? How can that be? He is terrible....he is NOT a coach at all.....I just wish someone would fire the AD...the worst in the country!

That former policy re drugs is BS! I have the same policy for my young guys and college guys.
any kind of screw up that effects my team...behavior in school,fighting, behavior at home, drugs/alcohol issues, grades from lack of effort....1 game first, half of the games left second, season and dismissal from team never play at school/college under me third. If someone were to over rule me fine...they say you can come back....dont care if you are the greatest invention since sliced bread.....you will NEVER see the field for any reason....you screw up 3x you do not deserve to play for a team that wins titles/does well always...I do not need you to win!

VA Cane

As always Sarasota....i appreciate mine...both of them. The company sent me Soups and Soup got mine....poor guy got to see damn VAC every day....may a pet gets to use it in spite!!!

Sarasota sent us each a new one...I got one for coffee and one for beverages!!

Thanks Sarasota again!




Posted by: solarcane | January 12, 2020 at 01:55 PM

whoa, great post, solar!!!

that one was worth the double-chuckle that came out
. . . make that a "skipper chuckle"

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