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December 12, 2020



Just for perspective: NC has given up 53 points to Wake, 45 to VT and 44 to UVA who have a combined record of 13-14 this season.

Posted by: VfB_Cane | December 12, 2020 at 06:11 PM

Uh huh, we suck worse.

Posted by: 86Cane | December 12, 2020 at 07:50 PM

This loss is on the offense as much as the defense. I mean. We were the masters of 3 & outs today. How do u send the defense out constantly. If they just scored 3s even, they would slow down the Tar Heels till the fourth quarter. By the time they started scoring, it was too late.
Posted by: AfriCane | December 12, 2020 at 07:52 PM

Canes making history again. This debacle will be right up with the last game in the Orange Bowl, the LSU beatdown, the 60+ point fiasco in the CArrier Dome, and the Clemson game that got Golden fired.

Posted by: VfB_Cane | December 12, 2020 at 06:32 PM

Exactly. End of story.

Posted by: 86Cane | December 12, 2020 at 07:53 PM

Football Coaching 101: Find something that works and continue doing it until the other team stops it. Then move on to the next thing. NC never had to.

Posted by: VfB_Cane | December 12, 2020 at 07:02 PM

There IT is right there.

Posted by: 86Cane | December 12, 2020 at 07:54 PM

Not lost in space.

Lost in an ocean of nostalgic delusion on a ship called "Miami is back" every time the Canes string together a few wins. Which capsizes shortly thereafter.

Posted by: VfB_Cane | December 12, 2020 at 07:16 PM

Truth be told, U are correct.

Posted by: 86Cane | December 12, 2020 at 07:56 PM


I’m so damn pissed off on how this team played tonight, what a damn joke. Too bad Covid couldn’t have saved our ass for the embarrassment of what the Canes have shown tonight. The Canes are the Detroit Lions of college football.


Does anyone really care?
Posted by: NEMO2020 | December 12, 2020 at 07:35 AM

Big win today and we get,"possibly," an Orange Bowl bid! And we ALWAYS need to win big for recruiting purposes!
LOTS to play for today!
Let's Go CANES!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Posted by: roachcane77 | December 12, 2020 at 11:24 AM

Uh... Apparently I care more than the players on this team.
We had TWO big things to play for today... A NICE BOWL GAME, and recruiting...
We failed miserably on BOTH accounts, and we were flat out embarrassed in front of a HUGE National TV audience.

TOTALLY OUT-COACHED TODAY. Mack gave Manny a whooping, and a BEAT DOWN, and a lesson on preparing your team. (Don't know if he'll learn the lesson or not...)


58 Straight

TOTALLY OUT-COACHED TODAY. Mack gave Manny a whooping, and a BEAT DOWN, and a lesson on preparing your team.

Posted by: roachcane77 | December 12, 2020 at 10:49 PM

U are correct Sir!

Harry Miller

I hope we learned a lesson this time. I am so tired of them letting us down year after year. I will not fall for this same old bs next year. We should have seen this coming, barely wining each week to teams we thought we were better then, but we weren't better then them. They were better than we were, we just had a QB that saved us. We got what we deserved. Now we will be ranked where we deserve to be.

I hope this wakes the board of directors up or who the hell is in charge of hiring these pretend college coaches. Mac Brown is a real coach and he showed those boys what coaching is all about.

Harry Miller

I am not through yet. We better watch out who we play if we get a bowl game or we could get another embarrassing loss and lose the rest of the recruits that might still be thing about to the U.

The Board of Directors or who the Hell is in charge of hiring these child coaches better wake up. Mac Brown is a real coach taught his child coach a real lesson today.


I know I'm critical of players. But this team is 8-2. Way better of a place than last season. Seems like every year since the last championship, we've had a game something like this during the season. We still have a ways to go, but this is Manny's second year. Much better than the first. This is the only game I have seen us look "special"/not so special. Mack Brown lost to FSU, and has 3 losses, with a damn good team. Not pleased at any means, but come on now.


I never really liked Bon Jovi (*). But the blog title is spot on. If only someone at The U would care as much as our blog master does ...

As I side note, the one thing I like about the game is the symmetry of the final result, 62-26.

(*) Back in the day (Man, do I sound old. Comparing past Hurricane glory to the present will do that to you, I suppose), WVUM used to play a Bon Jovi parody by a band called The Swinging Erudites, "Living On My Hair". You can find it on YT if you're in search for some light and shallow post-beatdown entertainment.


If you're searching for some comedic relief, you don't have to look any further than The Herald.

Next to each other:

"No. 9 Miami is back close to full strength against UNC after battling COVID-19 last month"
Updated 11 hours 26 minutes ago

"‘Completely unacceptable’: Miami reverts to ugly 2019 form with ‘humiliating’ loss to UNC"
Updated 10 hours 28 minutes ago

One of the stories didn't age well.


Mack Brown's team came to play, Manny Diaz team did not. I expected a possible loss, but nothing like this. We made them look like they had two Etienne's out there, the gaps were huge, we also could not set the edge which was a problem vs. Clemson.

The defense lost this game. Yes the offense had 3 and outs but when your defense let's them score on every possession except 1, that puts too much pressure.

This game is a fireable offense. Baker's bend don't break defense finally broke


caveat to above post - I don't want Diaz fired until we get an actual AD who knows what he is doing - who knows who he will be replaced with. But Baker and some of the others can go.


Not pleased at any means, but come on now.

Posted by: Killerbeez41 | December 13, 2020 at 06:56 AM

Good season? YES

Horrible game? YES

The two are not mutually exclusive. But truth be told we faking it all season and more lucky than good. No King at QB, we are 5-5.


We still have a ways to go, but this is Manny's second year.

Posted by: Killerbeez41 | December 13, 2020 at 06:56 AM

That is exactly the point. Second year, last game of the season, against an ACC rival at home at Hard Rock with EVERYTHING to play for and you come out unprepared and lay a complete dud to ruin any positive momentum you might have had going into the bowl season and recruiting.

That is simply unacceptable.

You will never get over the hump like that.


After much reflection last night The Herb says this, we got effing lambasted. The one thing about us, when we fail, we go down blazing.
I remember watching the Oklahoma teams of the early to mid 70's and it was nothing for them to get anywhere from 4 to 600 yds. Rushing against every member of the big 8 except Nebraska, running the wishbone.
We looked like we were playing dodge the ball carrier.
The first half every time they ran right it was off to the races. I mean these dudes weren't getting touched,maybe until 10 yards down field and it was an arm tackle.
It also showed that our LBers just plain suck, well and our DT's couldn't get off blocks and our DE's melted getting sucked in and around the edge they went.
Yeah the offense wasn't hot either. Once again we couldn't run but also we couldn't get open either consistently. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong and of course our usual slew of penalties.
Baker, definently has to go. We need a couple more good recruiters on that side of the ball. Now we had William's and Taylor coming but who knows now. After that shyt show, why would they?
With the the way covid hit this team the last month, I didn't expect perfection but witnessing that heartless performance and against a defense that had coughed forty points several times against teams way worse than us.
If Manny has one fault, it is he doesn't know how to be an azzhole.
I want to hear him try to explain that debacle to the masses.


I am so glad i taped that game instead of watching it. I can now save myself 3 hours of misery.

orange 'n green in the vein

"Don't get drawn into a shootout with UNC, make the game first to 40 and stop the run to keep them from leaning on time of possession, they're a slightly more competently coached NC State with a better QB.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | December 06, 2020 at 11:34 AM"

Drawn into a shootout, game was first to 30 the way UNC played defensively and you gave that up in the 2nd quarter before halftime, worst rushing defensive performance in the program's history, time of possession favored UNC by 2/3rds of a quarter. Well you went 0/4 on the priorities Diaz. Team was lucky to survive NC State.


Remember when the Hurricanes ALWAYS got hyped up for BIG games?

Remember when the lights came on Miami's stars stepped up?

Remember when...oh never mind.


Remember when...oh never mind.

Posted by: 86Cane | December 13, 2020 at 12:36 PM

actually, football-wise what i remember most about the last decade or two, is that december has always kicked my balls so hard i thought i could spit 'em out
. . . and then the dolphins actually played good, fun football in december last year!!
and then the canes began december by playing their best game of the season vs. duke

. . . and now it feels like december'itis has hit me up again
. . . so now i'm afraid of the fins game tonite: not of losing, which i can handle if my team brings the fire, but of being on the wrong side of a beatdown/meltdown/mowed down/hoedown/putdown downer of a game

. . . speaking of which, i think it just started . . .


hmmmm, fins w/o their top 3 rb's and 2 starting lb's, including their king of defense, van noy
. . . but they get an interception
their kicker misses one of his first & only and it looks grim
. . . then they sack mahomes for 30 yd. loss!!!!!

weird game in the 1st Q


did i mention that mahomes, with only 2 interceptions, gave the fins 2 interceptions just in the 1st Q??!! (okay, off tipped balls, but . . .)

10 - 7 fins although KC really looks good on O despite their strange 1st Q miscues


Fins Up!!!


I ran into a group of UNC guys in Dadeland today. I'm pretty sure they are members of the UNC football team but I can't say for sure. Regardless, I congratulated them on a big win yesterday. I told them that we mostly love the 'Canes down here. But we also respect a good team when we see one. And yesterday, we definitely saw a good team (although this time it wasn't us). I told them that I hope they get a chance to play the Gators in the Orange Bowl (because, unfortunately, we won't). Then I said, "Listen, if you beat the Gators, ALL WILL BE WELL IN THE WORLD". They smiled; they laughed; and they thanked me!
Perhaps, when the UNC guys return to Chapel Hill, they'll tell people that the UM football team wasn't very good this weekend. But despite losing the game, some UM fans did show some class!



I don’t know about u, but I will start this off by saying, the performance of my favorite sports team mirrors my life. U see, since I left UM, I’ve been struggling to be successful. I have a thousand skill set that I’ve mastered, but none of them has yet to turn me into a millionaire. I’ve tried different businesses. At times I show promise and start to pick things up & the next minute I fall flat on my face. And like my canes, I get emotional. Failures bring me down and affects my ability to reset. I bring this up because, I’ve come to learn to deal with my teams success with my mind set been, when I get my shit in order, then I will have the standing to demand that of my team. We have been living in this purgatory now for a good part of 15 years. I call it purgatory, because the canes are never a bad team. But accession to elite status eludes is. We take several forward steps. And then one big step seems to derail us. #STORY OF MY LIFE.

But while I recognize and accept my debacle, so many of us r in denial about theirs, when it comes to tour mindset on our canes. I don’t know anything about any of u to say wether your lives mirrors mine outside of football.

While a lot of u have forgotten more football X&Os than I ever knew, the spirit of my rant is not to address the X&Os. I will let posters like VA Cane, who was a coach, take the lead in that. And if your rational of the Canes is purely from a X&Os point of view, guess what, we’ve used different schemes and coaches for 15 years, different play calls, & our fate has not changed.

Since clappy’s championship season, we have had instances of games like this. Not giving up 62 points of course, but embarrassing losses, especially when we start making progress. And then it comes, we lay a big turd. But this is very different. U have to look at the landscape of college football, look at our record of recruiting going back 5 years, and look at our record this season. By now, we all understand that getting back to mount championship is like eating an elephant, u have to eat one bite at a time. There is no microwave champions. We must come to understand that these embarrassing losses will come, no matter where we r up the ladder, until we get to the top of the ladder. But one slip up of one step of the ladder shouldn’t take us down 5 steps. We should hang on and keep climbing up.

Enough with the firing coach talk, a coordinator or position coach, maybe. You need to move pawns in a game to win time to time. But I will not be party to the fire Manny talk.
We r 8-2, an improvement from last year. We won some games too close for comfort. But those r the games we have lost in the past. That’s progress. Our recruiting is solid. That’s progress. Manny makes needed changes. That’s progress.

Understanding that we r going to cough up badly like this sometimes till we get there, there is no better time or organization than this to move beyond this. We have so much other things going for us. And this might yet be another test. If we get up from this, it will solidify our back bone like never before. Remember how we destroyed Norte dame in that game at HR stadium. Look at Norte Dame now.

The sky is not falling. We r not a disaster. Manny should not be fired. Blake James should not be fired. We don’t belong in the FCS. WE MADE PROGRESS. and we just need to keep climbing.
As far as I’m concerned, our ascent up started coach richt’s 2nd year when we won the bowl game against WV. All in all, we’ve been on a upward trajectory since then.


Perhaps, when the UNC guys return to Chapel Hill, they'll tell people that the UM football team wasn't very good this weekend. But despite losing the game, some UM fans did show some class!

Posted by: nemo2020 | December 13, 2020 at 03:23 PM

I like it, I like it a LOT!


And enough with the Mack Brown salad tossing. Folc Mack Brown. He’s a joke.


5 tackles for a loss
1 sack
Our WR's had 8 total catches, with Harley having 6 of those.
Wiggins had zip and Pope 2 for 6 yes. The missing links truly went missing.
Their offensive line wasn't loaded with a bunch of 4 and 5 star players, we just played like we were worried about getting hurt.

The Herb agrees about Manny not getting the boot.
We have to get more talent up front on offense and we will have that with Rivers and Walker waiting in the wings.
Change of offense and 4 days of spring practice, plus covid didn't help. Now I know it messed with all teams but all teams weren't changing their whole offense up.
Defensively is a whole other subject. We do not have enough talent at LB. We have guys that are ok but no studs.
We can't or won't recruit CB's. We have 2 freshmen, 2 Jrs. And a Soph, who weighs maybe 160 Lbs, who happens to be our best cover corner.
Baker takes 3 months to make adjustments or in some cases, none like yesterday. Baker, Patke and Rumph are terrible recruiters.
Manny would be better off being his own defensive coordinator.
Something has to change on that side, period. That yesterday was uncalled for. I mean there was no effort. That was the worst effort or what ever u want to call it, I have ever seen in 53 years of watching college football, on the defensive side. That wasn't defense. That was dodge the ball carrier.


Remember the ass kicking we gave the Irish at HR stadium. Well, no pun intended, but Irish eyes r smiling now.
This will not bring us down. It’s a road bump, a big ass bump, yes, but still just a road bump.


One of the most glaring deficiencies I see on this team is lack of leadership on defense. Where are the leaders? Bolden and Phillips are not leaders and that is a glaring deficiency from what I can see.


1. WE MADE PROGRESS and we just need to keep climbing.

2. As far as I’m concerned, our ascent up started coach Richt’s 2nd year when we won the bowl game against WV.

3. All in all, we’ve been on a upward trajectory since then.

Posted by: AfriCane | December 13, 2020 at 03:42 PM

1. All in all I liked you post and agree with 98% of your comment. We have made progress overall and in general. Good job!

2. The bowl win over WV was a high point for this team and for me personally. My former real estate broker was a WV fan and we went to the game together, even drank some real WV moonshine at the tailgate before the game. So that was a sweet victory for me and the team.

3. It was an upward trajectory until yesterday, which is why it is so painful to take and hard to understand. Right at the precipice of the mountain we took one wrong step and tumbled halfway down the hill to almost where we started at the beginning of the year.

Every team gets caught once in a while coming out unmotivated or unprepared for a lesser game or opponent but for the most important game of the season after everything they accomplished and to just throw it all away in the blink of an eye is just hard to understand.

They didn't lose because of some freak turnover or miracle special teams play or because of one facet or factor in the game. They lost because they didn't play to win and North Carolina simply played harder and wanted it more than UM did. Oh, and good way to introduce those new unis too!

Many blame the coaches for a lack of game planning or motivation and I can agree to a certain extent but there is another component to this equation and that is leadership among the players. Besides King, who did not have his best day either, who are the leaders on this team? Who leads by example? Who leads by their play? Who pulled the guys, units or team together on the sideline or at halftime and said: "We have had enough of this crap and we aren't going to take it anymore!"

The bowl game helps by getting some more reps and practices to end the year and depending on what King decides to do that will be very important to see who his replacement might be next year if he goes pro.

But the biggest hit will come to recruiting in the 2021 class. Early signing period starts in just three days on 12/16. This was not the outcome Miami wanted or needed to advance or gain ground in this area. Let's see how that turns out and then we will talk.


One of the most glaring deficiencies I see on this team is lack of leadership on defense. Where are the leaders? Bolden and Phillips are not leaders and that is a glaring deficiency from what I can see.

Posted by: Hurricanes98 | December 13, 2020 at 04:18 PM

There IT is right there.


i actually enjoyed watching the fins, despite their loss
. . . tua put on some whiskers during the game; hope he can grow the full beard during next year
. . . but i just get really tired of watching so many of my team getting injured:
just on the O side, top 3 rb's out and left guard; during game we lose left tackle, our top 2 receivers, our top tight end; just exhausting somehow






regarding the canes: i really enjoyed the posts from afri, 86, herb & nemo

for the record, i am a "keep manny" person, still believing that he'll be a very good coach within 5 years of his hiring

- but i am very fine to get rid of the D-coordinator; won't cry if patke, rumpf exit

- fingers crossed for wednesday


- and the exhaustion regarding injuries is because i have to keep watching my canes BB team get wiped out on the injury front, instead of just seeing what they can do when they are whole or at least, almost-whole

- still smarting too, from HEAT injuries in finals to both adebayo and the slovenian all-star, who's name alludes me

- did i already say, "injuries suck"??!!


how come no one talked about the incredible upset of FLORIDA??
which i just saw:


The first top-10 shakeup in more than a month pushed Coastal Carolina to No. 9 in The Associated Press college football poll on Sunday.

Alabama was a unanimous No. 1, followed by Notre Dame, Ohio State, Clemson and Texas A&M as those teams held their spots for a sixth straight week.

Surprising losses by Florida and Miami shuffled the rest of the top 10. No. 6 Cincinnati and No. 7 Indiana each moved up one spot and No. 8 Iowa State jumped two.

Then come the unbeaten Chanticleers (11-0), the first Sun Belt Conference team to crack the AP’s top 10.

Go Canes!

Go Chanticleers!!!


The Chanticleer – a proud and fierce rooster – is the unique moniker for the Coastal Carolina University mascot and athletics teams. The Chanticleer is derived from Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, specifically "The Nun's Priest Tale."


Posted by: 86Cane | December 13, 2020 at 10:07 AM

Exactly. And it is the end of MD second year


Posted by: alpine | December 13, 2020 at 04:50 PM

I saw that! The fins lost, but put up a fight unlike our orange and green team


Manny Diaz post-game


Terrance Sullivan

Soupster Great Blog Title And Blog Spot On Brotha Total Agreement With What Is Said Above! Pathetic Pathetic!


"anybody see my shoe?"



after reviewing the entire game again, it's clear, that some "funny things" happened:
- it's clear that someone put some type of chemical in the smoke that the canes ran thru - also in the masks they had to wear,
. . . which knocked out some of their testosterone and knockemdone chemicalness!
- additionally, there were also sneaky looking people on the sidelines handing the players some type of fluid
- and we have the strange 62-26 score . . . "6226" just happens to be the number that the ref, who made the bogus call in the 2002 OHIO ST championship game had tattoed on his left wrist!
- we already know that the bookies had us winning the game

- which means we won bigly, if you don't count the TD's NC made while our players were doped
. . . and i'd like to call a demonstration against this kind of behavior
- and of course manny should take "them" to court

- so all Proud Canes, stand down and stand by!

(further info posted as it becomes available!)

The Herb

Bama, Georgia and OSU, 80% of their roster is made up of 4 & 5 star players. We are currently at 49%. If we keep the incoming class together we will push past 50
Clemson by comparison is at 63%. Texas is at 63%, which is a team that does the least with the most.
QB's though, make the classes go or are the best at developing QB's. Clemson, Bama, OSU and Oakl. are the best at developing QB's or continue to stack some of the best talent at that position.

Cola Cane

We're ALL po'ed, and dumbfounded, but it's Monday now, it's OVER. You have to look at the light, we were (6-7, and 7-6), we're now 8-2, and coupled with a RARE bowl win, we can finish 9-2, wiping out the bad taste that this past Sat left! We also have a DAMN GOOD recruiting class coming in as well. I'm also betting King, as well as others, come BACK next season and get us to the next level. We start off with Bama next yr, and that's HUGE, especially if we could beat, or even keep close to them. Let's win our bowl game first!


Excellent post Herb.


Hey CC,

So, you expect UM to actually WIN a bowl game. Perhaps, we will, not because our team is really good, but because we no longer have a shot at facing a really good opponent (in a top tier bowl game).

So, you're betting that "King, as well as others, come back next year". I'm betting that a lot of people will take your bet.

P.S. Don't be suprised if UM opts out of a money losing, Crappy Bowl game this year. The administration can always say that COVID is the reason.


We start off with Bama next yr, and that's HUGE, especially if we could beat, or even keep close to them.

Posted by: Cola Cane | December 14, 2020 at 09:38 AM

You made me spit out my Cheerios!

I get your "glass half full" approach to seeing the current situation but again it misses the mark.

Was it a good season? YES

Was it a horrible last game? YES

Don't confuse the two and don't get it twisted. BOTH things can be true at the same time. Winning 8 games does not excuse the final horrible game and the horrible final game does not eliminate winning 8 games. Both things happened and both are true.

Stop using the Hurricanes as the example and let's expand it to two other things that you are not entirely emotionally attached to: A band and a steak.

Let's say you are a HUGE Aerosmith fan. You own every album, CD and download possible. You have been to see them in concert four times and they were awesome each time. Then you go to see them the fifth time and after driving two hours and waiting in line for another hour to get in lead singer Steven Tyler is so wacked out that he falls off the stage, hurts himself and the concert gets cancelled after the third song. You still think that Aerosmith is an awesome band but that concert sucked because, well, it did.

Let's say your favorite steakhouse restaurant is Ruth's Chris. You have been there 20 times over a 10 year period and loved you tender and perfectly cooked fillet mignon each and every time. Then you go the 21st time and the steak comes out very rare and you ordered medium rare. So you send it back and they bring you another one. But this time it is well done and dried out. Meanwhile your date has eaten her steak while you were waiting so you choke down the well done steak just to get it over with and not to make a scene. You may still think overall the Ruth's Chris is a great steakhouse but that meal sucked, which in fact, it did.



1. Bama, Georgia and OSU, 80% of their roster is made up of 4 & 5 star players. We are currently at 49%. If we keep the incoming class together we will push past 50

2. Clemson by comparison is at 63%. Texas is at 63%, which is a team that does the least with the most.

Posted by: The Herb | December 14, 2020 at 09:34 AM

Oh, I see, the old "talent gap" argument?

Ok, I'll take the bait, let's play:

1. Clemson is at 63%. We lost to them in the fourth game of the season when they were ranked #1 by the score of 42-17.

2. Where does FSU rank and the list of 4-5* talent %? We smoked the unranked Seminoles 52-10 in the third week of the season.

2. Where does UNC rank on the 4-5* talent %? We lost to the unranked Tar Heels in the final game of the season by the score of 62-26.

Please provide 4-5* percentages for FSU and UNC and then explain using facts and logic? I'll be waiting patiently.

VA Cane

Just a really bad showing all around. We scored 26....but the D got smoked...it cost MD his job at Texas.....and this showing was just plain bad. I had a bad feeling going in, but not 62 points bad. Very poor showing all around. what more can you say.

Has anybody said start the plane with a banner up....or do we wash the bus off, clean it up real good and get back on the road? We will see.

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