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October 15, 2020


The Herb



Well, if Pickett plays very little or not all, then we might roll.
Until the missing Links decide to show up in unison, then we will continue to be consistent.
Until we quit giving up chunk plays then will struggle a bit.
Until we find some stable LB's then we will struggle to fill gaps and cover backs out of the backfield.
If teams continue to jam the box, then we won't run for much, which then brings those missing Links into play.
Our Oh line ain't great but supposedly in this offense they don't have to be, which again brings us back to those Missing Links.
With that being said I see us struggling to a 27-21 and that is if Pickett plays.

The Herb

Obviously that should be inconsistent if the missing Links don't show up.

Terrance Sullivan

Let’s Get This Done ✅ Miami 34 Pitt 13!


The Pitt game will tell me a lot about the coaching staff, the admin and the team! We need to come out gangbusters and crush Pitt!



Going to have a breakout game vs Pitt.

Don't believe me just watch!


I’d love to see it 86!
I want to see rivers, brooks, Payton, possibly Smith and Redding, respero actually field and return a punt;
I don’t want to see: mccloud, Jennings, Carter (2nd half), Clark, pope, Harley
I think Knighton, Payton (per 86) and Mallory have big games on O


Aero - LOL as for the admin - Blake James still has a job and shouldn't. All we need to know right there. Happy Friday!


Let's Go!!!!


58 Straight

Game Day Blog tomorrow at 11 AM.


Go Canes!

Old Skool

The ribs are marinating. I'm primed for game day.
When does the pre-game start?

Hope the panthers live up to their designation: an endangered species

Old Skool

No news on Brevin. I presume he's still questionable for today.


Good morning and Go Canes!
It beautiful and 64 in st Augustine this morning. Let’s hope it’s a beautiful day in Miami!
Play fast, play aggressive and have fun AND WIN!

Play Payton, Redding, Smith, Restrepo, brooks, Harrison-hunte
Don’t play or minimize mccloud, Jennings, pope, Harley and Wiggins

Old Skool

I'll second that. I'd like to see more of the young pups play.


5 star DT Leonard Taylor pushing for 5 star DT to come to the U and team up with him and be part of the fam!
We can hope!!


And I’d like to see rivers over Clark on the OL!


Trying to woo Mason Smith from Louisanna.


The missing links:
Just put them in the oven and warm them up.
Only use as neccessary.


I am jealous of the 64 degrees!

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