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August 27, 2020



Offense - D'Eriq King
Defense - Quincy Roche
Freshman - Donald Chaney, Jr.
Coach - Rhett Lashlee

How do you NOT go with King & Lashlee at this point?

Let's Go CANES!πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ


Bolden, Roche and McCloud
3 good options!


Offense: King
Defense: Roche
Freshman: Knighton
Coach: Lashlee

Harry Miller

Offense - D'Eriq King
Deffense - Quince Roche
Freshman - Xavier Restrepo
Coach - Rhett Lashlee

orange 'n green in the vein

Obviously super early in the college football season but so far, my favorite 'story line' has been watching the usual gang of idiots in the media trying to stir up some indignation over how the 2020 champion will be somehow discredited with the pac/big conferences not caring enough about the sport to even try and compete for the title this year, it gaining less than zero traction because this isn't pop warner and you don't get a trophy just for being on the team at this level, and now the same usual gang of idiots have to publish a bunch of sour grapes stories about coaches and players affected by the scared commissioning disqualifying all those teams due to their own choice to not play.

Second runner up is west coast bias turning out all along to be the west coast being biased against themselves when it comes to caring about football enough to get some games in, hilarious when hypocrisy is exposed so blatantly and what's their excuse going to be now going forward since you shot that old lie out back behind the barn to put it down for good?

58 Straight


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