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March 18, 2020



nice catch skool.

That Dyson dude always seems pretty smart when he is explaining his products, hope others take his lead.


Here is a link to our Parish St Michael, we attend in Gainesville Ga daily Mass (Father Tim another humble man) in case the other the other link doesn't work



Checking in on my Canespace Family and hope all of you are safe and well.

See you all on the other side of the curve.

F'the Turds!


LeBron James upsets the number one High School team in the country

The dunks and behind the back passes
are epic at any level
This ones for you Big Al


Posted by: solarcane | March 26, 2020 at 12:09 PM

CLASSIC, solar!
appreciate it!
. . . those are some grown-ass HS dudes out there!
i wonder how many college teams they could have beaten 2 out of 3?

- and a shoutout to dyson!
. . . speaking of which: i got me one of their vacuum cleaners 4-5 yrs. ago and have been satisfied since (i've always been the "floor care" person in our household; having done a lot of janitoring beginning middle of high school and continuing thru the first few years of college, such chores always seemed pretty easy to me)


F'the Turds!

Posted by: Keoki | March 27, 2020 at 03:49 AM

Still going strong after 14 years on th blog!


Can you really a guy that likes to be called Booger serious?

Miami Football is never coming back

NCAA Football
Booger McFarland is right, Miami football is never coming back

Booger McFarland said on The Paul Finebaum Show on Thursday the Miami Hurricanes are never coming back. He’s right. They’re never coming back.
Booger McFarland got right to it regarding the Miami Hurricanes on Thursday.

McFarland appeared on The Paul Finebaum Show Thursday to talk about all things SEC football. The former LSU defensive lineman spoke glowingly about the job Dan Mullen is doing with the Florida Gators. He said if Ed Orgeron wasn’t his alma mater’s head coach, he would have loved to see Mullen switch SEC West schools when he was at Mississippi State.

The point of McFarland’s argument was how Florida isn’t really facing any major competition in-state. He recognizes how Miami and the Florida State Seminoles are rebuilding in the ACC, how the UCF Knights are content with being a really good Group of 5 program and how the South Florida Bulls are a mess right now.

While McFarland does believe Mike Norvell will have things humming in Tallahassee in no time, he doesn’t believe “The U” will ever get back to what it was during its two apices as a football program. Truthfully, McFarland isn’t wrong in his take about Miami football and here is why.

- While assessing the state of college football in Florida, @ESPNBooger gave a harsh reality check to Hurricane fans...

Florida might have a ton of talent in-state, but the Gators and the Seminoles will have an easier time recruiting to public universities than will the Hurricanes. UCF and South Florida play in the right Group of 5 conference, as the AAC routinely gets teams to New Year’s Six bowls in the College Football Playoff era. Plus, those two schools are in major cities like Orlando and Tampa.

We also have to look at where Miami stacks up in the ACC landscape.

Though the Hurricanes play in the easier of the two divisions, Manny Diaz is the least proven head coach in the ACC Coastal by a mile. Mack Brown has won a national title. David Cutcliffe, Justin Fuente, Bronco Mendenhall and Pat Narduzzi have all won the Coastal before. Even Geoff Collins faces less pressure in rebuilding Georgia Tech in a talent-rich state at a public university.

Over in the ACC Atlantic, the Clemson Tigers are the best program in college football under Dab Swinney. Scott Satterfield has the Louisville Cardinals trending up. Dino Babers, Dave Clawson and Dave Doeren are doing great jobs with the Syracuse Orange, the Wake Forest Demon Deacons and the North Carolina State Wolfpack, respectively. Also, Norvell now calls that division home.

Ultimately, Miami is a former football power that can only be the third-best program in its own state if Florida and Florida State are humming. Having at-best bottom-half head coach in awful ACC doesn’t help Diaz’s cause. Though he may get the Hurricanes back to respectability, they are the Nebraska Cornhuskers of the southeast. They’re never coming back. Thanks for the memories.


Booger hopes Miami will never be back. He's right about one thing and that it's tougher to get into Miami, than Florida or FSU.
He also needs to check the history books and see how long LSU has been playing football as compared to Miami and the ships they have won.
Dan Mullin is a good coach but playing in SEC gives him an advantage in recruiting.
Every head coach had to start somewhere and I do believe, in order to get your feet wet, it should be at a smaller univ. Not a power 5 school Shannon was a bust and the jury is still out on Manny.
Right now though, until Miami proves different, Florida will eat our lunch in recruiting head to head.
Florida will be nothing more than the 4th best school in the SEC. We should be, talent wise, the second best school in the ACC. Better watch out for UNC cause Mack is taking the states best talent.


Every head coach had to start somewhere and I do believe, in order to get your feet wet, it should be at a smaller univ. Not a power 5 school Shannon was a bust and the jury is still out on Manny.
Right now though, until Miami proves different, Florida will eat our lunch in recruiting head to head.
Florida will be nothing more than the 4th best school in the SEC. We should be, talent wise, the second best school in the ACC. Better watch out for UNC cause Mack is taking the states best talent.
Posted by: TheWordFromTheHerb | March 27, 2020 at 11:11 AM

Boom. This. Mullin might outrecruit Miami, but he's going to have to Super Saiyan recruiting mode to get a qualitative edge over Alabama and Georgia in talent. Florida has to get through Alabama, Georgia, and LSU to get to the national championship tournament.

Miami's pathway - when everything shakes out - is much easier. It's Clemson, FSU, and perhaps North Carolina. We don't have to necessarily recruit six 5 stars and 17 four stars a year, each year, to get past them.

And as for UNC, I experienced Mack Brown's work out here in Austin for 15 seasons. Unless he has a superlative quarterback, his teams are not going to win national championships.


Unless he has a superlative quarterback, his teams are not going to win national championships.

Posted by: TonyCane | March 27, 2020 at 01:21 PM

Hope you are doing well.
I have read that same point on some UNC blogs and sites. I have family in North Carolina so I read a bit about what they are doing.
So far Brown has had great talent at qb.
To me UNC has been a bigger thorn in our side than FSU for a good while.


Kenny Dorsey High School Highlights

Man this kid was accurate on any throw

He might have had the most awkward throwing motion of any quarterback to play at Miami, but thank goodness there was no Enos to show him the "the right way" to throw the ball.



Mack Brown has always been able to recruit but bring home the bacon has proven tougher. Vince Young had the game of his life to bring Mac his ship.
Killing the state in early recruiting. Where 80% of the top players would flee the state they are now heading to UNC.
The state may have 20 four star players or better on average and he will get a majority.
UNC has been a thorn in our side but who hasn't been in the ACC except Wake Florist. I'M sure they are chomping at the bit to play us and hope we are our old selves, playing down to the comp and folding on the road.

VA Cane

Hope all are well....and safe. Been doing some USDA appraisals for Agriculture Dept...rural stuff. I met via phone the Head Appraiser....just a chat. I thought he would be a typical govt dude...ya learn something every day. He is in New Mexico....and is a real market guy...smart bright helpful....great guy. I now know the USDA rural loans are in great hands...nice to say good things about the govt for a change...they can frustrate one at times.

Hope we will have some football this fall....I will be honest I do not miss seeing or hearing about Lebron....i just do not care for him.....or basketball....its football for me...no other sports really matter. I like March Madness...but NBA...few stars bunch of no names...baseball...slow boring...Hockey is cool but its football for me! I have a couple young guys down the road...10 or so...they been coming up and we throw it around...nice young guys!

Hang in there all....I am packing to go take care of mother in law for weekend...its a calling from above i enjoy....we will all be ok....it may take time...but we will survive. T Sully I am thinking of you....it will work out my friend!

"Faith is what you have when there is nothing else to hang on to"....I did not say it but it works...for all of us!!!

Be safe all and believe in Him....and each other! We will be alright!

God bless,

VA Cane

He might have had the most awkward throwing motion of any quarterback to play at Miami, but thank goodness there was no Enos to show him the "the right way" to throw the ball.

LOL...sometimes he planted either foot funny, turned sideways, arm low...and chucked it....but damn he got it there on point!!! I really loved him...just a great kid....never loud or rude....him and ER20 were real leaders...along with others....but those 2 cats were awesome!!!

58 Straight

Unless he has a superlative quarterback, his teams are not going to win national championships.

Posted by: TonyCane | March 27, 2020 at 01:21 PM

The same could be said of a small private school located in Coral Gables.

58 Straight

Mack Brown's "experience" showed well against Manny Diaz's "culture" and turnover chain.


When you know you are getting every pennies worth of the money you spent, and there is no other place on Earth you would trade places to be at that moment in time.

Bruce Springsteen blows the roof away.
Amnesty Tour, Buenos Aires - Argentina 1988



hey VA!


LOL...sometimes he planted either foot funny, turned sideways, arm low...and chucked it....but damn he got it there on point!!

Posted by: VA Cane | March 27, 2020 at 04:18 PM

Those long throws he made from his right to his left where he would come down on his feet facing the sideline were like, how the hell does he do that?
When he got to Miami and wore that huge azz white long sleeve crumpled up shirt under his jersey, and did that full twist wind up post throw it was poetry in motion.

I love the guy.


I have said this before, in that Mullin can flat out coach! That is a given. I am probably the only one that feels this way, but Mullin will give UGA and Bama all they can handle, and don’t be surprised if they are in the CFB Final Four.

That said, I do have my doubts about CMD, but I think King and Lashlee will have this Canes offense clicking at a high level. UNC had a much better OC and QB last season, but the Canes have closed the gap this season. In addition, I am not impressed with UNC’s defense.

The Canes will show they are more talented overall than UNC this season, and Rousseau and Jordan will be first round draft picks. Phillips and Bolden will surprise everyone. King will put up a minimum of 40+ TDS this season, and that Canes defense will be stout and dominant.

I don’t respect Booger McFarland because he never knows what he is talking about. I hope the Canes post his comments on the bulletin board, and use that as motivation to play up to their potential


Dabo wasn’t a great coach when he started, but now his program is humming. Lashlee is a great OC, and as long as CMD lets him run his offense, the Canes will score. Lashlee is a proven OC


It ain't the bulletin board stuff I'm worried about, it's the recruits for 2021. Dude sounds like he's crooting for Dan.
Just have to make him eat dem words.
UNC is coming faster than we like, if he keeps getting the croots he's getting now.


Sam Howell on UNC was ACC rookie of the year last season.
King has only been average playing against power 5 teams, that is why he came here to prove to the NFL he can play against better competition.

UNC is well coached, seem to be fundamentally sound and have been turning out elite quarterbacks lately.

I think King is going to get himself out of a lot of jams but I think he will throw a couple untimely picks trying to impress the NFL scouts.

I think Lashlee is much more valuable than King.
It has been said Kosi was really looking good at practice. He knows the ACC competition, if he sticks around for his senior year Lashlee could turn him into something.

Hope you and your family are doing well Big Windy


Hope you and your family are doing well Big Windy

Posted by: solarcane | March 27, 2020 at 09:23 PM

Thanks Solar. Same to you and your family !

I agree with you about UNC being well coached, and Howell is definitely a top QB in the ACC. But I think our defense is more athletic this season, and we will shut teams down and get more turnovers this season.

More importantly, I really like Lashlee and this offense. We will see see an explosive offense that he designs around his weapons. He will emphasize strengths and minimize weaknesses. That’s what good coaches do


curly was a classic! rip



Hi all! Glad everyone is humming along.

Solar, I have gone jogging the past few days, but probably won't today because it has been very dry here and the dirt roads kick up the dust - I have been using the paved roads but there is still dust in the air.

And I am going to finish pressure washing my deck - no time like now for the home projects

That is what she said :-)


Good for you girl.
You have always impressed me with the way you put the work in to stay healthy.
We have been spreading pine straw around the trees,tilling up the flower beds,cutting grass and all the usual spring stuff too.

I wish you and your daughter well, you are a good example to her.


Bubba B transfers from Miami to Houston while King transfers from Houston to Miami, thanks Houston!


Athlon projects two Hurricanes as first round picks in 2021
ByDAVID LAKE 99 minutes ago

Athlon Sports provided a look ahead to the 2021 NFL Draft in their 2020 Draft Guide.

The magazine released a Top 50 list of names to know for next year’s draft.

The Miami Hurricanes had two players on that list.
Tight end Brevin Jordan ranked as the No. 17 overall player on the list.
Defensive end Gregory Rousseau checked in as the No. 29 overall player on the list.

Those rankings would make both Jordan and Rousseau first round projections


Hunker down Canespacers.

New York is about to get shut down, no way in, no way out. New Jersey and CT and New Orleans are next. South Florida maybe down the road.

Hug the people you love the most in your homes.

Tell people you love them.

Be smart, be safe.

Blog often!


After transferring to NAIA, Williams continued to have trouble off the field. In 2013, Williams was found guilty of second-degree burglary and being a persistent felony offender and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Posted by: solarcane | March 26, 2020 at 11:45 AM

The article was inaccurate on that account. He's now running a gym for young athletes.


The Herb says pollen sux.
Runny nose, cough. My car looks yellow instead of metallic Grey. Sitting outside catching Ray's. Can't go to the gym, so I had to pull my dog bone weights out, just to be able sweat a little and ride the bike. Not quite as bad as jail but seems close. Everyone stay safe and my advice is to drink heavenly, easy for me to say, since my limit is 3 stinking beers, which really does suck!


our buddies at U of F did something good:

"A professor of anesthesiology at the University of Florida is building an open-source ventilator out of items consumers can buy from hardware stores as a way to meet the demand for ventilators since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, WCJB reported. The cost? Anywhere from $125 to $150."



"The Herb says pollen sux."

i hear you, herb!
didn't get allergies until about 50; but now end of january to beginning of june i live with itchy-/teary-eye-syndrome . . . when i walk downtown, the people probably think i've been hittin' the bottle too hard; that or my wife just left me for another man

february was much easier this year, since my neighbor knocked down all his hazelnut trees


Bubba B transfers from Miami to Houston while King transfers from Houston to Miami, thanks Houston!

Posted by: solarcane |

I read this and thought bubba Bolton - I was like wtf - lol


sorry Aero my bad


Travel plans for the week

Walk to the front window
Walk to the back window.


Posted by: solarcane | March 28, 2020 at 04:52 PM

thank you for that one!


This is from awhile ago, when people were still calling us Thug U
We barely crack the top 50 back in 2015, now I doubt we even get in below 75.

Outkick the Show

The Most Arrested College Football Teams In America

So Mike Rosenberg did great work and uncovered that there had been over 900 arrests in FBS college football over the past five years. That’s an average of one arrest every other day.

The thing that jumps out the most here isn’t the number of arrests — although that’s remarkable — it’s that this is the stuff that these guys got caught doing. Think about all the things they’re doing that they’re not getting arrested for. Remember when you were in college. Every single one of us could have been arrested for something — underage drinking at a minimum — yet most of us were never arrested at all. That’s because you get arrested a small percentage of the time that you actually do something illegal. So how often are football players doing illegal things? Like every hour of every day.

So which schools had the most arrests over the past five years? Well, he broke that down as well. And there’s a surprise leader.

1. Washington State 31

Holy hell, this is what happens when you’re a team that gets no attention and you’re located in the middle of nowhere. Is Washington State a football team or a criminal syndicate?

2. Florida 24

Interestingly, if you combine Florida and Ohio State’s arrests, Urban Meyer would be number one on this list.

3. Georgia 22

Totally where I would expect to see Georgia, the Bulldogs can’t even get the most arrests in the SEC, they Georgia’d it.

3. Texas A&M 22

Fun fact, the only place that carries the Longhorn Network in College Station? Jail.

5. Oklahoma 21

Gotta give it to Bob Stoops, he finished behind three SEC teams even on this list.

6. Iowa State 20

Don’t judge. If you lived in Ames, Iowa you’d get arrested too. Jail is actually the most fun attraction within 100 miles.

6. Missouri 20

Lots of people questioned whether Mizzou belonged in the SEC. Leave aside the back-to-back SEC east titles, this arrest record is prima facie evidence that they’re in the right conference.

6. Ole Miss 20

Hugh Freeze is going to take these boys straight to church. (Where they will then abscond with the offering plates).

6. West Virginia 20

I’m convinced Morgantown, West Virginia is like Deadwood. Every morning they feed the dead bodies to the hogs.

10. Florida State 19

Imagine what FSU’s arrest rate would be if Tallahassee police actually arrested football players.

10. Tennessee 19

The Vols are back, baby. (This also means six of the top ten most arrested teams in the country are from the SEC).

12. Alabama 18

In 2011 I met a sheriff at the Alabama-LSU game in Tuscaloosa. He had a national championship ring that Saban gave him. No joke.

12. Iowa 18

Iowa and Iowa State represents the most felonious rivalry in college football.* *Between two teams that never win anything.

12. Kentucky 18

You’d think Kentucky would be better at football with this arrest rate.

15. LSU 16

LSU’s arrest rate is top 15 in the country, yet just the 9th best in the SEC. That’s so Les.

15. Marshall 16

The Thundering Herb break up the big five conference football run with some non-major five arrest respect.

15. Oregon State 16

Again, a middle of nowhere Pac 12 school with a huge arrest rate.

15. Pittsburgh 16

Pitt beating out Florida State for the ACC’s highest arrest rate would have been a major upset. So of course Pitt kept it close and then choked.

19. Arkansas 14

Fun fact: 12 of these are actually Houston Nutt arrested trying to sneak into Old Country Buffet.

19. Michigan 14

This is all Rich Rod’s fault.

19. Oklahoma State 14

This number would have been much higher, but T. Boone Pickens bought the Stillwater police department in 2012.

19. Purdue 14

Even Purdue’s arrested football players are bad.

23. Auburn 13

Auburn is ranked 23rd in the nation for arrests, but just 11th in the SEC.

23. Colorado 13

Confession: Every now and then I forget Colorado actually has a football team.

26. Nebraska 12

You know the program is in stiff decline when Nebraska can’t even make the top 25 of arrests any more. Lawrence Phillips used to do that by himself.

26. Ohio State 12

Urban Meyer will have them top five in arrests in no time.

28. East Carolina 11

This is the strongest case ECU has made for inclusion in the SEC.

28. Mississippi State 11

Odds someone from State emails asking why the Bulldogs are rated so low here? 100%.

28. Oregon 11

See what happens when you decriminalize weed? No one gets arrested any more.

28. Penn State 11

(Insert Jerry Sandusky was framed comment from Nittany Lion truthers.)

28. TCU 11

The most arrests for a private school. Well done, Gary Patterson.

33. Syracuse 10

This number would be much higher, but in 2010 Syracuse police implemented a new policy: you can’t be arrested when there’s a foot of snow on the ground.

33. Texas 10

I kind of want to see Urban Meyer get named the head coach of Texas just to see what he could do with this number.

33. Central Michigan 10

33. Middle Tennessee 10

33. Western Kentucky 10

39. Arizona State 9

Arizona State is the only school on this list where the football team actually has a lower arrest rate than the student body.

39. Cincinnati 9

39. Illinois 9

39. South Carolina 9

No joke here, Steve Spurrier’s guys never seem to get arrested compared to the rest of the SEC. They have the 13th most arrests in the conference, only Vanderbilt has fewer.

43. Arizona 8

43. Bowling Green 8

43. Colorado State 8

43. Georgia Southern 8

49. Baylor, Indiana, Louisville, Miami, Michigan State, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Northern Illinois 7

Terrance M Sullivan

Continue to stay Safe everyone. I love y'all!


Imagine where Florida would be if u went back 10 years.


Posted by: solarcane | March 28, 2020 at 09:01 PM

great find!!


Well this is some mess we've gotten ourselves into.

Hope everyone out there is safe and healthy.

And all you old farts out there stay home and be extra careful!


And all you old farts out there stay home and be extra careful!

Posted by: pb | March 29, 2020 at 05:59 AM

don't light a match?


Its been so long that I forget how good the Canes actually we’re.

I just watched that Seán Taylor one hour highlight Video from his days at Miami, and I can confidently say that he is the best defensive player I have ever seen at any level of football.



I remember that hit that ST26 put on PK Sam! So many great plays that didn’t make that highlight video


Posted by: BigWindyCane1 | March 29, 2020 at 05:06 PM

Straight up beast


Friends sending us pictures of L.A. With no smog over the city, first time in the 20 years they have lived there.

Mother Nature saying see how it could be if you kept your shyt together.


Straight up beast

Posted by: solarcane | March 29, 2020 at 07:42 PM

That's what she said.

Well that and I am gona finish pressure cleaning my decks. So there is that too.


Pretty sweet deal

Adopt a rescue dog and Bush buys you beer for 3 months.

Nothing better to run across here in Georgia than a guy on a three month drunk and his sketchy azz mutt.


If you are watching a lot of TV rent Green Door, a great true story

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