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January 04, 2020


58 Straight

Seems like every coach with a vagina besides Manny is doing their job.

Posted by: solarcane | January 08, 2020 at 03:40 PM

Oh my, that's gonna leave a mark.


If we have 7 schollies left, I would get 3 OLs (2 OTs) preferably from the portal. That UGA OT Cade Mays looks pretty good right now.

I would also look at a QB grad transfer, like Jaime Newman, the Wake Forest QB.

Any other position we fill at CB, LB, DE or WR would be nice, but not as impactful as OT and QB

Terrance M Sullivan

Thanks Soupster!


Lo Highsmith on the state of Miami

A key trait that Highsmith is looking for when he evaluates players? He wants players that can bring an infectious work ethic to a team.

“The number one criteria I’m looking for from great players is efficacy,” Highsmith said. “That means the power to affect other people and make others great around you. I’ve always felt that my greatest strength as a football player was making people around me better. You make people around you better with your work ethic and being a good teammate. Then that becomes infectious on a team and everybody is pushing each other to get better. I want people to change things because of their work ethic. Those are the type of kids we must recruit to be a better football team.”

Highsmith recognizes that the key to success in sports boils down to acquiring and developing talent.

“I don’t think anybody is going to be successful without talent,” Highsmith said. “That is the bottom line. As long as your recruiting process is right and you are teaching the young people who are cutting up film to evaluate what good players are—you have to have been around great players to understand what great players are. If you haven’t been around great players, it is hard to tell what a great player is.”


. If you haven’t been around great players, it is hard to tell what a great player is.”

I think this is why telling kids in 2020 how incredible guys like Sean Taylor played at Miami falls on deaf ears. They know Trevor Lawrence is incredible because the see him playing on Saturday, but they are not interested in what happend 15 or twenty years ago.

Miami needs a true super star that today's kids want to play on the same team with.jmo


That dude has a photographic memory of everything Canes dating back to the dark ages (pre-1983).

Posted by: 58 Straight | January 08, 2020 at 06:15 PM

A walking talking sports encyclopedia


Alpine...are you saying...dare I utter the words...”a cloud” that Coach L had to deal with?


Cade May is pipe dream. He'll be a Vol.


Did Zo say talent. We have some of that, don't know how to use it but we got some and more than most in the ACC.
I guess that speaks to the coaches not being able to use it or coach it.

58 Straight


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