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May 07, 2020



I'm saying uno on the finale? Say it ain't so!



Terrance M Sullivan

Thank U Soupster and Fellow Canespacers! Love U! It Was A Great Run! I will definitely keep in touch! Go Canes!


Well it looks like The Herb might be first on the last blog

The word from The Herb

Now that I got that accomplished, let me say, this must be a joke! No more Canespace. The end of the world has arrived.
Soup, this can't be! Where will The Herb turn to, too vent?
So my great bloggers, who have a lot of great info and me sitting up here in North Carolina depending on this blog to keep me updated. Don't think The Herb doesn't appreciate your efforts. It's one thing I look forward to reading everyday. Yes, we all have been pains at one time or another, voice our displeasure and give praise when it's warranted, which hasn't been much in almost 2 decades but we all have one thing in common, out love hate relationship with our beloved Canes.
Hope u rethink this bad idea because It sure will be some long days without this Blog, for me anyway. Thanks for all u do and have done to bring us these great stories.


Tha that should say many, not my great bloggers.


Is it that time of year already??


Say it ain't so!


moderated comments . . .

thanks & appreciation to almost all
- to soup for bringing us together
- to solar for being solar
- to herb, dallas, tony, skool, windy
(herb, hope your heel is healing! or wherever the plantar fukitis hit you on the foot)
- to aero & nemo (basketball season will not be the same!)
raize, cgnc, terrance and some others i'm forgetting

soup - if you decide to rev up the canespace auto when the season rolls around, hope you let some people know thru email!

take care all!


pb...good one! But THIS time I am really done. I have given a good portion of my life to this thing and the thrill, and some of the joy, is gone. Readership has slowly dwindled and the current situation with no sports hasn't helped.

The only option is if someone wants to start a new blog with a new name. I will share that link on the front page article here so that people can find it. The blog is paid for until June 30 after that it expires. It is $149/year after that.

I'll show you how to operate it and manage it too. Any takers? Who has the time?


Alpine...I will have to decide by June 30 if I am going to restart it but not likely at this time. If I do it will be on June 29 so check back then. Thanks for being a part of the blog.


Posted by: 86Cane | May 07, 2020 at 05:09 PM

Keep it going and I will cover the $150 annual cost.

Problem solved.

Welcome back!


get some rest enjoy Maria's company Ill call you or email you in awhile

Everybody on here if you could just drop me a one line email with your current email add you like to use so I can update my list it would be great.
Use your nick followed by your real name.

Stay safe I love you guys.

Hit me up here



U'll feel better by the 29th. By then we should have some clarity on what will transpire, concerning the season. Everybody has a little burn out. The Herb is burnt out dealing with this plantar fascitis, 7 flipping months and counting. Sum people have said it took them a them a year to get over it, I'd cut my throat before that happens.
Take a vacation, do sum yard work, drink heavily, whatever it takes. The Arm Chair Boyz will be waiting.


soup - if you decide to rev up the canespace auto when the season rolls around, hope you let some people know thru email!
take care all!
Posted by: alpine | May 07, 2020 at 02:22 PM

Yeah... What HE said!

WE GOTTA have this place when we start playing football again Brotha!🙌🏼

Until then... THANK YOU, and take care.


I am not worthy of carrying the mantle or even trying—I don’t know anyone who could. I hope you keep it going. I will gladly pay the $149 fee before June 30th to keep it going.



You have done a great job with this blog. I will definitely send you a $149 check, cash app or PayPal payment for $149 immediately if you keep this blog going for another year. I have enjoyed your Canespace blogs and posters for years. I have been getting a free ride for so long, that it’s the least I can do.

I think a big problem lately with this Canes fans blog is not just the Coronavirus, but the poor performance of the Canes over the last two decades has dampened enthusiasm. But I love the Canes whether they win or lose❗️


Give me Canes or give me death, well on second thought. 15 years of your life for this blog was a good and a bad thing. It hit home for me as a reminder to those like myself who bury themselves in our phones, computers and all those sources that rob us of spending time with what truly matters in this life, family. All the energy and wasted Saturdays of hoping and praying that "this is the year" wasted while I could have been enjoying life with friends and family. I will never get those years back but for now...I choose to look life through the windshield instead of the rear view mirror. It has been fun to be a very small part of this blog and I will miss reading all the content! God bless you Tom and all you Canespacers!Go Canes

58 Straight

Trust me folks it is NOT the $150. Even though I appreciate your generous outreach and offers it is not that.

It is that when you have "ownership" of something you have an idea of how you want it to run no matter if it was a restaurant, a construction company, a car dealership or a barbershop. You want your customers to be happy and give you raving reviews because you did a good job. When it doesn't run like you want to fix it or end it.

I just want to end it. I wanted to run a sports blog. In the end I didn't like the product I was part of or producing. Not on the blog writing part but on the comment side. The comments were just not what I thought should be part of the appreciation of the blog product I was providing for free. Not all the time but sometimes. It just wasn't worth it anymore.

I just wished someone said thank you (many did) and deferred to their better judgement (not all did) in what they would say before they said it. But that was not the way it went down and I was no longer having any part of that. So that was the end.

Send SolarCane an email. He can save the blog if you let him under another name. I will contribute if it resurfaces. I think if I don't "own it" I will have a different perspective on the content. Thanks for all of your support.

Harry Miller

I don't know how you have run this blog for so long. I can't hardly remember not having it to go to many times a day. it's going to be terrible not being able to follow the canes and the whole canes family.

Tom you are really a special person for doing this for so long and I really appreciate what you have done and I know everyone else thinks the same.

I am going to miss all of you if someone doesn't
keep it going. I will be happy to contribute to who ever is willing. This is a sad day, way worse then the lock down.
Life will not be the same without this Blog.

Tom thanks for the good times.


Harry...I appreciate your kind words. It was fun while it lasted and we had a really good ride for 15 years. It just that the traffic has slowed and daily blogging really came down to a handful of people and a lot of off topic stuff. It got a little old and stale and the meaning was diluted and the thrill was gone.

There are plenty of places to find good Miami Hurricane info on the Internet some that is free and some that you have to pay for but it is out there and affordable. I joined The Athletic where our friend Manny Navarro who used to be at The Miami Herald is now. I think it is like $4.99/Month or something like that and you can pick the sports and specific teams you want to follow and get news about in your feed.

That is just one of many sites. I don't know if others recommend others but is they post them here I will post it and forward.


I’ll second harry!!
This was great Tom and I for 1 will miss you and the blog.
And I do agree, we got off topic way too much. I loved when Ohio was on here talking recruiting etc
PS the athletic is running a special today for half price FYI (personally I’d never heard of it until you just mentioned it so I signed up)
Everyone be well!


Tom thanks for the good times.

Posted by: Harry Miller | May 08, 2020 at 02:42 AM


Tom, your blog has brought me great joy over the years. You are a truly special person, with a very giving heart. This blog is a testament to your commitment to what is right and good in our country. There aren’t many people around like you. Thank you for being you, and I wish you great success in all your future endeavors ❗️


BigWindy...I appreciate your comment and your sentiments. I tried to give it my all and do what is right and represent CaneNation the way it should be. I appreciate your time and contributions to the blog over the years. You are definitely a TOP 10 blogger of all time!


If this is truly the end, I will miss each and all of you. I really don't want this to go - the thing is (and I've always been one of the more hopeful people here), I have a really, really, really strong feeling that we're about to turn the corner on the football team. Call it analytics, call it a hunch, but I am thinking that a 2 loss season is the most likely outcome, with contention deep into the season.

I recall how fun this place was when Miami was 10-0 after beating Notre Dame. I just hate to see Canespace go away after having gone through all of the idiocy and terrible decisions over the last 15 years, now that dawn might finally be breaking.

You don't know how many times my wife (fellow alumni Debbie) yelled at me when I was doing a long post to "get off Canespace!". I hate the idea that I won't get to hear that again - not because she's mellowed or (lol) understands the importance of the posts, but because the blog is going away.

If this is the end, I hate to see it go. Will miss you all.


And Tom, yes your blog has provided me with countless hours of enjoyment over the years. I can certainly understand wanting to step away from it - our culture is now seeped with a tribalism that wishes to politicize everything, with one side or the other as absolute good and the other as the darkest form of evil.

That said, Canes football will be coming back and this site it part of the process of getting up and enjoying it. There's so much negativity in the news right now - I wish that this site - as a non-politicized place where we don't have reminders of the coronavirus situation constantly brought up to us - did not have to go away.

But if it does, I thank you for providing it over all these years.


Alabama QB Taulia Tagovailoa enters NCAA transfer portal.


Hmmmm... (Trying to keep the family close?)


IMO he would immediately be the best qb on the roster behind king of course. A highly rated 4star dual threat - perfect for lashee


If Tualia transfers to Miami and gets a hardship waiver, eligibility wise we would then have:

Perry: 1 year
King: 1 year
Martell: 2 years
Tagovailoa: 4 years
Machoda: 4 years
Van Dyke: 4 years

This probably does not affect 2021 recruiting, but if he were to win the job in 2021 it means Van Dyke likely leaves.


Can't find a Qb at present, well here's one on a silver platter.
I ECHO Tony's belief, that we are about to turn the corner. Just a few high powered cruits away from cresting that mountain. Tackles, on both lines and one big time LB.
This pandemic, the longer it lingers, may keep these kids home. Lot of talent in the perimeter that could get us over the hump.
Be a shame not to ride out the turn around.
One thing that we got away from on this blog, was talking about recruiting. It's mentioned.
Went back into the archives and in 2010 I did mention that we needed to go spread. I was trying to figure out how long I had posted here and it's been at least 10 years. Gone by fast.


I have turned off comment moderation so comments will appear instantly and automatically.

I changed the formatting of the comments so that it is now opposite the way it used to be. Before you had to scroll down through all of the old comments to get to the latest or newest one.

Now the NEWEST one will show at the top of the comments section and you can scroll down to read older comments. Feedback please.




Went back into the archives and in 2010 I did mention that we needed to go spread. I was trying to figure out how long I had posted here and it's been at least 10 years. Gone by fast.

Posted by: HerbieIbis | May 09, 2020 at 12:21 PM

How time flies when your blogging! Ten years waiting for the spread offense can seem like a lifetime I bet?

Terrance Sullivan

I love this new format Soupster


Please stay on topic. If you have something Miami Hurricanes related or sports in general that is fine. Other than that put it on Twitter or your Facebook page. Thank you.

Here's one thought about pro sports that I had and people are talking about: What's going to happen to players contracts/salaries if there are no games being played and no revenue coming in?


I love this new format Soupster

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | May 09, 2020 at 02:44 PM

Thanks for that. Me too. It eliminates all of that useless scrolling to the bottom of each page.


I love the newest on top but don’t like having to scroll to the bottom to post;
Looks like Isaiah Walker is transferring to the U
Hopefully he gets a waiver due to covid 19 and moving closer to home!


I would like to more than second what Tony said- Canespace has been part of my daily fix for the past upteen years. Will greatly miss it.
A great Mahalo to you and Canespace family!


A great Mahalo to you and Canespace family!

Posted by: CaneWarrior | May 09, 2020 at 03:20 PM

Mahalo back at U!


I love the newest on top but don’t like having to scroll to the bottom to post;

Looks like Isaiah Walker is transferring to the U
Hopefully he gets a waiver due to covid 19 and moving closer to home!

Posted by: AeroCane | May 09, 2020 at 02:49 PM

Geez, some people are never happy? Just messing with you. I can't change the location of the comment box. That is a TypePad thing.

I would LOVE to get Walker. Where is it being reported that he is transferring to Miami? Please always try to include the source of the info in the future. Thanks!


So you won’t take my word? Lol
Inside the U


Canewarrior- can we read into what you’re saying as we are getting little Tua?


247 reporting Issaih Walker to DA U. Dam worm might be turning.


That's little bro would have 3 years not 4. Read where he played in 5 games last year.


Well, the heck with this. If this is the last one, I’m going all out.

15-0 this season!

Clemson is beaten 59-0 in the ACC title game, and Trevor Lawrence gets hit so often that he throws up, just like that Syracuse QB in 1993. Dabo leaves for the NFL after the game.

Miami defeats OU 54-10 in the first round of the NC tournament. OU fans start chanting “Bring back Stoops” as every roster quarterback is knocked out of the game.

Miami destroys Alabama 64-3 in the NC game, while amassing over 200 yards in penalties. New TD rings and turnover chains worth over $100K each are utilized, as well as an Iron Throne to reward Canes players for Crimson Tide players who are knocked out. Nick Saban visibly ages during the game, much like the villain who chose poorly in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. He retires moments after the game and becomes president of the NCAA’, where he looks to expand car leasing opportunities to athletes.

King wins the Heisman after throwing for an astonishing 52 regular season touchdowns. At the ceremony he wears Jacory’s pink suit and jewel encrusted cane...because he can.

Manny Diaz is rewarded with a 20 year extension, as people grumble. Meanwhile Florida takes the glory of 2020 and says it was “just one year”, and just because Miami had that title doesn’t mean that a prospective Gator should turn down Enhanced Recruiting and jorts.

VA Cane wins 15 consecutive titles coaching his team, and is given serious consideration to become UM Athletic Director.


Taulia is definitely not the second coming of Tua. Although he probably would be one of the hardest workers on the field (family and heritage).
Maybe Lashlee can maximize his abilities.


Best and most accurate post ever Tony!’


247 reporting Issaih Walker to DA U. Dam worm might be turning.

Posted by: HerbieIbis | May 09, 2020 at 04:25 PM

Isiah Walker is a nice pickup! This could be huge from a recruiting standpoint. If the Canes can actually start winning games, this could be the start of something much bigger!


VACane...this isn't a music blog. This isn't your Twitter account or Facebook page, This is a sports blog. Stop posting about music. Thank you.

The Herb

Great post Tony.
U forgot, they drape the T.O. Chain over the The Natty Ship trophy at the presentation.
Manny gets offered a job coaching a pro team but instead runs for mayor of Miami like his old man but unlike his old man he loses.
U know u might be coming to the pinnacle, when u have to make tough choices in who u want to take from the portal. They could of counted, from what I understand, Walker forward and still had that one ship left in hand.

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