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November 14, 2020


Harry Miller

I wont as you no question, I didn't know the Canes
had 18 players miss the game today for one reason or the other.
I wouldn't have thought we could have won with so many players out.

We just seam to find a way to win no mater what we do. Amazing.


Nice article
Nice win
Not so nice for my heart!


Harry...this is from the UM web site:

"And yet, despite being without 13 of their teammates, the Hurricanes kept pace with the Hokies all afternoon."

They had announced 11 before the game. Still 13 is alot, even if it was not 18.

Good win for the good guys.


I heard that RaizeCane may have thrown a 1.75 Lt. bottle of Capt. Morgan threw his TV again. Time to go to Best Buy?


Good morning Peeps! Yes like 86 said happy for the win but the play and coaching....Good analysis by VA Cane.

#21 Bolden - his play has dropped off...think maybe he is hurt?


Yeah, Bolden has been running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Started getting to many accolades to soon.
That defense has a lot of bad habits and he has finally fallen with the rest of them, here one minute, gone the next.

VA Cane

I would certainly postpone any games without DK1....as I said hes the best QB we have had since KD11 without a doubt...others have had good moments but this guy is a winner all the time. He is smart elusive and creates problems.

However I am not opposed to playing with the ones ya brought to the dance...find out what these people on the roster can do. Plug in a new kid....it cannot hurt. This Covid season wont mean much in history...whoever wins it will be called tainted...like the Lakers title...sometimes you just go with what ya got and play.

I really felt had we executed fundamentals like
1. Block on offense!
2 Tackle on defense!

that we would have dominated the game going away; give King some time and space and he is very good. He is slick up close! Silvera Phillips and couch were around the ball quite a bit....we all need to work on our tackling; there were blocks at times but NOT consistent each play!

BB21 sits as far as I am concerned; he is an idiot. Cannot tackle a damn soul in the open field, but can cheap shot a guy in a critical situation after the whistle? No way he would ever play a down for me again....him and Pornboy should not be on this team...clowns losers that I do not need.

Holding offside motion...I can correct...If it dont get corrected via coaching and accountability I add some serious steps and bear crawls with the coaching and I promise it will get corrected...I have technique and coaching to correct it.

You cannot coach people who are ignorant arrogant and have their head residing up their AZZ!!
BB and pornboy I would send home today!!!! I despise that kind of player; neither one is very good!

I was glad to win..and though I had some worries at times...I had a blast. My boys at home were not happy at all as they are VT guys but thats life!


From Susan at Miami Herald:

That UM got the victory with 13 players absent was extremely impressive. As is customary now during the coronavirus pandemic, the Hurricanes release an “unavailability” list every week about an hour before kickoff. The past three games, the list has grown from six to 11 to this week 13 out. Saturday’s absentees included offensive line starting guard Jakai Clark,
former starting left tackle John Campbell Jr., starting defensive tackle Jared Harrison-Hunte and starting linebacker Zach McCloud, with other rotational defensive and offensive linemen out as well.

“It’s definitely hard when you don’t have any backups,’’ Phillips said. “I really only came out for a handful of snaps today, but you’ve got to step up when the opportunity is there.’’


VA Cane

So we move on to the next one...I know time is limited but do MD Lashley and Baker not see the good and bad, what works and does not and where we need to improve? All of the coaches need to work with their guys every day in practice....coverage, using hands on D....blocking tackling...thinking hustling....we really need to Coach more and hold people accountable for their ways...good and bad. We can be a good team if we get the basics right and think about what we are supposed to do each play.

If we did that we really would be a Top 10 team...we are not there yet probably 15 to 20....Liberty Cincy App State show me more...they are geared to fundamentals. UF would kill us right now....


VA - UF was good last year and definitely trending up which I hope we will do.

Question for VA and anyone else that has coached: If a little kid plays pee-wee football or whatever they call it and is not taught correctly, and then goes on to continue in middle and high school and fundamentals are not taught/corrected, won't that be hard to fix in college? And shouldn't the recruiters notice?

I may be way off here, but you have talked about fundamentals and the lack thereof for the Canes for years. And their play has reflected it.

I know muscle memory can be tough - I developed some bad habits with figure skating and riding. Things I just always needed to be aware of. And wih riding - still do - LOL


1- this is the perfect blog write-up at this time; well done 86!

2- bolden had a horrible game; but he's also had amazing games . . . we need to see how he'll react to the sh#t-show he just laid
. . . and yes, lots of discussion with the coaches, cause we NEED the "excellent bolden"

3- you all remember mondale asking gary hart in the dem primaries ('84?) "where's the beef?" . . . well, as with EVERY year, i'm hoping that bringing donaldson back and adding rivers & walker next year can add more beef to our OL
. . . and any non-frosh OL'men not in our current 2-deep should definitely check out which non-conference power 5 school still needs OL, cause they ain't playin' for a real football school in this lifetime

VA Cane

Well pose question CGNC.

Back in the day, when I came along, coaching was more fundamental specific. My Dad Uncle and godfather all played HS college and pro. In that time it was a real mans game. It was limited compared to today, but it was all based on fundamentals of football:block tackle throw catch run hustle effort...and think....and they did things you see today...it was not cavemen...it was conditioned humble learning eager athletes...not prima donnas or snow flakes! So I grew up around and played for 3 professionals. It was drilled into me year round cause I knew it was my game.
I found that our teams did a lot of modern things like shotgun formation, reverses, deep bombs, screens, draws, half back passes...but it all started with fundamentals...and that was 50% of practice. I Qb'd an undefeated 8th grade team...my coach played college was my fav ever...and boy it was fundamentals first we ran a ton of steps but wiped people out! I started QBing my HS team late soph year in HS...we ended up 38 in a row 2 state titles we crushed people...fundamentally so far superior! Even in college we were always 6-6 and 7-5...but we played tough with much less talent only got blown out by Alabama..Why..fundamentals.

Game has changed so much. One reason is the sheer numbers of kids playing...someone has to coach...and for every smart coach you get a parent who thinks they know it all...they see it on tv....but they do not know fundamentals. These HS kids are pampered coddled snowflakes...stars rankings headlines..big numbers against avg competition...and they develop a bond with the HS or lower coach...and they really think they can play big time...and that they are a 5 star 3 star whatever...and they know it cause their coach is right and they know no other way! So in college you got these kids that are close minded to learning or coaching...the recruiters look at 40 times stars references from the HS coaches..and overlook the fundamentals. Not all the kids but a lot. Then you get the Clappys Randys AlPas MDs who do not break that barrier down and coach the kids in learning or re-learning the fundamentals. You got to break the kids down, I have many ways...and earn that trust...my kids sandlot HS and college are convinced Coach Tom is right...and they go with my way....and we win on a very high level...why...we are fundamentally way ahead...we execute we think and learn...and I learn from teaching them...we are smart head on a swivel aggressive teams that play smart together as a UNIT!

Good example...the Miami NW kids with RS...they had talent..they won..but when they got here they needed to be re taught their fundamentals...but they were going to the U...and were already stars per them...and RS was so negative and the coaching staff so incompetent the kids figured just line it up and toss it around. Those guys had no strong fundamentals...and none really ever panned out ...kinda flops except one; Sean Spence. He played good and UM and Pittsburgh...got hurt in pros. He had real NFL skills but also strong fundamentals. Not that I know it all...but most people really do not understand stance blocking rules blocking tackling name any of them. We DO NOT coach fundamentals; we block tackle catch run ...and THINK sometimes. Watch the good teams. Yes they are still young men...but they execute on a regular basis. Even the pros...sloppy flag every play...but not the really winning teams. do not know how many I have sent to college....in 41 years alot; yes only 6 over time to the NFL...but the colleges usually call me about my kids with questions...and they tell me your kids have tremendous attitudes, are attentive and open to learning new things....and are so fundamentally sound....on the field...and off.
That is my take; I know many of you see things....and please add to this.

I KNOW if we had coaches who talked to each other...ALL of them...and discussed how to teach fundamentals and enforce them coach them every practice...and ask them questions about where you go what do you do in x scenario...it would get better quick. We have very average coaches...so even at 7 - 1 we are really an average team...who are carried by a few guys and a few plays that make a difference.


1- this is the perfect blog write-up at this time; well done 86!

Posted by: alpine | November 15, 2020 at 04:15 PM

Thank you Sir.

VA Cane

Agreed 86 the articles are really on point for each subject....and I am all about the win....we are not going to change overnight...this is all new and it is a weird year....so we just keep pushing on.....we do need to work on things that I dont understand how we do not....but still I'll take 7 -1...we have had a nice year and we aint gonna be in no playoffs....but this can be a building block...if we get some good kids and coach teach educate about basic of football!


Players are an extension of their coach. Manny is a nice guy but the dude doesn't exhibit any fire or get animated on the sideline.
Everybody has bad games, I don't care how fundamentally sound they are. Bolden is in a funk but hey that's the whole problem with defense. We get a couple guys straightened out somebody else sucks. We just can't get them all on the same page. If we did, we could be really good.
If we had an offensive line, we could be really good.
If we didn't have WR'S drop cans of corn, we could be really good.
If we had backs run with authority, instead of doing the Cha Cha in the hole, we could be pretty good.
Lastly, if we didn't have King, Headly, Phillip's or Borregalas we would be winless.
As it is we won, ugly as it may be and dropped 3 spots in the poles. I guess if we continue to win ugly, we might drop out of the top 20.

Terrance Sullivan

Well Played Soupster! Go Canes!

Sarasota 'cane

Nice pick for the Dolphins! This team is for real. The next game with the Bills will be telling.

Go Dolphins!

Sarasota 'cane

Correction: The last game with the Bills will be telling.


sarasota: regarding fins, i'm posting a fist-in-the-air emoji
that's a fun team to watch this year!

Sarasota 'cane

I just saw how the Bills lost to Arizona and that is the cherry on top to a great weekend of football!


but still I'll take 7 -1...we have had a nice year and we aint gonna be in no playoffs....but this can be a building block...if we get some good kids and coach teach educate about basic of football!

Posted by: VA Cane | November 15, 2020 at 05:41 PM

There IT is right there.


Well Played Soupster! Go Canes!

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | November 15, 2020 at 06:03 PM

I only do what I can Boss Man!


Why do you say, we won’t be in no playoff? Have they cancelled all the post games?? At 7 - 1, I say we are fortunate, damn lucky, but, we have grit, young men who want to win, and can smell the prize. When we had great talent, I don’t remember when we were 7-1. Let’s see what the boys can do with the remaining games. I don’t like Kool-Aid, but it tastes pretty good right now. What do you experts say about the remainder of the schedule? Can we win the next three? What team will be the toughest? Are we healthy enough to win the rest? I am scared just asking all of you these questions. I am no football knowledgeable expert and that is why I rely on all of you. WALK ME THROUGH THE REST OF THE GAMES, Canespacers

58 Straight


Posted by: MLALUMNI1970 | November 15, 2020 at 10:03 PM

IF we beat UNC call me.

If we don't call me.

Either way this will be the season.

VA Cane

We may win out....we might be 10 -1 with help...but we probably play ND/Clemson for the ACC title...I would love it, and you never know. Hope we can get there. I do not see this as a repeat of 83/Nebraska....I do not think we could beat ND or clemson...yet. We might compete if we were on top of our game...but we are still....Learning to Crawl...(Thanks Pretenders)....we are learning a new system on O, our O line needs work, our D is not as strong as the last few years and we make too many mistakes. BUT its a start...hey if we get there awesome...play em....I would rather be there and get schooled...drilled....than to say I dont want to play ND or Clemson...if we get there its on!!!
All out.

Best bet now focus on GT....losing record but dont matter...get people back, get people healthy
study the game film learn and correct mistakes...be proud of win...but reach higher work together to win as a UNIT!! Go Canes


..if we get some good kids and coach teach educate about basic of football!

Posted by: VA Cane

Problem is it appears under manny’s tutelage we Do Not ‘coach, teach or educate’

Blake (his schemes and overall D sucks), Patke (can’t recruit and anytime there is a ST play out of the ordinary, we fail); rumph (his CB’s are not very good and don’t improve; I hope he stays away from couch, lol; can’t recruit; has no plan to recruiting; can’t recruit) and manny (not sure he has ‘it’ - his teams aren’t prepared to start games, too many penalties, does not discipline players, ie very little if any accountability) - all not good IMO


ND Lost their Starting C for the season via Foot Injury...



Our Recruiting Layout is Wrong...

Rumph doesn't recruit DB specifically, he recruits an Area..

Lashlee on the other hand Specifically targets QB, WR, RB

Rumph gets a Lot of unfair shots


Learning to Crawl...(Thanks Pretenders)....we are learning a new system on O, our O line needs work, our D is not as strong as the last few years and we make too many mistakes. BUT its a start...hey if we get there awesome.

Posted by: VA Cane | November 16, 2020 at 01:51 AM

Crawling on our hands and knees is about right. Check back in a few years to find out if we are "Learning to Fly" (thanks Tom Petty). But please, be very, very careful...I am told be several reliable sources that "coming down is the hardest thing".

Old Skool

Who do I want recruiting? The thunder from down under. Hedley needs to be our Aussie rep. If there are more Australian Rules Football players with legs like Lou, bring em on. Let him host em, show em around, and regale them with the pleasures of going from the Gold Coast to the Gold Coast.
I'd like the U to become the prime landing spot in the Aussie punter pipeline.
Lou's been an absolute weapon. He's almost made me forget Fleagles II ever existed.


Thanks for your answer VA and Herbie. Good blogging going on here. Championship level!


Sota - the Fins, the next few games will be telling, but they look good. Tua is 3-0 as a starter and the defense is pretty good.



lol skool!
speaking for everyone here, your wonderful idea gets the canespace stamp of approval
. . . call hedley and tell him, if he becomes the recruiting boss of "aussies who rule, football players", we'll up his salary to that of 86


we'll up his salary to that of 86

Posted by: alpine | November 16, 2020 at 02:23 PM

I would gladly donate my entire Canespace salary to Hedley for recruiting punters and kickers to The U.


Next 2 games postponed and rescheduled


Saturday, Dec. 5

Miami at Wake Forest (previously scheduled for Saturday, November 28)

Saturday, Dec. 12

North Carolina at Miami (previously scheduled for Saturday, December 5)

Saturday, Dec. 19

Georgia Tech at Miami (previously scheduled for Saturday, November 21) **

** This game will be played if Miami is not in the ACC Football Championship Game and if the result of the Georgia Tech at Miami game would not directly impact the determination of which two teams do play in the league championship game.

This story will be updated.

Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/college/acc/university-of-miami/article247225514.html#storylink=cpy


2 weeks off?

We'll come back looking like a Pop Warner team...😖😭😳


Exactly Roach!
It would of been nice to of played GT this week as I was more confident in a W against them than just about anyone.


We'll come back looking like a Pop Warner team...😖😭😳

Posted by: roachcane77 | November 16, 2020 at 06:42 PM

Uh, hate to break it to you but, well you already know.

orange 'n green in the vein



Uh, hate to break it to you but, well you already know.
Posted by: 86Cane | November 16, 2020 at 07:46 PM

Yeah, yeah... 34-13... 🙌🏼


Good blogging going on here. Championship level!

Posted by: CGNC | November 16, 2020 at 02:10 PM

Yeah, but that is because we have good fundamentals. We practice, coach, educate and execute. Pretty simple really.


Yeah, yeah... 34-13... 🙌🏼

Posted by: roachcane77 | November 16, 2020 at 08:21 PM

Took a while, but now you are catching on!


2 weeks of, that doesn't bode well for us. The more we are off, the more terrible we look.
Just when we started to get the missing links to wake up.
I don't care if Rumph recruits an area, a zone, a state he can't bring home the bacon. Nobody is excited to play for him. U don't hear no high school kid saying coach Runph is my dude. U hear nothing. Stevie Wonder could recruit 2 corners just on hearsay.
We have none, nada, zilch, not one corner verballed and Burners was not elite, especially at 145 LBS.
Rumph is a descent coach but is a zero as a recruiter, he and Patke bring very little to the recruiting game.
Don't want to get started on the LBS, all of which are average at best and why is that, they're all 3 stars except Huff, who doesn't know the dam defensive signals. Sounds how Pope used to be, except on the offensive side.
Get these 2 fixed and if we can ever get the offensive line fixed, we may be in the discussion for being in the top 10.


Get these 2 fixed and if we can ever get the offensive line fixed, we may be in the discussion for being in the top 10.

Posted by: HerbieIbis | November 16, 2020 at 10:26 PM

If we can't replace Patke and Rumph with better coaches and RECRUITERS then we get what we deserve. Manny better get smart to what is happening or he too will eventually fail.

Manny says that he and DC Baker are all on the same page with the other defensive coaches. That page needs to be ripped from the book and burned as far as I am concerned.

Harry Miller

The offensive Line mostly will be back next year.
They will be older with more experience, more time in the weight room, better shape and with the new recruits have some more depth. Good coaching would also help. Has to be better right!

The Herb

Reached out to Solar. He says to tell everyone hello and that he is praying for us to stay healthy.
He has been hospitalized two times in the last 6 weeks with pneumonia.


If we can't replace Patke and Rumph with better coaches and RECRUITERS then we get what we deserve. Manny better get smart to what is happening or he too will eventually fail.

Manny says that he and DC Baker are all on the same page with the other defensive coaches. That page needs to be ripped from the book and burned as far as I am concerned.

Posted by: 86Cane

Agree with 1000%


We know manny can pull the trigger on firing and hiring - when he was hired he turned over the offensive staff and after year 1 did it again with key members (OC, OL, Receivers)
Now it’s time to bite the bullet and move on from baker, patke AND rumph

In regards to recruiting, we will lose no one if we got rid of these 3 duds!

I do think that manny’s toughest recruiting job will be to keep king and Phillips from turning pro

The Herb

Sure ain't losing any recruits because Rumph getting canned and why because we have NONE!

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