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January 25, 2020



Let The Herb interject for a moment, Shaq was a solid football player for DA U. I hope to think, that if I started four straight years, I'd be a first team all ACC, in my JR year as well as my SR. year but that didn't happen, no AA either.
SHAQ AND PINK SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN IN some grills but I don't think they did because the crap has been going on for 2 years. To start the season out, especially the first 4 games, I was wondering where those 2 were. The light finally came on and they played pretty good the rest of the season. At least they didn't cruise like Garvin did.
Losing has been so common place here that who do u look too to pull you out of a funk.
Players have to motivate each other and coaches need to be the hammer. You know like when u miss the nail and hit the fingers. Losing has got to hurt.

VA Cane

Losing has got to hurt....to you and me and Soup solar Old School, BWC, Harry, CGNC OGV Sarasota Mary Lou....it does and badly....it is a Death Sentence to me....at anything.

I may not win at everything every time...but being a great son in Law, husband, father grandfather coach/mentor to all my boys, real estate appraisals....I have to win I have to be the very best I can be....my people drive me...i do it for love of them...and we me and my guys as a team we know winning is everything

....on that field you got to win...but it starts in the humid spring and summer....fighting competing...fist fighting guys across from you from rage and fury...want to play got to win....and when your leaders lead the spiritual inner chant of I hate losing.....and express it on the field in the locker room like Ed Reed....you get a team like the 2000 to 2002 Hurricanes...Greatest Of All Time....to me..they are the greatest football team ever at any level.....EVER!!! I mean those guys were incredible winners....and they Had To Win Hated To Lose...look at the dejection of KD11 on the field after the Fiesta....yes we played bad, made mistakes OSU never quit....and we got rooked...but KD11 and guys never used that as an excuse...they still felt they lost the game.....thats a winner in my book!!!!

Manhole and co have to stop coddling young men...Shaq a good player tough...but we needed him to really step up and lead...maybe he is not a leader maybe its not there...not all men are.

Someone on the staff and someone on the field has got to lead.....got to harte losing.

When you pamper and coddle....you get the Evan Sheriffs of the world a free and gentle flower....of the world...just not my world....Thats not my way....
Lets see what happens with the moves. We are not going to be Top Dog in CFB.....we lost a lot and do not have great players...but the good players will step up lead....If I see a couple more wins....but guys who lay it all out there dying to win....I will be encouraged that perhaps we can put 16+ seasons of apathy behind us...despising losing...then we can turn the page!!!!


Listening to Lake & Ivins podcast, it doesn't seem that Moise will get in, so we have maybe 2 ships left. Unless a kid is an elite oh linemen out of High school or Avante William's, they will wait until May to bring in a grad Oh Linemen. More than likely we will be somewhere in the 76 to 77 range when we do add in May and that's if there are no more defections.


Players have to motivate each other and coaches need to be the hammer. You know like when u miss the nail and hit the fingers. Losing has got to hurt.

Posted by: Herbieibis | January 26, 2020 at 06:17 PM

There IT is right there.

Alpine with his mindset will never get it.

Losing has to be worse than dying.

If you are dead you have no emotions.

If you lose you have to hate it worse than life itself.

Until you do, you will keep on losing.

And like it. That is worse than death.

Unless you don't care. Then it doesn't matter.


“A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once.

― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

VA Cane

This says it5 all to me...The Real UM!



Be honest in the last 15 years when did you ever see a Miami Hurricane take a loss like this


I will take a guess: NEVER?


New blog will be up EARLY in the AM for you worm lovers.


Winning takes precedence over all. There's no gray area. No almosts.

Kobe Bryant

VA Cane

Dorsey never made excuses for the Canes...he said we lost....and he hated it...his last hurrah at UM...what a winner he was....no quit hate to lose....lost what 2 games....1 as a starter?


Hating Losing > Loving Winning

Everybody loves winning.

Only some hate losing.

It is a mindset only some understand.


Winning isn't everything, but sure beats anything that comes in second.

Bear Bryant

Sarasota 'cane

"If you ain't first you're last!"
- Ricky Bobby

VA Cane

"Winning isnt everything, but wanting to win is to win is the only thing!"

Vincent Thomas Lombardi

You think back in our glorious history and think of the greats that played in the OB, played for and won titles and gave everything they had....they hated losing.

I personally think of one Rohan Marley....he never played on a title team....he was listed at 5'8" 205....he might have been 180....but he was a force on that field...never won a title, never was a high draft choice, never had an NFL career...yet he is my personal fav....love ER20, ST26, KD11....great winners....but Rohan Marley played every play as if it was his last....I know that pound for pound he was the hardest hitting Cane ever!!!!

Saw him knock a VT ball carrier and Ray Ray 52 out in a collision in Bburg....Ray was wobbled...the VT guy was out...Rohan just got up like it was nothing....thats a winner who hates to lose on any play....

VA Cane

"When you finish second, you are just the first to lose!"
Dale Earnhardt Sr.

some people accept losing....yes it happens but you never accept it...you hate it....I got that at a very early age...I could never be a guy who accepted losing and being with my boys...or be a butterfly like Evan Sheriffs....I guess ya need that type to make the world go round....to give a participation trophy to.....I could never do that.....WE want that title trophy...that says without question that our TEAM MY GUYS are the very best!!! I do not have MVPs or do we give trophys out if we do not win it....we only want the trophy that says #1....and every guy gets a big title trophy...out of my pocket...cause to win it we need all of us combined...TEAM first...no MVPs needed!!! It is not complex....like 86 said....hating losing is greater than loving winning....its in the skull and some do not understand it...


Clemson already has verbal led 9 ESPN top 300 players for the class of 2021.
We already have 9 decomits.



“I feel like just from my own experience I couldn’t have went anywhere else just because that’s the type of human being that I am in general,” Marley said.

“I’m a free-spirited mind. If I’m going to go somewhere I’m going to go be a champion. It’s a champion’s spirit. We’re a small school. We’re not the biggest university in the world, but it’s a champion’s spirit and it originates in me

It’s a part of the fire in the spectrum with the orange—it’s my favorite color in the whole wide world. There’s a burning desire to want to be there and when you look at the talent and the type of community that attracted to UM, it doesn’t matter who we are, we’re in Miami.

VA Cane

TY solar....that says it all for me....I am much older than Rohan...but thats how I played...when I saw him it was like knowing a kindred spirit....that you played than way...a forgotten theme over time...play all out all cost just to win...not for fame and glory...clippings..5 star...just to WIN!!! ...My all time guys are the tough ones...Tatum, ER20, ST26...but Rohan 2 was THE man. To be that good....and ya think he was told too small? too slow? too short?...that cat was all about winning competing...and he did it without a chip on his shoulder or a vendetta...he came to play for one reason WIN! Get in his way he made you pay....pound for pound the toughest player at any level...small short light....but light you up like no tomorrow!!!

Solar I am sending your package tomorrow...media mail...

Old Skool

New blog will be up EARLY in the AM for you worm lovers.

Posted by: 86Cane | January 26, 2020 at 10:29 PM

2:52 AM No new blog yet


New blog will be up EARLY in the AM for you worm lovers.

Posted by: 86Cane | January 26, 2020 at 10:29 PM

2:52 AM No new blog yet

Posted by: Old Skool | January 27, 2020 at 02:52 AM

but you have to admit, the worms at this time of day taste excellent with just a dash of mustard and a light sprinkle of curcuma

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