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February 26, 2020


The 305 Profit

Georgia won't be in the semi's and neither will LSU.
OSU, Clemson, Bama should be the top 3 and behind them N. DAME, Florida and Texas, not necessarily in that order. There are always a couple surprise teams that are up and some that fade out.
Since they say we got top 20 talent and we don't seem to know how to use it, maybe this year we do and no reason on earth we shouldn't be in the ACC ship game.


I agree Lashlee probably doesn't want to show off his offense to the ACC till he has too.
You be able to see the game on YouTube the next day anyway


Jeff Thomas clocked a 4.45 in the 40-yard dash during testing at the NFL Combine on Thursday. That number was official.

A handful of people thought Thomas had a chance to break the 4.4 mark which is why he entered the week with the fifth-best odds out of any invitee to clock the fastest time in Indianapolis this week according to Saturday Down South's Connor O'Gara.

Alabama's Henry Ruggs had the quickest time out of any wide receiver at the event with a 4.27 on the lasers. Miami's K.J. Osborn ran a 4.48 which was impressive.



NBC6 reported that when Opa-locka police got to a call around 3:30 a.m. Thursday, it involved Walton and Thompson. So, Walton went to jail.


Alabama's Henry Ruggs had the quickest time out of any wide receiver at the event with a 4.27 on the lasers. Miami's K.J. Osborn ran a 4.48 which was impressive.

Posted by: solarcane | February 28, 2020 at 11:16 AM

I hope not, but it appears that JT4 is in for a disappointing draft. However, on a positive note, maybe Osborn may get drafted after all.

After comparing the WRs from UCF, UF, Alabama, LSU and other colleges represented at the combine, I think it is obvious that the Canes should try to recruit more size, speed and athleticism at the WR position going forward.


Yeah, Big Windy,
We got a bunch of smurfs at WR. Couple of years ago we had small forwards at WR, not we got a bunch of point guards.


Solar - email sent. You will get a kick out of it



Here is the lineup of sub-4.4 40 Canes from 10-15 years ago:


CB Demarcus Van Dyke, 4.28 (2011)

WR Santana Moss, 4.31 (2001)

CB Phillip Buchanon, 4.31 (2002)

WR Travis Benjamin, 4.31 (2012)

WR Phillip Dorsett, 4.33 (2015)

RB Lamar Miller, 4.34 (2012)

WR Daryl Jones, 4.35 (2002)

WR Roscoe Parrish, 4.37 (2005)

WR Tommy Streeter, 4.37 (2012)

WR Sinorice Moss, 4.38 (2006)

CB Kelly Jennings, 4.39 (2006)

In spite of JT4's beliefs and hype, JT4 is just a 4.45 40 yard dash, and he is smaller (height, hands, arms, etc.,) than all of them. The Canes cannot be an elite program if they build their offense around players like this.

JT4 is complaining about not getting catches, but he actually ran a comparable 40 to Osborne, who is also a much better route runner and teammate.

The only superior trait that JT4 has on past Canes is the size of his ego


sent you a reply.


Susan Miller Degnan
· 5h
D'Eriq King's father's funeral is Saturday in Houston. UM pushed back spring practice to ensure King is there.

RIP Mr King


Canes up 2-0 over mighty Towson in the 8th
We have a whole 2 hits
But IF we pull it out, a win is a win! I’ll take it


We won


I did mean 5 hits not 2


Herbi, we are now at 77 players.


Herbi, we are now at 77 players.

Posted by: TonyCane | February 29, 2020 at 01:36 AM

of which only 10 are seniors (including king & kicker transfers)

. . . and i agree, herb, there should be some kind of compensation possibility for portal players


Wow, it's obvious, we can't hit good pitching. 5 runs total on 3 Friday games and maybe 12 or 13 hits. Sisters of the poor.


Sisters of the poor.

Posted by: HerbieIbis | February 29, 2020 at 08:19 AM

you got that right!

- i don't even know what state towson is in

- figured we put them on the schedule to inflate our batting average/rbi's

- weird when we had at least 16 strikeouts, but win 2-1


It ain't weird when the bullpen keeps giving up runs late.
I remember one time Nolan Ryan pitched a one hitter and got beat 3-0. Struck out 16 or 18. Walked 8.



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