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January 27, 2020



Blog posts about STARS MATTER.


Throwback canes wear .......



on a more serious note, this moving article by jerry brewer regarding kobe, is an excellent read (unfortunately, it's too long to copy; but maybe you all get 1 WaPo article to read for free?);
. . . in any case, there are many moving tributes out there

r.i.p. kobe!



Alpine with his mindset will never get it.

Posted by: 86Cane | January 26, 2020 at 08:37 PM

86: you understand my mindset TOTALLY!

you gotta lose to sing the blues


one last thing regarding the SHAQ-attack:

- if you are playing MLB every game for 4 years, then:

1- you are putting in LOTS of work to keep your body in excellent shape to handle the constant abuse it's taking . . . start lounging around and taking it easy and you'll be in the medical tent before you can say, "loser"

2- no matter how well you take care of your body, as an MLB, you are going to be playing thru some big time hurt

- to me, that kind of work ethic and toughness is a large part of leadership
. . . so i don't mind being the apologist for the apologists

- and personally, i liked having shaq on my team; a lot

- imo, if richt and manny-enos could have gotten an offense going, then, together with the canes brutal D, which shaq anchored, we would have been easy coastal winners these last few years (see notre dame wipe-out a few years ago)


i heard from a friend of a friend, that i'm one of the finalists for "ant pile kicker extroardinaire"?


i saw the blogging last night
. . . not very good, but i'm gonna gift a trophy to each of you for trying hard ;)


tony, already gave you kudos for these stats, but i'll say again, "good one"!


canewarrior swoops in for the worm, while alpine is feasting on a beetle



Guess there are very few early birds!

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