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November 21, 2020



Now Fire baker, rumph and patke, and I’ll be a happy Cane fan!

Oh, and I would like King and Phillips to come back next season!

58 Straight

Having fun so far. What is next who knows?


It will be interesting to see where Cinci and Oregon end up in the rankings by barely winning against no ranked teams. We beat VT close to the same margins and them damn jock strap sniffing mutha pluckers dropped us in the polls. So glad to see Wisconsin lose too, hate them badgers. Haters gonna hate. GO CANES


Yes! Indiana and Wisconsin lost. Have a great Sunday!


Yes! Indiana and Wisconsin lost. Have a great Sunday!

Posted by: CGNC | November 22, 2020 at 11:04 AM

huh? you wanted indiana to lose to OSU??!!

i'm sorry, but you're gonna have to shred, tear and mutilate your official canes card

if you stop smoking, sniffing and/or injecting heresy for at least 6 months, you can apply to have your card reinstated


Haters gonna hate.

Posted by: YooperCane | November 22, 2020 at 08:16 AM

U got that right!


We Better Move Up!!


The Herb

The good teams find away to win the ugly games. That is where talent wins out.
Bama sitting with Five 5 star players for the 2021 class.
OSU sitting with the potential to have 5 of the top 11 for 2022.
Yeah, the rich keep getting richer and as long as those same 5 or 6 teams keep scooping the lions share of the top talent and leaving scrapes for everyone else to fight over there won't be a seat at the table except for them until they expand the play offs from 4 to 8 or more.
We got Bama right out the gate next year, so here's hoping King stays so we have some hope of not getting the brakes beat off us. Anybody else but him, I'd hate to watch.

Terrance Sullivan

Let’s Finish Strong! Go Canes!


Canes Rankings:

AP #10

Coaches #9

One thing I failed to mention in the 7-1 article is that we also stomped a very large 52-10 hole in the Seminoles in 2020 which is never a bad thing.

Terrance M Sullivan

Anytime you beat FSU and VT In Same Year and is 7-1 its been a Good Year! That Is All!


I’ll second the last 3 posts - love them! (2 by Terrance and 1 by 86)

VA Cane

I agree Herb....

I cannot see porn boy against Bama....maybe we can go back in time to one of the title years...like 2001 to 2003....we might stand a chance. It may get ugly, but you got to go for it...play the big boys!

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