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November 18, 2020



Good questions!
I’d also ask: IF we do get to play, do we lay an egg after the long delay?


this all makes me sad
. . . i was definitely enjoying this season, despite it's strenuousness
. . . and i want to keep seeing phillips, nesta & king, among others, continue to play, before they possibly move on
. . . i don't actually care that much, whether they're in the ACC champions-game; i'd prefer them there, but could handle whooping up on GA TECH, if the rest of the games get played out

careful fins; can't afford to lose out on you, too!

shout out to canes basketball . . . please entertain us after thanksgiving!

orange 'n green in the vein

In order:
Will the team be allowed to meet and practice during this time or remain separated and quaranteened?

Meetings by IP calls yes, if you test positive you can still attend the meeting.

Will the team be tested daily and how many will test positive now and in the future as a result?

No, every other day. Impossible to predict.

Will the team be prescribed preventative medications by the UM Health Sciences staff at the UM Medical Campus?

Not likely, none of anyone else's business frankly too.

If a player or coach tests positive will they be treated with various therapuetics by UM Health Sciences staff?

Potentially but again none of anyone else's business.

Will the team actually get to play these final three games at all, and if so, when and where?

Yes, probably on the rescheduled dates, for the first two and likely for the third since Pitt beating Clemson is a not likely long shot.

Next blob....


shout out to canes basketball . . . please entertain us after thanksgiving!
Posted by: alpine | November 18, 2020 at 07:49 AM

Hi Alpine.
Is it too early for me to start ranting against Coach Laranaga?
Stay well!



That old fart is still our coach? Jeez! Lol


nemo! aero!
very much looking forward both to this season and to having you two badgers gnawing at the rinds around the canes hoop ;)


For those that care about recruiting:
Inside the U has a nice free article
Leonard Taylor is bumped up one spot to #3 in the country;
James williams stayed at 12 in the country but was switched from athlete to safety and is #1 safety
B Smith moved up from a 3 star to a 4 star and the 192 player.


Ugh, don't like the long layoff. Does not bode well for us


On the other hand, our season may be over at 7-1. Not bad!
(Won’t get embarrassed by UNC after our long layoff!)


Not normally a big fan of this show, (a lot of "kissing up"), but I DO like the "breakdown" section at the end.

(And with no actual Canes "GAMES" to watch for awhile... it's better than nothing.)


The Herb

To think Rivals has Taylor a 4 star.


I know
And they say he’s up to 290 with no loss of speed! (Still 6’4)


Don't know what 2nd year coach Ryan Day is offering but it sure must be a sweet package for 5 of the top 11, either are verballed or are basically gift wrapped to the Buckeyes and all 5 stars. Must be a lot of cabbage to go freeze your ass off.


Terrion Arnold and Demarious McGhee both inside the top 100.
McGhee is a Tenn. Verb but they suck and Arnold who is viewed as a safety can play CB but has Flo. and Bama out front. Need to bust the door down to get Lewis At LB because once again Tenn. Sucks!
Why they haven't been on Patrick Payton is a mystery, although another So. Flo. Player is going to try his luck at Neb.
I know they are still on Garcia, who has dropped some but I think if he was going to flip, he would have already done so. I guess he's waiting on So. ÇAL to give him the middle finger.

58 Straight

Must be a lot of cabbage to go freeze your ass off.

Posted by: HerbieIbis | November 18, 2020 at 06:15 PM

Always a lot of cabbage out there.

It moves around from time to time.

i wish it would move to my bank account! LOL


Next blob....

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | November 18, 2020 at 08:47 AM

U write it, I will post it?


Jaelin Phillips Bednarik Award winner


The Herb

No matter how good he plays, the dude will be 2nd or 3rd team A-A.

Old Skool

Interesting factoid from the NYTimes

67-28 —Oregon’s record since Chip Kelly left after the 2012 season

8-18 — Kelly’s record as a college coach since leaving the No. 11 Ducks, which will host Kelly’s Bruins


RIP jake Scott! The original #13!
Him and Dick Anderson - loved them!


So, Manny D. has the Covid-19...

Wish him a speedy recovery...

I presume he will be back for gameday in 2 weeks.


RIP jake Scott! The original #13!
Him and Dick Anderson - loved them!
Posted by: AeroCane | November 20, 2020 at 08:09 AM

Sad news... YES, 2 GREAT safeties!

Old Skool

Jake Scott... There are a lot of great stories about him. At UGA, he once rode a motorcycle over the struts/frames that run over the top of the Georgia Coliseum

VA Cane

Sorry to hear about JS13....he and Anderson...no flash no talk just play....what is wrong with most players at all levels today...too much talk no HHH hit hate hurt...

Hope CMD recovers he is young...this virus has really made 2020 unforgettable....

I am so tired of the talking heads on TV so biased and really do not know what the hell they are talking about....

My Mount Rushmore of Wimps on sports shows

Skip Balless, Colin Cowturd, Nick Wright, and Mike Greenberg.....they are idiots snowflakes aint a man amoung them...hell all 4 together are a little boy....I would love to cheap shot them on a field...a Tatumizer is in order!!!!!

Hope you all are well and safe....Harry special shout to you and that fine young man Oden....special young man!!!


RIP #13 Jake Scott

He and #40 made quite the safety tandem back in the day.


I presume he will be back for gameday in 2 weeks.

Posted by: roachcane77

Based on dates and hopefully a speedy recovery, they say he will be back 1 to 2 days prior to the WF game on the 5th


Alpine...U know better than that. Let's try to stay on topic, OK? Thanks!



orange 'n green in the vein

"Posted by: 86Cane | November 18, 2020 at 08:55 PM"

Maybe . . . little swamped right now and if I write something up it won't deal with the football team most likely, probably more why the Pimp is going to be coaching for his job this season and how covid vaccine rejection may be the only thing keeping him from saving it? So probably not the next blob but maybe the one after next . . .

I really don't have many thoughts about the football team currently anyway outside of it'd be nice if Diaz could recruit his own upperclassmen back next year to make a serious championship run if he can keep the staff intact so I fail to see how that can be expanded on enough to be full on blobbed about.


Hi Canespacers-- I have to admit that I haven't checked in in a few dats. Doctor appointments. Vertigo; Bleeding from the retina in my right eye. A lot to take in at my age of 72. Shots in the retina to cauterize the bleeding. Thank God, my love Richard, of 36 years has been taking me to all of my appointments. Now that the football games have been postponed, they can rest and get ready. I will say a prayer for Manny. So sad. How many players are out with the virus? Stay away from people for now. It will save your life. Hi Tom and CGNC,. Hope you are well.


Hi Marylou! Hang in there, get better soon.


So Does OSU Drop for Letting Indiana Make it a Game; or is That a Slap Reserved for Miami?

Personally, I'm Rooting ALL Upsets and w/That Miami Moves Up in the AP...

May Not Get to the ACCCG But the Stars Can Align Where Miami Makes Top4 Regardless Because of All the Losing Going on Outside the ACC...



wow, watching KY's kicking woes brings back memories of the canes' '19 upright troubles

58 Straight


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